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Lima in December - k pop - 11-29-2017


I will be arriving in Lima Decmember 11 and staying most of the month. I called this amazing city home for 2 years, and am very excited to return. If anyone will be around let me know. I have a pretty solid grasp of logistics, and aim to hit it hard.

Luckyluke from the forum lives in Lima, so we'll be swooping hard together. Join us if you can!  The weather will be amazing and the ceviche is best in the world!

RE: Lima in December - Dash - 11-29-2017

Regret not hitting Lima, Caracus, and Asuncion during my Latin America travel years.

RE: Lima in December - 20Nation - 11-29-2017

I'm thinking about doing it in a few months. Going to Colombia soon to meet up with THC, but after that I'm considering a peru, boliva tour

RE: Lima in December - k pop - 11-29-2017

You should. They are both amazing countries for many reasons. While I would put them (especially Bolivia) on the lower end of the ladder for female quality in South America, it is mitigated by the food in Peru and the stunning natural beauty of both.

The road less traveled in South American is Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana. 20, knowing your taste for dark meat, there would be full on feasting in these obscure nations.