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  David Bowie: Musician Man or Myth?
Posted by: Helikron - 03-06-2021, 09:47 PM - Forum: Everything Else - Replies (4)

I have had a love/hate relationship with this bro's music since I was yay big.

I had an argument wtih my dad once about if he was a performer (meaning artist) or a singer (meaning someone serious).  Those two things being set seperately aside back-to-back in those days*.

How does your DJ Radar fair for him on this first spelunk into the topic of his (very repeatable) game?

* He is dead now.  RIP, Alladin Sane.

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Star Don't Take Her Bait! (Why Being Unreactive is So Important)
Posted by: CraveElectrolytes - 03-05-2021, 12:06 AM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (16)

Women love men who don't give a fuck. And they pity, despise, and lose attraction for men who give too many fucks.

Now if you want to increase your attractiveness to women by not giving a fuck, the fastest way to do that is to be unreactive.

But what does that mean? 

It means that you don't let something a woman says or does affect you. You don't let it throw you off your game. Off your goals, your confidence, your preferences.

Basically, you don't change your thinking or behavior based on her.

Why not?

Well let's look at the psychology behind attraction.

In short, women are attracted to guys who have the following qualities:

  • Confident
  • Good sense of humor
  • Socially preselected (social proof)
  • Risk-taker
  • Intelligent
  • Leader of men
  • Cares for loved ones
  • Can express emotions effectively
Now, where would being "unreactive" fit into the picture? 

Well...think about what being unreactive communicates.

When you're unreactive, when you don't give a fuck, when you don't play into her games or respond erratically when she throws a "shit test" your way...this shows confidence.

And if you're confident enough to not give a fuck, it means you must not care if you lose her or not. You're willing to abide by your own values, principles, and desires.

It also shows that (since you're so unaffected by her) you live in sexual abundance.

On the flipside, being too reactive has the opposite effect.

It shows neediness, attachment to outcome, and the implication that you're so afraid of losing her that you play into her antics to avoid your fate of being forever alone. This kills attraction.

Being unreactive is attractive because it demonstrates that you're not watching her every move, hanging on her every word, checking your messages for her reply frantically all day....that you don't see her as a source of validation.

Instead, the unreactive man is self-validated. He doesn't play into situations, trick questions, insults, or other "tests" --- he either ignores them outright or laughs them off.

By now, at least one person reading this has thought "But that's stupid, there's nothing wrong with caring about someone or showing them affection."

That's true.

But if you truly care about a girl, and you want her to enjoy being with you, then you need to give her the gift of a carefree attitude.

This will amplify how much attraction she has for you and how much fun and comfort she experiences interacting with you.

Remember this: what women truly want and what they say they want in a man are usually two very different things.

Women say they want a nice guy, and yet they have no problems hooking up with the asshole bartender after the club closes. He didn't take her on a date. He'll never call her again. She did everything (and I mean everything) with him over the course of the night... and she loved it.

If you're not quite getting the picture yet, substitute "asshole bartender" with one of the following:
  • Cocky athlete
  • Musician
  • Tattooed Gangbanger
  • Abusive Ex-Boyfriend

These are archetypes...these are the guys most girls love to fuck. Guys they respect. And yet, they do the opposite of what Hollywood and feminism teaches you to do with regards to women.

Or consider this - Women love to listen to pop songs sung by girly-boys like Ed Sheeran...you know the songs about love and romance and sweet gestures...

Shit, they even sing along...

Yet they shake. their. ass. and get down 'n dirty whenever that one song by (Insert Famous Rapper) comes on...you know the guy who has face tats and tells girls to shake their booty, and how he loves hoes who suck his dick...

You know...the asshole that girls *definitely* don't want (EYE ROLL.....)

Imagine you're a world famous athlete or rapper in your private VIP section surrounded by 10 beautiful women who all want you...are you going to give a single flying fuck if one of the girls says "Oh my god were you flirting with that other girl! It's over...never talk to me again."

Naw. You'll slowly turn your head towards her, with an almost-blank stare on your face, and either look away again without much of an expression or say something like "you're out of control" or "do as you wish."

In short, you'll be unreactive.

These are the kind of behavioral cues that women look for to gauge a man's value. A confident, not giving a fuck guy will imply other characteristics that are attractive.

At the end of the day, being reactive shows that you feel a lack of self-validation. That you don't value yourself highly.

You might think it shows her that you care, that you're listening, and that you're willing to compromise to make the relationship work. Sure, there's a time and place for that. But there's never a time and place for giving away your power as a man who knows what we wants and what he expects of those around him, including women he dates.

