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The Indonesia Thread - Dash - 02-08-2017

Arriving in Jakarta today. Been long overdue to visit this poosy paradise  Big Grin Will report my findings!

RE: The Indonesia Thread - Dash - 02-09-2017

First impression is this place is massive. Traffic even worse than Manila probably.

Last night was interesting to say the least. Decided to switch up my style and go completely direct just inviting girls straight to my apartment. One girl agreed and I thought ok, piece of cake.

This bitch comes over around 12am and doesn't put out. I try about 4 times to makeout etc and no bueno. Come 1am I and sitting there like WTF am I doing. I tell her I got to go. She seems a little shocked but calls someone to get her. Needs to be a damn class taught in schools on dating. ie If you agree to go straight to a guys apartment late at night, sex is a given. If not don't waste a dude's time.

Anyways, she leaves and I get on my phone and start messaging girls. One girl tells me to join her at X2. Ive heard of this club and decided to meet her. She changes venue to Immigrant before I left the house so I head over there. I arrive at Immigrant and see a large group of girls standing outside. Walk up and the girl I messaged gets my attention. They tell me Immigrant is not busy and for us to go to Dragonfly. I am like alright.

At this point other than the fact the girl had a nice thick booty, I am not too thrilled.

1) Large group of girls, no other guy. I might be expected or asked to pay for them.

2) Dragonfly is very upscale and plays techno. Not my style.

Half the group decides to go home and me and 3 girls head to Dragonfly. Sure enough when we get to Dragonfly one girl is like 800,000 IDR for entrance for all four of us. I lie and say I didn't bring a lot of money and only had like 500,000. Jakarta nightlife is def on the expensive side. One girl already had a bottle inside the club from a previous visit. Then she just says ok give me 400,000. So reluctantly I give her 400,000. Annoying how girls in some countries expect the foreign dude to pay for everything.

Get inside and this place is like a long rectangle with cool lighting. We walk up to the bar and girl asks me what mixer I want. Then asks for another 100,000 for the mixer. If you dont know, 1 USD = 13,000 IDR. So at this point ive already spent about 550,000 IDR havent even finished one drink yet.

Dragonfly had a decent crowd when we first arrived but quickly people started leaving. Seems to slow down about 2-3am. On the posh side and played no hip hop or r&b.

Some very attractive girls in here. I got to say, I really love the look of Indonesian girls. Easily for me the most unique exotic looking girls in Asia. Hard me to to describe it, but clearly different than all the other places. Its almost like Asian mixed with Middle East mixed with White. That is probably not even right, but damn I love the way they look. I am talking about the party type girls you see out and about.

One girl meets a guy and bounces and the other decides to go home as well. The girl I am with pretty much bounces me back to my own place. She was like "lets get uber" and asks me where I stay. That is usually what I do ie "Let's go". Funny.

The first girl tried to fuck up my night. Luckily was able to rebound. Although, I spent alot more money than I would have liked.

Pretty depressed I am leaving tomorrow morning. Need atleast a week here. Although, I got a really cute hot girl waiting on me in Saigon. Still need to come back to Jakarta one more time though.

Trying to figure out how to structure this last night. Want to visit a few night places solo but also want to make sure I get a bang ie online game.

RE: The Indonesia Thread - 20Nation - 02-09-2017

Your report is making me excited for Jakarta. Just a few more weeks.... especially how you describe the women. I am getting kind of sick of pinays, need some change. Nice report.

RE: The Indonesia Thread - TravelHardcore - 02-09-2017

I miss Indonesia a lot. Same here 20Nation, so tired of the Pinays. Too much of the same thing. I need some variety.
Good to hear, these are still all the same places that were relevant when I was there 4 years ago.

RE: The Indonesia Thread - Dash - 02-09-2017

Alright, last night in The Big Durian.

Plan to hit up about 3 different areas or venues.

Domain, Jalan Jalaska, and one of those E clubs in the North.

Maybe one of the freelance spots as well.

RE: The Indonesia Thread - TravelHardcore - 02-09-2017

(02-09-2017, 02:17 PM)Dash Wrote: Alright, last night in The Big Durian.

Plan to hit up about 3 different areas or venues.

Domain, Jalan Jalaska, and one of those E clubs in the North.

Maybe one of the freelance spots as well.

Looking forward to your report, GL Dash

RE: The Indonesia Thread - Dash - 02-09-2017

Alright, so here is my last night recap & final Jakarta thoughts

Left the apartment around 12:30am

First stop of the night was Fable.

