The Easiest Country in the World to Fuck Girls… Hands Down

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I have been travelling consistently for many years now. I have gone and checked out the pussy paradises in nearly every corner of the planet, but after all this there is still one country that is hands down the easiest place to fuck girls. Before, I was only giving some of this information to Swoop’s newsletter subscribers, but I feel like my readers should know it as well.


What is the easiest country in the world to fuck girls?

The easiest country, hands down, to fuck girls in the world is a country in South East Asia called The Philippines. I have been to all the places where women were reportedly very easy and nothing compares. Not Dominican Republic, (where I slept with 31 girls in 24 days and had a harem), not Colombia (where I would never spend a night alone), not Thailand (with the most sexual girls in the world), not even Ukraine (where you can get dates with as many model looking girls as you want), nor any other of the well known pussy paradises we are always writing about here on Swoop The World… but in the Philippines.

In no other place on the planet will you get so much attention from attractive women. This is the only place I have ever heard of where guys have been sleeping with three new girls a day. The Philippines is the place where a Westerner has by far the highest value. You can use that value to get whatever you want from these girls. To give you an idea of how it is, here are some quotes from girls during my trip to the Philippines:

“You know… I don’t care if you are with other girls, as long as you use a condom and I know that I am your main girl.” – Philippina I met in Ceb City

“If you are my boyfriend, you can have sex with my friends as well, but only when I’m there.” – Slutty girl I met in Manila

“I want to have your baby.” – Many girls I met from the Philippines

Now, what this should show you is the ridiculously high value that foreign guys have in comparison to the women. These women were willing to give me extra special perks just so that they could hang onto me. This is the type of thing that won’t happen so easily in other countries.


Want instant proof for yourself?

fuck girls philippines

The women that will lineup online just to talk to you

If you don’t want to take my word for it, you don’t have to. Go to this website and signup  for a free account (you don’t need to get the paid account to see your crazy high value). Put up a couple pictures and write a quick bio saying where you are from. Then, wait 24 hours.

After 24 hours check your inbox. I guarantee you will have attractive girls messaging you and… more attractive girls will message you on this Philippine site than anywhere else in the world. I have compared my results to countless countries and no other country compares in easiness. Then, from there, being able to fuck girls in the Philippines is pretty easy thanks to your ridiculous high value.

I have been to and sent many people to that website, and what is insane is not just how often attractive girls respond to you, but how many girls message YOU. This is something that defies human psychology, as attractive women are not supposed to start out chasing. If you don’t believe me, I’ve just given you a way to see for yourself.


What makes The Philippines the ultimate pussy paradise?

If you are looking to fuck girls easily, nowhere compares to the Philippines. There are quite a few reasons for this:

  • Excellent English
  • You can meet girls easily with day game, night game and online
  • Safe
  • Their obsession for western TV (got a crush on many actors growing up and dream of being with a Westerner)
  • Even non-white guys do well here (I saw this first hand, although white people do have an advantage)
  • One of the shortest counties on the world so it’s easy to get a height DHV
  • Tightest pussies I have even encountered
  • Poorer country so, if you are making any amount of money out west you get a wealth DHV
  • Care very little about age difference (I saw many 40+ guys with attractive 18 year olds)


fuck girls philippines

What should you do now?

If you want to fuck girls easily, want the ultimate single guy adventure or really need a huge confidence boost. You should check out how much the women like you on the website I mentioned earlier. Then, after you see the ridiculous attention that you get, book a ticket. Then, enjoy the place where you can fuck girls every day of the week.

Read About How Incredible it is First Hand

I wrote a book about my time in the Philippines (and the rest of South East Asia). The stories and sexual conquests that I experienced were completely unbelievable (sometimes guys who have never been to South East Asia don’t believe it). If you want to see how it really is, without having to spend 1000$ on a plane ticket, read my book The Single Guy’s Playground: Sex and Adventure in South East Asia.

the single guy's playground: sex and adventure in south east asia


Learn About Where Else to Travel to Find the Best Pussy

If you want to fuck an Asian, this place is right for you. If you prefer putting in more work and want to have sex with white girls, Latin girls or black girls, check out the rest of the website. Here at we explore the world and find the best and easiest women so you don’t have to. You can see all the articles we have on different countries on the right of the screen (or bottom on mobile) and you can watch some our travel videos here.

