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RE: The Vietnam Thread - SpecialEd - 08-05-2018

Holy shit driving here is crazy. I rented a Moto yesterday and I think I almost died 4 times since.

P.s. Tinder seems absurdly easy here. I lazily swiped through about 50 last night. Had 35 matches when I woke up hung over this morning.

RE: The Vietnam Thread - 20Nation - 08-05-2018

Yeah I remember the craziness of motos everywhere. But after riding there, everything will be easy

RE: The Vietnam Thread - SpecialEd - 08-06-2018

Well 1/1 for tinder dates so far. Super sweet girl. Actually looked better than her pictures, smart, good english. A total freak in the sheets.

I'm liking this place so far.

RE: The Vietnam Thread - SpecialEd - 08-06-2018

Forgot to add this girl loves Trump. You just can't ask for more lol.

RE: The Vietnam Thread - SpecialEd - 08-07-2018

Ugh just had a tinder slut come over to my place. Worse than her pictures. A 4 maybe if I'm being generous.

I can't believe I banged her. Legit disgusted with myself. Im gonna take an hour shower and use a whole bottle of soap.

RE: The Vietnam Thread - Rick91 - 08-07-2018

Haha you should do well here. I fucked 10 in a month with absolute dogshit logistics and basically didn’t go out for 2 weeks.

What’s your plans these days Ed?

RE: The Vietnam Thread - SpecialEd - 08-08-2018

My logistics are on point. I kinda balled out and got an Airbnb in district 4 for the month. Gotta sort out my visa situation though, and then might get a place near the Saigon sports club which is awesome btw. The plan is basically do boxing/Muay Thai and party. Im fortunate enough to not really need to work for a good while.

I puked my guts out this morning though. Probably got some stomach bug likely from the rain water I swallowed on the way home last night lol.

RE: The Vietnam Thread - SpecialEd - 08-08-2018

Man whatever this shit was it wiped me out. Spent the whole day sleeping in the fetal position lol. I think I'm gonna get some pho and call it a night.

RE: The Vietnam Thread - SpecialEd - 08-11-2018

I think a combination of porn, fapping and bathmate have fucked up my sensitivity. I fucked my main girl for an hour last night and couldn't cum. Think she's getting a complex about it lol..

Can't believe I'm saying this but I'm gonna do no fap.

On a side note, what happened to Dash? Did he go apocalypse now-style off the reservation? Or did he wife up some village chick lol?

P.S Rick, pm me your number bro. Lets grab a few pints on me sometime.

RE: The Vietnam Thread - Rick91 - 08-11-2018

I’ve got gf now and I try do no fap because sex gets shit if your fapping all the timeSure will pm.

RE: The Vietnam Thread - Rick91 - 08-12-2018

Don’t work for specific schools work for companies so you get a selection of schools. It should go fine once the season stats again. I honestly think there are more jobs available than teachers. It just depends your timing. Don’t turn up at the end of the school year or during the holidays looking for work as their will be slimmer pickings. I’m young and white so have not noticed negative discrimination.

I will also say one of most important aspects of your doing the teaching is your mood. If it’s negative or unhappy your classes will likely go shitty regardless.

I’ve also cut down hours drastically should hopefully get 6 hours over 3 days mon-we’d and free rest of week.

RE: The Vietnam Thread - SpecialEd - 08-13-2018

About to go on a tinder date with Viet Eurasian chick. If she looks half as good as her pictures, she's a legit 9.

I don't know how guys juggle working a job and lots of dates. I haven't been doing damn all and it's overwhelming lol.

RE: The Vietnam Thread - SpecialEd - 08-13-2018

So I got cockblocked by gps again. Fucking ended up 20km from my apartment on the way back from Muay thai.

Whatever shithead designed the road system here should be crucified and I'd gladly hammer in the nails myself.

Anyway, the chick drops the fact she's bringing her friend while I'm trying to navigate this shit hole. Makes me even more angry. If it were a coffee date, I wouldn't care. But I was gonna take her out to a nice thai place, and I'm no ATM. So I flaked on her.

I haven't had any Viet girls try to pull that stunt on me before. She could have at least asked instead of declaring it last minute.

RE: The Vietnam Thread - Vic Vega - 08-13-2018

That was one of the many things that pissed me off about the place. You take a wrong turn and you can end up far away from the street you were on and end up lost for 30 or so minutes. Also sometimes you can't even see the fucking street names or they're incorrect or something. That shit was enraging at times.

How bad is the traffic there these days? You guys seeing more cars on the road or is it still motorbike central?

RE: The Vietnam Thread - SpecialEd - 08-14-2018

Dude tell me about it..Many joints here are so well hidden you can be 400 meters away and just drive around in circles for half an hour trying to find the place.

If youre on one of the bigger roads, sometimes you can't make a uturn for 5-10km..And of course you've always got 2 thousand Vietnamese swamping you on any turn. You signal left and they just honk and pass. I'm just gonna start running people over.

With the traffic, you're basically going 15mph everywhere. You just sit there and eat exhaust during rush hour lol.It's 95% motos still.

On a side note, I think there's quite a few underage girls here on Tinder. Have 1 yesterday asking me to take her virginity.  And then a 17yr old whos only had sex once before with her viet bf. Both had 20-something on their profile.

I'm not sure what the laws here are like but I'd be careful with that guys.

RE: The Vietnam Thread - SpecialEd - 08-14-2018

On another side note, I took a solid shit for the 1st time in a week. Thank the gods.

I nearly passed out in Muay Thai yesterday. The SEA liquid shits quite literally drain the life out of you.

I'm loading up on kimchi, and trying to secure a local kefir source so I never go through that again.

RE: The Vietnam Thread - SpecialEd - 08-15-2018

Huh I've had several women here ask me for dick pics. This is the only place I've been where they initiate that lol. Maybe they've heard some rumors about white men? Anyway always happy to oblige. Had an 18 yr old tinder slut who who literally wouldn't shut up about how beautiful it was lmao.

There's a lot of freaks here. Maybe having a communist government does that to the women.

RE: The Vietnam Thread - SpecialEd - 08-16-2018

Going up to Dalat for a couple days to get some cool mountain air, and get a little work done hopefully.

RE: The Vietnam Thread - Vic Vega - 08-16-2018

Yea, I remember seeing lots of sluts on tinder showing off their asses in thongs and other ‘lewd’ pictures. A gym subculture with an emphasis on squatting seems to be growing there. Of course they’ll say in their profile “no hook ups or fwb” Rolleyes Saigon is the most westernized city there and will only continue on that path, which hopefully means more easier sluts.

How many girls are coming over straight to your places these days off Tinder etc? when I was there I only managed to get a few to do it. I was pretty lazy there and didn’t feel like going out on boring dates.

RE: The Vietnam Thread - SpecialEd - 08-16-2018

I don't mind going out on dates. So I haven't pushed hard for it. Iml, any girl that comes straight over is going to be pretty low quality.