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  Ukraine visa
Posted by: shemp - 09-26-2019, 02:22 AM - Forum: Travel Forum - Replies (2)

(I discussed this issue previously in the Ukraine thread, but it really deserves its own thread.)


The above site has the best information I've seen so far in English about getting temporary or permanent visas for Ukraine, for those who want to stay more than 90 days as a visa-free tourist.

In particular, it discusses minimum salaries for work visas (assuming you start your own company then hire yourself). A lot of idiots in the Ukraine thread at RVF didn't seem to grasp that Ukraine doesn't give work permits for zero or low wage workers. But high wages mean substantial taxes, like $1000/year (though read the site and figure it out for yourself). Added to other costs, you're looking at like $2000/year if you use a lawyer, less if you do it all yourself (need to be fluent in Ukrainian, not just Russian).

Another page at that site discusses investor visa for $100K. That $100K invested in a company you own in Ukraine could be used to buy real estate. My thinking is not worth the risk and hassle, plus ongoing legal expenses eats up some of the $2000/year or whatever you save versus the work visa.

Cheapest method for full-time visa, not discussed by the site since it is illegal, is a fake volunteer visa. Corrupt lawyers can arrange those for under $1000/year. But there's always the risk of the scheme being uncovered. You can't pretend ignorance either, so you might get banned for a few years as punishment.

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  Teaching English in Thailand
Posted by: beachlife - 09-26-2019, 12:28 AM - Forum: Travel Forum - Replies (2)

Hello, does anyone here teach English in Thailand
or have taught English in Thailand?

I'm looking at some TEFL programs in Thailand
and they look very appealing and would be fun to
do for a couple of months and then teach for a year or so.

I've never been to Chang Mai but I do like the Phuket area,
so that would the preferable teaching destination.
Would love to hear about your experiences or recommendations.

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  New users - email activation
Posted by: Rottenapple - 09-25-2019, 07:49 PM - Forum: Everything Else - Replies (4)

Did anyone have any issues registering and not receiving the email confirmation?

I think there is an issue where some of the activation emails do not arrive, so I will just manually activate users. This implies that everyone that registered and didn't receive the email, should try to just log in now directly. Normally those accounts will be activated.

If there's any other issues, let me know!

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  Bachelor Pad Thread
Posted by: Jetset - 09-25-2019, 01:00 AM - Forum: Lifestyle Forum - Replies (7)

I'm reverting to form and moving into an industrial loft. As I start outfitting the place, I realized we don't have a thread on this topic yet for those of us who are less nomadic. Hopefully this'll become a good place to discuss player-friendly amenities, furniture selection, etc.

The malelivingspace subreddit is a place to start for ideas:


Also going to include a couple of classic RVF datasheets and posts, re-posted without permission but for posterity:


Alpharius Wrote:
The bachelor pad should be as unique as the man.
I see a lot of guys asking questions about setting up a bachelor pad, so I thought I'd throw together a quick guide to help dudes out there.

Source: I once lived unhappily with a bitter wife, used/mismatched furniture, and nothing really of my own. I now live in a sweet pad where everything is mine, it’s set up how I want, and has the things I want in it. My place of living and the items within are only there to bring me happiness.

  • Large bed (not twin), big enough to stretch out by yourself, alternatively to have a guest (or two) join you. I recommend a Ghost Bed, very comfortable, doesn’t get hot, and absorbs impact.
  • Lighting - one source of light within arms reach of the bed, another wherever there’s a need for light.
  • I also recommend thermal curtains in whatever color scheme you go for (mine are black to fit my theme). Nothing drives me nuts more than blinding sunlight streaming into my face when I’m trying to take a nap or sleep off a hangover. My bedroom is dark at night. I do not want my sleep interrupted.
  • A hamper. Clothes lying everywhere is pretty unattractive, and I've had a few women mention that it's a turn off. I've also noticed that my dog will destroy socks if I leave them out.
This is where having a uniform color scheme comes in handy. Plan ahead when buying sheets/blankets/pillowcovers - I personally only go for solid black, gray, or white. It doesn’t matter if I use one color for pillows, one color for the fitted sheet and yet a different color for the sheet on top, it all goes together and looks just fine. No random combinations of burnt orange, green, and blue. For pillows I have a couple I bought from Target that are just the usual cheap stuff, but the one my head goes on every night is a TempurPedic Dual Cooling pillow. I have four sets that I rotate through, order doesn’t matter because it all goes together. I also have two duvets that match that color scheme that I swap when I do laundry.

