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The Singapore Thread - Dash - 05-18-2018

Thinking about taking a shopping trip here soon. 

One of the last places in the region I haven't been to. Which has been on purpose. 

Seems too expensive and not optimal for game. 

I can spare one day and night there though. 

Anyone got any info on best area to stay?

Best bar or club to pull from?

RE: The Singapore Thread - 20Nation - 05-18-2018

Yeah last time I was there i paid 20$ for a beer. Went with a girl from Paraguay though so I can't say much about game.

RE: The Singapore Thread - Principatus - 05-25-2018

Basically you want to avoid the expensive, popular places and go to random-as places in the middle of nowhere where the locals hang out. Same as any country. They have an awesome aquarium at Santosa Island that you just have to check out! But I wouldn't know anything about game there, I was married at the time.