I was pleasantly surprised by the crowd here on a Thursday night. It was pretty much packed. This place is different from the other clubs in this area. The crowd is younger 18-22ish. More casual dressed. Music is a lot of hip hop. The bad thing is the setup. Most of the club is in the center and it is hard to navigate through it. So you are essentially left to patrol the outside L shape. Ratio wasn't that great but still plenty of girls. I can't imagine how crowded this place would be on the weekend. There was a 100,000 IDR cover which came with a drink. This place def has potential. I would probably prefer to come here on a Mon-Wed when it wasn't quite as crowded.

Next up was X2.

I've heard a lot about this place. Seemed kind of dead from the outside so I was skeptical. Asked the workers how many people were inside and she said not full but decent. I asked if it was 50% and she said yea. It was more like 40%. Enough to warrant going inside. Anyways, the cover was 150,000 IDR I think which also came with a drink. I had one additional drink (Bintang beer) and it cost like 80,000 IDR. Now to the club. I really liked this place. Decent set up. Good music. Good lighting. A number of different sets I felt I could get. I posted up at one of the large islands. Had my eye on this two set with a spinner. As I am taking in the club, this girl from a 4 set beside me tells me her friend likes me. Her friend had a decent little booty so I said sure, bring her over. Chatted with her awhile. I still wanted to go to Immigrant. I felt I could have easily taken this girl home, but I decided to bounce and make my way to Immigrant.

Last stop of the night, Immigrant.

No cover charge to get in this night. As I walk in it looks completely dead. Then I notice the club is like an L shape and the people that were there were around the corner near the dance floor and DJ booth. This was the least crowded place of the night. Not a lot of options. Many girls already had dudes. This place would be better on the weekend than weekday. I have a flight to Vietnam this morning which I need to wake up (or stay up) to catch. Was itching to go back to X2, but decided to just call it a night. Still need to pack and catch a cab to the airport at like 6-7am.

Jakarta Final Thoughts

This place has the least flavor of any SEA city ive been to. Complete concrete forest. Literally, had zero desire to leave my apartment and walk around. Maybe it is different in other areas, but the area around all the central south nightlife was bland and had zero character. As I mentioned earlier, Indo girls are exotic as fuck to me. One negative I saw was damn these girls like to smoke. Literally, every girl at the clubs were killing packs of cigarettes. That is a decent turn off for me. Also, they seem to wear too much makeup than I would like. I have to agree with the overall sentiment that Jakarta is quite good for nightlife. Atleast in the way of getting 1 night stands which I felt was very doable. Not good for value as it is expensive. If I had more time I would have liked to check out the clubs further south in Kemang. Heard decent things about them. Got to check out most the main clubs in the center south. Only ones I missed I think were Blowfish and the bar called Domain. If you want to indulge in shoring or P4P or just pre game in these types of establishments then I heard that the freelancer spots are in Blok M and the bars called BATS and CJ's. There is also some very cheap brothel hotels called Time and Classic. Can choose from many girls sitting on couches for 350,000 IDR. Was tempted to check it out for shits and giggles but never got around to it.

Def needed more time in Jakarta. Maybe I will be back in the near future.

Edit: Taxi to the airport from Semanggi took about 30 minutes surprisingly. Traffic must don't get going until after 7am. Bluebird total cost about 180,000 IDR.

RE: The Indonesia Thread - TravelHardcore - 02-10-2017

Great extensive report Dash, you did a lot for such short time. I would have gone for the sure thing though with that girl from X2 Smile

(02-09-2017, 08:52 PM)Dash Wrote: Complete concrete forest. Literally, had zero desire to leave my apartment and walk around. Maybe it is different in other areas, but the area around all the central south nightlife was bland and had zero character.

The city is like that. Traffic is horrible and it's not pleasant to walk around. There are areas that are better though for that. Jakarta Dutch quarter (old town) has some market places, it's more pleasant there.

(02-09-2017, 08:52 PM)Dash Wrote: I heard that the freelancer spots are in Blok M and the bars called BATS and CJ's.

Blok M is a famous red light district. I stayed near there for a few days last time I was in JKT, typical freelance bars where you can play hooker snooker.

(02-09-2017, 08:52 PM)Dash Wrote: Def needed more time in Jakarta. Maybe I will be back in the near future.