Besides the three essentials (stove, fridge, sink) I have three major pieces in my kitchen
  • Keurig - Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, soup, cider… Whatever the situation calls for at a moment's notice. I order the big variety packs every so often and have abig selection for myself and guests to choose from.
  • Crockpot - A 6 gallon one, to be exact. I can make a weeks worth of chili, stew, pulled pork, you name it and have my lunch ready to go without much thought or effort.
  • Aerogarden - Right now I have three of these in the kitchen, two 3-pods with herbs and one 7-pod with a variety of salad greens that I usually supplement with a bag of spinach from the store. Works perfect and adds a unique touch. Good talking point, too. People always ask questions about them and love the fresh touch it adds meals if you’re cooking. It’s also really nice to have fresh cut dill when I make some salmon for myself.
  • Spend the money to invest in a decent set of silverware.
    Setting a theme here is important as well, no mismatched collection, I like being planned and intentional, and I want the place I live to represent me as such. To that effect I have stainless steel strainer, mixing bowls, and pots and pans.
  • For knives I keep a Calphalon 15 piece self sharpening knife set.
    The plates and bowls keep with the theme, black and gray. No weird set of colors or anything like that, if a few break over time I can replace them without having weird mismatched sets because everything is following an easy basic theme.
    I keep a few bottles of wine on a simple wine rack for whenever I feel like cracking one open or having guests over.

    Living Room
    I work really hard to keep my living room from becoming cluttered. I have a long couch that I can layout on without being at some weird angle, and a TV big enough that I don’t have to squint to see from the couch. Again, I keep to a simple theme. Black leather couch, black coffee table, gray and black bookshelves, gray and black tv stand, (noticing a theme yet?) For the blank wall behind my couch, I hung a big gray and black throw blanket with a celtic design on it. I also keep a gray blanket on the couch (which my dog loves more than I do, to be honest).

  • Matching set of towels/washcloth (keep extra towels, those things come in handy all the damn time!)

    Your place should represent you, after all you live there. You spend most of your time there. Want to be the guy who lives in knee-deep beer cans and cheap liquor bottles with a laundry room full of half empty pizza boxes? No thanks (and yes, I know that guy and want to be nothing like him). Want to be the guy who has mastered his own life, has a direction planned out, and has easily identified interests, values, and hobbies? Prove it. Life starts at home. You wake up there in the morning, have dinner there at night, find solace in dark hours, and recover there when ill.

    Other things I keep
  • A fully stocked (and I mean fully) first aid kit.
  • A never ending supply of toilet paper and kleenex.
  • Dry erase wall calendar.

    My hobbies are well demonstrated throughout the entirety of the pad, for example I have at least one bookcase in every room (one entire wall of the living room is well organized books). You can tell I like to read, and even what genres I like after walking inside.

    Clothes lying everywhere - remember that section about the bedroom where I said, “Get a hamper”? Clothes go in that hamper.

    I’m not going into the layout, the appliances, the exact furniture models, because all of that is dependent on your budget, lifestyle, location, tastes… I’d also recommend guys go check out the malelivingspace subreddit, I know reddit ain’t really the most RVF friendly place, but there’s some decent looking places guys have put together over there with a good amount of knowledge. There's also roomporn, which is pretty much the same thing.

    Example of a planned theme in action with prominent hobbies and interests (very hipster, but it’s just an example)
    Simple theme, very effective
    Notice the theme that’s kept throughout the bachelor pad
    Minimalist white theme
    Guy clearly likes his plants
    Another example


WestIndianArchie Wrote:Bathroom
- keep your bathroom SURGICALLY CLEAN - before you fuck her, she's going to go in there and do whatever broads do before the 1st fuck.
- stock shit that you might not need, but she might - toothbrush, lens cleaners, hella toilet paper

Living room
- a couch that you can fuck on
- a throw blanket over the couch, so you can toss it over her, snuggle up - which can set "nature into motion" and give her plausible deniability
- a TV with netflix or on demand movies or a dvd player - you need a reason to sit down on the couch, chat, and drink wine
- liquor - you'll have to buy stuff that you like, and stuff that she likes. Often they aren't the same thing

- cheap mattress is fine, good sheets and pillows are non-negotiable. And if you value your sleep, rest, and workouts - get a good mattress

- have the standards - pots, pans, plates, silverware
- keep food in your fridge
- keep your kitchen SPOTLESS - remember she's going to be making you eggs in the morning

Game Tweaks
- NO CLOCKS ANYWHERE. That SHINING RED 2:23 AM is going to remind her that she needs to leave, so she can relieve her baby sitter, go to work, wake up her husband in the morning.

