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  The Vietnamese Language Thread
Posted by: Dash - 11 hours ago - Forum: Travel Forum - No Replies

I have got a lot of free time coming up with all the winter holidays. I am going to make a considerable effort to put together some resources for learning Vietnamese. 

I am going to tailor it to the CEFR / Cambridge ie Pre A1, A1, A2 (Starters, Movers, Flyers) level. That is a good base to aim for imo. I believe it's roughly 1,000 words. 

I am thinking breaking it into groups of 250 words. Aiming for 10 words a day. (Maybe 20, not sure how many words is comfortable amount to attempt to learn) 


1) Pronunciation / Alphabet Guide (with Audio)

2) Grammar Guide

3) Compile the word lists/groupings into google drive spreadsheet

4) Place them into an Anki deck

5) Make an audio file of said words

Will post all info in here.

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  Decent podcasts
Posted by: Rick91 - 12-15-2018, 07:34 AM - Forum: Everything Else - No Replies

Living and working in Vietnam means I spend a lot of time on the road. Podcasts for me are a lifesaver in dealing with this. Can anyone recommend any decent podcasts?

I’ve recently discovered someone who may go onto to be even better than Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History series. Its called Martyrmade and is made by Daryyl Cooper.

I discovered him through History on Fire by Danielle Bolelli and Jocko Willink(motivational navy seal) on a cross over episode. It was on the My Lai massacre in Vietnam. If your interested I’d start with that.

What Darryl does is basically cover extreme scenarios in history recent/and old, and gets you to think like them from both sides perspective. He literally gets you feeling sorry for the soldiers who massacred those mainly women and children in My Lai then all of a sudden goes into the details of what they actually did. He’s also a master storyteller. I have not heard better yet including Dan Carlin.

He’s got an epic series on the Israel/Palestine situation that’s changed the way I see the world.

Feel free to leave any suggestions.

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  Swoop The World Evolution: What is next ?
Posted by: TravelHardcore - 12-14-2018, 12:13 PM - Forum: Everything Else - Replies (5)

We have not worked on the site's structure for a long ass time. 

Not evolving = Devolving. 

Some features that are in the pipeline:

1) New homepage 

We have a shit ton of good content on the blog but the navigation sucks. A new homepage with clear categories and a search functionality to sort by location, a map, etc. will make it easier to find good content, rather than just the latest posts.

2) Data sheets

There is are some excellent Data Sheets here on the forum. But they are often lost or the info is scattered across places. Data Sheets should be living documents: That one bar in the Philippines that was the shit 5 years ago may not even exist anymore.

>>> This needs to be improved. 

I want to add a way structure data sheets, make them searchable, add missing info, and add a kind of review / feedback / report / flag system to ensure they are up to date and VALUABLE.

The sheets should also have a plan of action for Adventure travelers like ourselves.

e.g. One week in Bangkok - What do you do  ;  3 Days in Tokyo: Do this, this & that. 

Very dense information on every city with a balanced focus of travel/culture, adventure and seduction of the local hotties. Other useful information, like cost of living, rent, food, etc. can be pulled from external sources.

3) Expand this Community

I met some of the coolest people from here. Great minds think alike. It's rare to meet people with the same lifestyle and interests (travel, success, women, adventure). Legendary is the only word to describe us. 

- Facilitate meetups
- Get more content from the forum onto the front page
- Get more authors on the blog 


Want to hear some thought and ideas from you guys.

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  Philippine law that can put most of us in prison
Posted by: watson - 12-10-2018, 02:49 AM - Forum: Travel Forum - No Replies

When it comes to the Philippines.  The police, the government, or an angry Filipina or neighbor can put you in jail quite easy.




Read any expats forum, or browse through the archives, and you will come across stories of foreigners falling foul of laws like RA 9262 designed to protect women and children. (Here is just one example from our archives)

On the face of it, RA 9262, or the Anti-Violence Against Women and Their Children Act of 2004, seems a laudable piece of legislation to protect the vulnerable.
However, its terms are so broad and often ill defined, that a vengeful woman or clever lawyer could bring a case against pretty much any man involved with a Filipina. To make matters worse, under the terms of the act, a case can be brought by anybody, whether or not they are involved in the relationship.

Among the offences outlined in RA 9262 are such vague terms as “making a woman a sex object”, “omissions likely to cause emotional suffering”, “public ridicule”, “economic abuse” and “peering in the window”.
So, it’s easy to imagine how even the most normal aspects of a relationship could — with a little bit of exaggeration or some downright lies — fall under some of these offences.
It’s little wonder that across the Philippines are foreign men who have found themselves languishing in prison for (often unknown) offences covered by RA 9262.

