The Easiest Place to Bang Arab Women (Middle Eastern) is Istanbul, Turkey

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This is a strong statement, but the time I had in Istanbul, Turkey was absolutely amazing. I slept with plenty of women from plenty of different countries and it wasn’t difficult. I know that Turkish people don’t consider themselves Arab, but they are Middle Eastern and Istanbul is full of people from Arab countries. The best part is, they are full of the Arab women who want to break free of their cultures and that is why I would say Istanbul, Turkey the easiest place to bang Arab women in the world. Here is my story from my trip to Istanbul:


taksim square arab women

Picture from my first night in Turkey on Istiklal Avenue

Arrival and My First Date in Istanbul, Turkey

As I walked towards Taksim square hours after arriving in Istanbul from Ukraine, I couldn’t help but feel a little paranoid about a terrorist attack. Just months earlier in the very square I was about to meet my Tinder date at, a bomb went off killing five people and wounding 36. I was paranoid, but more excited, I had been dating super hot white girls in Ukraine, but now it was time for some Arab women.

I showed up twenty minutes late to the square and found my date telling off a local guy. She dismissed him and recognized me immediately. This 21 year old Turkish girl was hot, just as hot as her pictures.

“You are late!” she complained.

“I got lost,” I responded with a smile.

A tiny smile crept across her face. “I got approached by like twenty guys.” I had heard about how Turkish guys approach like crazy and I imagine a girl alone in the square could put her in a position to be approached a lot, but twenty times? Even ten times is ridiculous.

I was quickly able to change her mood to happy and laughing at my jokes. We walked down the popular Istiklal street.

“It’s your first day in Turkey, what do you want to do?” she asked.

“Let’s get a drink,” I responded, thinking only about making this girl my Turkish flag.

As we walked I noticed there seemed to be a lot more guys in the street than girls. Coming from Ukraine, where it seems there are more women in the street than men, it was a shock. Then, seeing the Syrian refugee families in the street begging for money, also made me realize I wasn’t in comfy Ukraine anymore.

She took me to a really cool bar that was so well hidden, I never would have found it on my own. As we had a couple beers and talked, I knew this girl was feeling me. Everything was going smoothly until…

“What the fuck are you looking at?” she yelled. Then she started speaking in Turkish.

At first I thought she was talking to me, but I looked over my shoulder and saw she was talking to the guys sitting behind us.

The guys took the tongue lashing and went back to their drinks. “What was that about?” I asked.

“They kept staring and looking at me weird.”

Was this girl just a bitch or do girls have to be bitches to get guys to leave them alone in Turkey? My guess was that it was a little bit of both.

Afterwards, I made the excuse that I needed to check something on my computer and that my (Airbnb) apartment was really close. She agreed too readily and I knew… she wants it. And, as the song goes, if she wants it, you gotta give it to her.

Getting back to my apartment, I found out I had read the situation correctly. It wasn’t long before her clothes were off and I was fucking this hot Turkish girl. This girl had a really pretty face, with the typical Turkish nose, but when her clothes came off her body wasn’t the greatest. There wasn’t any real flaw it was more that, while she wasn’t fat, her body wasn’t at all tight.

Still, the exoticness of this Turkish girl and her beautiful face made for good sex. I had gotten my Turkish flag, hours after arriving; golden touchdown achievement… in a Muslim country. It was the first moment I began realizing that I may have chosen a great location to bang Arab women.


Day 2: Time to Clean Up with Some More Arab Women

The next day I had two dates planned, both with girls I had met on Tinder. I did some exploring beforehand, then met my first date. This girl was tiny, with a so-so face. Her redeeming features seemed to be the two sweater mittens that her jacket couldn’t hide, something rare on such a thin frame.

The date was interesting/more boring because she was studying English and still wasn’t at a very high level. Most of our conversation was done with Google Translate.

“I so sorry my English bad. It OK?” she asked over and over and over again.

arab women

Walking down Istikal during the day

This girl liked me, even though we could barely speak. I wanted to close her, but there was a big problem. I was supposed to meet my next date in 30 minutes. My next date was with a Persian girl (Iranian) who was simply hotter than this girl.

“I have to go, but we can meet again another day,” I told her.

We said our goodbyes and I went for the kiss I knew I would get. It got my heart beating and only made me hornier.

“Next time we will watch a movie at my place.”

