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  Escalation shortcut "And.. here is my cock!"
Posted by: baimu - 03-11-2017, 02:59 AM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (2)

Lets talk about those times when you are trying to score a new girl, but for some reason you dont wanna go thru all the standard kino escalation. Instead, you take a rather quick shortcut and unexpectedly take out your willy in front of the chick, before seizing her butt or maybe even before kissing her.

Last time I did it to unblock a situation with an ugly chick. Sitting on the edge of my bed she wouldn't let me grope her boobs and I wasn't going to go for the kiss and the slow escalation with such a butterface. I laid on my bed and took my cock out, she wasnt impressed but didn't leave. When I got a fair boner I told her to give it a second look and then magic happened. She got surprised at the size (asians..) and gave it a few strokes then said she wanted to take a shower first.
10min later I was enjoying her big ass in doggy.

Its quite fun to do when you dont care about appearing like a weirdo and loosing the target ^^

Is it something that you guys also do on first lays?

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  The "would you smash it" thread (contains NSFW)
Posted by: DAone27 - 03-10-2017, 08:38 PM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (181)

We all have an idea of what a 5/10 is. So the question is would you smash it. 

Here you post your instant messages from the gawkers that stalk to your profile and you would think before you smash!!

So tell me would you smash this!!

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)
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Posted by: P.T. - 03-10-2017, 05:41 PM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (9)


What have you discovered about yourself and what have you learned about women as your notch count has increased?

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Lightbulb Does Monogamy work (even in a 3rd world country)?
Posted by: P.T. - 03-10-2017, 07:43 AM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (20)

[Image: WzDzeVm.jpg]

The short answer is no, IMO.  All relationships are temporary (even your mother and father will pass away).  Others should chime in with details as to why, or why not, or perhaps under what circumstances it does/does not.  Can you live with it, of course, but what you will sacrifice is your long term happiness, the fruits of your labors and who you are.

Monogamy, including serial monogamy, is a female centric strategy for their survival.  It is not in a man´s best interest genetically or his long term happiness.  Genetically men are designed to spread their seed and monogamy is a system which attempts to pressure/guilt men to fight their biology in favor of a female´s biological strategy.  Socially some will make the argument that it is the foundation of civilization and it keeps families together and forms the basis of our civilization.  We should bring such things to the discussion.

Thoughts about (contractual) marriage, having children in non-conventional ways, pair bonding and loneliness should also be entertained in this thread as they related to (non) monogamy. 

One possible exception for monogamy working could be low-testosterone men as they age.  Even this would probably require a man to sacrifice his long term happiness.  What are your thoughts, how do you implement these ideas and what are some of the consequences of these in today´s world?

The answers to these types of issues with women form the foundation for how we act and travel as men in today´s world.

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Tongue Real alphas dont settle down!
Posted by: baimu - 03-10-2017, 05:51 AM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (29)

I wanna start a little debate here.

I think real alphas dont settle down. They might look like they do but they still chase on the side. Or they do settle for a while then get bored and are back on the hunt.

If you look at alpha animals they dont get exclusive to one top notch female, they got the whole herd. There is exceptions like wolves, but they live in small packs. Humans dont, we live in cities nowaday.

Being an alpha male is not about having the best pussy in town. Its about having her, her sister, her cousin and half the gymnastic team Big Grin

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  Can a man's game be quantified?
Posted by: Ouroboros - 03-08-2017, 11:22 AM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (11)

A man with a high notch count is often regarded as having better game than a man with a low notch count. Since most men don't have photographic/video evidence of their conquests to prove the quality of these notches, and in any case quality is highly subjective (I for one place no value on a girl's skin colour, whereas many seem to associate pale skin colour with 'quality'), the emphasis is almost always on quantity.

Do you think that a man's game can be quantified in this way? If so, what would the minimum notch counts be for the following:

Intermediate game, advanced game, veteran playboy, pre-LTR preparation (i.e. the minimum number of notches before you should consider a LTR)

OR: do you think a man's notch count says little or nothing about his game?

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  Should i meet her? PLEASE HELP!!!!!
Posted by: EmbraceTheHype - 03-06-2017, 05:11 PM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (8)

I manage to get a drinking date. My intention is to bang her. So i tell her that i would like to drink with her at my place. She said that she is not that type of girl knowing that i will bang her after drinking and told me to drink at a bar. What should i do? Should i just carry on with the date? Or just cancel it? Honestly i dont wanna waste my time talking to her and end up going home alone.

