My First Day in Thailand

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This is a flashback post I wrote a while ago on my first day in Thailand. It’s a story from the very first day I started traveling back in 2012. Before I met 20Nation, before Swoop.

I had just broken up with my girlfriend, cancelled my apartment and quitted my job. The decision was made: I’m going to travel the world. My first destination would be Thailand. I wanted to discover this beautiful country and especially… the beautiful Thai women. So three weeks before I my trip began, I joined an online Thai dating site to see what I could expect.

I didn’t even know the word “pipelining” at that moment, but using the dating site I built up a connection with multiple Thai girls. In stead of going for quantity only, I invested some time with the girls I liked most and even Skype’d with them.

By the time I left my home country, I had a pretty solid connection with about 7 Thai girls.

Arriving in Bangkok

I wanted to travel the world but I had absolutely no plan. I was gonna wing it start to end. I had very little travel experience at that time, so I figured I’d start out at Bangkok’s backpackers’ district. My first introduction to Kao San Road.

My taxi dropped me off and I took a random hotel that looked clean. I unpacked my suitcases and looked from my balcony to witness a jungle of bill boards, hectic salesmen and Thai street food stands. Only then I realised: I’m in Bangkok. Let the adventure begin!

I called and messaged the 7 girls I had pipelined expecting all of them would show up on a five minute notice. However 3 of them didn’t answer and another 3 told me they couldn’t make it that day. “Holy shit”, I thought, it’s is not looking good for my first day.

Only one more number left to try…

She wasn’t my favourite girl on my list but I was happy when she answered her phone. I asked her if she could meet me at night in Kao San Road at 8 pm. A moment of silence followed…

“Euhm… sure, I’ll be there. We can meet in front of  the McDonalds!”

My first date with a Thai girl

At 8 pm sharp my date arrived. She wasn’t very cute (6/10) but she was very young, petite and had a sweet smile. I took her for a drink in a bar near my hotel that wasn’t too loud.

Her English was not great either but decent enough. I got her to laugh, teased her and after 30 minutes she was holding my hand. After 2 drinks I got her to my room to “watch pictures on Facebook”.

We started making out on the bed, she was a bit shy at first but it was easy to bang her. My first Thai flag conquered less than 5 hours after landing.

After sex we are just chilled in bed and had some nonsense pillow talk. I was enjoying my afterglow (back then I still had afterglow from new girls).

Then I saw I had several missed calls: It was one of the girls that hadn’t answered my messages earlier. She had left a voice mail: “Sorry na, I missed your message. I come Kao San Road 11 pm ok na? Cu there!” I looked at my watch, “Shit, that’s in 15 minutes!”

I enjoyed chilling with my girl but I told her she had to go because I felt jet-lagged. She was sad but understanding. She got dressed so slowly, I felt the urge of rushing her but she was too sweet so I remained patient. I kissed her goodbye in the elevator, headed back to my room and waited a strategic 5 additional minutes before going out to meet the new girl.

My second date with a Thai girl

She was also waiting for me in front of McDonalds but I couldn’t find her. It turns out there are 2 different McDonalds in Kao San Road and of course she was waiting at the other one.

We finally found each other and she was looking a lot cuter than the first girl. She was wearing sexy shorts and high heels. She was acting annoyed because I was 15 minutes late. I laughingly called her Angry Bird (that game was very popular at the time) and soon after her mood was great again.

I did the exact same routine as before and even took her to the same bar. The waiter gave me a wink when I showed up with my second date (he would also see the other 5 the coming days).

After one drink we ended up in my room again to check out my Facebook pics (any excuse will do) and boom: Eight hours in Thailand and I already doubled up. I was already in love with Thailand. My initial plan to stay two weeks became two months.

Even to this day it’s still one of my favourite travel locations.

A very strange observation; I’ve banged hundreds of girls since that day but I still have a special affinity for those first 7 girls from my very first trip to Thailand. In my memory, that first month in Thailand seemed to last forever, while my current trips seem to fly by.


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  • Double golden touch down lol Your a natural THC !

  • “In my memory, that first month in Thailand seemed to last forever, while my current trips seem to fly by.” There is something magical about the first time.

    • True that Josh Bar, a break from travel sometimes can get that feeling back