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183 Comments on “The Easiest Country in the World to Fuck Girls… Hands Down”

    1. Yup, same thing here, it’s pretty crazy. Better to use a secondary email account for notifications, which you can also turn off under Settings. The “older” gals will email you directly while the cuter ones will just “show interest”. I feel like a 20 year old blond with big boobs. =) Some of these girls need to work on their profile game. Too many creepy, poorly lit photos from clearly deceptive angles.

    2. “20 yo blonde with big boobs”

      I could make that into a mantra for happiness.

    3. I use a 2nd email account (used for other things primarily) and don’t have photos listed. That seems to cut down a lot on the responses (intentionally) if I’m just browsing and checking out the “average” woman, etc before making a move.

    4. Bro, I just made a dummy account and I literally received 60-100 emails last night. Not the cutest women ever but fuck bro, they want the D. Hell im black too, so its just not you guys who get this treatment.

    5. I wouldn’t get too excited, I’ve gotten laid over 30 times off Fcupid and any girl of worth won’t be contacting you first (rare). You’ll do well, but expect to put in work contacting the girls first that are actually hot.

    6. hey i also sign up for that dating sites but i just meet rude people and i am filipina

    7. I’m black also just got back from a week in Philippines and it is by far the easiest place to get pussy that I have ever been. I think one of the factors is that most of the girls speak some level of English, that makes it much easier to communicate and a little sweet talk get those panties off real quick. 😀

    8. Healthy functional women like sex just as much as men do, only these twisted busy bodies think that
      they have a right
      to tell everyone how to live their lives.

    9. Why is it disgusting? If it is something that is done by consenting adults why would you have a problem with it?

    10. She is that typical jealous feminist cunt which i hate most in the world, i would kill them all fucking feminist scum !!!

    11. Wipe the cum off your face and go eat the dinner yo momma has prepared for her sweet princess loool

    12. ODDFUTURE – Haha, another jealous envious feminist ugly white trash cunt, i will send you lot of photo from Philipines when i enjoy lot of sexy young fresh cheap pussy you retarded ugly feminist whore cunt hahahahha !!!!


    14. I would brutally rape and kill all retarded feminist cunts like you, you fucking worthless scum whore, you know i spend every year 3 month in Philippines and enjoying lot of sexy, easy and cheap pussy !!! You jealous cunt haha !!!

    15. Rape them with..what? Your tiny needle-dick? They wouldnt feel a thing! Also, when so-called ‘straight men’ talk of ‘pussy this..pussy that’ what they REALLY mean is COCK. YES! U closeted fags need the D. Ur all on forums circle-jerking each other over ‘pussy’ hmmm. MEXEROS just ask and i’ll cum on ur face lol lol *slides my cock in mexeros mouth* uh uh uh yeah bitch-boy take it..ugh ugh..keep telling those lies sweet prince imma spunk in ur eyes ohhhhhhhhh hnnnng

    16. ODDFUTURE – Haha, another jealous envious feminist ugly white trash cunt, i will send you lot of photo from Philipines when i enjoy lot of sexy young fresh cheap pussy you retarded ugly feminist whore cunt hahahahha !!!!

    17. Noting wrong with consenting adults . . . emphasizing consenting and adults . . . to engage in casual sex. I know that women talk about looking for D while travelling. I’m sure they have their own fave countries.

    18. 20 and all readers here-
      How many Pinays send you interest or favorite you/day?

    19. Had approx 250 views in 2 days, 125 interested, 50% rate. Quality isn’t great though, only maybe 5-10 scrape over “bangable”. Your tastes may be different than mine though.

    20. Yeah girls that contact or view you first are never keepers. Although, the hunt can get you some stunners if you know what your doing. People getting all excited about profile views are like a 5 yr old with a new toy.

    21. True, but remember many of these guys are from Western Countries where online dating sucks. They get to experience what being a woman is like.

  1. 20
    Do you think if enough guys catch on this place where men are adored will be ruined for men?