“Ok,” she agreed and we parted ways.

My next date was so my type. She was another girl with a nice face, but unlike the other girl who had a beautiful bitch face, this girl had a beautiful good girl face. While I loved her look, I guessed this girl would be a virgin and very difficult to sleep with… but, fortunately, things are not always as they would seem.

We went and got a drink together and talked and talked. While we chatted I learned that this Muslim raised girl was not the angel that her persona seemed to imply. This was a girl who moved from Iran to Istanbul to try new things and to live life to the fullest.

She told me about a few of the drugs that she had tried and we had some interesting conversations about sex. She admitted she had only lost her virginity last year, but since that time she had sure been enjoying herself.

After we finished a few drinks, I just walked her back to my house without saying where we were going, and she never asked… she knew.

The next thing you know this girl with this sweet face was beneath me with moans coming from that perfect mouth; I had gotten my Iranian flag.

I honestly liked this girl and I wanted to see her again. We met up the following afternoon and spent the entire day together. It helped that she spoke English quite well and it was interesting to hear all her stories about living in Iran. That night ended up being amazing… we might have done ecstasy, listened to music and had sex aaaaaall night. I can neither confirm nor deny. So far, Arab women were nothing like I had imagined.


The Next Couple Days and More Arab Women

The next day I was dead from my all night sexathon, but I wasn’t about to let it slow me down. I had only 8 or 9 total days in Turkey and i wasn’t about to waste them. I got another Tinder date. Again we ended up going to a bar and getting some drinks. I was starting to get annoyed with the very expensive drinks (Turkey is not expensive, but the drinks are because they tax them so much). But at least it seemed that Arab women, unlike Ukrainian women, believed in paying for their half of the bill.

The talk went well and she basically admitted she wanted to fuck me. It was great because, while she wasn’t as hot as my first two lays, this 20 year old Turkish girl had a great body and not a bad face. I started pushing for her to come back with me and she just laid it out.

“I’m on my period, but it should be done in a few days.”

I played it cool from there and was thankful that she was so honest about it. The worst is taking a girl home with you and finding out she won’t have sex because of her period (or many times I just don’t want to).


The Wild Moroccan Girl

I said goodbye to her with a kiss and hurriedly searched for another date for the night. It wasn’t long before I had one. Now, I would meet a girl from Morocco. She arrived on time and actually looked better in person than she did on Tinder. If I would have known she was this hot, I would have met her earlier.

This Moroccan girl was only 18 years old, she was wearing a shirt that exposed her flat stomach and that was cut low to show off her naturally large breasts.

I was excited about this girl, but things got difficult when I realized she spoke almost no English. I was saved slightly when I learned she spoke some Spanish, although not very well. The rest of our conversations were a mix of English, Spanish and French, but were never very clear.

We got a drink at a bar close by. From there we ended up at a club that seemed to be full of everything but Turkish people. This is where I got to see the craziness that Moroccan girls are actually known for. When my date got drunk she was dancing on tables, stumbling around the club and talking and dancing with every group.

She started dancing with another foreigner guy. I watched as he looked down her low cut top at those big tits. I didn’t care how sexy she was, I wasn’t about to put up with this. I told her I was leaving and walked towards the door. She immediately left the guy and tried to get me to stay.

“I sorry. I sorry. I sorry. Please stay,” she told me.

She promised not to dance with any other guys and told me how much she likes me. She was still pretty crazy the rest of the night, but she only danced with other girls and on some tables, so it was bearable. Fueled by make outs, dirty dancing and imagining this busty girl naked, the night started to fly by and the next thing I knew it was 5 am and the club was closing. I took her by the hand and led her to my apartment.

She seemed OK with going “I just want stay with you.” she told me.

Then… the cock block happened. An Arab guy saw me leaving with her and came to talk to her. They were speaking Arabic, so even though I couldn’t understand them, I could gather a lot from their tone of voice and body language. He was a friend of hers and trying to cock block.

“She is a virgin and needs to go back home. I will take her,” he announced after a minute, this guy was staying in the same hostel she was.

“She wants to go back to the hostel without me?” I asked.

“Yes,” he responded, but from seeing how she clung to me it was obviously a lie.

He tried to lead her away but I put on my sexiest body language and looked her in the eyes. “You won’t come back with me?”

“I want be with you,” she said.

