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Forum Rules & Information - TravelHardcore - 02-04-2017

SwoopTheWorld forum 

SwoopTheWorld is about living the International Playboy Jetset Lifestyle. So on this forum we share and discuss:
  • Traveling the world,
  • Seducing women,
  • Making money and improving yourself. 

Forum Rules
  • No politics
  • No P4P discussions
  • If you post pictures of girls, you can not reveal their identities (i.e. face and all identifying features must be blurred)
  • No discussion of illegal topics
  • No discussions of girls under 18 years of age (even if legal in your own country)
  • Stay on topic
  • No spamming

RE: Forum Rules & Information - Rottenapple - 02-13-2020

New rule effective immediately:

-Self Promotion only allowed for users with +10 rep count and when done in an elaborative and non-blatant way. Threads/posts for self-promotion that are made by users with fewer reps will be deleted and subject to warning/ban. Recent self-promotion threads will be evaluated on their usefulness for this forum.

Other rules will follow.

RE: Forum Rules & Information - Rottenapple - 02-14-2020

Next rule:

-If you are a newbie and all your first posts are non-contributing meaningless replies, you are on my shitlist already. If you are a newbie and all your first threads are you asking for input without putting up an effort to contextualize the topic, basically being lazy and just be some sort of leech who wants help but is not willing to put in any effort himself, you will be warned and possibly banned. If your game is shit or you have never really traveled, then ask those newbie questions, but try to frame them in the right way and try to contribute in any other area you can.