Nonreactiveness shows that you're willing to walk away (or let her walk away) at any moment that she's not contributing to your mission, to your confidence, to your lifestyle.

There are many situations that call for being unreactive.

In the club example above, the girl is trying to trap the guy into playing into a frame that would be deadly for him.

If he took her bait and said "Oh no! I wasn't looking at her! No baby you're the only one!" If he reacted to her like that...and went on and on trying to win her approval back (see why this is bad yet?) ...she would lose respect for him...even though he's trying to react logically to what she said.

Sure, she might not like the idea of other girls vying for his attention...she might not like the fact that he is attracted to those girls...but at the end of the day it only makes him more sexy in her eyes. It's basic human instinct.

Watch a woman's behavior, her actions. NOT her words.

As an example: Women will berate their boyfriends and husbands (usually the guys who fell into a beta frame for her, although it is possible to maintain frame in long term relationships with tight game) about potential cheating or not picking up his socks off the floor, or any range of bullshit. 

However, they will happily have a one-night stand in a cheap motel...or even a long term affair ...with some dude who only hit her up on Facebook, a dude -- by the way-- that she knows already has a girlfriend, and that she knows has slept with 3 other girls that week before her. Oh, and she won't even use a condom. And she'll get on her knees --- with Glee! --- for him.

Because she doesn't care that he's a bad boy. Actually that's not true. She does care --- in fact she loves it!!!

The aloof alpha does what he wants, fucks who he wants, and makes no apologies.

There are two sets of rules in the world: those for Alphas, and those for Betas.

The bad news is that we have all probably at one point put ourselves in the Beta Box...and in doing so imposed rules on ourselves (I have to please this woman and entertain her bullshit drama) and false beliefs on ourselves (I could never find another girl like this)...

The good news is that in a moment, you can be Alpha. You can be unreactive. You can practice not giving a fuck.

Women watch behavior. If you don't care too much about what she says and does, and the little games she plays (which you can't win by the way, unless you don't play them)...if you don't care...she'll be thinking "there must be a reason why."

(Shit at first just pretend you don't care. It's called faking it till you make it).

She'll say all kinds of things. She'll insult you. She'll say the conversation is over, or the relationship is over. She'll try to withhold intimacy and attention and affection.

But this is also a bluff -- her bluff. 

When she actually sees  (by your "not giving a fuck" body language, vocal tonality, eye contact, and word choice) that you won't play into her games, she'll come back around (whether it's 10 minutes or 10 days) and be even more attracted to you. 

If she doesn't, then you're dealing with a woman that doesn't respect strong men...or simply isn't attracted to you enough to behave herself like a woman who wants to keep you -- if so that's fine,  consider it a bullet dodged.

Next time a woman tries to make you feel bad about something, or in any way tries to put you into the frame of chasing her and win her approval -- flip the switch. The one way, and perhaps most powerful way, that any man can do that is be unreactive.

Hear what she says. Let it hit you emotionally. Let all the thoughts run through your heads of how to react and how to "save the situation." But don't look like it. Don't let her see you think. Don't let her see you flinch. When the emotion wears off, when you've cleanly escaped her trick...your logical mind will prevail and you'll remember why it's so important to not give a fuck - She doesn't want you to respond the way you think she does. She's only doing it to see "HOW" you respond. So respond like an Alpha.

Disclaimer: This is not dating advice. I am not a dating coach. I am semi-retarded and eat paint chips for breakfast. Take only what resonates with you and disregard the rest.

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  So I knocked up a married chick
Posted by: Mister Happy - 03-04-2021, 12:53 PM - Forum: Everything Else - Replies (14)

As many of you know Mr Happy was locked out of his account for a few weeks. And he only raw dawgs. So here is the problem that has arisen and for which I need the sage advice of this august forum.

I rawdawged this married chick. She told me that it felt weird letting her husband bang her while my load was sloshing around. So she wouldn't let him fuck her for the week or so that I was banging her. Then she told me she was pregnant and she is sure it is mine because he wasn't banging her at the time (and also he seems to be shooting blanks). Then she told hubs that she is leaving him. And he sent me this message:

"Why are you ruining my relationship? You should leave us to raise our child in peace!'

So here is where I want some input from the forum. How should I respond to this message? I was thinking of saying something like I didn't ruin the relationship, it was ruined because he wasn't doing his job and she had to look elsewhere.

