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Bucharest Advice - kingbarry - 03-29-2017

Hey new to the forum but, I'll be visiting Bucharest around May 19- June 2. This will be my first time in Romania. Any advice for a mid 20's black American? I am 5'11 big and built like a lineman, I wear suits & blazers and have a nice bankroll. 
Are Romanian women open to get with black guys from US? My game is decent not afraid to escalate. If you can tell me which venues would be best or where would be best to approach for day or night That would be great. 

RE: Bucharest Advice - 20Nation - 03-31-2017

You can readabout my time in Romania, here: http://swooptheworld.com/category/reviews/romania-reviews/

Actually one of the guys I was there with is black (but raised in England) and he did really well. He ended up spending a lot more time there since he liked it so much. Since they were open to getting with him, I imagine they would be open to getting with you too. I never found an amazing nightlife place, but there are a lot of good spots. As far as good daygame spots, there is a famous square in the center of the city. There you will see so many girls (sometimes basically topless). It's the place where I daygamed the busty girl who ended up being a cam girl. It's a great spot for it.

RE: Bucharest Advice - VinnyIGCasanova - 04-04-2017

I have met quite a few black guys in Eastern Europe.

Although it might sound racist (while I am not) being black is a niche. There will always be a percentage of girls who loves you for just being black. Do daygame and base it on IOIs and you shall do well.

In the center of Bucharest there is an underground passage between train stations in the busiest part of the city - hands down the best daygame location.

Good luck