Edit: Taxi to the airport from Semanggi took about 30 minutes surprisingly. Traffic must don't get going until after 7am. Bluebird total cost about 180,000 IDR.

The traffic is so unpredictable, a trip to the airport can be 30 minutes one day, 2 hours or more the next. It almost made me miss my flight last time.

Did you check out any malls? Did you experience more exotic value compared to Phils?

RE: The Indonesia Thread - Dash - 02-10-2017

I didn't check any malls or anything. But from the clubs and walking around, I def feel a noticeable higher value compared to Philippines.

Yea I didn't take any chances with the traffic. Flight was at 11:30am, I left at 6:30am lol.

I wanted to see as much as I could. Get some up to date intel and perspective about the club scene for you guys.

If I didn't meet that girl the previous night I could have got in a couple more venues.

RE: The Indonesia Thread - TravelHardcore - 02-11-2017

(02-10-2017, 09:41 AM)Dash Wrote: I didn't check any malls or anything. But from the clubs and walking around, I def feel a noticeable higher value compared to Philippines.

Yea I didn't take any chances with the traffic. Flight was at 11:30am, I left at 6:30am lol.

I wanted to see as much as I could. Get some up to date intel and perspective about the club scene for you guys.

If I didn't meet that girl the previous night I could have got in a couple more venues.

Another place I'd like to check out is Stadium. I didn't get the chance last time. I read about it being quite intense and some people recommended it to me when I was there.

RE: The Indonesia Thread - Dash - 02-11-2017

Ah yea I heard of Stadium also. Worth it to go up North one night also. Try a place like Illegals out.

RE: The Indonesia Thread - TravelHardcore - 02-16-2017

Booked my ticket yesterday. Flying to Jakarta tonight. Arriving after midnight so it was pretty shitty to arrange an AirBnb, got a hotel in Central Jakarta for the first few days. Pipelined some girls and planning to see some girls again from I met last time... close to 5 years ago, shit... time flies

RE: The Indonesia Thread - TravelHardcore - 02-18-2017

Day 1 in Jakarta: It's good to be back

I arrived at 1am and took a taxi to my hotel for 10 dollars. I took a budget hotel but it had a good review and it looked fine on the pictures, modern and spacious. Not so much IRL… it looked like crap from the outside and it wasn’t much better inside; small rooms, broken sink, shitty wifi. 

Fuck it, it’s just for 2 nights till I find my AirBnb. 

I wake up at noon and try to order breakfast. Which is an ordeal, the staff doesn’t speak a word of english and apparently are even too dumb to understand the international language of pointing at things. 

I head out to find a decent wifi. I’ve got a Swoop Post to write. Even that’s a challenge. Must be the first Starbucks I’ve been without a wifi.  

I finally found a coffee shop with an Internet connection. The waitresses were very flirty. "You are handsome mister", I flirted back but they weren't cute enough to pursue. 

I finish my post and go on my way to buy a local sim card. 

Big Asia Bootys

As I leave the coffee shop a girl with a big ass crosses my path. I could already see from the front this ass was gonna be glorious. I smile as we cross and of course look around to check dat ass. She looks back as well so I wave her to stop and talk to her. 

She's on her way to work so I get her number and say goodbye. 

Before she's even out of sight, my heart literally skips a beat. Where am I, Asia or Brazil? This Indonesia milf walked by with the biggest butt I've seen since my big ass Thai girl

I immediately go after her and play the lost tourist. I ask her where I could buy a sim. Functional approach. 

She doesn't speak a word of english, so she gets shy to talk and keeps walking away. Luckily I practiced some strategic phrases of Bahasa Indonesia on the plane. 

"Anda tidak bisa bicara bahasa ingress? Saya bisa bicara bahasa indonesia sedikit sedikit"
(You can't speak english? I speak a little bit Indonesian)

This relaxes her and she stops. I ask her again where to buy a sim and point of my phone this time. I figure she thought I was asking for her phone number, so she gave me her business card. 

Then her colleague showed up so I say goodbye. 

2 for 2 not bad. 

The Mobile Shop Girl

I go to Grand Indonesia to find a mobile shop. I urgently need to get some Internet. I found a shop on the 3rd floor. There were no other costumers so the moment I walk in there were 5 staff members ready to help me. 

I explain I need a sim card for 2 weeks. While one of the guys in configuring my phone, I start flirting with the sales girl. Her big booty in her tight uniform got my attention. There was a good song playing in the shop so I asked her if she was the DJ. 