    Personally, I want a wife and to be in love. I think Christianity is truth but I keep an open mind to research other cultures where a man is valued and am not so America centric. Ill give you an example of this-at my local gym with an indoor pool where I swim I’d see a man who was a Pastor and probably early 60s- he had a belly and big grey beard like Santa Claus and when you’d see other older men similar looking to him they would be alone or look unhappy but this man did not-why? Well besides being a beautiful human being inside who loves God and people he has been an international evangelist and he found a Pinay wife who is at a minimum 10-15 years younger than him and even just being polite in public when Id talk to her she would treat me like I was someone special and was happy and enthusiastic and a really nice lady. She told me Palawan is beautiful. Other men his age look so sad and depressed but this man was happy. I’ve even met Filipino men who are so full of love, life, and inner beauty and happy they treat you like a celebrity. Young Chinese girls have been sweet to me as well- Asians are beautiful people inside and out man. The West could learn a lot from them. I sincerely hope the Philpines doesn’t lose its inner beauty they have. Also- have you heard of this Navy Pole shift map- there’s a site called Zeta talk that claims if the poles shift the Philipines will be destroyed. I hope that never happens as they are such beautiful people. It amazes me all the wealth the West has but we don’t live people we love things it seems. Even a cynical old man I know who’s been divorced 2x told me the best woman he ever dated in his life was a Filipino and this dude could go out to a neighborhood con since store for a beer and girls have his age would be screaming his name and running over to say hello in America man.

    1. Modernisation and feminism will come to all places eventually perhaps. Although it does seem Asian cultures are a lot more resistant. Get there whilst the going’s good, if you have the inclination.

    2. Feminism is gender strife to oppress us all economically, politically, and socially.

      Check out and the stuff he wrote on feminism-Makows an expert on feminism for 30 years. He deplores it and its Communist-Zionist social engineering imperative of tyranny.

    3. been visiting Manila for 35years. owned a bar for 2 years, those were the days. These days still pick up shop assistants, out for dinner drinks and back to the hotel (most working girls are lucky to see a decent hotel) best accommodation is sea residences Opposite Mall of Asia The birds love it. But don’t pick up the local girls( they are all looking for the rich foreigners that own the condos’ Go to Quezon City or into Manila.

    4. yeah it will change but slowly. The population is really high so it’s tough to become oversaturated with foreigners and you can always go to a smaller city.

    5. It won’t change slowly… the change from just 2 years ago to now is staggering. It doesn’t take one Western guy for every Filipina. All it takes is enough foreign guys that we’re not special there anymore, which isn’t a lot.

      Also, hot girls are ALWAYS rare, so even if you can still get laid easy after every swinging dick that reads this post creates his account and books his vacation, the hot ones will have so many options that you’ll get laid easy with mediocre chicks.

      And going to smaller towns… sucks. These places have shitty hotels, shitty internet, shitty food and shitty infrastructure. They’re also more conservative and you’ll run into virgins more or girls with Filipino boy-friends and jealousy issues.

      From a guy with boots on the ground in Asia since 2004. You are underestimating the pace of the change. And it’s these blogs that fuck it up. I run into white guys now doing pickup here and it’s always guys who found out on a blog like this one.

      Talk about shooting yourself in the foot… find a gold mine and instead of staking a claim, go tell everyone. Not the smartest thing you can do for a few bucks filcupid commissions.

    6. Imagine an 1850s miner… “Hey dudes, there’s tons of gold here… come check it out!!!”

    7. Yeah some guys say Medellin and Bangkok both suck now (for men who want to be with normal girls) because the words gotten out. Maybe 20 can write game specific things to say to the girls of each country that work better or best in each one. Like Roosh in his books covers travel logistics and the ideas of culture well but he doesn’t have super specific phrases that seem to really get inside these girls heads in each place. Even in the Sttes the linguistics of game vary- California chicks love the Nlp stuff but if you try that in Miami its jot nearly as smooth. Focising in language and culture That could be a niche market of specific language patterns for each county or region and haters shouldn’t laugh because Richad Bandler and Ross Jeffries have made a ton of cash pushing media products with a linguistic context. Even the basis of motivational gurus like Tomy Robbins and his wealth he has amassed is language centric.

      When you think about everywhere becoming a corporate consumer feminist police state hell hole via Westerners and their culture projecting upon normal healthy humans its terrifying.
      I do kind of cringe to myself thinking about good areas becoming over saturated. Like what happened to Prague and will probably happen to Belgrade and Kiev next.

    8. There was a time when even Rio was great for meeting girls. I was in Medellin during the Civil War (2003), all girls were all over my nuts cause I met 4 foreigners in 2 weeks in the country. That’s obviously completely over. Bangkok was great only 5 years ago, totally over too now. The change is incredibly fast, and it’s the internet (and blogs like this) that are accelerating it.