I took her by the hand and started walking. Her friend started following and the two of them argued in Arabic the entire walk to my apartment. She stopped a few times and asked me to come with her to the hostel. I told her I wouldn’t but that she could go, I was going to go home. I was getting sick of fighting for this sexy little Arab girl.

“No. I come.”

Finally, the guy left and I walked my prize to the front door of my apartment. I would finally have her. He had said she was a virgin, but of course he lied about her wanting to leave, he was probably lying about this too. No way a girl this wild could actually be a virgin.

I lay her on the bed and kissed her, slowly stripping off her clothes. Her top came off to reveal tits that were just as good as I had imagined. Big, soft and with a perkiness only an 18 year old could have. Soon after she was sucking me.

Yeah… the blowjob was too good, she couldn’t be a virgin. I switched positions and went to take off her panties… but she resisted.

“I’m a virgin.”


What I thought would be an easy lay, turned into hours of foreplay. This was not a girl that wanted to wait to lose her virginity, but she didn’t make it easy. She ended up staying the night and it wasn’t until the next day that I was finally able to get inside of her take her virginity.

Afterwards I stared at the spot of blood on my bed, wondering how I would clean it before I checked out of the Airbnb. She read my mind and took the sheet off the bed and started cleaning.

I don’t know how it happened, but I started to like this girl. We couldn’t communicate well and I wouldn’t agree to go to a club with her again, but I ended up spending the rest of my trip with her.

I explored the city with her and in between these trips we would go back to my place and I would explore her body. Damn she was sexy. The next thing you know it was the day of my flight to Egypt. It was time to say goodbye to her, to say goodbye to Istanbul and, possibly, to say goodbye to Arab women because I had heard that Egyptian girls were VERY difficult; I would have to see for myself.

It was a sad goodbye and I would miss just being around her, but I’m 20Nation from SwoopTheWorld and swoop the world… I must.


busty arab women

The Last Day, Time for One More Girl?

I had ignored a bunch of girls during all this time with the wild Moroccan virgin, I would say if I stayed another week in Istanbul I would have 5 new notches… but I didn’t.

I had checked out of my Airbnb, but had a few more hours until I needed to go to the airport. I messaged a few of the girls who had been wanting to meet and one agreed to meet for coffee. It was the girl who had been on her period. This time she wasn’t and we found the closest hotel.

I paid for a half day and enjoyed my last moments in, what I would say is… the easiest place in the world to bang Arab women.


easiest place to bang arab women

My Arab Women Strategy

Day game in Istanbul seemed difficult. Women have their guards up while in the streets because of getting approached so often, so that’s not the best way. Clubs are sausage fests, at least in comparison to Ukrainian clubs. Tinder, however seemed to work like a charm. The girls wouldn’t throw themselves at me, but when I would joke around with them in the chat, they would almost always agree to meet.


The Danger of Terrorism in Istanbul

There is a danger aspect in Turkey and especially in Istanbul. So there is the question: Are the Arab women worth it? I would say an overwhelming yes, but that’s something you will have to decide for yourself.


Next stop… Egypt: Can Foreigners Sleep with Egyptian Women? My Trip to Cairo, Egypt



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  • Bismarck

    Great Read, are you in Egypt now? And is THC still traveling

    • Thanks Bismarck. No, I already left Egypt. THC is about to meet me in Asia, some more awesome stories to come!

    • Hubert Cumberdale

      You guys going to Saigon by any chance?

    • There’s a possibility but its not in the planning yet. We will be in the area though.

  • Hubert Cumberdale

    Did the women look a lot like this? Even though it’s a Muslim country I assume it’s reasonably laid back like Malaysia, where there are definitely some rebel girls who are easy to game.

    • There is a lot of variety in Turkey being such an international city. There were white looking girls (from all the slaves they took from eastern europe) all the way to the darker look that we usually imagine middle eastern women being. And yeah I was definitely gaming the rebel girls because every girl I slept with was raised Muslim.

    • Splooge

      This. As a westerner thats our niche group.
      After all turkey egypt are considered a female sex tourist destination…basically western womans thailand

    • Yeah, but I think its mroe in tourist cities. I dont know if Istanbul is the same. It also comes from a lower percentage of girls who are dtf

    • splooge

      pretty much, had a friend who was there like 10yrs ago, think she was in Ankara and Istanbul. She hung around the business area alot as well and she said theres barley any women on the street there.