Oh yeah I kind of stayed over to "console" her a night or two during the marital spat and may have left the impression I was planning to permanently take his spot (i.e. borrowed some of his clothes, left a toothbrush and razor, made various comments, etc).

Oh yeah he has also threatened to kill himself if she leaves him.

Would it be in poor taste to ask him to "live" stream his final moments?

If she does leave him, and he kills himself, what is my obligation?

Please, be kind, several human lives are at stake here Smile

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  Savant Game and PUA ESP
Posted by: kivi - 02-25-2021, 09:14 PM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (16)

"Savant syndrome is the presence of extraordinary cognitive skills without the usual building blocks underlying them. It is rare in the general population but occurs in approximately 10% of autistics." Dr. Diane Hennacy Powell, MD, Neuroscientist


The ASD subjects written about in the article may have very well found great success in today's game environment leveraging their talents for texting with online dating apps.

One of the godfathers of game, Ross Jeffries rose to high acclaim for innovating how to leverage Neuro-Linguistic Programming for PUA. In the same dynamic spirit perhaps we can innovate how to leverage ASD, channeling the affected's savant syndrome and/or ESP for PUA.

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  The Gratitude Thread
Posted by: Goose - 02-24-2021, 05:27 PM - Forum: Everything Else - Replies (10)

I think a lot of us in this community (and outside) don't appreciate what's been bestowed upon us. This is the thread where we stop and smell the roses and share our gratitude for the good things in our lives.

Let's begin!

I'm grateful that I found the Red Pill, saving me from a life of simping.

I'm grateful that I live in an age where I can easily work from wherever in the world I please.

I'm grateful that we have a strong community here of guys helping each other to reach our goals and enjoy our lives to the fullest.

What are you grateful for?

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  [FR] A Dead Bat in Bogota
Posted by: Hegemon1984 - 02-23-2021, 09:15 PM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (53)

From 02/12/21 – 02/22/21 I ventured off to Bogota, Colombia in my first ever world game trip to become an international player and to follow the steps of Roosh V.

It was a mixed bag.

Lots of adventure, lots of learning lessons, but no Colombian flag.

I’m not disappointed – but I value the lessons I learned along the way.

Most importantly, the differences between American style game and Colombian game.

Value based game doesn’t work nearly as strong as it does in the States. I’ve tried push-pulls, being mysterious, etc. No dice. Colombianas get confused, even slightly offended since you’re not direct with your intentions. Not verbally direct (at least during night game), mind you, but through your body language and how you say things. She knows you want her and you don’t play any games to do so.

It took me 7 out of the 9 days in Colombia to realize I should run much more comfort game to get laid in Bogota.

Namely – comfort + strong, emotional energy in whatever I say.

It’s not what I say in Colombia, but how I say it.

JP was right: If you want to become successful in Colombia, your game will have to get worse before it gets better.

This report will serve as the Bogota Anthology and will consist of three field reports detailing my adventures in Colombia and with Colombian women.

Before that, however, I will give a few pieces of advice for any aspiring high beginner - low intermediate PUA looking to hook up with Colombian women:

  • Comfort, comfort, comfort: As an American citizen (I’m assuming), your value is already sky high. I cannot stress this enough – especially if you’re a white male (race doesn’t matter, but you DO get a slight leg up if you’re white). You don’t need to put much effort. Focus on normal conversation, getting to know the girl, and emotionally spiking the interaction by speaking passionately.

    Don’t overdo the push-pulls, qualifiers, or any value based game concepts.

  • Having fun: As a pickup artist, I’m almost always in “terminator mode” during day game. I felt like if I just focused on having fun instead of strategically gaming these girls, I’d have better results.

  • Learn Spanish – even a little bit: I had a massive disadvantage due to the fact I spoke no conversational Spanish. Emotional connection is the name of the game in Colombia and I wasn’t able to accomplish that due to the language barrier.
My only regret is it took me 7 days to realize this.

Overall, I did 76 approaches over the span of 9 days in Colombia. A few are worth logging in this report.

02/12/21 – The SIM Card Retail Girl

Synopsis: When I first landed in Bogota, I went over to the SIM Card store to connect my international phone. I met this cute Colombiana, mid-late 20s, and highly receptive. No joke, she gave me fuck-me eyes when I was buying my card.

I could feel sexual tension build up between us when I was buying my SIM card lol

At the end, I capitalized on my opportunity by asking when she got off work. When she told me it was until 6am, I had to dip and settled for the phone number instead.

She spoke a little English, but since she was already into me, we texted back and forth often.