Here is another article:

No abuse has to take place to make you guilty.  Only being in their presence.  This next law only seems to apply to foreigners 

A Belgian man who was accused of trafficking and abusing children has seen the charges against him thrown out by a Cebu court.
Koen Van Den Broek was was arrested on suspicion of trafficking children at Cebu’s South Bus Terminal last December 26. He was in the company of a 13-year-old girl, her nine-year-old brother, a three-year-old girl and her four-year-old brother and two aunts aged 18 and 19. 
The group were about to depart for a family vacation in Moalboal, and were due to be joined by a mother of some of the children en route.
His detention by police and personnel of the Inter-Agency Council Against Trafficking (IACAT) was despite the adults already in the group protesting his innocence.
Immediately after the arrest, other members of the family rushed to the police station to defend him, telling officers he had been a close friend for many years. They also contacted PLN, which published the sole media report to raise questions about the arrest.

Soon after, a trafficking accusation against him was dropped by a judge, only to be replaced by a charge under Republic Act 7610. By this law, the presence of minors in the company of an older, unrelated, person is considered prima facie evidence of trafficking and abuse.

Under RA 7610 or the law on the special protection of children against abuse, exploitation, and discrimination, it is illegal for “any person who shall keep or have in his company a minor, 12 years or younger or who is 10 years or more his junior in any public or private place, hotel, motel, beer joint, discotheque, cabaret, pension house, sauna or massage parlor, beach and/or other tourist resort or similar place” unless there are family ties or some other legal bond or obligation involved.

No abuse has to take place to make you guilty.  Only being in their presence. So if you are dating a woman with kids and the kids or her younger sister are with you - watch out!  People may assume you are a sex predator if you are a foreigner watching your girlfriend's kids or she brings along her younger sister or cousin  - This only seems to apply to foreigners since only foreigners seem to be arrested. I have read many articles about foreigners being arrested in the Philippines and many have to do with the above two laws.  No evidence  is needed to be arrested.   Evidence is rarely needed in the Philippines when it come to most laws.

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  Need advice, new Santo Domingo Airbnb declaring guest rule
Posted by: atxGuy78704 - 11-26-2018, 02:08 AM - Forum: Travel Forum - Replies (3)

Hey everyone,

So about a year ago I had no issue finding Airbnbs that didn't care about undeclared guests. (Guests that you had to declare at time of reservation or check in). Seems like this has changed due to many tourists renting high end rentals and banging so many girls.

Now it seems that any decent/upscale Airbnb rental makes it very explicit that all guests must be declared at check in time. This sucks. I literally have 30+ Dominican girls waiting for me. I've  done video calls with them, gotten nudes, etc so it's a done deal. Some will be re-bangs from the first time I went.

This new rule sucks because it means I can't have these girls come over without getting a crappy Airbnb review or being accused I'm bringing over hookers, despite me not paying these girls to bang.

Anyone have any suggestions?

I'm also aware of cabanas, but I feel like that implies to the girl they are just good for banging, which is true haha, but kills the mood. Also feels very dirty to me. It seems like the shit hole airbnb locations don't really care, but I like staying in upscale areas. I guess I probably need to compromise in some aspect.

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  From Where Do You Pull the Hottest Girls?
Posted by: 20Nation - 11-25-2018, 05:07 PM - Forum: Travel Forum - Replies (4)

I am finding myself getting dependent a bit on online dating. I'm curious where you guys are pulling the hottest girls. For me, while I can get laid the easiest in online game, I can pull the hottest girls doing day game. I know this should probably be in game, but as usual, travel is the most active.

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  The Frontier of Red Pill Success?
Posted by: 262 - 11-23-2018, 10:20 AM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (3)

Warning: Possible mind-wank

Let's start with a few tenets:

- Your mission takes priority over girls. So, even if you never had another successful interaction with a girl, you'd still have "happiness," via the purpose of your mission.

- Game, from "easiest" to "hardest", but also from "least rewarding" to "most rewarding": Online, Night, Day, Social Circle

- The most valuable feminine trait in a woman is selflessness. Let's be clear though: this manifests itself not necessarily by charity, though it could, but also by her putting in the work for potential suitors and children (dressing nice, not being fat, etc).

So, as I'm typing this in a 2nd-tier city in Russia, and having set myself up to never need to work again 3 years ago, I wonder now if I've ignored the above.

What is my mission here? I'd say wife-hunting, reasoning that my mission is my future children, and not the girls themselves. That catch with that though, I think now, is that the girls are still a part of the mission. As I said above, ideally, your mission is completely separate from girls. Since I don't have to work though, what should I do?