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Posted by: Killa902 - 03-05-2017, 05:21 PM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (12)

GUYS I NEED HELP. Idk where to even begin. First of all I consider myself as an introvert. When I was younger this wasnt the case at all. From gr 1-5 i never really gave a fck (did whatever i want. No anxieties/didnt care what ppl thought bout me etc.) Gr 5-9 there was 1 girl i had a crush on so badly, that i began putting a complete "nice guy" facade whenever I was hanging with her/ or she was around. So to speak, when she wasnt around I would be myself (like never gettig walked over, more alpha, went for what I want). Anyways from spending a long time living in this "mask" of being a nice guy when she was around to impress her led me being validated constantly of how nice I was (which made me want to keep that image even more).... all of this issue led me to being so aware of myself (always trying to impress ppl/cared too much what they thought/always made sure to keep a good/ clean/"nicr guy" image of myself when i was around ppl.) .Not once did I have any clue as to how this was going to all fck me later on in life. HOW IT DID THIS?? You may ask. Well first of all I started getting sevier general anxieties/ social anxiety. Became low self esteemed, low confidence always givijg a fck how ppl perceived me as (ppl pleaser). Years later I reached a point whre I was so tired of this b/s and seeked self developement to help me with my problems. Discovered pick up. Read/watched a bunch of of almost evrything on the enternet i could find. (Still didnt take action). I even went to blow lots of money on pua instructors by buying lots of products that were useles and contained vague info that are either (1): common sense. (2): already read about online. I even payed for a 6mnth course with a shitty instructor that didnt even seem like a good teacher & was just doing it bcz he was getting payed to.FML.. anyways it helped for a bit, to get out there and practice..but after it was done..within a month I was back to my old ways...    I started going to the gym 6 days a week. (4 hrs a day).its been 3 years.. & my body is actually really good. Like a 9.5/10 . Ive a gaiined a little amount of confidence from it, but not a wholr lot to make me care free/not self conscious/ no anxiety etc.. infact its making me so depressed for example.

Last night I went with the boys to the club Ive been to clubs countless times. Usually it ended the same way. (1) I never drink alcohol when I go (bcz of my fitness lifestyle). (2) huge self awareness lvl (care too much about what ppl think) (3). Hate being in the limelight/center of attention. So you can just imagine how shittty/akward I am in the club.  Anyways my 2 friends are the complete opposite of me. One of them drank and he was on another lvl (energy lvl/having fun).. the other one didnt drink because he was the driver (but, he is outgoing & knows how to have fun with or without alcohol).  I felt out of place the whole night (happens all the time i go cubbing), i have this ache to always get away but the reason i stick it out is bcz (A) clubs have lots of good quality girls + all in one location as opposed to DG. (B). I wanna overcome my anxieties/self awareness. Anyways. Lastnight (saturday).. 2 girls(they were drunk) seen how fun my friends were & went to them & started dancing with them. I was so out of place bcz I was the only one without a girl, (their third friend tried to dance with me..but she wasnt even attractive/ a bit overweight.i danced a little & let her leave cuz i wasnt feeling her at all.). I got a few Ioi's & even a few girls pull my hand wanting to dance. But I was so uptight/awkward that it didnt even workout.. The whole night was complete shit for me. Watching my friends dancing, having a blast (+ they both fingered their girls who were 8+ on the dance floor & I had to listen to them boast about it on the way home made me feel like complet shit). During the night I felt like shit & left and waited 1hr for them in the car. It was depressing because, (A) i was the best dressed out of us 3 (they wore hoodies/casual jeans) (B) I had a better body then them since they dont workoOut. I am not feeling like I am entitled (their mindset/ability not to care/ ability to have fun is what fueled their success). I just dk how to have fun I guess. Eveb ine of my friends last night mentioned I need to losen up. (100% agreed). I went through a lot of difficult times throughout my life (90% of my life). As a result of tht ive become "too serious" that i dk what it is like/ how to have fun. I agree my mindset or lifestyle (i do work in a  job that i derive no pleasure at all..so thatsmaybe why Idk) is not right. 

I AM OPEN TO ALL FEEDBACKS.. Gotta tell you its not a good feeling when everybody gets something & you are the odd ball out.

PS: TRAVELHARDCORE: you are siickk guy broo!!!, love your adventures/stories. + your party lifestyle haha too rad. & @ 20Nation. Dont know where to start. Huge fan, love your adventures + bought al your books and read every single one. Your piping lvl is out of this world

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  Have you been a Asshole
Posted by: BarbarianFather - 02-28-2017, 04:08 AM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (5)

Have you been a Asshole if not why not?