      And yeah sure you could develop some new version of game that works better on girls of a specific demographic but that defeats the whole purpose. What made these places good was that it was so easy… and doing this kind of song and dance was not required.

      I live in the Philippines. My friends who have been here for a few years plus all say it’s changed dramatically. 2014 was a big tipping point. Decline is fast and yeah… the guys I meet that are suddenly saturating the dating market here… they came because of blogs like this one.

      We won’t stop the decline but if people stopped telling it to millions of guys via these platforms maybe it wouldn’t deteriorate at this break neck speed. Depending on where you go, you can already find plenty of Filipinas now that think they have a gold plated pussy, with all the attitude and arrogance that always comes with girls that get too much attention.

    9. What these bloggers don’t realize is just how many guys in the West are completely desperate due to the situation back home. The real miracle is that there aren’t even more foreigners in the Philippines yet. If everyone in the West knew what this country is like, there would be 8 million Americans at Manila airport tomorrow, another 8 million the day after.

      And that’s the scenario the internet is creating.

      Twenty, Roosh et all need to learn how to make money online without ruining these places. I’m an online publisher too… and I can guarantee this is one of the LEAST profitable ways of making cash on the internet. Totally not worth adding to the demise of paradise for a bit of chump change.

      There are so many other ways of making ten to one hundred times more money online, without sending more guys to these countries so they can all kiss these girls’ asses… until they, too, will be spoiled entitled feminist bitches like so many women in the west (and even Thailand) have become.

    10. Thomas
      What would you reccomended guy who wants out of America do to make some decent money online?

      I personally think Belgrades a good long term bet- some of the best looking women and the Balkans have never seen much fanfare from the West.

    11. Seems to be that way with everything these days. You find your own piece of paradise and 5-10 years later the cat’s been let out of the bag and every kook and their dog are all over it and fuck it up. For example Bali used to be a magical place back in the 90’s. Nowadays it’s overrrun with drunken fuckhead westerners.

    1. yeah bro…i dont get this kind of love on dominicancupid. this shit is insane. youre a genius…GENIUS!

  2. It is the best place to be for sure. Also, you are almost certainly going to have a bigger penis than at least 95+% of the fillo guys there. (the average 4.3” in philli). not that that mattes but it is a plus 🙂

    1. A woman is more than a pussy 20nation. Thanks for insulting me and my entire gender.
      Are you able to see women as human beings yet?

    2. Nope, all women worth is their pussy and also ass for anal and mouth for blowjob lol becouse women are whores good only for fucking so shut up you retarded white feminist cunt !!!

    3. *slides MEXEROS’ hello-kitty panties down and bends him over* ughhhh..tight asshole *I ram my donkey-kong cock in out in mmm keep talking dirty, sweetness mmm. Is your mind as narrow as ur anus? Hnnnnggg

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      ~ = ur needledick

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    6. ODDFUTURE – Haha, another jealous envious feminist ugly white trash cunt, i will send you lot of photo from Philipines when i enjoy lot of sexy young fresh cheap pussy you retarded ugly feminist whore cunt hahahahha !!!!

    1. some of the biggest sweethearts in the world, but loyalty isn’t the highest compared to other countries i would say

    2. Muslim countries lol. But seriously, the easier it is for people to get laid, the lower the loyalty usually is. A girl who takes 5 dates to lay will on average be much more loyal than a girl who took 1 date. I have loyalty ranked in world women rankings

  3. 20

    Im not a racist or eugenicist- but what do you think of white guys having babies with other races?

    Look at Elliot Rodger and some of those school shooter psycho rampage types- a lot of them appear to be mixed race. Im not hating on an group just saying their could be a risk to the baby from that.

    I think your writing style is smooth and flows well and you have more street smarts with women than 99% of men. A definitive fleshing out of what to look for in a woman for in the long term for a wife, babies, etc. would make sense. I’m sure you are more privy to the games a lot of women play than most are. We all know marrying or impregnating the wrong girl can wreak havoc on a mans life. Saving men from bad choices and making men’s life’s better everywhere is as red pill as it gets.

    1. I don’t think there is any problem with it at all. Most serial killers are white, it doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with us white people, just a couple fucked up guys. Same with Elliot Rodgers. I think its 100% fine to have a mixed race kid.

      Thanks kevin. I’ve got a lot of knowledge on finding better women for marriage. The Key Logger taught me a lot about that. I may have more posts about that in the future.