- Keep your shoes by the door, so that she gets in the habit of taking off her shoes. (once she starts there, everything is easier)


- Keep your whole spot smelling good - i.e. your work out clothes need to not be stanking up your room. Scented Candles, bake some chocolate chip cookies before you roll, bread...something to flavor the air.

- Candles and Incense + Music are not a bad idea.
- Art on the wall helps

On the fence
- the picture of your wife/S.O - jury is out
- a closet full of women's clothes - jury is out
- random female paraphernalia just lying around - jury is out

As for the overall look, start following interior decoration, architecture, and men's wear tumblrs. You'll get plenty of ideas on what you want your spot to look like.



Kona Wrote:have an outdoor shower that I owe the sex I had tonight to.

There are a bunch of bikinis and fancy soaps and shampoo bottles in there. Most of them are empty. I just watch to make sure that I carry the girls out so they leave the bathing suits in there so as to not diminish the supply. I don't know why, but there's a real big one that thank god is all dry and crusty. Lots of times when girls have their own, I still get them out and they wind up leaving them, and the cycle continues.

I think location is more important than anything else. I got a big screen tv and loud ass stereo but those rarely get turned on until the next morning. The best thing about my house is the beach. Instead of telling girls at the bar to come over and play with my lava lamp I tell them to come over and swim. It's either a clothing removing and into less, or just none at all type of activity.

The other thing I have is a hot tub I got off craigslist for $200. Girls love it. Again, it's a take your clothes off thing to do. The problem with it is now that I'm a little older I get in there, then I burn something, and get way to relaxed and just want to sleep. I think the best part of the hot tub was me learning how to do plumbing when I hooked it up. After that I re-did one bathroom and added another, the sex I got from it is secondary.


thoughtgypsy Wrote:Another element of a right bachelor pad is not overdoing it. We were throwing a party at my new place and one of the girls I was with stumbled into my roommate's room while looking for the bathroom. Inside everything was ultra clean, there were lit candles and smooth jazz playing and my roommate was nowhere to be found.

When she saw it, she got super timid and said she felt freaked out. The thing that probably gave her the jump was the fact that the room was ready for zero to bang. A better bet would probably be to set up the music, candles, etc AFTER you bring someone back to make it feel more natural.

For my own space, I have some framed art and travel souvenirs but am mostly starting over. Multiple entrances, parking lots, and elevators for cover. Kitchen is spacious but a simple layout with a breakfast bar, ideal for letting dates make me pancakes then get shoved out the door with a story about work. Going to equip it in a minimalist way with high-quality stuff, so it looks like a bigger deal than it is but mainly serves up prepared meals and blended drinks.

Also mixing it up and moving away from my old style of very contemporary American furniture in neutral tones. Was a nice space but always looked like I bought everyone at once in the same store. Instead, I'm going to use some rich, darker colors, and older styles that I like, because the whole place is already neutral and contemporary. Hoping it’ll end up looking like I’ve lived in it for a few centuries and accumulated random evidence of a fun life.

Few things I'm shooting for:

- Converting the full-tile bathroom into a Japanese spa vibe. Found a source for one of those cypress board mats to put at the walk-in shower and some woven waffle towels, including a big bath sheet for girls who want to lounge without getting dressed.

- Minimalist bedroom. There's a walk-in closet and I don't need a dresser, but I am going to put in a matching bedroom bench from a nice masculine bedroom set and a full-length wall mirror, which will be both a convenient place to put on shoes and also a cover story for why there's a mirror aimed at the bed. Have a carefully-selected luxurious and bouncy mattress scheduled.

- Spectacular floor-to-ceiling window that I'm going to build out with an old-school 1960s-style bar/bookcase with some unusual liquor choices, my desk looking out at the weather, and probably a telescope to eyeball the plebs living on the bad side of town and be judgmental.

Logistics on the place are not perfect, but good, and if I stay there long enough, they're literally putting in an entire nursing school down the street.

