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RE: The Vietnam Thread - Dash - 05-31-2017

I need to organize and get a routine going.

Which needs to include one or more of the following gym, sports, and some study daily.

Teaching ESL and not having to wake up early can make you sleep your days away.

I still need to sit down and go through all the girls on my social networks and make a list of "To meet"

Recommend you guys keep track of the top girls, so they dont get lost in a sea of 6's.

RE: The Vietnam Thread - Vic Vega - 06-01-2017

Touched down in Saigon recently.

Getting my visa was brief and hassle-free, even though there were tons of people loitering around the visa counter for some reason. I thought I was gonna have to wait hours.

Had some trouble finding my airbnb and waited around for 20-30 minutes with my luggage on the street because the lady didn't check her phone. Place is decent, but it's still kind of far from D1, and there's no fridge in the room. Also, there are never any elevators in most Viet apartments. They're built like houses where you walk up a staircase to your room, so if you bring a lot of luggage it's gonna be a bitch hauling it up the stairs unless you stay in a new building with elevators.

Forgot how much VN reminds me of China. It's basically China lite with slightly less rude folks and stuck back in a time length of about 10 or 15 years. Might as well be a province of a China lol

I need to get an adapter and SIM card, and start applying for jobs while I get my business set up. Also going to try to arrange some dates today.

RE: The Vietnam Thread - Dash - 06-01-2017

I know a guy who rents motorbikes for cheap. Let me know if your interested. I actually rent from him myself.

You will need some wheels.

Will cost you 50 dollars a month with a 50 dollar deposit. Photocopy of passport.

RE: The Vietnam Thread - Vic Vega - 06-01-2017

Yeah, I'm interested. Going to need a bike fast I think.

Earlier this morning I took a walk in the area around my apartment and there is nothing fuckin here. lol No family marts, 7-11s, American fast food, not even any cafes. I already booked the place for a month since I got a deal so I'm stuck here for the time being.

Which district are you in now Dash? Your apartment looks like what I'm looking for, but I won't need to move out for a while.

RE: The Vietnam Thread - Dash - 06-01-2017

Mine is in District 10.

I would not pay 300 unless the place was nice and new and serviced.

RE: The Vietnam Thread - Vic Vega - 06-02-2017

D10? Shit, how far is that from the downtown?

How's the neighborhood? Do you have any Family Marts or 7-11s at least?

I'm trying to meet girls off Badoo. Any remotely hot young ones from 18-22 are fucking flakey and ADD. I'll be talking to them and then they'll stop replying. Of course I get attention from late 20s leftovers. Asia is so over saturated now. Millions of white guys from all over trying to escape the West and coming here. Jesus, I don't even want to imagine how bad it'll be 5 years from now.

RE: The Vietnam Thread - Dash - 06-02-2017

D10 is pretty central. All places are gonna have circle ks, family marts, etc.

Central = D1, D3, D10, D4, D5

Manageable = Binh Thanh, Phu N, D7, D2, D8 (east edge)

Just look at a districts map. Want to aim for 10 minutes or less to D1. 15-20 minutes is doable.

Anything over 20 minutes and you live a bit out of the way.

30-40 minutes and you very far.

Personally, id want to be in D3, D10, D4.

At the end of the day though so long as you are not in Go Vap or D12 or some other far off place you will be ok.

Badoo is complete TRASH. I would not waste your time with that.

If you must use a free secondary app then use Skout.

Tinder and Cupid is numero uno.

RE: The Vietnam Thread - Vic Vega - 06-03-2017

Went on a date last night with a 21 yr old. She's trying to become a flight attendant, so you can imagine how she looks. I'd say she's at least a 7.5/10, maybe some guys would rate her higher.

We met at a restaurant near my place, she arrives in a sexy dress and high heels. Then I took her over to a coffee shop. I was going to pay for our drinks but she does it first. Not sure if this matters in Viet culture, or if I lost points here. In china whenever this would happen, some girls would be annoyed or upset if I didn't pay for drinks or food, and I lost some lays. Others were perfectly fine. I just told her I'd buy her dinner next time.