    2. Actually, most serial killers aren’t European. I used to think that too, but I’ve seen a lot of info that shows it’s a myth. Most of the famous ones are though.

    3. Mixing vastly different genetics is never a good idea. Any person involved in breeding ANY type of animal knows that. Of course the same applies for humans. The reason is that you get a mutt. There is no real predictable outcome in the offspring… it’s just a random rolling of the dice with the result almost guaranteed to be a decrease in quality.

      Good genetics are natures motivation for breeding. It is the only reason life exists… to improve genetics. To do that one must be extremely selective.

      Mixed race people have been shown to be more susceptible to certain diseases and sicknesses. The genetic mix is unstable and a ‘true’ strain of characteristics doesn’t get handed down to the next generation. The first generation of such a union is often better than the following ones for reasons that are too technical to get into here… but there is a further decline after the first generation.

      People often get very defensive and emotional about this subject, but considering what is at stake (the upward progress of all humans and life on planet earth), people should know the truth. All races do better by sticking close to their own type. If your breeding inside your own racial group you should try to find a mate with characteristics that compliment your own.

    1. Yeah, sure. Out of everyone who reads this, the 10-20 people who are actually motivated enough and have their shit together enough to go and do anything about it, are going to “ruin” a “paradise” of a country with approx 50 million women in it.

    2. you dont need to have your shit together to book a fucking plane ticket. rok had a piece on the phils and they have millions of readers.

      plus for every dork that goes there are 99 who simp online and shower these chicks with “gifts”

      bottom line is there is no upside in hyping these places and all the downsides. its stupid bloggers like the stw guys who accelerate the demise of the very poosy paradises they are hyping.

      roosh already had to find out the hard way with poland. country went to shit after he hyped it all over the net and now hes scratching his head wondering why. same is gonna happen for the phils just matter of time

      congratulations guys and all to push your shitty 5 ,dollar ebooks. keep fighting the good fight

    3. Pedro is correct. Check my other comments on this post for boots-on-the-ground details from a long-term expat how fast this country is changing because of this nonsense.

    4. This is what swoop is all about. I know that for the guys that already know about Phils it sucks, but for the guys that have no idea about it they are very happy.
      Maybe one day Phils will not be as good (although I think it will always be easy, but maybe not like now) and I will publish an article about the next big pussy paradise. The guys who already know about it will complain, but the same guys here who were complaining about me telling everybody about the Philippines will be happy that they now now where the next big spot is.
      I’m not too worried about ruining one place because the world is fucking big and you can always go second or third tier if you really want easiness so bad. And if you are complaining about ruining a place, you’re not thinking about the poor dudes back home who really need a trip to a place like that or need the confidence boost who only knew to travel there because of blog posts like this.

    5. Your post is far from being down to earth though and if you’re aiming at ‘new guys’, you should have been more accurate about how the Philippines are really like.

      – Pitching the Philippines as “safe” is quite puzzling, and outright irresponsible.

      – Responses from FilipinoCupid do not mean automatic lays. The % of golddiggers, scammers, and poverty stricken desperate girls there who will suck the life out of you before, and after you lay them is staggeringly high there.

      – Laying below average looking girls is easier in the Philippines true, but you have to put a lot more work to lay the hot ones, let alone the higher class ones. A LOT more work. And time. Maybe not for a super player like yourself who’s devoting his life to game, but isn’t your post aiming to new guys who want a pussy paradise of effortless hot girls? That’s very misleading.

      It almost sounds like you wrote the post so to attract clicks to your affiliate link with over the top promises.

      If you really want people to benefit from this post like you claim, and not have them buy a ticket to the Philippines with unrealistic expectations only to be disappointed, and scammed, you should really rephrase your narrative.

    6. There’s nothing like the Philippines anywhere… as you said, it’s the best in the world. Even if there was… where else are you gonna go and have native English speakers, this kind of climate? 2-3 lays per day? No other place like that.

      Second and third tier cities suck… especially in a country like this. And as for the poor dudes back home… man, you found this place because you travel and explore… fine. Let guys work for this knowledge… don’t serve it to every swinging dick on the planet on a silver platter. What good is it to them or anyone if handing it out like that ruins it?

      If you’re in the Philippines shoot me an email and I’ll teach you how to make real money online. Then you can delete this post and forget about the chump change you get in filcupid commissions.

