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  Georgia (Tbilisi, etc.)
Posted by: 262 - Yesterday, 03:23 PM - Forum: Travel Forum - No Replies

About me, so you know where I'm coming from: average height, fit but not jacked, well-dressed (grey slacks, collared shirts, sweaters, trench coat, etc), SE Asian-American (but I also pass for Mexican or Indian), and mid 30s (but have been told by many I look younger). London-style day gamer. No night game or online game.

Been in Tbilisi for a few days. 360-day visa caught my interest, as well as mixed reports about the girls (LTR material, or sluts? Cute hipster styles, or lame Berlin hipster styles?). My first impression on them in one word: meh.

Lots of 5s and 6s. Mostly college students, hipster style (they almost all have the same black leather jacket and adidas sneakers), and almost no make-up. Average height more like 5'3 instead of 5'6. 

The color of their hair, skin, and eyes ranges from French-looking (pale brunettes) to Arabic-looking (brown brunettes) - basically reminds me of Italy or Spain. Noses can be an even bigger issue (figuratively and literally) than even Poland, and I'm not even a face guy. A small number of girls dye their hair blond, and a handful dye it pink or blue, or have it cut boyishly short.

It can be hard to open the rare 7+, because aside from winning the genetic lottery, she rarely stands out. Another oddity is there seems to be a dearth of post-college girls, as if they mostly move away once they graduate, save for the babushkas.

I get an IOI here and there from 6s and below, maybe due to the way I dress, and/or due to my non-native look. The massage promoters on David Aghmashenebeli Avenue seem to know I'm not a local when they run their bit on me in English.

Speaking of, English level is better than Kiev, but worse than Warsaw.

City itself has about the same development level as Kiev.

Daygame locations:
- David Aghmashenebeli Avenue, from around the Marjanishvili metro station, up to Queen Tamar Avenue.
- Shota Rustaveli Avenue, from around the Rustaveli metro station, down to the Liberty Square metro station.

Question for me is whether the girls' attitudes will make up for their meh style. If not, question then is whether to work to get a long-term visa in Kiev (heard they're cracking down on overstays), or use the Polish/Hungarian loophole to go back to Schengen Europe, or go elsewhere. Not too keen on SE Asia or LatAm, since I look like a local there.

Maybe it's my age and/or my current location, but for now, I really value how a girl puts herself together.

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  preCharge World Forum RSS Feed
Posted by: tasmin22 - 10-15-2018, 11:55 AM - Forum: Travel Forum - No Replies

The blocks validated by the full node is the full blockchain according to that node. A full node could use modified software(ie Bitcoin Unlimited, UASF) and elect to tighten or relax certain rules for validation of a block to include in their version of the chain. However, if they cannot get other full nodes to also agree with their consensus changes(particularly a miner node that will build further blocks on their chain) they could find that their node is stranded on a frozen chain for tightened rules. (For relaxed rules, their chain will just end up being reorganized if the majority of miners won't build on top of the chain.)

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  The truth about the Philippines
Posted by: Duke.33 - 10-13-2018, 02:33 PM - Forum: Travel Forum - Replies (6)

I have now been in the Philippines for close to three months. There is a lot of misconceptions out here.  

First a little about me:

pale american,
height 6'2
age: 25
okay with women. Some girls and gay’s think I'm cute in the states.  But nowhere near model looks.
I live in the North east of America, near Philadelphia and New York City.  

Lays before the Philippines 20.  

currently about 50.

Now that we got that out of the way:

Top 6 Misconceptions

1. Filipinas hate Filipino guys  

This is a ridiculous idea. For starters this country has 100 million people, for this size of a population to exist filipinos need to fuck each other. It's dumb to think that all the women here hate Filipinos.

So why this Myth?

Well, because a lot of the girls who you will hook up with here do like white guys and they will be more likely to not like filipino guys. It’s a demographic thing. I recommend googling the david bond white guy in asia myth.  