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  daygame in canada
Posted by: Cheeky_Chappy - 09-21-2019, 06:04 PM - Forum: Travel Forum - No Replies

Hey guys looking of trying Canada next summer. never been there
be cool to hear from some guys who have boots on the ground experience of Canadian cities as im deciding which ones to go to. will be mostly daygame but sightseeing a bit. possibly tinder if the quality is good. but so far still not met a 7 from tinder lol.

at the moment. first thoughts:

Quebec city - small. sight see do 2 days
Montreal - high population heard many hot girls here. might do 3weeks
Ottawa - heard its government place small not good for daygame but will check out for 2days
Toronto - gets a bad rep, most expensive city in canada but heard has hot indian girls and high volume population. might do 2-3weeks. also check out niagara falls as its close by.

Mississauga and Hamilton are two places close by also but don't know wither there worth checking out. 

appreciate hearing from any guys whove been to these places in summer.

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  Sexy Dress Lounge
Posted by: Hypno - 09-21-2019, 11:46 AM - Forum: Everything Else - Replies (4)

[Image: oh_my_those_tight_dresses_640_high_07.jpg?w=740]

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  Call Blocker
Posted by: Telesio - 09-17-2019, 04:37 PM - Forum: Everything Else - Replies (3)

Robocalls are becoming more and more obnoxious.

I usually just hang up the phone when I receive one, but today  I received a robocall that takes it to a new low.

A voice says "Hello", and "I am from Green Energy", "Are you a homeowner?".  I then say "no" and it immediately hangs up.  I then realize that the whole thing was an automated voice and there was never any human there, and the whole things was a waste of time for me.

I downloaded an app called "Call Blocker" that I am going to try.  Does anyone have a favorite app that they like?

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  I'm thinking about reneging on my student loans
Posted by: ChicagoFire - 09-17-2019, 02:31 PM - Forum: Lifestyle Forum - Replies (22)

Hey all, would love advice for my predicament. 

I'm currently unemployed (so far for 3 months) and am focusing on studying for a new career. About a month ago my student loan creditor informed me my forbearance term is up so I fortunately got it pushed back a couple more months. I'm asking around and weighing my options. Once I'm done with this post I'm contacting a professional that I've known for years and may have to hire some more advisers. For hiring advisers it's not overkill since 5-10 years from now I want to open up my own company. I already got my income set up in a way that I can go on income based repayment and pay as little as possible. Bottom line is if I can get away with it I wouldn't pay up my loans. 

I don't want to fund the evil Department of Education with a degree I'm not using
Would make an epic david v goliath story
Politicians may introduce student loan forgiveness 

Credit score is fucked which will affect future loans and employment
Government might enact a law punishing deadbeats should I decide to flee America

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  Where for Xmas
Posted by: k pop - 09-15-2019, 10:12 PM - Forum: Travel Forum - Replies (11)


I don't have the energy to catch you up on the travels and travails.. but..

I need a western hemisphere destination for christmas. My inclinations are pushing me back to Lima where I have a network of friends and women, the food is incredible, and there is zero mystery if it will be incredible.. but I also want to try something new.. so I'm thinking/looking for someplace in the western hemisphere.. honestly I would prefer caribbean, but am open. criteria:

1) women.. obviously...

2) food!  I like fresh, spicy, and seafoodic

3)  beach.. this is why im hesitating on peru. not much beach scene

I've done the DR and Haiti so dont' need suggestions there..

I'm leaning toward caribbean beause easier to get to. .have lived and traveled all over mexico but open to suggestions...

also if anyone here is partying xmaas in this area let me know. swooping loves company

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  Fucked a hooker type girl for free from Sugar daddy site. Don't feel any happier.
Posted by: wordlife - 09-12-2019, 08:46 PM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (7)

Hello guys.

I pretended to be a really rich guy on a sugar daddy site.

I got 150 numbers.

Every girl I came across was asking for money. I think only 1 wasn't on there for money and she ignored me.

So a hooker type girl initially wanted me to pay her.

She also had lots of instagram followers. Like 400k.

She wasn't the hottest girl but not one you would say no to.

Anyway  out of the blue she wanted to fuck for free. I should be happy but I was nervous. 

I booked a hotel.

Anyways the sex wasn't that good.

Now shes the only girl I have banged after years of dry spell.

Shes a drug addict, a bit of a nutter.

Should I try to get more bangs from her? I mean girls like her seem like they could fuck up your life.  

I don't know where my next bang will come from.

Why did she fuck me for free?

After she went to fuck another guy but he has to pay.

My mind is blown.

Also I don't feel any happier. It kind of feels empty. Don't really know why. I should be feeling on top of the world but I'm not.

I can't believe this actually happened.

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