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  Enjoying the Challenge
Posted by: Blake2 - 02-10-2021, 08:03 PM - Forum: Lifestyle Forum - Replies (6)

I was just thinking about how a lot of people (myself included), are waiting for "things to get better". Just gotta get from point A to point B, then everything will be great.

But, I'm starting to realize thats not what life's about. Point B never comes, or it's not quite right, or you change what you wanted in the first place! Oftentimes, the most enjoyable part was toughing it out to move towards some goal.

I'm rereading Marcus Aurelius' Meditations and other stoic philosophy. Sometimes it's worth stepping back and focusing on the one thing you always control - your mind. The book is also available free on LibriVox as an audiobook, highly recommended.

Let's make this a thread about philosophy, psychology, or literature that you've found beneficial.

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  3D Game vs Virtual PUA
Posted by: kivi - 02-09-2021, 10:46 PM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (57)

How would forum members compare the satisfaction of gaming in 3d vs from dating apps? This could apply to the present time, pre Covid, or to the pre Tinder and mainstream Instagram era (at least before the smart phone was fully dominant). 

Remember the physical challenge of the pursuit, the excitement of the hunt and practicing the art of seduction. Testing your skill, craft and wit, and all the other dynamics once begotten to conquering a female now being replaced by exploiting illusory personas, tech hacks and retarding the character further thru various forms of virtual arbitrage, like a PUA version of high frequency trading. 

Imagine what a trad Kyrgyzstani would think of us cucking around on dating apps, even the ones harvesting fornications.

The Virgin Swiper vs The Chad Bride Kidnapper.

[Image: IMG_3251.jpg]
Horseback Archery at World Nomad Games as observed by Western Dadbod.
[Image: nintchdbpict000264494270.jpg?w=634]
Kyrgyz pawg unable to type with two thumbs.

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  The thirst is real
Posted by: nordicplayer - 02-08-2021, 11:17 PM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (21)

I decided to do a little social experiment, so I signed up two profiles on a hookup page. One for myself and one fake female without pictures (21yo).
In a couple of days I got two messages from gay guys wanting to blow me, even through I wrote that I'm straight.
Now the female one. I'm averaging about 10 messages per hour! from men 30 to 67. On a profile with no pictures, offering themselves no questions asked!

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  Having a wing is underrated...
Posted by: CraveElectrolytes - 02-08-2021, 05:04 AM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (83)

If at all possible, I think every dude should look for a wing in his city.

There are all kinds of levels or tiers of wings, but at the end of the day if you can find a dude that is at least willing to go and approach girls with you and hold you accountable, even if his game isn't great, it's a huge help.

I say this because the 18 mexican girl I just got out of a 6-month relationship was thanks to a buddy here in my city going out and approaching with me (and keeping me accountable)....and the 24 yr old who gave me a mindblowing blowjob the literal day after I broke up with my ex was thanks to the same wingman encouraging me to go out with him and just chat up girls...

There's a hell of a lot of benefits to having a wing - social pressure to approach, social proof, a dude to take the "Grenade" or friends of the target, having fun inbetween sets, another cool guy you can talk game with, etc.

If you're like me, you might have just gone out solo or not had anyone who you can talk redpill / game / pua stuff with in real life...but I strongly encourage you to keep your radar open for dudes who can be a wing.

It's a great insurance against your own excuses.

P.S. if anyone is in the state of Jalisco, Mexico....hit me up Smile

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  The "I don't know who won the Superbowl" Game Thread
Posted by: Goose - 02-02-2021, 11:46 PM - Forum: Everything Else - Replies (9)

New Year, Same Shit.

The objective of the game to avoid finding out who wins the event. If you find out who wins the Superbowl, you lose. If don't find out, you're still in the game. The last man remaining ignorant of the result wins.

Who's in?

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Lightbulb Semax/selank nootropics
Posted by: Scythianchad - 01-28-2021, 09:41 AM - Forum: Lifestyle Forum - Replies (4)

Hey guys, does anyone know anything about these nootropic peptides? About 2 years ago in Kiev I tried semax and I literally felt I had an 180 IQ but the next times I couldn't replicate that feeling. It's possible the next times I didn't tilt my head far up enough back (its taken nasaly through a drop )  I heard Selank is also good but haven't tried it



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  How to efficiently switch career in your early 30s?
Posted by: MrFox - 01-28-2021, 03:25 AM - Forum: Lifestyle Forum - Replies (18)

Hey guys I'm 31 years old, got an engineer degree in CS and I've been a programmer during my whole career.

I'm making decent money but I can't see myself staying programmer forever. I want to create my business, a true business where I manage other people instead of exchanging time for money. But first I want to develop other skills for example accounting, finance (to understand how investors think), and to get a more specialized skill in IT that is hot right now (machine learning or blockchain). I could use the specialized IT skill to start a business in a niche, and use my accounting and finance skills to have better chances of success.

I'm thinking I should use my CS skills to switch career "efficiently", that is to not start all over from scratch. For example if I want to find a job as an analyst maybe I could find an analyst job that specializes in tech companies. Or I know some finance fields love machine learning skills so I could learn machine learning first to get my foot in the door of a finance firm.