Hung out with her for about 2 hours. She claims she's never met a foreigner before, had only one Vietnamese bf in the past. I also noticed she's got a new iPhone 6 or 7. Not sure where a 21 yr old Viet girl is getting the money for that lol. Possible she has a sponsor?

At the end of the date, I tried to test the waters to see if she'd be down to go back to my place to watch a movie. I told her she could stay for 10 or 20 minutes, but she said she wasn't comfortable yet since she just met me. She seems decent and is one of the hotter girls I've met in VN so far. Gonna try to GF her up while I'm here.

RE: The Vietnam Thread - Dash - 06-03-2017

What site you meet her on?

Normal for Viet girls to offer to pay.

Had a girl refuse to allow me to pay the other day.

Ballsy inviting her to your place on first meet.

Probably lost some points there ie (All foreigners looking for sex idea)

Did you get a number and zalo set up?

PM the details if you did.

Can meet up sometime.

Yesterday I finally went through my entire facebook friends list picking out the best girls from VN. I have probably 700-800 Vietnamese girls on my facebook. When I finished I picked out about 90 of them. My criteria was either want to date or not date just fuck.

Today need to go through my zalo. Have about 200 on there.

RE: The Vietnam Thread - Vic Vega - 06-03-2017

Haven't gotten a sim card yet. Going to try to hopefully get one later today or tomorrow. I'm trying to get a girl to come with me so I don't get fucked over.

Last time I was here, I got a girl to come back to my place on the first date and I got to macking on her (but she wouldn't let me near the puss). There are always exceptions to the rule.

I'm looking to hit up some nice beaches while I'm here. Girl last night told me the nearest one is a 3 hour drive away? You been to any beaches here or know about any good ones? They should make for some good IG pictures, if you run IG game.

How did you learn to drive a motorbike? I've never ridden one before.

RE: The Vietnam Thread - Dash - 06-03-2017

Yea def some girls will go back on first date and even fuck.

The risk is (assuming she aint that type) losing your chance at her in the future.

Due to that I only invite pure sluts or girls I don't mind losing over on the 1st date lol

Ive only been to Vung Tau. It is the nearest main beach people go to. Only like 1.5 - 2 hours away.

Riding a bike is pretty simple. Would take you maybe 10 minutes to get the balance and turning done.

Learning how to drive in South East Asia traffic is the difficult part.

I learned that by riding with people my first 2 months here. But really, all you need is 2 weeks.

Just follow these rules and you will be ok

1) Don't hit anything in front of you

2) Always be prepared to stop / hit the break

3) Know people will cut you off

4) Know you must cut off people

5) Slow down on intersections / roundabouts

6) Look before moving horizontally

7) Use your turn signal and helmet (cops)

RE: The Vietnam Thread - Verothilde - 06-03-2017

Time for some observations after three days on VietnamCupid, my trip to Thailand/Cambodia/Vietnam will be happening and things are starting to get exciting.

As stated before, I have never really taken internet dating seriously so this is all pretty new to me. I have no clue what to 'compare' with so this will be mostly descriptive

Firstly, I joined VC as a free member, which was so limited that I pretty much instantly said fuck it and went with three months of platinum membership. It's been stated before on this thread that it's worth the money, not sure if the free version is even workable. I might have a short jab at ThaiCupid but I'll probably be too busy during my time in Thailand nightgaming/party islanding/travelling/hunting missing Scandi flags to meet up there.

Secondly, in terms of profile pictures, mine are far from optimized, I don't really consider myself photogenic even though I look good. Still need a full-body picture of me wearing a suit for on there.

