The First Day Of My Trip

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Fuck you ‘nine to five corporate job’! Fuck you ‘it’s time to settle down’! Fuck you ‘yearly two-week holidays’!

I decided to break conventions, quit my job and start traveling the world.

Since my budget was restricted and I knew South East Asia is friendly on the wallet, I decided to start my trip in the land of the smiles. Also, I loved the Hangover 2 movie, I needed to see that place for myself.

I didn’t have a plan, just a one way plane ticket.

This is the story of the very first day of my trip.


Arriving in Bangkok

Bangkok view

Excited about leaving, I joined a Thai dating site to already get a feel of what to expect from Thai girls. I added a lot of them on What’s App and also Skyped with some of them. By the time I arrived I had a pretty solid connection with about 7 Thai girls.

That’s about the only preparation I had taken.

I was winging it all the way. The only other research I had done was where to find cheap hotels. I figured it would be better to get to know the city while living there. So I decided to take a hotel for the first days in Kao San Road; the backpackers’ district known for the cheap rooms and daily parties.

I took a taxi at the airport and when he dropped me off I was immediately welcomed by heat, a jungle of billboards, a swarm of Indian salesmen and the numerous Thai street food stands. When I got my hotel, I took a shower to wash off the tiredness of my flight and walked unto my balcony to oversee this hectic street of Asian craziness where I had arrived.

Only then it started to sink in: I’m on the other side of the world. I’m in Bangkok. It’s on.

I started to call and message the girls that I had pipelined to see if any of them could meet up. I should have prepared a bit beter: The first 3 didn’t answer their phones and another 3 told me they couldn’t make it that day.

Oh snap, this is not looking good for my first day. Only one more number left.

It wasn’t my first choice girl, still I was happy when she answered her phone. I asked her if she could meet me that night in Kao San Road at 8 pm. A moment of silence followed…

“Sure, I’ll be there. We can meet in front of the McDonalds!”

Boom. My first date was fixed.


Kao San Road by night


My First Thai Date

At 8 pm sharp she arrived. A bit disappointing: Not the cutest girl but very young, petite and a sweet smile. I took her for a drink in a bar near my hotel where the music wasn’t too loud.

Her English was pretty shitty but decent enough to tease her and make her laugh. After the first drink, she was holding my hand; after the second drink we were on our way to my room to “watch pictures on Facebook”.

We start making out on the bed; at first she was a bit shy but then turned around completely. Boom. My Thai flag captured, less than 5 hours after landing.

After sex we’re chilling on the bed and I’m enjoying some afterglow. But then I see I have several missed calls: It’s one of the girls that hadn’t answered my call earlier.

I check her voice mail (read this with a comically heavy Asian accent): “Sorry, I missed your message. I come Kao San Road 11 pm ok”

I take a look at my watch… That’s in 15 minutes!

I tell the girl she has to go and that she can sleep over “next time” and that I need to be alone today because of my “jet lag”. She’s sad but understanding and starts getting dressed. I kiss her goodbye at the elevator and head back to my room, wait a strategic 5 minutes to make sure she’s gone, then rush back outside to meet the new girl.


My Second Thai Date

I had texted the 2nd girl to wait for me in front of McDonalds but when I arrive, I can’t find her. I call her up and she claims she’s right there waiting for me. Turns out there are 2 different McDonald’s restaurants in Kao San Road on the opposite ends of the street. Of course she was waiting at the other one.

I finally meet her at the right place, and this time I’m not disappointed.

She’s looking a lot cuter than the first girl. She’s wearing sexy shorts and high heels. But while the first girl was sweet, this one is giving some attitude because she had to wait, but it simply bounces off my afterglow. I call her an Angry Bird (that game was still very popular at the time) and soon enough her mood is turned around.

I take her to the same bar as before and the waiter is already giving me a wink when he sees me walking in with the second date. He would see me with 5 more before the weekend started 😉

We end up in my room again to check out my Facebook pics (as good as an excuse as anything) and boom, eight hours in Thailand and I doubled up.

My first day was telling of the stories and wacky adventures that lay ahead of me. The start of a new lifestyle.

Bangkok was the place where it started, the place where friends came to visit me and where I met new friends for life. Even now after seeing so many other places, it remains a special place for me and those first days, weeks, months will continue to be some of the most precious memories in my life.

If you want to read some more on Thai girls, check the related posts or my e-book (



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I’m TravelHardcore, but people simply call me THC, although I don’t smoke. I speak several languages and suffer from insomnia. I left a well paying job, stuck in a miserable office to go out and see the world. I simply live for adventure. Cheers.