    7. There’s not anywhere like the Philippines. But a few countries are actually changing to be more like it. I have a few ideas where the next big pussy paradise will be. Besides my one post will have little affect in the big picture.

      Even if this post doesn’t help you, it will help other guys. But if you show me a way I can make more money online doing something I genuinely enjoy doing, I would take this one post down.(although I would keep writing, but in a way to better protect the pussy paradises).

    8. look man i get it you want to make some cash. we all need to pay our bills.

      but dont you think theres a better way than pushing low priced ebooks and affiliate links?

      right now youre ruining a great place for chump change… theres no way youre making more than beer money with this site

      at least have a paid membership site or some high priced info products instead of giving it all awas for free. youre leaving money on the table AND making it worse for everyone… lose-lose


    10. Be happy to. You have my email address, either disqus will show it or you can check back in your inbox… we emailed a few months ago.

    11. Hey 20
      Name 4’countries that will be close to the Philipines for love tourists in the future?

    12. ODDFUTURE – Shut up you stupid jealous enviouse loser who cant afford trip to Philipines, now go work on plantaion you stupid brainless low iq nigger monkey hahaha.

    13. “This is what swoop is all about.”

      “I’m not too worried about ruining one place”

      maybe you should include that in your tagline… Swoop the world – we are all about ruining the good places

    14. damn these dudes are mad but 20 I say fuck them, keep writing bro. they’re not worried about the place being ruined they are worried about competition. they are scared and nervous which is evident in these posts

    15. 20Nation,

      Your post is far from being down to earth though and if you’re aiming at ‘new guys’, you should have been more accurate about how the Philippines are really like.

      – Pitching the Philippines as “safe” is quite puzzling, and outright irresponsible.

      – Responses from FilipinoCupid do not mean automatic lays. The % of golddiggers, scammers, and poverty stricken desperate girls there who will suck the life out of you before, and after you lay them is staggeringly high there.

      – Laying below average looking girls is easier in the Philippines true, but you have to put a lot more work to lay the hot ones, let alone the higher class ones. A LOT more work. And time. Maybe not for a super player like yourself who’s devoting his life to game, but isn’t your post aiming to new guys who want a pussy paradise of effortless hot girls? That’s very misleading.

      It almost sounds like you wrote the post so to attract clicks to your affiliate link with over the top promises.

      If you really want people to benefit from this post like you claim, and not have them buy a ticket to the Philippines with unrealistic expectations only to be disappointed, and scammed, you should really rephrase your narrative.

    16. spend time in other pussy paradises like colombia and Venezuela and then come back and tell me phil isnt safe for a poor country. There are many parts of USA that are just as bad or worse. I have been a lot of places and Phil is on the safer end of the spectrum.
      And i dont think anybody thinks that their 100 messages are all going to translate into lays. But plenty of them will
      To be honest, if you want the hottest girls, why are you even going to phil? such a small % of girls there are 8’s and 9’s. It’s the land of the sixes.

      The post was written for both. But nothing on here promotes something that doesn’t work well. You can get a ton of lays of of Philppine cupid. and all I say about the women is true. It even shows how true it is because of how desperate you are to keep Phils a secret.

    17. I’m not desperate to keep it a secret, I’m just promoting responsible blogging.

      The gullible newbie looking for the pussy paradise is exactly the person that needs to see balancing facts like “such a small % of girls there are hot and they aren’t as easy”, “Phils is safe.. comparing to poor places”, and he needs to see these facts in your blog post, not hidden in the comments.

      Just tell it like it is that’s all. Are you a credible blogger or you just want clicks on your affiliate link? It’s up to you.

    18. The Philippines is the safest country I have ever been. I could walk around Makati at 3am with no problem. In the DR or Colombia that’s not possible.

      If your good looking, hot girls aren’t hard to come by. I think Filipinas are sexy as hell.

      A below average girl there is still better than a fat American, most guys with no game or under 6′ will be banging.

    19. I am not here to defend 20Nation, as I am not fan, but I have to stand by what is written in the article. I have been a dating coach in Europe for 7 years and now I am living full time in the Philippines (2 years already), so spending continuous 700+ days in the country, I am at least partially qualified to contribute to this conversation.