Think about it, the only girls you will go on dates with will like white guys. So if all you are seeing is girls who rave about white guys and how much better you are than filipinos and you see occasionally strangers treat you special it’s easy to think that filipino guys are not popular and everyone is dying to suck your dick! utter rubbish

2. White people are every girls number 1 choice

False. The number one choice is a half white half filipino, who is rich and handsome. Sorry not sorry.

yes some girls here will prefer white guys over their own, some won’t even date a filipino guy, avoid dating these women they are usually quite angry and racist in my experience. They like capturing those europe flags.

So if white guys arent number 1 why do so many girls talk about white guys instead of those rich half babies?

well let's see they could tell you the truth or they could just tell you what you want to hear, a lot of filipinas are natural people pleasers, pleasing you comes usually first before the truth, just reality not judging.  

It's not just my word, I have talked with other people here, esp the locals. I talked with two Filipino Instagram models, about modeling and they told me I would be a niche model If I tried for modeling here. Think about this? If all women want white guys then why the hell would half Filipino models be more popular??

I also was told that the one filipino model half who looked more irish than filipino was not getting the same amount of job opportunities as the half brit and half filipino model who looked more filipino.

3. majority of women here want to fuck you

To be fair I do not actually know this, because a lot of women could reject you from your bad, too prude or they were too shy. So I do not know

here is What I do know: I have met a lot of girls here who have fucked multiple white guys.  

I did an experiment while in Cebu I went through about 110 male profiles, 6 where white, 2 were god awful profiles, 2 were not even in the country and only two were legit.

So let's say that in the tourist areas Im guessing about 2% of makati is white guys ( just a number I pulled out of my ass).

If a lot of women heavily want the white guy that would mean there would be a lot of competition, it would be unlikely for an average filipina to get multiple whites guys. what actually happens is their is most likely a much smaller pool, of girls that are really into white guys. This would explain a lot, since it seems there have been a lot of cases of guys banging the same girls.

4. Filipino guys hurt Filipinas and are dicks

First off Men and women are not that much different. Its highly unlikely in any culture where a lot of men are dicks and all the women are saints that is childish.

People in America said a lot of men cheat now fast forward today and roughly just as many women cheat. So you see here. This idea that the men are terrible and women are victims is just silly.

here's what actually happens, I’m quite familiar with how the average filipino personality is, because to be honest i come from a very catholic family of hardcore people pleasing.

Usually what happens is yes there are some guys who will lie and pump dump girls and cheat on them. However some of the girls who complain are doing the same thing, It’s quite hypocritical but such is human nature. he is an ass hole because he did X even though she might have also done x herself at some point.

I have had some girls here who wanted to meet me but ended up having foreign boyfriends, yet some of these gals will complain about how malicious filipino guys are here, totally not taking responsibility or seeing that they do the same thing. It can be quite funny, because people pleasers tend to secretly resent other people and the people they please. In unguarded moments I have heard some women make fun of other people here for inferiority complexes, being too insecure and way to sensitive. Even though they most likely have those same characteristics.

Again I do not judge them, I’m a hypocritical dick weed at times myself so I take it in stride.   

5. women here are innocent little virgins  

Nope completely false.

I once had a ex gf in the states who had a people pleasing catholic family and was all about being proper. we dated two years and she told me she could have sex all day and was always in the mood.

This was a girl who never had sex in hookup situations.

quite crazy to think about.  

Pro tip; good girls do not say their good girls, girls that act too hard to be innocent are usually the most sexual.

this will come out in the bedroom, also a lot of the women here will open up about sex and kinky fetishes if you show your not a judgmental dick. a lot of girls will happily do weird shit with me in the bedroom that would make other girls back home feel odd about doing it.

Their personalities tend to also be quite silly. However when it comes to the hottest girls or the elites this seems to not really be the case and their much more street smart. In my experience most of the girls here are very naive and fall for bullshit quite easily. Again Im somewhat naive myself so I understand this.