Challenge is  "What I did to become Asshole of the day, week or month" Let's here your story.

This come from are other thread What are some Alpha male characteristics you should adapt ?

@BarbarianFather Wrote

One day I was thinking how aggravated I get when a girl would call me a Asshole, my usual response back would be "no I am a prick, Assholes get fucked" then the light bulb went on in my head, a fucking epiphany smacked me on the forehead. Almost every girl I have had sex with at some time called me a Asshole early on, girls that I didn't have sex with but called me a Asshole probably good chance I could of have sex with. I started to pay attention to this and the notch count started to go up.

Key challenge here is to take all the above advice put it into practice and make it up to Asshole status but at the same time not become a douche bag.

One of my FBs likes to call me Gentlemen Asshole. I call her a Bitch and then make like it.

@P.T. Wrote
Being an asshole with a woman should be a badge of honor; women and beta´s try to program you otherwise. Being an asshole does not mean you are a bad guy, just that you put yourself first. This is the way it should be. You are being dominant doing your thing fulfilling your purpose; simple and straight forward. If you are not the star of your own life, who is? Would you expect a desirable woman to want to be with someone who is not the star of his own life? On a social programming level she may say yes do what I want all of the time. Do that with a few women a few times and watch how that works out. The lack of respect will become ginormous (gigantic and enormous combined) because you are unable to lead her and eventually she unconsciously knows you would be a bad example for her offspring and it may not thrive. Understand her innate biology. How you do it is where the rubber meets the road. Being an asshole with another guy is different as is getting darker and more cruel with women. However, you will find that it may get darker when you are with those super-hot ones. A neg would be a simple example of getting darker, but it is not really dark. Moving in this direction is often necessary and they will be dripping in their panties if you have good calibration.

Have a goal and try to be the ¨asshole of the day¨ for a woman, change it to be a different woman daily or weekly; try to be the asshole of the week on occasion, maybe asshole of the month. When you achieve your goal because the woman tells you directly that you are an asshole or especially the asshole of the month, go reward yourself for achieving your goal. No joking. Eventually this will help you calibrate and you will find a good mix of the bad boy acting out of enlightened self-interest that will give you more peak interactions with the ladies. 

Go to start a thread. ¨What I did to become Asshole of the day, week or month.¨ Maybe someone can come up with a some type of meme or moniker or trophy gif for the thread. Have fun with it, embrace your inner asshole and focus it, denying it is like denying that you are masculine. Flip the frame from ¨social programming is a bitch¨ to ¨social programming is my bitch.¨

Couple more things:

End of the March will Vote on who was the biggest baddest Asshole of the month.

20 or THC for a reward would it be possible to change the winners title to Biggest Asshole the following month?

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  Q&A 40+
Posted by: BarbarianFather - 02-25-2017, 02:42 AM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (40)

I think 40 is when things start to go downhill. Hard to get up in the morning, life is just flying by you, you start thinking how to slow things down. Chasing girls is no longer important. Sitting around thinking about the good old days. 


40 was a turning point in my life, I’m now in the best shape of my life, clearest my mind has been in years, game is fun cause I honestly don’t give a shit. (2 regular FBs) Finances are not great but at least solid. (Divorce sucks) This decade of my life is becoming awesome.

Things that have changed.

I don’t live in the big city anymore. 3-8 approaches a week is what I strive for.
I don’t mess with 20 and younger to much bullshit to deal with.
(If I want to go out drinking, don’t have to worry about getting in trouble)
Having to dust off knowledge and reeducate myself. (things I didn’t care about when married)
Exercising is more challenging as you age, just smarter about it now.
Eating healthy is mandatory
My hair has turned almost silver, it amazes me how that is a turn on for girls.
Looking good can be a challenge, must act your age (dressing like a 20 yr old most cant do)

Things change but there is no reason to let yourself go to shit, to the younger guys stay strong and mentally sharp always, to the older guys if you don’t think you have it anymore, get out of your chair start working to show the young guys up. Learning has no age limit. My mentor in life is approaching 70, he still thinks of me as a kid. His game is rock solid and he loves to challenge me all the time. (Pisses me off when he pulls out from under me, old fuck J) I strive to be that way when I am 70.
I would like to hear from some of the older guys here, what has changed over the years for you?

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