      “Pitching the Philippines as “safe” is quite puzzling, and outright irresponsible.”
      I’ve been living in the dreaded Islamist terrorist ridden Mindanao for most of my time here, which frequently flying to Makati in Manila, and my life was not in real danger once. When I walk both cities during the day, it is perfectly safe. Filipino nature very very tame and friendly, they are naturally incapable of such things unless forced by extreme poverty or drugs. Avoid slums (common sense) and try to minimize your exposure to criminals (which are in every nation) during the night. Overall, I would definitely rate Philippines as safe. If you want extreme safety, go to Central Europe, Switzerland, Monaco or Norway.

      “Responses from FilipinoCupid do not mean automatic lays. The % of golddiggers, scammers, and poverty stricken desperate girls”
      There are far more scammers on DateInAsia, but it is still manageable. It is so easy to filter them out (every time a girl asks for money for whatever reason, just block that account and tend to those 300 other girls writing to you, no big deal). You can find average girls there, below average, and some truly amazing women (and I am not talking only about looks, overall high quality women). It’s a mix like everywhere else in the world. Of course not all of the messages mean the girls will have sex with you, but that would not even be physically possible as with the right profile, the messages are coming in faster than you can respond to them, I guarantee you that.

      Regarding the “lays”, in all my time here, I haven’t seen any guy fail here except to special cases. One case was when the girl was chasing the guy on the beach wanting to go to his place with him (for very obvious reasons) while he was employing his friends to avoid her, despite saying himself she is the most attractive girl he has seen there. It takes a true dedication to insecurity and staying virgin to fail here. Second case was when the guy was already in bed with a girl… and he did absolutely nothing, and the girl felt really bad afterwards. In all other cases I’ve seen, the guys got some girlfriends or affairs here.

      So after two years here, I can confirm what 20Nation wrote in the article, Philippines are ridiculously favorable for men to find a partner (or whatever you like).

      “Laying below average looking girls is easier in the Philippines true, but you have to put a lot more work to lay the hot ones”
      As is true everywhere in the world. Philippines (and similar countries) just give you more value on the dating market, both with the average girls and the very attractive ones, same principle, same value. With the average ones it may be an overkill, that’s why they start to chase you, when with the attractive ones it might not be enough (depends on how much value did you have before you came here / how much of a real value you have in your life). Philippines is no different than any other country, just due to various factors you get that bump in local value which can make all the difference.

      So I agree with you on this, that any newbie with lots of insecurities cannot expect to come to the Philippines and date local supermodels. But he can definitely expect much better results than in the west.

      Everyone’s expectations should be realistic. There is no way to cheat your way to being a real man… there is just a choice of easier playground.

  4. Don’t really hold much truck with these “you’re ruining paradise, waah!” comments.

    It just smacks of “Damn, this was possibly my last chance to find a country where I could get a girl without lifting a finger to sort out my shitty appearance, or develop my social skills, or make any kind of effort to earn more money or otherwise increase my value”.

    Stop being so lazy, put some work in to yourself, and you wouldn’t even need to consider going to these countries in the first place to get girls – they’d just be an added bonus.

    And if you do this – another benefit! Even if these countries do get “ruined”, you’re still head and shoulders higher value and more attractive than the majority of the other dudes who went there looking for a free lunch, and can still have your pick of the girls.

    1. You’re funny man. I’ve been doing cold approach pickup for over a decade, I invested the sweat in getting that skill to where I’m very happy with it. I also hit the gym, dress nice and I live on a very sizable passive income.

      Is that a good reason to ruin a good thing?

      Kinda like saying, “There are plenty of silver mines, plus we can always work harder and dig more hours… therefore we can ruin this gold mine, nothing to worry about… go right ahead, invite everyone.”

    2. Comments like this, and the mindset they are indicative of, remind me exactly why I quit blogging in the manosphere.

      A man with a winning mindset sees abundance everywhere.

      A man with a self-limiting mindset sees only scarcity.

    3. This abundance argument is such nonsense… if everything was so abundant then why would people even blog about the Philippines? The fact is that abundant places like this are extremely rare… otherwise nobody would get excited about them in the first place.

      And the place is abundant for one reason, and one reason only: not many foreign guys here yet. Supply and demand are massively in our favor (though dwindling quick). Messing with that will mess with the abundance… it’s simple math a third grader can understand.

      Can you still get laid even if Philippines turns into Sydney? Of course you can. But why make it harder by importing tons of Western guys? Lots of downside, no upside (unless you’re so broke that a few bucks from filcupid are significant and worth it… in which case I would recommend you work on your abundance in that area).