- The amount of attention you get is quite staggering, probably had around 100 girls message me so far. The amount of quality, however, isn't immense.
- My strategy started off with 'letting it hit me', then I started messaging girls in the 3 main cities of my Vietnam trip; Hanoi, Da Nang and Saigon, above 6 with a simple message along the lines of "Hi, I'm looking to see if I want to live in Vietnam by travelling there. You look interesting and cute"
- Only found two or so who have the English capability to understand humor so most interactions have been: "You handsome", "You cute", "Why you in Vietnam", ":>>".
- Some interactions would not be possible without Google Translate

There's pretty much this hierarchy of quality of interactions, from low to high:
- Pictureless people just sending me "hello" (I don't understand why the hell people do this, what do you expect?). Filtered
- Sub 6s instantly starting about how much they take care of family, caring husbands. Not that I don't appreciate the qualities, but back it up with looks.
- 6-7s with bad English skills. Somewhat enjoyable but tends to get bland after the 50th question if I'm not married already.
- 6-7s with alright English. Enjoyable conversations, can weave some humour into it generally.
- 8s, must say some of these girls can be pretty fucking hot, only two so far though.

Unfortunately I haven't really been messaging with any drop-dead gorgeous 9+ yet, the hunt continues.
So far my most interesting prospects include a 7 which is pretty much a guaranteed bang if I met her now due to her interest and her stating she's dated Western men quite a bit. A lot can happen in 2.5 months though, either way. Together with the two 8s I'm currently chatting with, one comes across a bit cold likely due to bad English, another seems to have been travelling around a lot due to her level of English but she comes across a lot more flaky. Another 7 I'm chatting with just has a cute look but her English is terrible so Google Translate help me out.

Concluding remarks; it's fun but the quality so far isn't out of the park. I should improve my pictures a bit and I'll keep you guys posted.

RE: The Vietnam Thread - Exultate - 06-03-2017

Temper your expectations. Quality goes up to about 8 in Saigon but also has many many average girls. Hanoi is where all the hot girls are.

RE: The Vietnam Thread - Dash - 06-04-2017


There aint gonna be a ton of 8+s even on dating sites in Korea.

Those girls generally have zero need for online dating.

Now there are a few that are shy and sheltered or exclusively hunting a Westerner.

The good thing about VC is that there are a solid number of attractive 7s to message.

Tons of cute 6s.

The occasional 8.

Your picture on Cupid is not very important due to the competition.

Now, on Tinder you will want to optimize your picture for sure.

RE: The Vietnam Thread - Dash - 06-05-2017

Meeting in person first is not uncommon.

Should have met her and seen what happened.

What are you telling these girls? "Hey, come over and hangout / watch a movie"?

For most girls I just assume I am going to have to meet them for coffee or lunch first.

Then later try to get them to the house.

RE: The Vietnam Thread - Dash - 06-06-2017

Finally finished indexing and sorting through all the girls.

Out of the 1,000 I indexed about 200. I put a rating of how much I want to meet them or importance.

RE: The Vietnam Thread - Dash - 06-07-2017

(06-07-2017, 10:32 AM)Vic Vega Wrote: This country is fucking shit. Girls are very flaky and hard to get out on dates, and now they're picky about foreigners like the rest of Asia. It wasn't so bad back in February but it's worse now because of the summer.

I think I'm bailing already when my rent is up. I also don't see how Dash is getting dates and banging any girls if you look the way you described in your posts.

What do you mean? 

Unless you are some fat slob creep, you can get girls no problem. 

I am only slightly over weight. But you cant even tell honestly. Most my weight is stored in my thighs and ass and waist. 

Ive seen really ugly Indian dudes and fat asses here with average to cute girls. Vietnam girls are some of the least shallow girls you will meet, esp in Asia. You ask a Korean girl who she wants for a bf and she will say rich, tall and handsome. You ask a Vietnamese girl and she will say honest, good, loyal man that can protect and provide for his family.

You are doing something wrong man. 

Should be ZERO reason why you can not get girls out on dates.

I have so many I don't even know who to choose. 

Shit hurts my head.

Here is some advice though. Dont try to plan something the day of. You need to plan something in advance. These girls are busy working or going to school. So you need to set things up 2-4 days ahead of time.

Have you even paid for a membership on Cupid yet?

