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(06-26-2017, 07:58 AM)Dash Wrote: Got to make another visa run next week. Shit is annoying.

How often do you make runs?
(06-26-2017, 07:58 AM)Dash Wrote: Got to make another visa run next week. Shit is annoying.

Why not just get a business visa for like 200ish?
(06-26-2017, 06:04 PM)Exultate Wrote:
(06-26-2017, 07:58 AM)Dash Wrote: Got to make another visa run next week. Shit is annoying.

Why not just get a business visa for like 200ish?

should have. i paid 130 for the yr long tourist visa
(06-26-2017, 07:58 AM)Dash Wrote: Got to make another visa run next week. Shit is annoying.

Sometimes I would like to have a visa that oblige me to go out of China once in a while for a few days... Any plans? Something's telling me that you don't want to go to Cambodia this time
Was thinking about taking a few days off and going to Bangkok, but id rather save the money.

Rather go when I have more time.

Just gonna do a quick bus trip to the Cambodian border of Moc Bai.
Had a date today with a really cute sexy girl.

Also 1st time buying some fake shoes.

Knock off addidas (a girl told me some good stores with trusted quality).

Paid 750k which is 35 dollars.

If they last for a year then its a decent deal.

Real ones would cost 100 dollars or more.

Had a slooty girl come to my house after I brought her to my date spot this past week. I will post of pic of her also.

Last night went and saw The Mummy with this what appears to be a freak (fake tits, tattoos, big ass, slooty behavior) but she is making me earn it. Last night was day 2. On the cab home she goes "I want to kiss you". The other day she sent me a video of her dancing naked (can only see from the back). I will post a screen shot here when I get some time.

Tonight got this questionable bang coming straight to my house. Not sure why I agreed to it. Hopefully I can avoid kissing her and she can take a western dicking.
Found this piece of news -- maybe a forewarning for Dash, lol. Vietnamese woman kills her American husband in his sleep:
(07-01-2017, 05:03 AM)Vic Vega Wrote: Found this piece of news -- maybe a forewarning for Dash, lol. Vietnamese woman kills her American husband in his sleep:

She is soooo guilty it's painfully obvious.  Dodgy

It's a shame too. I heard that her ex-husband Eric was a stand-up a dude
Met a new slutty girl last night, but didn't result in a bang.

The club I took her to was so loud couldn't talk.

Shit was annoying.

Get her outside and we go another place. She tells me she is meeting her gf later at another club.

This pissed me off as she told me she didn't have plans tonight and this will cause issues with fuck closing on a limited time crunch.

Should have just stayed home and saved 25 dollars and got more than 3 hours of sleep for my 9 hour work day.

Going to attempt one more time with this girl as her body is nice.

Vietnam is going mostly good, but not every night is a success.
Had a pleasant unexpected lay last night.

Had seen this one super petite innocent type girl a few times.

Have only went to a movie and coffee dates.

She messages last night kind of late and says she is in D1 and wants to go to the backpacker street.

I am super tired from the zero sleep and all the work from the weekend but I sacked up and said ok I will join.

We hang out and have 1 beer with some finger food. Then we leave.

When I arrive home I get a message from her saying "Its ok if we are together tonight".

I promptly invite her to my place.

She comes and the sex was better than I expected.

I had no expectations of fucking this girl anytime soon.

She fell into the category of potential gfs.

Probably should not have fucked her.

She might get clingy and be expecting a relationship and shit.

She goes "I am not a bad girl, but sometimes I am crazy".

So am I lol
Just fucked closed this 35 year old with fake tits. She came straight to my apartment 1st meet.

She needed them pipes cleaned.

Shaping up to be a record week.

2 New girls are its only Monday night. I might can get halfway to Spiritmaze's normal week.

I might meet Vic Vegga Thursday night for some night game.

I am a pussy usually at night without solid IOIs but with a wing it forces me to open.

Will be a good gauge for Saigon nightlife results. If we go out we will hit up two good places.
Matched with a Pinay on Tinder and she invited me out to Bui Vien tonight.

She arrives with another girl. That girl tells me she knows me and that we use to talk on facebook but she has since deleted me.

I don't remember her.

Anyways, the girl that knew me recommends two places which I havent been to.

