My Fastest Bang Ever, Getting To Sex As Fast As Possible and House Parties

My Fastest Bang Ever, Getting To Sex As Fast As Possible and House Parties

speedy fast sex house parties

I was driving back from work. I had just finished a 10 hour day and I was exhausted. These 60-80 hour weeks had really been taking it out of me and I was ready to go home and sleep.

I got to my apartment and went inside. I immediately heard noise and knew what was happening. My roommate was having a party at our place. Shit…

I went straight to my room and took a shower. Afterwards, there was no way I was going to sleep so I figured I would go and talk to everybody. I walked outside and immediately saw this brunette girl with boobs that her bra could barely contain.

Immediately my exhaustion disappeared; replaced by desire. I immediately started talking with this big boobed brunette.

I joked and then started mentioning my recent trips around the world. Every American girl always says how she wants to travel, so obviously, my hints to the time I had spent in exotic places was very interesting to her.

She was a bit drunk already and she was trying to get me the same. I shotgunned a beer with her. Then immediately asked her if she wanted to see some pictures from my travels.

“Yes!” She replied.

I led her into my room, winking at my roommate as I closed the door behind me. The second the door closed I pulled her close and starting kissing her. She happily accepted my kisses.

I moved the busty girl slowly to my bed and immediately starting stripping her naked. This girl put up pretty much zero LMR and a minute later I was above her watching her boobs rock back and forth underneath me.

A total of under 10 minutes from meet to bang had passed. I had to thank my roommate for inviting all these 18 year old girls to the apartment. I wanted to be annoyed for all the noise when I wanted to sleep, but how could I be mad when he would bring in all these 18 year old girls.

Thanks to the house party I achieved my fastest bang yet.


House Parties

Looking back on my life, I have noticed that my easiest bangs have all been at house parties. House parties are also the places where I have passed up the most easy sex opportunities.


The Massage

I remember one house party where I ended up sleeping next to a girl. She asked me if I could give her a massage.

“You first.” I responded.

She gave me a nice back massage and then it was my turn.

I started rubbing up and down her back as is normal in a massage. Then, I started going closer and closer to her ass. She didn’t flinch as I was half feeling up her perky ass.

I just kept going until she was getting an ass massage as well.

“What the hell.” I thought.

I put my hands under her shirt and brought her shirt up her back, then I reached my hands underneath her torso and started massaging her breasts. It was hot.

She turned around we started kissing. Clothes quickly coming off, I was soon inside this girl.


House Parties

A ton of my first notches were at house parties and looking back, I think it’s one of the easiest ways to get laid in the world. Why is it so easy to get laid at a house party? 3 reasons:

1. Social Proof

You know somebody to be invited to this party, so automatically you are not some complete stranger who could be a serial killer. If you had met in a club or a bar, you wouldn’t have that same social proof.

2. People are drunk

Everybody is drinking and everybody is already acting crazy. This pretty much explains itself.

3. Convenience

It is very easy to end up in a bed or on a couch next to a tipsy girl that really likes you or is really horny.


Don’t Pass Up House Parties

American house parties are some of the best in the world. If you get a chance to go to house parties, try not to pass it up, because these are some of the easiest places in the world to get laid.


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16 Comments on “My Fastest Bang Ever, Getting To Sex As Fast As Possible and House Parties”

  1. Was this a college town where these parties went down?

    What advice do you have for older guys (mid 30s) who don’t have access to fun, college parties? Could they show up in Poland as a foreigner and party with college kids?

    1. No it wasn’t a college town.

      Honestly, a lot of times there is a “cool older guy”. He usually ends up paying for more shit, but he ends up hooking up with plenty of young girls. I guess that’s part of the tradeoff

    2. Thats not a bad trade off really.

      Did you find South America to be more ghetto and higher risk of theft or violence than SEA? Is violent crime like armed robbery or getting taken out an issue in Eastern Europe (Im sure it is in Venezuela and Brazil)?

    3. South America is by far more dangerous than SEA and EE. I don’t think they are really a problem in the latter places.

    4. Thanks 20.

      Heard about you guys via Roosh.

      by your vocal intonation with the Odessa interview are you part Asian?

      You have a West coast, chill accent and vibe like a Bay Area or Santa Barbara type of dude.

      The interview was one of my all time YT favs-for real. You guys have gotta be having a blast over there.

      Roosh is a great writer man but, the grittiness of “Dead Bat In Paraguay” made me feel like Id need kevlar armor to go to every where in South America except Argentina.

      Cordoba looks awesome- Roosh said in Dead Bat you could live there on only 1k/month!

      The talent on OKC for Cordoba is sick!

      So in Odessa or EE if you cold approach a girl and shes with a dude (and you dont see him and are approaching her with direct game-this has happened to me at malls for day game in US) will guys over there start swinging at you or are they cool or do they just talk tough and act cool as long as you apologize?

      Most US guys laugh but a few want to fight.

      Have you done campus walk through like you did in your DR trip (I love doing that-the college chicks eat the attention up)?

      From what I gather about UA its best to hang in the plaza or town square or do online game. Theyre like Latins in that they like to drink beers and go for leisurely walks for dates.

    5. The guys in Odessa seemed a lot more chill about things like that. They seem to have an abundance mentality. Because hot girls are there in abundance. Just say “Didn’t know she was taken. Nice work man.”

      I didn’t do a campus walkthrough in Ukraine so I couldn’t say.

  2. Actually I was thinking about establishing a routine of weekly house-parties, since I got to know a local minor celebrity who does 2 parties per week and gets laid every time with new girls. The problem is just attracting the right kind of girls – especially if you are no longer in college.

    1. yeah, just make some friends with some social college guys and you are in. Most of those guys are just looking for a place to throw parties. Mutual gain

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