6. you can easily get a hot girlfriend

no you can not why?

1. hottest girls leave the country

2. the rest of the hot girls flock to BGC and Makati.

when it comes to hot women follow the $$ trail and usually you will find the coolest guys and the hottest women of any given country.

3. good luck finding a hot girl in Cebu.   

I went out to some of the hottest clubs like xylo and approached a few hot women, most of them I had no shot, a few I had a small window but quickly lost since I did not engage them. Some of these women were filipina celebrities.  

I have been with two models here, one barely cracks a 7 on the international scale the other was hot, a 9 on the phillipines scale but a 8 internationally.

Both worked out because one wants that halfie baby and the other travels and is westernized and does not like conservative philippines culture.  

My Theory

Foreign value might be a double edged sword. Let me explain.

If your SMV is 5 in america and you go to the philippines, lets say Manila. Your value shoots up to let's say an 8. Instantly you need less game and get laid way more. However the 9s and 10s will most likely want the best men in their own country, not an outsider.

I think Travelling could increase your lays but if you were a 10 or 9 in america you would probably get hotter women easier since you wouldn't be an outsider. Just my thoughts I could be wrong

the good news

most women here know they have 0 shot of bagging a half filipino with money and connections, he might bang them but he’s not going to risk social suicide over some poor filipina.

most women also know that foreigners seem to not really give a shit about this so they will turn to them since they have more money and access to better lifestyle. PLUS and this is big a one. A pure filipina needs a white guy for her to get those (half babies) giving them the best chance to rise up in the social hierarchy.

Which is why a lot of women here do want to get shacked up with a foreigner.  

Some extra mental masterbation

side note girls love it here if you mistake them for a Korean or Jap. On the surface level they seem very prideful of their country that's to cover up for the fact that they secretly are not prideful.

ways to spot this?

girls talking about how they love being a filipino (when in america do you see girls say on tinder I love  being white?), they love their skin (when's the last time you heard a women openly talking about her skin being awesome)

what's so great about being white and race does not matter. ( i agree it does not matter but you might hear people say this defensively),

our country is awesome.

we are the nicest people

this all comes from insecurities. look past the surface words.

To be clear not everyone is like this and some people even admit it’s silly. Their some genuinely kind people here.

one of the frustrating things about this country is the fact that some people here will say things you don’t want to hear about yourself because they think it’s kind of funny.

I have had some girls say some of the rudest shit I’ve ever heard before, but they will say it with a smile on their face like they want you to yell at them.

Overall it’s definitely worth coming I mean I’ve banged almost 30 girls with not even bothering to really text any of the girls. Im  curious how many of them are bothered by my lack of text communication and if it’s actually hurting my efficiency since I only use text to meet up with them.

However do not come here thinking girls are lineing up to suck your dick or that 10s and 9s can not resist your white dick and wallet.

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  Paying For Girls (Rant + Questions)
Posted by: Tricky - 10-11-2018, 09:57 AM - Forum: Travel Forum - Replies (13)

I know this topic has been done to death, but I'm kinda angry and need some answers. Bit long but stick with me!

In Bangkok right now, been here for 2 months. Love it here.

I've been seeing 5 or so girls on and off for casual sex, now there's one girl I've seen more than the rest. She's cute (not super attractive, but cute), big DD natural breasts (for an Asian this is rare and they're amazing). really good in bed, great BJ skills, makes me laugh and we have fun together. Seen her about 6 or 7 times now and we've banged at least twice every time I've seen her.

So onto the paying part... I have no problem paying for women. I think it's masculine and if I'm doing what I want to do with her, then I should pay the bill.

But... because I'm in my early 30's and have seen the huge rise of feminism in the West over the past 10 years, a thought now always crosses my mind when I pay. That thought is "Mmm, am I being a pussy for paying? She has a job, why shouldn't we split or she pays for me sometimes if I see her more than once?".