Sticking Points: N/A. I felt I did as much as I possibly could. Logistics and her work schedule kinda fucked the set.

What I Did Right:

– Capitalized On Opportunities: I knew the SIM Card girl’s attraction for me was sky high. I didn’t go the amateur route and settle for a number. I pushed the set as far as I could by finding out her schedule + trying to pull her to a bar/club early if logistics/time was on my side.

What I Should Do Next Time: N/A. I did the best I could in that situation.

Comments: N/A.

02/13/21 – The Thieves

Synopsis: After trying my hand at day game in Colombia, I discovered any set I did – despite the language barrier – resulted in a solid phone number. It didn’t matter if the set went terribly, the girl still responded. I felt pretty fuckin’ good about that. A far cry from the United States where girls flaked all the time.

So I decided to try my hand at night game next.

At first, the night went so-so.

I met a few Colombianas, but a majority of them didn’t speak English. I ran into this one crew of English speakers, but I was still running value based game – which consequently confused them.

At the end of the night, I met three hot Colombianas who spoke no English. I ran that sweet Google Translate game which seemed to work lol

They didn’t have anything planned after I asked what they were doing, so I called an Uber and off we went to my airbnb.

I had a bottle of Aguardente (Colombian hard liquor) at my apartment but no beer. Unfortunately, the girls didn’t like it, but they made do. We danced, played raggaeton on my laptop, before they started feeding me shots of Aguardente.

Man, I felt like a pimp bringing home three Colombianas. I should have noted the red flags as my drink had a slightly funny taste to it – and the fact I started feeling sleepy.

It wasn’t long until I blacked out on the bed and I woke up early next morning – sans laptop, cell phone, and peculiarly enough, my recorder I use for day game.

Fuck, I got robbed. Looking back, I didn’t think much of it. My debit card, pesos, and most of my other belongings weren’t stolen. After checking out my bank transactions, no money was lost.

Worst yet, I lost the SIM Card girl’s number and a few other leads I was pursing during my day game sessions
Sticking Points:

– No dar Papaya: “Don’t give papaya”. It’s a Colombian saying to not give opportunities for bad shit to happen to you. I gave alot of papaya that night. Lots of red flags, but I ignored them since I was desperate to collect my Colombian flag.

What I Did Right:

– Putting Myself In New Situations: In the United States, I was exclusively a day gamer. While practicing night game, especially in Colombia, I was given the opportunity to learn and think on my toes how to escalate, how to handle groups, and move my way through the social hierarchy with no Spanish.

What I’ll Do Next Time:

– Be Cautious: Of course, there’s a fine balance between being paranoid and being cautious, but mentally note any red flags I spot from girls.

Comments: Give no papaya, especially in blatantly obvious situations.

02/16/21 – The Cali Dancer

Synopsis: This is where the real lessons begin.

I read Gringo Tuesdays at Vintrash is where the party is, especially for Colombianas looking to practice their English.
It’s true, but you have to contend with other gringos looking to compete for the small pool of women who hit up the club.

Needless to say, after chatting up a few people early in the night, I ran into this cute Colombiana from Cali. She was a hard HB 6, an aspiring actress, and a dancer with a feisty personality.

She spoke nearly perfect English and given her personality, I figured running my ‘ol American value game would work.

At least, I thought it would.

I spiked her emotions, her BT was running high, and I thought I had this set in the bag.

But all of a sudden, this Leon the Professional lookin’ Argentinian stepped in. He looked harmless, rather introverted so I payed him no mind. He wasn’t a threat. Boy, was I wrong.

He was patient, bidding his time while I verbally fought off AMOGs by stepping into their conversation with the Cali dancer and taking the frame.

The fucker snuck right up under me.

Next thing I know, he’s talking normally with my target. Nothing special from the surface. So I decide to hit the bathroom. I figured she’d ignore him since he seemed so boring and mundane.

I come back – and she’s got her arm wrapped around him!

I was seriously confused.

I mean, who was this guy? I ran picture perfect American game on her, and he’s nuzzling up to this old, balding Leon the Professional lookin’ dude.

They switched from English, and then to Spanish, and then it hit me.

It’s the fact he’s able to relate to her in their mother language. Comfort truly is the name of the game in Colombia. While I may have spiked her BT, what really matters is emotionally connecting with a Colombiana. None of this “clown game” ran in the States.

This was the beginning of my realization that American style game just wouldn’t work in Colombia.

It was surface level, but once I saw the Argentinian pull this girl into an Uber, it really hit me.