First up was Donkey.

This place seems like a great bar/club hybrid for picking up backpacker chicks. Good music and moderate prices. When you come here go upstairs. I will be checking this place out for sure.

Next up was Republic

I like this place. Good music and moderate prices. This is going to be my new date spot.
My fears were right. Those student feedback grading of teachers is a bitch.

Just had a remedial training session due to my low likability scores.

I thought I was alright, but I was only looking at the overall feedback scores (-2 to 2)

However, they use a thing called the NPS score which is only calculated by going off the "would you recommend this teacher to a friend or take again". The students rate you out of 1 to 10. They use those numbers to give you a score of 1 to -1. From what I gathered if a student rated you a 6 it equals a -1. A 7 equals a 0. And a 8+ equals a 1. Actually below better explains.

So if your in the negatives it is a problem.

This is fucked up for teachers. Really high bar to hit that can often based on some superficial shit. ie Funny or handsome teacher gets rated higher regardless of teaching skill.

But at the same time this is great for a company.

With how Vietnam is they can literally replace teachers after 3 months with low scores easy and keep all the high scoring people.

This has really dampened my day.

Got me wondering what I want to do now.

Try to put a lot more effort into my current job and hope my scores improve?

Look for other jobs in HCMC?

Take a easy to get job in a 2nd tier VN city?

Go back to Korea to a 2nd tier city where i can be productive till Feb, Then go chill somewhere till August?

Really hate this whole "for profit" education.

Def this is the last yr. Taking a math job come next August.

China? Middle East? Latin America? Eurasia?

I don't know.

Or go teach in Shanghai for 6-8 months.
I don't know the world of ESL teaching by myself in China so I am reporting stuff that I have heard:

In private schools, it is like what you describe in 90%. Students decide if the school/company wants to keep the teacher. In most of the case, they will rather keep a teacher that doesn't really make them study but who will play game with them, be funny, or good looking. One of my best friend there, a tall, blonde, blue-eyed Sweddish guy discovered that the school was making promotion by putting his picture everywhere and where telling girls and women that he was single as soons as they pass the door.
And some Russians were recruited as english teachers without being able to speak English at a decent level (this is becoming uncommon nowadays).
Some teachers described their role as playing the white monkey.
Got a better return from university teachers in general.

It will be better in Shanghai but places are rare and salaries are low compare to the cost of life.
What the hell, Dash? So they are pretty much tying pay to performance? You gotta find a cushy private school job.
Vic Vega flaked on me tonight, no show. Had to go out solo. Made a post on FB asking who was in Bui Vien. One girl messaged me saying she saw me in the same club as her. Not the best looking but it was a given. She is finishing up her pre fuck shower. Having quite a good week. 4 girls. Not my usual haul.
Think I made up my mind to leave Saigon.

I've rethought my initial desires and plans to settle down in my early 30s. Think it's better for mid to late 30s.

I need to spend the next few years focusing on money and a positioning myself for a good international school job.

Living here and in major cities my focus is not where it needs to be. Too much dating and partying.
I have applied with this center I have heard good things about called Apax.

Pretty sure they have openings in the smaller cities and a guy who works there now said they have some openings in hcmc now as well. Dude told me her would give me a referral.

Sent the recruiter an email just now asking about the openings. Asked about HCMC and other places. I will be fine with either.

The money is good and only work 18 hours a week.

Plus they give you 300 dollars a month for your housing allowance on top of the regular salary.

Pretty sure this will work, but if not I will go back to Korea.

I really need to get organized and productive.

1) Prepare for getting hired and teaching math at an international school come next August.

2) Get back in shape

3) Learn salsa

4) Save money
I am about to go off the grid fellas. 2nd or 3rd tier Vietnam lol.

Got the email back from the company saying they have immediate positions open.

Much better than going back to Korea.

Can save just as much working half the time.

I will only work 18 hours a week.

Free apartment.

Now I am envisioning how the fuck am I going to meet girls.

Brb going to every hotel in the city and getting numbers.

Naw it's all good though. Really need to spend a year on low. Getting shit in order.
Thought I would be leaving or was hoping to leave Saigon at the end of the month but this new job wants me to train starting tomorrow and complete everything by Friday then start right after.

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