Cupid + Tinder + Skout + Going to the park + Nightlife (Lush, Hair of Dog, Boheme, Play, Sound Pub, Lighthouse, Piu Piu, Glow, Blanchy's, ChillSky Bar, Spark, Hoka Pub, Fox / Kingdom / Vuvuzela Beer Clubs etc) + Social Circle [Should] = Countless options for you

Fuck almost forgot the Latin night events. Great place to meet women. 


RE: The Vietnam Thread - TigerT - 06-07-2017

(06-07-2017, 10:32 AM)Vic Vega Wrote: This country is fucking shit. Girls are very flaky and hard to get out on dates, and now they're picky about foreigners like the rest of Asia. It wasn't so bad back in February but it's worse now because of the summer.

I think I'm bailing already when my rent is up. I also don't see how Dash is getting dates and banging any girls if you look the way you described in your posts.

Don't want to be the bad guy here, but maybe you should start thinking that you are doing things the wrong way because what you are doing was not working in China and from what you are reading it isn't going better in Vietnam as well.

Forget the good-looking part. You can be the best looking guy in the word but it will be difficult to get a girl if you cannot act right or talk to the girl. I knew those two American guys when I arrived in China. To make it simple, one was a little bit overweight, not very good looking but had a cool attitude, always ready to go out and was charismatic, the other one ws a lot better looking and working out like crazy but was strict (which is a nice way to say boring). The first one ended up with a pretty decent number of lays while the other one ended up going for hookers at the bath house.
It also depends on a lot about which girls you are going for. I am not telling you to stick to 3s and bellow, but if it's not working with 8 to 10 girls, maybe go for 6-7s.

Girls will always be picky that's their nature. Some might be less than other but you need to think and remember that for every girl you are chatting with might have more than you to choose from. The better looking the girls is, the more competition you will get. If she matched you at the beginning, it means that she has got some interest in you, from there it's about how you chat you talk to her.
You cannot expect girls to not be picky while you are, bassicaly.

Also from what I read, you seem to be expecting girls to come straight to your place before even meeting them. That's very unlikely to happen except if the girl is a pro or if she cannot get laid otherwise.

A good looking/smart/successful girl will want more than just coming to your apartment. If you are bringing that up too quickly, the girl will freak out, which is natural. 
If you want to have sex quickly, go spent the night at the club, girls there will probably be more open to the idea of a ONS (not sure about it for Vietnam) or it will allow you to meet more easy going people.

That's some advice from experiences, do what you want with it. I would just say that since you have some time left, better try to make the best of it

RE: The Vietnam Thread - Dash - 06-08-2017

Good post Tiger.

When I gave my advice I had forgotten all about him trying to get girls to the house too fast. Quality girls at that (according to Vic).

I can tell you came here with the wrong mindset Vic. Vietnam aint the place for thinking short term. Should have went to Manila, Bangkok, or Jakarta for that.

Vietnam is a place where you gotta slow down and actually put in a little effort. The rewards come later.

Vietnam is a place for finding a GF. Not smashing all kinds of girls right after stepping off the plane.

Sum up all the advice from me and Tiger

1) Get the right mindset (Short term vs Long term / Effort vs Ease / Looks vs Game)

2) Slow down (Don't invite non club sluts over to your apartment so fast)

3) Use all your resources to meet girls (Cupid/Tinder/Skout/Parks/Social Circle/Bars/Clubs/Pool Party/Latin Socials)

4) Plan dates a week in advance (aim for 3-4 in a week)

5) Strike when the iron is hot (Match with a hot girl on Tinder need to be messaging her ASAP and setting up a date)

6) Evaluate yourself (Make sure you aint doing anything to off put women ie dress, personality, style, etc)

RE: The Vietnam Thread - shalabadoo - 06-08-2017

(06-08-2017, 01:43 PM)Vic Vega Wrote: What I meant Dash, is that you said you were a few pounds overweight with a shaved head. Asian girls generally like scrawny twink fuccbois with a good haircut, and are put off by masculine guys. 

Who said that?!

No offense, but it seems to me you're just trying to find an excuse for your failures. Yeah, of course you gotta be patient.