I put in all this effort, and some low-energy guy whisks my target away like nothing? My game was lacking and I was beginning to figure that out.

Sticking Points:

– High-energy, American style game: This is when I began to realize running Western style game just wouldn’t work. Yes, I fucked up by running value game, but I knew I was doing something wrong…

What I Did Right:

– Realizing the Type of Game Required: … Which leads into the next point of running a comfort based game. Getting to know the girl, being fun, not an entertainer, but rather a guy who is into her.

What I’ll Do Next Time:

– When In Doubt…: … run comfort game, especially in “easy” countries like Colombia, Poland, Ukraine, etc. If comfort game doesn’t work, switch to American style game.

Comments: God damn Argentinians.

02/20/21 – The Biologist & Fucking Up A Perfect Opportunity with LSD

Synopsis: On my last night in Bogota, I didn’t care about getting laid, but rather just focusing on having fun. My day game sessions started getting good once I realized I should run comfort game + leading, but it was a bit too late to capitalize on my numbers.

At the beginning of the night, I ran into this dude from Luxembourg, his girlfriend, and his roomie.

I focused on idle chit-chat before naturally affixing my attention to his roomie – a Colombiana who spoke very little English, but enough to get by.

She was sweet, initially neutral before I slowly began turning her receptive by “mi practicar Espanol y tu practicar Ingles.”

I had fun giving her compliments and holding fun, random conversations with her, which increased her comfort level.

After I asked her, “tu bailar?”, we went to the dance floor and partied hard; especially since Meeting House was playing techno music that night.

After a while the Luxembourgian pulled me in and whispered, “Do you like her?” To which I looked him in the eye and said, “Yes.”

Like, serious expression, I don’t give a fuck “yes”.

He laughed and said, “Good bro. She’s into you, too. Keep going.”

Thankfully, I learned my lesson with the Paisa a few nights before to not rush the set, so I played it cool the whole night.

Her attraction just kept going up up up!

Once midnight hit, we walked out of Meeting House to hit up an after party, before the Luxembourgian guy stopped us and offered me acid.

Shit, my big brain started formulating plans to escalate and dreamed up the following:

Imagine- we’re in bed together, tripping our asses off. I begin sweet talking her slowly, as we begin moving together. Our hands touch. Then I kiss her. Before sweet, acid-inducing sex.

… But what I didn’t realize is my target was used to tripping out on acid and ingesting lots of drugs.

Meanwhile, I haven’t taken hard drugs in years.


As you can imagine, she handled LSD very well. I got super, super high. Even when I was tripping balls, my mind fixated on game – and consequently, how I was losing my target due to acid.

Aaaaand I had a bad trip. A really bad trip.

I huddled up outside by myself, paranoid, trying to desperately figure out how to handle the set given my current mental state.

No bueno.

At the end of the night, we all went back to their apartment, before my target got tired and fell asleep.
I called an Uber back to my airbnb and that was that.

Sticking Points:

– Don’t Do Drugs, Kids: Everything was going so well. I figured popping acid wouldn’t hurt and shit, ease escalation by making us both susceptible to our primal urges. Didn’t happen. Just game sober like I usually do.

What I Did Right:

– Good Comfort Game: I spent hours working on my target. She began rubbing my back, devoting attention to me, and when I went for a cigarette, she asked if I’d return. Good IOIs and all I had to do was keep acting normal.

What I’ll Do Next Time:

– Don’t Do Drugs, Obvs: Title says all lol

Comments: N/A

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  I'm Either Brilliant or Fucking Retarded
Posted by: CraveElectrolytes - 02-20-2021, 12:30 AM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (8)

So I live in Mexico, and I walked into a "Bubble Tea" shop today. If you don't know what bubble tea is it's this sweetened milk tea with little sweetened black ball thingies in it (rice / tapioca). 

This kind of drink is super popular in Asian countries like Korea and Taiwan. And lo and behold the signs (although the menu was in spanish) had Taiwanese symbols and stuff, as well as the decorations.

Anyway, I took my drink and sat down inside and saw two different Taiwanese looking girls there...okay maybe one was Korean.

But the point of this post is that -- I hadn't seen any Korean / Asian girls really in the city I live...and that if you're looking for a certain nationality in your city and you're not in that country right now (Ex: Looking for Korean Girls in Mexico)....go to the authentic restaurants or types of restaurants that they would go to if they were feeling homesick!

That's it. That's the insight I had. I guess it's just a reminder you don't necessarily have to travel to find the nationality of girl you might be most interested in...(Even thought I'm all for traveling).