This got them laughing. Some of the male staff started talking to her in Indonesia so I dropped my canned phrase again. 

"Wow mister, you can speak Indonesian!"

I really can't but at least it got those guys on their guards about talking about me in their language. She moves closer to me so I get the change to speak with her a bit one on one. 

The sim card package had my number printed on it so as I leave the store I took a picture of it (so I have my own number) and gave the package to her "Hey, you can keep this and I wink" 

Random Pipeline Encounter

As I'm leave the mobile shop, whatsapp messages start coming in. 

"Hey are you wearing a white shirt?"

It's from one of the girls I pipelined on Tinder. "Yeah", I reply. 

"Come back to the entry of Grand Indonesia." 

I go back and she's waiting there for me. She's dressed classy, high heels, big tits, tiny waste, big ass. Unfortunately a complete butter-face. 

We talk for a while and she seemed down to do something, but I told her I didn't have time. I'm keeping her as booty call. 

I didn't have much time anyway. I still have to book an AirBnb apartment to get out of that shitty hotel and I had planned a date.

Rebang after five years

The date I had planned was with a girl I met there 5 years ago. She was one of the craziest/funniest girls I've ever met. Not very smart but in a hilarious way. 

I often have a lot fun with dumb girls. There is really no processing between what she thinks and what she says or does. 

I remember from last time I saw her, she got so happy over something she hid in my closet and jumped on the bed. Can't make this up. 

She showed up in high heels, tight pants and a top. I took her to a shisha place I discovered during the day. We had some beers and caught up. We made out at the bar and when the shisha was done I took her back to my place.

I go take a piss and when I came back in my room she was naked in the bed, I don't even know how she got undressed that fast. But she still had her high heel stiletto shoes on. She had a sexy body. Tanned, skinny but with a nicely shaped small booty. 

[Image: jakarta.jpg]

It was great to rebang after 5 years. I smashed her till I ran out of condoms. She would just keep cumming and cumming. Really good sex, invented some new positions on the spot. 

One of her funniest quotes of night: "If I have the horny, I'm watch a video porn" 

Day 2

Just left my hotel and move into my apartment. This is a million times better. Spacious and seems to have a perfect location. Walking distance to the big shopping malls and tons of restaurants and bars around. 

Tonight I'm gonna check out the nightlife in Jakarta, tomorrow I've got some dates planned.

It's really great to be back here. Love this place!

RE: The Indonesia Thread - baimu - 02-18-2017

Great report and hot rebang ^^
As a big booty addict, that pushes me even more to go Jakarta for my next trip..

RE: The Indonesia Thread - 20Nation - 02-20-2017

Yeah, really awesome report THC. I can't wait to go there, just a few more weeks

RE: The Indonesia Thread - TravelHardcore - 02-20-2017

Day 2: Double Up

It's so much better to be in a spacious apartment. The view is also great. I was thinking about taking it easy and hitting the gym but I got a message from a Tinder girl she was at the mall near me; so I went to meet her there. 

This was one of the very few times a girl looked BETTER than her profile pictures. Petite, young, smily girl. 

We went for a coffee. I was pretty tired from the night before, but she had a great extrovert personality and spoke perfect english, so it was an easy date. After coffee we walked around the mall; I needed to buy some stuff for the apartment. 

Kino escalated very naturally. When we took the escalators, she suddenly turned around and kissed me. I was getting more DTF signs, I knew this was in the pocket. 

We walked back to my apartment to "put back the stuff I bought". We were already making out in the elevator. I basically walked her straight into my bedroom and started banging her. 

She looked so innocent, but she liked to dirty talk during sex. "I like your cock, fuck my pussy". 

I smashed her few times. She wanted to spend the night and honestly I wouldn't have mind but it was Saturday and I wanted to see Jakarta nightlife. I called her an Uber and sent her off.

Jakarta Clubbing

I girl invited me to club Immigrant. Dash described it accurately. Great music, decent people, pricey drinks (10 dollars for a shot, 8 dollars for a beer). When I got there at 1 am it was still pretty empty. 

I saw the girl who invited me here. She was with 2 friends. Average looking girls, there were more attractive girls in the club but two of these girls were actually really cool. They bought me drinks and I sandwich danced with them. 
I was in a dilemma to trade up but I figure I'd see how it would play with these friends. I kissed both but it was as far as that path would go. 

This place had a lot of potential. Girls were checking me out non stop, some approached me and try to drag me away from the girls I was with.