What are your opinions on how to switch career efficiently, when your only skills are IT-related and your ultimate goal is to have a business?

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  Anyone into Music Production/ DJing?
Posted by: Y2K Gamer - 01-27-2021, 09:03 PM - Forum: Lifestyle Forum - Replies (2)

Got pretty bored when COVID hit and decided it was time to take a crack at electronic music production/ djing. Having a pretty decent education in music theory I figured it was something I could wrap my head around.

Went out and got a MIDI controller (kinda like a launchpad) and got Ableton Live 9.

I was messing around quite a while and there was a bit of a curve to learning Live. I know my way around the DAW pretty well now and I've figured out how to play the MIDI controller live.

Mainly I'm into techno and house. And everything I've been producing recently has been techno.

A thing that helped me a lot was following along to Youtube videos of techno production, explaining how to emulate the sound of certain artists. Through doing that I can now write my own stuff.

I use several VSTs pretty frequently, most commonly Diva (synth) and Sylenth (synth), as well as a Room Reverb VST and some others.

Not into the whole sampling based music production so most of what I do is original.

To take this to the next level I'm gonna shoot for a Live set (of short length to keep things manageable) and maybe do it at a party, or alternatively stream to Youtube/ Instagram, so I have some content out there finally.

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  The Flake Management Thread
Posted by: Red_Pill_Brotherhood - 01-26-2021, 06:18 PM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (22)

Flakes are part of the game and depending on where we travel to we get more of them. I define as a flake as a girl who you set a date with that cancels or does not show up. I'm gonna drop my system on what I do to deal with flakes and then I want to hear what you guys are doing and what techniques you may have to minimize the likelihood of flakes. I've developed this system from living in Latin America. Flaking is fucking crazy here- sometimes I still wonder why but it's just the culture. The girl don't have any more options or anything more special going on here than Europe, USA, SEA, etc. Flake rate in Latam is 40-60% depending on the city. 

What I do...

My game is pretty fast moving, slightly sexual(a winky face or two, a flirt or two, and a quick drink offer in the evening time) for screening and direct. I get their whatsapp within 5-7 back and forths online and ask them out within 2-3 back and forths on whatsapp. For daygame or nightgame numbers, I usually send 4-8 back and forths before asking them out. 

-I set up multiple dates on the same day, often double and triple booking. I set it up within walking distance to my place. Sometimes I'll even setup 5+ dates in a day. I set up dates ideally for same day or up to 2 days in advance. Sometimes I'll do more if its the only possibility or my schedule is full. 
Ie: 5pm Fernanda XYZ bar, 5pm Jenny XYZ bar, 8pm Julianna XYZ bar. 
-I confirm with each girl the morning of the date around 10 or 11am. "Hey good for 5pm?" I do NOT try to make chit chat before or say anything that gives them the opportunity to ignore my question and reply to something else(even though that would be an attention whore, don't give them any BS to work with). If they ignore it, I usually move on. If they cancel, depending on the situation sometimes I'll try one more time. If they say, yes I always tell them to "let me know when you're close" so I have an idea of their arrival and don't waste my time.
-I do NOT leave my apartment until they let me know they are on the way or have arrived. 
-If I get multiple girls that confirm for the same time, depending on my mood I choose the one that seems more DTF or the hotter one. If I get more than one confirming for the same time, I usually set a subtle sexual screen to take the more DTF girl. 

This system combined with getting used to flaking will help you to avoid most of the annoyance/time wasting all the flakes can cause. You're gonna flake on girls doing this and will get some girls pissed at you as well. It sucks but its part of the game and they do it too.

I also want to know if you guys have anything you do to actually minimize the chances of girls flaking regardless of just dealing with it by lining up more dates and having logistics sorted. I think sending voice notes, sometimes exchanging IG(usually I dont and dont need to) and having a good profile/approach is most of it but maybe there's a few more ideas.

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  How have your options increased with self improvement?
Posted by: Johnstop - 01-26-2021, 03:35 AM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (1)

This is something interesting I've noticed after a year of hard self improvement (heavy powerlifting/bodybuilding, months of no fap on and off, better friends, meditation, mentors, etc) -- my options with women are way better. 

I flaked on two girls last week, one of whom was a solid 8, to bang another 8 who excited me more. I'm now thinking of dropping that 8 cause she's low key crazy and I need to focus on my shit again. I have two girls on Hinge who I also basically flaked on. One is a 6 but the other is a 7/10 Indian girl, I ghosted cause she just fundamentally didn't do it for me. 

All of this is off of one month on Hinge (the lowest volume dating app) during peak coronavirus in a California suburb that sucks ass for game. 

I was never in this situation last year or before when I was skinny as fuck (160 lbs, 6'2), less confident, and just looked worse. It's pretty crazy to see how legit self improvement actually translates to success with women. Like it's something we all academically know, but it's a crazy thing to experience. I'm not even close to my goal physique/life level, I'm stoked to see what I could do in an actual city without COVID while being in top 3% fitness. 

So I'm opening it up to hearing success stories, love hearing about men improving themselves and reaping the benefits from it.

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