So back to this girl.. every time we've been out I've paid for 99% of everything. She's paid a for a couple of taxis (super cheap) and bought me some chocolate.

Now we're not going to "cheap" places in BKK. I'm going to rooftop bars, cinema, restaurants and although it's not as expensive as my home town in the UK, it's still expensive by Thai standards. I estimate I've spent maybe £300/$395-ish on going out with her so far and she's spent £10/$15 on me max.

Let me get to the final point...

I'm sitting with her in the coffee shop, we're laughing and flirting. I say to her "I can always tell when you're lying to me" in a playful way of course, but I can, she makes a face where it's easy to tell. Then this convo ensued...

Her: Haha, no you can't
Me: I can... tell me one lie and something that's true and I'll guess which is the lie
Her: OK! (giggling)
Her: (....thinks for a moment...) "Mmm, ok.. I spend a A LOT of money on guys"
Me: (confused) Huh? What do you mean you spend a lot of money on guys?"
Her: Like when I go out to bars or whatever, I pay for them or we split the bill"
Me: (what the fuck? I feel myself getting angry)
Me: "Well you haven't spent a penny on me so far and we've met several times... why not?"
Her: "Huh? What you mean? You're older though... I mean younger guys my age" (she's 20)
Me: "Give me an example of the last time you spent money on a guy"
Her: (thinks for a second) "Mmm... a few weeks ago, I met a really handsome guy, he was 20. He took me to an expensive bar... I told him not to, but he said let's do it. When the bill came he asked to split it and I was like what the fuuuuuuck?".
Me: "Ok and you paid half?"
Her: "Yeah!"
Me: "Why did you pay?"
Her: "Because I liked him, he was super handsome... also I wanted to get something out of it now I paid"
Me: "So you fucked him that night?"
Her: "Yeah" (said in a shy quiet way)
Me: (raging inside, I go quiet)
Her: (2 minutes later) "What's wrong?"
Me: (I snap but in a calm and controlled way) "I feel like you're using me to get free food and shit, are you using me?"
Her: "What? Nooooo, of course not... please. Don't say that, it's not nice" (starts crying) "Why you judge me, I hate being judged!"

So that was the convo. Now I know I did some needy shit here by asking about other guys, going quiet like a girl and when she started crying. Of course I changed the subject and pandered to her. It was kinda embarrassing, people were looking.

But am I right in saying she's using me? She said she loves my dick, but I mean... we're technically fuck buddies now, so shouldn't she be paying for shit too?

What I took from the convo was this...

1. She's a typical girl that cries when she knows she's wrong and can't defend herself with logic or truth

2. I'm an idiot for paying for EVERYTHING and should have set the rule in place early on (I'm happy to pay for 80%, but please pay for something right?? I mean not even a fucking Starbucks!?)

3. So it's ok to pay AND HAVE SEX with random handsome guys but if I ask her to split the bill in the future, she's not going to see me anymore? I'm not David Beckham, but I'm certainly not The Elephant Man either!

4. She considers me an "older man" so I assume the daddy provider roll or something?

This shit pissed me off and I've been fuming for days actually, because I started to like her and now I'm thinking of being a prick to her just for the sake of it.

My plan was to ignore her, wait until she texts me and see if she hints on meeting or asks to meet. I'm usually the one initiating, so this might not even happen. Then say something like this "Cool, let's go to Skybar, meet me at 8pm outside the BTS". And a followup text with... "Oh and you're paying this time...".

Then see what she says "If she says "nooooo", ignores it or something similar to that, I'll just say "Ok never mind, lets not meet".

And it's actually not a bluff, I'm serious. I hate the idea of women using me for money, I'm not even rich otherwise I wouldn't mind so much I guess.

Sooooo, is this a good idea? Am I being a pussy and overreacting? Need some help fellas! Thank you in advance.