I got some number closes but in the end I decided to go for the sure thing (the friend of the girl who invited me). This girl had the sexiest dance moves I've seen in a long long time. She gave me a boner just watching her from a distance. I just knew this was gonna be a good lay. 

I was correct. 

She took it like a pro. Smashed her so hard she started yelling "I love you" during sex. I turned her over and damn, she had a BIG ass as well.

It's like Indonesia stole all the ass from the other Asian countries. 

[Image: indonesian-booty.jpg]

Day 3: Hangover

Woke up with a hangover. Sent the girl off cause I had planned a date in the after noon. This time no luck. She looked fine in her pictures but it turned out to be a SIF (secret internet fatty). 

Not extremely bad but it was a WNB (would not bang). I had a coffee with her and excused myself. 

I'm not gonna meet up with girls anymore unless I've seen their Instagram accounts. Such a waste of time if she doesn't look like her pics. 

The young girl from the day before was texting me. She was fun so I let her come back over and let her spend the night. I had a great time with her swimming and practicing Indonesian. 

Day 4: Chilling and setting up dates

I started contacting my pipeline properly. Girls seemed eager to meet up. Tomorrow I have 5 girls wanting to meet, but all of them at night (after work / university) so I'm need to do some rescheduling or try to go for very to-the-point dates. 

About to go out and meet a Tinder girl near my place now and maybe after head out to get some beers. 


RE: The Indonesia Thread - TravelHardcore - 02-21-2017

Day 4: Continued

Really great date tonight. The girl came over to the restaurant where I was having dinner, right next to my apartment building. After dinner, I took her to a nearby shisha café where we had some beers. 

She was wearing skin tight yoga pants and I could already see she had a nice booty. She had a fun personality. We joked around, I tried out the Indonesian words I had learned today, great fun. 

After shisha and beer I took her to my place to show the amazing view ;Wink

We made out on the balcony and there was 0 LMR when I picked her up and threw her on the bed and took off those tight pants. 

[Image: asianbooty2.jpg]

Indonesians put the 'Ass' in Assian.

RE: The Indonesia Thread - Dash - 02-21-2017

Good stuff

RE: The Indonesia Thread - TravelHardcore - 02-21-2017

Day 5: Really cool girl

I planned a date during the day with a Balinese girl. Met her on Tinder and it was her last day here but she wanted to meet before she caught her flight. 

I texted her when I woke up to hang out at my place, she answered "I will only come to your place if you come pick me up".

I told her I'd sent her an uber that would drop her off but she started giving me bullshit "No, you have to come here before I go with you. I'm not a typical easy Indonesian girl." 

This instantly killed all desire to meet her. 

THC: "I'm not a typical foreigner that puts up with spoiled brats. Not interested anymore."

This made her change her tone "Okay, I'll come to your place. You can send the uber now"

She seemed like a slut that has been pumped & dumped too many times and was trying to overcompensate by pretending not to be easy #FAIL

I stopped replying because I didn't want to waste my time dealing with this type of bs. 

So in stead I took the time to relax and get a workout in. I had two dates planned for this evening; at 7pm and 10pm. It was a tight schedule but doable; unfortunately the first girl got delayed by an hour.

When I tried to move the 2nd girl to 11pm she told me it was too late and preferred to meet another date. 

So one date today. I took her to a shisha place. She had a beautiful face, half Indonesian, half white; but could have lost a few pounds. She had one of the greatest personalities I've met in a long time; so positive and easy going. It was genuinely fun to be with her. 

After the shisha I took her to my place, we made out, but when I tried to take off her pants she stopped me. I thought it was the first LMR of this trip but she told me she was on her period. 

Normally, I'd push for it (a real pirate has blood on his sword); but I have 3 dates planned for tomorrow so I didn't insist. She gave a hell of a blow job though. 

When she left I checked my phone. The entitled Balinese girl from before had been texting me she was in my area asking to meet up: The power of willingness to walk away. 

Day Game

The girls from day game have been texting and calling me daily, I just haven't had the chance yet to plan dates with them. One daygame girl I'll see tomorrow (the first one I met). 

It seems day game has a lot of potential here. I'm going to spend some more time on that too this week.

RE: The Indonesia Thread - baimu - 02-21-2017

Real cool report again. The Balinese case is such a good example of princess\slut behavior.
One question : all those girls with nice round booties from online game, they tend to show it on their profile or you usually find out on the date?