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I have about 11 days to go some place and I am currently in Vegas. I considered Europe (Prague, Wroclaw) and spoke to Courage Reborn about it but the length of travel time and logistics involved (plus cost of ticket) made me think I’d better just stick to South America.

I thought about Colombia but that has been done to death (I still want to go for a proper invasion) and I considered meeting a friend in the Galapagos (no women) which left me a shit load of places still.

I spoke to my friend in Paraguay but he told me that the weekdays are pretty slow (city size) and again, the 10-11 day trip needs to have some action potential every night.

Then, almost like it was meant to be, I found some intersting information on Lima Peru.

Now, I had always dismissed Lima (and Peru in general) because of the reports coming back that the girls are busted. Of course I wanted to see all the cool things available but I figured, there are other places with equally cool sights and to do activities that have hot women.

Since the new data suggest that there is a large amount of higher end girls that break the ugly Peruvian girl stereo type, and the food sounds Amazing along with it being spring there, I have pulled the trigger on a 1st class ticket to Lima for 489 dollars (Thank you Airlines hookup).

Since I don’t have time for a proper invasion, this will be more of a reconnaissance mission.

I have found a place for 26 dollars a day on that looks great in the Mira Flores district.

If anyone has suggestions on things to do and places to go, as always I’d appreciate it, and as always, I will be reporting things daily from my experiences here!

To be continued….


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5 Comments on “Fisto Recons Lima Peru”

  1. Hey Fisto. I am an American living in Brazil, Sao Paulo specifically. I have a friend that is Peruvian and lives in Lima. By Peruvian stds he is a dream catch – Harvard Business School, handsome and works in finance. His opinion is that Peruvian girls suck. A global 7 thinks that she is a 9. The european descent girls know that they are rare and price themselves accordingly. Indigenous women are not my taste, but maybe they are yours.

    If you want to go hiking, Peru is great. For women, forget Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia. Change your trip to Colombia.


    1. JB – So far I’ve pipelined a lot of cute girls online that (going by photos) so far I’m pretty happy with.

      Got the flag last night and the girl was VERY cute.

      I’m planning to go out tonight to Gotica or something and see what that’s like.

  2. I had an absolute blast in Peru banging 21 girls in 30 days solely through night game. I liked the nightlife better there than the majority of places in SEA. The whore scene isn’t anything like SEA and even if they are there very unlikely to be hardcore.

    I went to Lima, Ica and huachina, Arequipa and cusco. Banged every place I went.

    I personally thought you got plenty of bangable chicks in Peru with the odd stunner here and there. Saying that my opinion could be biased as it was the first pussy paradise I experienced and I had a massive thing for Latinas only having banged one beforehand.

    1. Rick91 – I went out with a girl for a bit last night and even thought he place was dead, and three girls were sitting with three guys, they kept looking over.

      I think I’m going to like Lima.

  3. Hey Fisto, perhaps when you get a break from your “Eat, Pray, Fuck” adventure you could update us on what is happening in Peru?

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