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  Philippines day game - 6 months in Jail if you get it wrong
Posted by: watson - 10-05-2018, 04:24 PM - Forum: Travel Forum - Replies (6)

Philippines day game - 6 months in Jail if you get it wrong:

Better stop leering at Philippine women.

Authored by Manila District 4 Councilor Krystle Bacani, Ordinance No. 7857 or “An Ordinance Penalizing Catcalling and Other Forms of Public Sexual Harassment,” — where all street harassers are sought to be penalized — was passed. “This will penalize all forms of sexual harassment in public spaces such as catcalling, wolf-whistling, leering, groping, and many others the author said.”

In 2016, Quezon City passed the first ordinance to penalize the street-level harassment of women.
Sen. Risa Hontiveros, a well-known advocate of women’s right, lauded the passage of the anti-catcalling ordinance in Manila and shared her excitement.
“The passage of this landmark measure is a big victory for women and safe spaced advocates. It is historic and groundbreaking. An anti-catcalling ordinance in the country’s capital is a big boost to the campaign to protect its women from daily street harassment and a clear policy shift on the part of our local government. This will certainly serve as an inspiration as we push for the passage of a similar policy on the national level,” Hontiveros said.

Catcalling and other acts of harassment could earn offenders up to six months jail, according to a new law for Manila.

Draft Ordinance Number 7857 or “An Ordinance Penalizing Catcalling and Other Forms of Public Sexual Harassment” has now passed its first reading with the city council.
Councillor Krystle Bacani, the author of the ordinance, said violators could be imprisoned for up to six months and fined up to 10,000 pesos.
Offenders would also have to attend a compulsory “gender sensitivity seminar” organised by the police and the Philippine Commission on Women.

Cllr. Bacani said that all forms of sexual harassment — such as swearing, wolf whistling, catcalling and leering




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  Wing Man in Makati
Posted by: thisisJonny - 10-04-2018, 08:50 AM - Forum: Game Forum - No Replies

Anyone up for some night game in Makati?  Just had 2 slays in under 24 hours. One chick was from DIA. The other was from a friend I knew while back. 

Let me know  Cool

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  Bangkok Tinder + IG
Posted by: Tricky - 10-01-2018, 02:18 PM - Forum: Travel Forum - Replies (4)

I've been in Bangkok for almost 2 months... give or take, with one Visa run to Manila and straight back to BKK.

I fired up Tinder when I landed (no pipelining or paying for the app prior to the trip) started getting matches. Over a month I think I got roughly 150 or so matches, but deleted a bunch that didn't reply after a few days (bad move looking back). It's my first time on Tinder for years.

Met up with 16, banged 12. A few 6's but for most I'd say they were 6.5/7's. Had a date with one 8, but was too nervous so messed it up.

My game sucks in my opinion, so I was happy for a short while with the lays I got. Now my tastes are changing and I'm wanting higher quality girls, so need to get stuck into daygame again, that's where I've had the best results before.

Aside from the ramble, I have a question...

Is it worth getting on Instagram and posting some decent shots up there of my travels? I'll definitely try Tinder again in another city, but the reason I ask is because I really don't like Social Media and have done everything possible not to be found on there. Haven't touched FB since 2013, no snapchat, IG, LinkedIn, MySpace (joking) etc. I just like privacy.... but... the amount of girls that asked for my IG on Tinder was crazy. I'd say 80% at least.

I had 5 photos on there (granted they were roughly 5 years old, I haven't change much) but I had some girls say things like "I don't trust guys that don't use social media" or "Why don't you have IG? That's weird."

So after a while I thought that maybe not having IG was hindering me and now I need to be this photo clown in order to get more puss.


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  Most unusual or crazy messages you received from a dating site or app
Posted by: Stretch - 09-29-2018, 04:41 PM - Forum: Game Forum - Replies (4)

Post the most unusual or crazy messages you received from a dating site or app. Or your favorite messages.

The other day I got this, and this was a first opening message from a new girl:

"Can you marry me, please. I'm begging you. I need love, i am tired of being rejected and being cheated on. I think you're loyal, hot and sexy and you will be faithful to me."