    • Yeah in Poland, they say Turkey is where fat girls go to feel pretty haha. The guys will really hit on anything. Which was why I was so surprised how good it was with women there.

  • Pall

    Enjoyed the read! Some of those women must have been hot!! Never been to Turkey but have always wanted to. Iranian women – although they would claim not to be Arab (they hate Arabs, they are Persians), for all intents and purposes they are. I think that they are the most beautiful in the Middle East.

    • Yeah, there are a lot of really hot girls there. It was surprising because I honestly imagined it would be worse. Then, I realized as a foreigner I was part of a small niche in such a gigantic city.

      Yeah, I’m not sure of all those things, Arab is just so much easier to write than middle eastern.

      I would agree that Persians seem to be the most beautiful.

    • Splooge

      Ya they are. But worth noting nosejob is big in iran. But persian isreali lebanese an turks tend to be the better looking middle easterners.

    • I actually like the noses for some reasons. It makes the more exotic to me. Sometimes with nose jobs they just look like Latinas

    • David

      Why do you say that iranians and arabs are the same when they dont share the same language, ethnicity or culture ?

      Would you say that germans and finnish people are the same?

    • I think he’s just using it as a grouping method. Germans and Finnish are the same people if you go by a european grouping. They are very similar if you compare them instead to asians, africans, latinios, middle easterners, even down south if you compare them to italians or spanish. I don’t think he’s saying they are exactly the same. Just the way Egyptians and Saudis aren’t the same. I know there are bigger differences between Iranians and saudis than Egyptians and Saudis, but compared to other parts of the world, obviously there are more similarities tto the official arab countries.

    • Pall

      Yeah thanks 20. I meant how you explained it. There are of course differences however you can throw them into the same basket.
      David – agree with what you said but I was only generalizing for the sake of generalizing. But that said – although Iranians call themselves a separate people (Persians), there has been alot of genetic mixing cross borders and sometimes it is very hard to tell the difference between an Iranian and an Arab!
      Wow – it took me 8 months to respond to this message LOL! How slack of me.

    • Lars

      Hell to the nah. Where ever I’ve been, Persian girls were maybe 5/10s at best . With a good nose , lip and boob job a solid 8/10. The Turkish b***hes were f***ing delicious no matter where I went . When I was in Germany ( I’m from Sweden and your typical tall Swedish blonde haired blue eyed norse god ) the German girls looked so damn gross. The hipster trend has ruined this country , which is mostly populated by pale skinned blonde women with awful hair cuts, masculine bodies and faces. The only sexy women I saw happened to be very liberal and very busty Turkish girls . I’m 100% sure that I’m gonna give my precious Swedish god like sperm to a nice little turkish girl . P.s- turkish men are the biggest c**kblocks, those f***ers. On top of that , with short Arab men , they are by far the ugliest ME men.If you want to bang hot middle eastern women – go to EUROPE. In ME countries they cut your wiener off for just thinking about laying their women. In Europe are loads of hot middle eastern women .

  • anon1

    Is the moroccan girl, the girl in the picture with the big bust? Because holy shit she is hot.

    I had a good time in Turkey in terms of getting attention but I don’t drink which sort of limits the ways and excuses to bring them back

    Still, awesome stories dude!

    • Yeah, while I was there it seemed there was almost always alcohol involved in my seductions.

      The girl in the picture isnt her, but she had the exact same bust. It was so nice.

      Thanks anon

  • Sean Toddington

    Egypt? Been there lots – I’m a scuba diver. Some of the best diving in the world IMO. Many visits to Siniai and the Red Sea. I can give you a few observations. I’ve hardly ever met an Egyptian woman. I believe that FGM is widely practised in Eygpt, so if you do meet any, let me know how game works on a chick with half her twat missing. Generally they are kept away from Westerners. Met lots of women but all tourists and there aren’t many of those now. Siniai is safe (ish) when you get there but airport security sucks there so good luck with your flight home. Having said it’s safe, some friends were diving in my favourite resort (Dahab) and some cunt let off a bomb outside a cafe popular with Westerners – fortunately no casualties.

    I make it a point of principle to avoid countries where a significant number of the inhabitants would enjoy seeing me with an orange jumpsuit and no head.

