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From Where Do You Pull the Hottest Girls? - 20Nation - 11-25-2018

I am finding myself getting dependent a bit on online dating. I'm curious where you guys are pulling the hottest girls. For me, while I can get laid the easiest in online game, I can pull the hottest girls doing day game. I know this should probably be in game, but as usual, travel is the most active.

RE: From Where Do You Pull the Hottest Girls? - 262 - 11-25-2018

Day game for me too.

My guess is social circle is better, but I don't think I've ever put enough time into it, despite trying once in Atlanta, and once in Gdansk.

I also never seriously did night game, unless you count gutter game, where you do day game at night, outside the night venues.

I should also note that I almost entirely dropped online game when I discovered game, in particular day game. Before that, I did online, and got some lays that, quite frankly, aren't worth remembering.

RE: From Where Do You Pull the Hottest Girls? - mike - 11-25-2018

Over the years the hottest were from night game. This year I've lost a lot of interest in night life, I place a lot of importance on my health and sleeping early, so I've been gravitating towards online game. The quality of girls I meet online is usually a bit lower, but it's easier and cheaper than going out. Guess I'm getting too old to stay out until 5am chasing pussy.

RE: From Where Do You Pull the Hottest Girls? - AmeriTrader - 11-26-2018

The single hottest girl I've ever banged – I met her through her roommate, whom I was smashing frequently at the time. So I guess that's social circle game, but I met the initial roommate via a dating website. The social-circle aspect here, it was a fairly rare situation for me.

Truthfully, I've only ever had a couple social circle lays in my life outside college, and they were generally unspectacular in terms of looks / hotness. Day game is kinda' culturally faux pas in the places where I spend my time, and I night game pretty infrequently, since it's less fun for me to do it solo, and I never have a wingman when I travel.

I'm going to cast a vote for online game, because it's 95% of what I do. If you have decent pictures, get your opener down to a science, and are able to figure out a chick's profile and early messages, you can pull the top-tier girls from dating websites, which can net you some solid 7's.

I understand how online game can be a bit of a crutch, but it's a crutch that I'm happy to use.

RE: From Where Do You Pull the Hottest Girls? - 20Nation - 11-27-2018

More balances than I was expecting.

RE: From Where Do You Pull the Hottest Girls? - Werona - 02-10-2019

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RE: From Where Do You Pull the Hottest Girls? - Cheeky_Chappy - 02-27-2019

daygame as I don't like clubs. online is the easiest but ive never met a 7 or above online. all are below. depends on the city and your type but if I want my 8 or 9 unless im living in Ukraine for a long time im more likely gonna find her doing day or nightgame. heard rsd max met his gf on tinder in Kyiv. I met 1 8 in oslo she said was doing tinder but met her on the street.
think it comes down to are you content satisfied with the quality + personality of the women your getting. if not might be worth trying other avenues. social circle is probally good if your already friends with hot girls or in a city where it could work e.g L.a but if I look at most guys social circles the women to me arnt the quality I want. again it depends on you and what your after.