It was a decent looking girl with a kid, from the Philippines. I tried to let her down easy. I mean, how do you respond to that?

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  Eyebrows Threading Techniques Spa in Jacksonville FL
Posted by: sadhnaeyebrow - 09-26-2018, 04:19 PM - Forum: Travel Forum - No Replies

We've been providing eyebrows threading spa in Jacksonville FL. Our spa threading techniques to provide you perfect eyebrows to your face in Jacksonville FL.

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  Article Regarding The Current STD Crisis In The USA
Posted by: Suits - 09-19-2018, 03:39 AM - Forum: Game Forum - No Replies

Quote:Meet the team that’s tracking down sex partners to stop a surge in STDs


The U.S. is in the middle of a steep and sustained increase in sexually transmitted diseases.
So how are public health officials responding?

In northwest Oregon’s Clackamas County, health officials have decided to ask anyone who comes in with an STD who their sexual partners are — and then track those partners down.

That job falls to two women: registered nurse Mary Horman and disease intervention specialist Liz Baca. They do most of the work over the phone, telling people they’ve had a partner (no name is revealed) who has tested positive for gonorrhea, HIV, chlamydia or syphilis.
It’s a difficult conversation. And many people can’t be reached via phone. So about once a week, Horman and Baca jump into a car and start knocking on doors.

“It can definitely be scary at times,” Baca said, “especially those rural areas where you’re really relying on the GPS to get you there, and sometimes there are roads that lead you to nowhere.” So far, they haven’t gotten lost.

Because getting getting in a car and navigating from Point A to Point B is "scary."

Quote:Plenty of residents in the county’s outskirts own firearms, Baca said, and are comfortable displaying them if they feel they need to protect their property.

“I always try to make myself visible and not be fidgety,” she said. Her goal is to approach with as much warmth as possible, saying, “‘I have a nurse with me.’ Or, ‘My name is Liz, and I work for Clackamas County.’”

The women travel as a pair and never enter a home, she said. And they always carry a cellphone to keep the home office informed of their whereabouts.

The world is a scary place!

What's more unimaginable is a pair of women NOT always carrying a cellphone.

Quote:On the afternoon I caught up with them, Horman and Baca had already been challenged by a dog and had to leave a trailer park empty-handed. They had the right location but didn’t know which door to knock on. And they couldn’t just ask around, because neighbours might guess why the health department is tracking someone down, and that would be a breach of medical privacy.

They next called on a 64-year-old labourer, whom we’re identifying only as Larry for those same privacy reasons. He agreed to talk with them, in hopes of warning other people about the substantial risks of syphilis.

Baca and Horman explained how some diseases, like syphilis, are “reportable” — meaning that as soon as Larry was diagnosed, the doctor had to inform the county, which is why they were at his door.

Larry told them he’s already had penicillin delivered intravenously and is healing fine.

The conversation got tougher as Baca tried to understand the extent of Larry’s infection by showing him graphic pictures of sores and rashes.

“So, another symptom of secondary syphilis is the loss of hair,” she explained. “So, you suddenly lose some hair. You’re thinking, ‘What’s going on?’ In a couple of weeks, it resolves. And you’re still infected. So do you recall any of these symptoms?”

“I do,” Larry said, smiling. “And I would probably say that the lesion, I think you called it, I think occurred — it was probably about 10 years ago.”

That means Larry was living with syphilis for at least a decade — without knowing it.

Many people who have syphilis are asymptomatic — meaning they are carriers of the bacteria but show no obvious symptoms. And that makes the infection tougher to fight.

Also, the fact that the disease was, for a time, nearly eradicated in much of the United States means some younger doctors don’t readily recognize the symptoms and signs.

Larry said that he used to have sex with multiple partners he found on Craigslist, but he can’t remember any names.

What are the odds that "Larry" is gay?