    • Yeah i’ve heard about it. I was in Cairo, so I imagine it’s a completely different animal. Yeah and people were angry, angry with me, angry with each other, just angry. The article will be coming soon

  • Edwards Johnson

    Hey 20Nation, I really want to have a skype session with you. How can I get started with you.

  • Romano1331

    When approximately are u going to reveal a mempership area ?

    • well. We don’t want want to do it because of the diffiulty

    • Romano1331

      Can’t u show naked photos even if face is blurred ? That’s kinda sux, but u won’t win with the law i guess.

    • It’s really a grey area. Especially if we are directly getting paid because of it. We would prefer not to risk breaking any laws.

  • jayteeniftb

    Hehe Asian men are so wonderfully screwed in any globalised area. No woman actually wants them given the choice.
    Kudos 20 for exposing the reality. Perhaps an article on this?

    • i don’t think this is always the case. There are even places where their look can be preferred

    • jayteeniftb

      Preferred? Haven’t read that anywhere though. But then I am personally not the global traveller either. Care to enlighten us?

    • Basically spots where they get almost no Asians. Because of this, they have really high exotic value. Parts of Europe, I’ve seen asian guys kill it in Colombia.

    • jayteeniftb

      Ah the never seen before shiny new factor. Works mostly everywhere.

    • JC

      Actually I’m a mid-20s Chinese male living in the UK speaking good English and I currently work for a London bank. I’m above-average looking with 5″11′ in height

      I once visited Turkey when I was still a beginner in dating, but I approached 7 girls in Istanbul during daytime.

      Out of these 7 girls, 3 girls (one 5, one 7.5 and one 6.5) gave their phone numbers to me. It was easier compared to the UK….

      Ultimately I secured a dinner date with the 7.5 girl, and during the date, she sounded infatuated when talking how some Turkish girls like Korean drama, and I immediately knew that Korean guys are portrayed as sweet romantics in K-drama (the manifestation of Korean drama and pop culture benefited Asian males including me…) but unfortunately I did not secure a lay due to poor logistics and poor dating skill level that time…

      But I may visit Istanbul again in sometime future if I can spend less time for work and career-building…

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  • Toan_H

    do you have any tips on making jokes? How to be funnier? I seem to struggle with this… thanks!

    • It’s a complicated subject. I wrote down as a future article idea. I would suggest watching a lot of interviews by craig ferguson and watching the series californication. It will give you an idea of the right type of humor. If you want to learn from a course I would suggest david d’s cocky funny (the right type of humor)

  • Splooge

    wow complete fucking opposite from every other gamer from roosh to mark zolo whom has the biggest luck around. and other gamers being aggressively cockblocked or attacked. Hell one brit teen got stabbed.
    But Istanbul is the most liberal city in middle east next to tel aviv.

    Dude u lucked hard. Normally being a foreigner works against u. Like roosh found that most girls lose interest when they find hes american and not turkish.
    But the key here is find the gringo chasers.
    Usually when people want arab flags id tell them south brazil or goto paris.

    Man something miracles just happened if u can pull this while fail in argentina

    • Yeah I didnt find that at all. I found that girls seemed to like that I was a white guy. That being said, I did have to show them i am entertaining and do a lot of teasing and jokes. Compared to how it is now that I am back in the Philippines where game is… just showing up 😉

    • Splooge

      Lol im surprised SEA hasnt made u lazy yet.
      Sounds like key here is to pipeline and be the best clown you can be. While knowing how to deal with aggressive cock blocks

    • It has made me lazy. I’m trying to pipeline for taiwan and cant be bothered to actually have a conversation. Also might be getting some oneitus

    • splooge

      really lol?which country?
      you got the notch count of Genhis Khan, nothing wrong with swooping one womb at this point

    • Philippines actually, I’m actually starting to think the same thing haha. Time will tell. May be a lot of relationship posts in the future.

  • Sansu

    wow, i want too!

  • kartashok

    Yet when a brown man gets a white female millions of white guys threaten race wars and start killing random people and crying about white genocide all the time. Die faster, pink skins!

  • TaylanDemirYetkin

    How the hell did you find Arab women in Istanbul? Syrian refugees? or the saudis (thats no way:)) I didn’t get it:))). Or most probably you have no idea what arab is? that the Moroccans or Turks are not arabs:)))) You are sooo funny and very uncultivated too:)))

  • Alex

    Fake ass story.

  • Avatard

    Sounds like a load of childish BS