Could I establish a social circle here? Maybe, but not as easily as I could in a place where English is spoken, never mind where the culture is more American, as an American myself. It would take at least months, if not years, for me to understand enough Russian language and culture to establish myself in  any Russian social circles.

And finally, where would one find a more selfless woman? I'm beginning to think, perhaps it's more the social circles she's in, rather than her location in the globe. But again, your mission takes priority over the girls.

Unless, in my case of not needing to work again, I make myself, and charity, my mission. When I say myself, I'll be blunt - part of me wants to go downhill skiing and road cycling again, and move to Salt Lake City (or maybe Denver or Boise). But obviously, I can't do that all the time. So why not work again, but this time, to improve the lives of others? Now that sounds fulfilling indeed, girls or no girls.

Am I making sense here, or is the Russian winter getting to me, lol?

Related video by Aaron Clarey that inspired the above, including the title: "The Frontier of Red Pill Success" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=We239kJyE_U

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  best cities for daygame in africa
Posted by: Cheeky_Chappy - 11-14-2018, 12:51 PM - Forum: Travel Forum - Replies (1)

Hey guys have any of you had experience daygaming in Africa. don't hear anything about daygame in Africa seems unexplored terrority for most. I could be wrong.

heard good things about Luanda in angola and addis abba in Ethiopia

has anybody has experience in this country?

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  Am I Racist for Liking Asian Girls?
Posted by: Principatus - 11-13-2018, 06:56 AM - Forum: Travel Forum - Replies (9)

Hey guys can I have your opinion on something?

A few times over the last couple of years (including just now) people have completely lost their shit at me on Reddit and other social media for saying something along the lines of "Asian women are sexy af".

I like Asian women. I like making dirty talk in Mandarin Chinese during sex. I'm planning a trip to the Philippines for next year because of STW's recommendation. Am I therefore a racist?

I've never said anything bad about Asian women. I have nothing bad to say about them. I have a few bad things to say about women of my own race, but you know, I still like having sex with white girls, just not quite as much. There are exceptions - lots of Asian girls I'm not interested in and lots of Latinas etc I get a total boner for but as a general rule of thumb, I'd rather take an Asian girl home than a blonde if I had the choice. I guess you could say I have an Asian fetish?

Therefore, I'm told, I'm a racist. 

You don't have to be mean to anyone anymore to be racist. You just have to discern some kind of difference, even if the difference is positive. Kind of like how its sexist to discern any difference between men and women.

I also objectify women by saying they're sexy. They don't want to be told they're sexy, even on r/sex. I can understand if we were talking about cheese and someone said "Asians are sexy" that would be inappropriate. But we were talking about how women moan during sex. The context was relevant, someone else brought up how Asian girls moan differently and its hot. When I say Asian women are sexy, its not the blondes who are the most offended, its the (western-born) Asian women. I wasn't talking to you lady, take it as a compliment and move on. But no she feels the need to rip into me for a few hours and call me a chauvinistic pig and a racist. Then dozens of others chime in to agree until my whole afternoon is gone. Am I really racist though? I never said anything bad about another race, all I said is I think Asian women are sexy.

Honestly, I think the western world is messed up with this political correctness bullshit. I can't wait to move back to Asia. Honestly I will probably never migrate back if I had the choice, only go back on holidays to visit my family.

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  1. How to Stay Safe when you travel as a female.
Posted by: Sarahmarri7 - 11-12-2018, 01:37 PM - Forum: Travel Forum - Replies (1)

You can explore and learn a lot from traveling and every being should travel freely whenever they want either male or female. Women are traveling for many motives like business meetings, amusement. But sometimes in our society, it becomes difficult for women to travel because of many stereotypes of people like they are weak, they cannot take care of themselves. Time to break those stereotypes with some safety measure for women when they are traveling alone.

Dress like a home-grown of that society that makes other people think that you are from them so they will not gaze at you like an alien and you keep yourself safe from many shouts and taunts. You should be aware from the local emergency number of that area, now there are many mobile apps available, keep them in your mobile so you can easily contact the person in case of emergency. Let your family and friends know where you are, you can share your live location through WhatsApp or at least the area where are you if you don’t want to let them know your exact location. Always keep a copy of your original documents like your passport, identity card. As well as now its digital world so keep a scanned copy of your documents in your email. 

Take advice from locals of that area, it's safer to ask from females. Besides that, there are many groups and chats available online, you can go through them.  My mom always advises me to not keep my money in one place keep some money in your hotel bag or in your socks or any safer place that you can think where a thief cannot reach. Prepare yourself for worst as well, and always believe in your inner sensitivities and if you are getting bad vibrations concerning about that particular thing then leave it, there is no dishonor in saying NO to that thing.

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