Quote:After such a long time, it’s too late to track down those people, Baca recalled, crestfallen. Still, she insisted, her time wasn’t wasted.
“Being out in the field, you find individuals and you get that public health intervention that is crucial,” she said.

David Harvey, executive director of the National Coalition of STD Directors, echoed that the efforts of fieldworkers like Baca and Horman are vital.

“Disease intervention specialists are doing heroic work,” he said. “They’re helping to navigate and get people into care.”

Twenty years ago, Harvey said, there were as many as 4,000 disease intervention specialists like Baca in the U.S. Now, because of public health costs, the number is down to about 1,400.
Baca said she’ll continue the work, prioritizing high-risk populations — like men who have sex with men and pregnant women.

Hmmm, men who have sex with men. Oh, you mean faggots!

Quote:The public health officer for Clackamas County, Dr. Sarah Present, said syphilis in newborns can cause serious neurological complications and even death.

“We have now multiple cases of congenital syphilis in our county — just in this year,” Present noted, “whereas that had been fairly unheard of for at least the last decade, if not more.”

Partly because of that surge in syphilis among babies, Clackamas now dedicates more resources to aggressively tracking down partners and encouraging testing, she said — even if those notifications might lead to family strife.

“We do our absolute best to have the first person diagnosed talk to their partners for us,” Present said. “We don’t want to have to be the bad guys. However, we can be a partner for people who have the infections, and help them figure out the best way to control the spread of the disease further.”

A study released by Clackamas County earlier this summer shows rates of syphilis have increased 1,300 per cent over eight years — in part because the numbers involved used to be so small.

[Image: giphy.gif]

Quote:“Within the last year, we have seen our numbers dramatically increase to the point I’m quite concerned about it,” Present said.

And Clackamas is no outlier. A new report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that over the past several years, the number of gonorrhea cases has risen 67 per cent, while syphilis cases are up 76 per cent.

The director of the CDC’s national centre for STDs, Dr. Jonathan Mermin, said the nation is sliding backward.

“It is evident the systems that identify, treat and ultimately prevent STDs are strained to the near breaking point,” he said.

Scientists say there are many reasons for the national increase — from the rise in antibiotic-resistant bacteria, to the ease of finding anonymous sex in an era of cellphone hookup apps.

Public health departments in the U.S. have substantial power. In their effort to prevent the spread of disease, they are allowed to inspect, treat and quarantine anyone — even without consent. That power originates in English common law, which finds the rights of an individual can be limited for the common good.

The most famous example is perhaps the Long Island, N.Y., cook, Mary Mallon, better known as “Typhoid Mary.” She was an asymptomatic carrier — and transmitter — of typhoid in the early 1900s, and was forcibly isolated for years by New York public health officials.

Nobody’s advocating such draconian measures now, especially for sexually transmitted diseases. But public health departments can exercise significant power over certain infectious diseases (such as drug-resistant tuberculosis) that are more broadly contagious because they are airborne.

Clackamas County and the two other counties that make up the Portland metro area have received substantial state and federal grants to help pay for extra public health outreach.

They are taking several steps to stop the transmission of STDs — such as strengthening prevention activities, enhancing screening, testing high-risk populations and educating the public. The counties also try to better support people who test positive; expand investigations; and unite community leaders on this important issue.

As Baca and Horman visited with Larry on his front porch, the man thought back to when he first realized he was very sick. Once he found out why his health was failing, he said, he started to take the infection seriously. “Because, really truly, for me,” he said, “it was going to be a matter of life and death.”

Getting the chance to save lives is why Baca and Horman do this work, they said, even if it’s sometimes uncomfortable.

A few minutes later, the women climbed back into the car they’d left parked in a spot where getting away would be easy — just in case Larry wasn’t so accommodating. They checked their map and the next name on their list.

“There are those areas where you’re entering a property and there’s no one in sight,” Baca said, “and dogs can be scary. You have to run very fast if you see them.”

We need more women in the military!

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