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  Tinder issue. Any advice?
Posted by: Red_Pill_Brotherhood - 02-16-2021, 03:43 AM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (35)

Bit of a long post but gotta weird situation on Tinder. I had an account for the past 2.5 months in Latam with good photos and had 2k matches and I put my IG handle in my bio and I was pipelining for Bogota last week with it and was getting matches and as soon as I added IG to my bio 5hrs passed without a match(messages still coming in). I thought it was a shadow ban and deleted the account. 

I set up a new account. It only let me get Gold and not Platinum this time.

New: credit card, google play account, email, phone number
Same: photos, device, IP address

Old account around a week ago(Tinder Platinum):
1st 24hrs Bogota: 80 matches
1st 24hrs Santo Domingo: 145 matches
1st 24hrs hours Medellin: 60 matches

New account within past few days(Tinder Gold, same photos):
1st 24hrs hours Bogota: 45 matches (35 matches from a monthly boost)
1st 24hrs Santo Domingo: 80 matches
1st 24hrs Cebu(to boost algo): 90 matches
Bogota today: 0 matches so far in 3 hours (1 like)

I know not to change location to often(I don't do it more than once a day). 

Any idea what is going on? I think it could be any of these things: girls recognizing my same photos on my new account swiping same city a couple days later, Gold not getting as many matches as Platinum, algo score built up over time on old account, 12hr freeze on matches or account(I got a 12hr freeze twice in Mexico City for swiping too much, where I could not swipe for 12hrs but my residual matches and messages came in still).

I fly to Bogota tomorrow from where I am in Colombia right now. My idea is to give it a couple days to see what happens. If it doesn't start picking up, I'll buy a cheap android in Bogota, toss a Claro SIM w a new number, new email, new CC, new google account and maybe even use new photos just to be safe(is the later truly necessary to use new photos or new EXIF data). 

What do you think? Cheers!

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  Moving to another country while you have a mortgage and expenses at home
Posted by: MidWest - 02-11-2021, 07:12 AM - Forum: Lifestyle Forum - Replies (12)

Hi guys,

So I am living in the states. I have never lived outside the US. Most of my travels have been to Mexico on days off, vacation, and months when I am off from work, but I have never actually pulled the trigger on living in the country due to having bills, a mortgage, expenses, etc... in the US. 

My question is, for those who have left the US and moved south of the border or anywhere in the world for that matter, how did you all do it? How did you handled your finances in the U.S and pulled the trigger at living abroad, did you guys end up getting jobs in your new countries? How were you able to have cash flow while living there?

I have a mortgage on a house, almost done with my student loans, car, health and car insurance, etc... and really want to live in another country for a little bit but find it impossible. If any of you have stories I would greatly appreciate it.

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  How many of you guys are doing day game right now?
Posted by: CraveElectrolytes - 02-10-2021, 11:18 PM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (44)

I finally started day gaming consistently this year, with some pretty good results.

What I like about day game is:

  • Access to more / hotter girls
  • Avoid nightclub environment
  • Less bitch shields are up
  • It's free and can be done anywhere
My style is essentially Krauser's Daygame model that he lays out in Daygame Nitro.

I like that it's direct and doesn't really require any gimmicks or theatrics (other than jogging up in front of the girl and stopping her, which isn't even necessary in my experience).

Basically it's:

"Hey I saw you from over there and thought you were cute/crazy (back handed compliment) and wanted to talk to you. I'm CraveElectrolytes, what's your name? Where you from? What do you do, study / work?"

Then you pretty much drop in some more "spiky" flirting / sexualization while continuing to build rapport. Usually I end up getting the number after about 5 minutes:

"Well hey I've gotta go meet my friends, but I'll tell you what, I'd like to take out for a coffee/beer sometime, would you like that?"

Then get the number / Instagram.

Then meet up at a bar / cafe as soon as we're both free (near my place) and if things go well back to my place Smile

The thing I like about direct day game is how simple it is. You're just having a conversation, while showing that you're a cool, relatively normal, confident guy that goes after what he wants. 

If you know some basics about leading and escalating, and there's chemistry, great things tend to happen.

Of course it's really about your vibe and inner game, but what's cool is just by having the balls to approach a girl on the streets instead of a typical approach environment like a nightclub, you boost your value off the bat.

And you have better access to more girls, or as Krauser likes to say "YHT" - Younger, Hotter, Tighter.

In fact, direct daygame might even work better during the pandemic, because so many girls are staying in and bored as fuck, so here you come to give them some fun and adventure Smile

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