  • gps

    Your story is getting me jacked up for my first trip to Thailand – arriving in November. THC, im staying at a hotel in the Sukhumvit 11 area….is it worth my time to hunt for chicks over by Kao San Road?

    • Kao San gets a lot of hate, and all the backpackers around ARE pretty shitty, don’t get me wrong. I just manage to ignore them completely. Most of them are trying to hit on their fat Swedish hostel mates; and not have eyes for the decent amount of Thai girls that also come to this farang infested street why…. (?) For a farang I assume?/ So yeah you can have some fun in KSR, only if you can look passed the backpack hippies on their 2 day stop in KSR before going to Koh Phi Phi.

      Another strategy I applied was renting a cheap hotel room in KSR// Meet up with a girls for drinks close to the hotel: your logistics will be perfect. 1 or 2 drinks, then back to your roomè!—-

    • Comrade

      What advice do you have for a dark skinned Western Asian man such as myself? I been living and working in Bangkok and it seems harder for me than my white friends.

    • For sure in Thailand and other SEA countries, there’s a cult around white skin, a lot of Thai celebrities have light skin or are even mixed race (half white); there’s even a whole industry of product that are skin whitening. This plays out as an advantage for Caucasians, so yeah it will be harder. I met a guy from India, he took the approach of using his West-Asian / Indian roots as being the “kamasutra sex guru”

    • Comrade

      lol I’m Filipino but with a Western Accent. Don’t think the kamasutra thing will work for me.

  • Johnny

    You’ve been to all regions (EE, LA, SEA) of Rooshs “Poosy Paradise”- which one is your favorite?
    Why (ie, you have a Slavic blonde main fetish)?

    For getting in shape and game around the Worldmis being huge and jacked or more of a lean swimmers or boxers build better?

    • I can’t say for EE. And SEA/LA is a toss up depending on what fetish I’m in the mood for (black or yellow fever); though SEA offers the quantity, it’s the place where you can go all in every single day.

      Regarding being fit, just stay in shape and not too skinny; put on some muscle by lifting this will def give you an advantage where ever you go.

  • Johnny Caustic

    Sigh. I spent 2.5 weeks in Bangkok, spent a huge amount of time on the online dating site, went on 5 dates, but just couldn’t capture the flag. It sucks not to be as attractive as you.

    • For online game, getting the date is the hardest part. How were the dates? Did you have good logistics?

    • Johnny Caustic

      My logistics were excellent. The girls were weird. One followed me home several times, but she acted dismissive and put up tons of resistance to anything physical. I don’t think she liked me, and I still don’t know why she came to my apartment twice–for the air conditioning? (Y’know, if somebody else wrote this, I’d tell him she probably wanted to get laid…but in reality, I don’t think she did.)

      Another one, after a decent first date, showed up for the second date and lasted 10 minutes before she faked an emergency and ran away quickly.

    • Were they fishing for money or clearly looking for a provider? (things you should tackle with game). Else it’s pretty weird of them to come back 2 times while giving you such bad vibes.

      Hard to judge on these situations but they sound strange.

      For the girls coming to my place I usually go by the rule “if she’s coming to my place, she wants to get laid” and if it doesn’t happen, it’s because I’ve fucked up something in LMR.

    • Johnny Caustic

      No fishing for money at all. Though I did buy meals for the one who came home with me twice. Maybe that’s all she was fishing for?

      I probably did mess up in LMR. First time I brought her home, we made out for a while and I partly undressed her, but she was asking questions like “Why do you want to kiss me?”, and she lost arousal at some point and pulled her clothes back on. The second time I brought her home, things went backward…she had no interest in making out at all.

      Maybe there’s a reason she’s still single at 29.

    • Work on the LMR skills, they are a crucial step. I’ll dive into that topic in one of the upcoming posts

    • Being unattractive sucks, but if you are a White man in Asia, you should be able to get some püh. If my Black ass could get it in China, a super-duper White guy should be able to get some in Thailand.

  • 20Nation

    damn the beginnings of trips are always… magic

  • “I didn’t have a plan, just a one way plane ticket”

  • Johnny

    You guys should do a map of countries who have the best wife material women and a map of the severity of divorce rape for men.

  • sfsdf

    same thing happened with me, two 7’11’s at RCA

  • Ao393

    How’d you afford to travel the world without a job?

    • You can save money, do online work, you can choose not spend money on an expensive car, apartment, curved flat screen tv… choosing is losing. If travel is a passion and a priority, you can make it happen.

  • Isaac

    So I am mixed .Not too dark not loo light, I look more Arab than Mexican. What are my chances with Thai girls?