    4. Right, because the entire Western world was unaware of the existence of a 2nd world country with a population of 100m until 20N posted an article about it.

      Simple logic dictates that women in poor countries are going to value Western men higher, it doesn’t require a manosphere blog to “give the game away”. Look at the number of Western guys there already who figured this out for themselves.

      There are 50m women there. Even if 100,000 Westerners showed up en masse, that’s still 500 women for each Western man (yes yes, not all of them eligible, but to illustrate a point of the scale).

      These 2nd world countries will all undergo a process of gradual modernisation over the next decades as living standards and GDP improve, regardless of whether anyone blogs about it or not. This is what will gradually introduce feminism, increased social value for women etc, until Westerners aren’t such an attractive proposition any more. This is what is happening in Poland, it’s not because Roosh blogged about it – that’s “Manosphere solipsism” bordering on female magnitude.

      20N is just doing us a favour and bringing it to our attention now, to say “get there whilst the going is good”.

    5. It’s clear you have no experience, leave alone long term experience, with this scene… very obvious from the fact that you just created your account on filcupid a few days ago…! But also from your completely flawed ideas about the scene and its evolution. So I can almost forgive this nonsense.

      I’ve been coming to South East Asia for over a decade… all I can say is you’re so wrong about this it’s not even funny. Nobody knew about this except seasoned travelers. It’s not something the average American ever heard about. Now millions read about it on the blogs.

      Your numbers of scale are also completely off. If you have only thousands of white guys in a city in the Philippines, they become a common sight… does not take millions to ruin novelty. Leave alone the fact that hotties are even more rare… certainly not 50 million hot girls here… and you can probably multiply the number of actual foreign visitors by 20 if you’re talking online dating.

      Try gaming in Thailand now, or Brazil… nowhere NEAR as easy as Philippines anymore (it used to be though). You think Philippines is good now… it’s not. Just 2 years ago it was about 5 times better, got much more emails and from hotter girls (as you pointed out yourself). Not that it’s bad now… just goes to show the speed of change here. Huge drop in just 2 years… accelerating it is moronic.

      If a UFO landed in Los Angeles tomorrow, it would make a big scene. But after a few years of UFOs flying around everywhere and aliens living among us, nobody would even look once… leave alone twice.

      P.S.: Look up what a second world country is…last I checked the Philippines were never part of the soviet block.

    6. Yes fair point on definition of 2nd world country – I used it in this context to indicate it wasn’t what we think of as “3rd world” – mud huts and famine, rather just a second tier country in terms of its economic development.

      I have spent some considerable time in SE Asia myself.

      I don’t expect to just turn up as some random schlub with little value to these countries and get women to throw themselves at me just because I’m white (I’m not saying this is who you are, but this is what a lot of men are – they just want a free lunch). For these men, yes – the party will be ruined.

      For those of us who have devoted years of their life to improving their value, their wealth, their aesthetic, their social skills etc – it presents little problem, because you still stick out head & shoulders above the competition wherever you are.

      I don’t have much sympathy for people expecting to get something for nothing out of life. If they found somewhere they could get it for a while – great, good for them. But it is the nature of all things that word gets out eventually, and then unless you’ve sorted your shit out on a proper scale, you’re back to square 1.

      Better to just work on yourself tirelessly until you can get women easily even in the West, and then the rest of the world will always be your playground whatever happens.

    7. You’re describing how to solve a problem. I agree. I’m saying *don’t create the problem* in the first place. Yes it will happen anyway. But these blogs accelerate it like nothing else.

      Yes people have always known that “there is some weird country somewhere called the Philippines, isn’t that in Asia? Weren’t they involved in world war 2 and didn’t that have something to do with the Japanese? I think we have a naval base over there.”

      Nobody however knew what it’s like to meet women here. That’s just coming out these last few years with all these blogs… and shouting it to MILLIONS of guys with a megaphone.

      Dumb… seriously. Ruining it at breakneck speed, on purpose, with no potential upside.

    8. Ok well I can agree with this sentiment at least, even if it’s not a personal concern, and there are always avenues for men to get plenty of girls if they are but prepared to put the work in on themselves.

      Always enjoyable to debate with someone who can articulate their point in a rational manner.

    9. Yeah… that was the appeal here.. .that the work you had to invest was 10% of what it was elsewhere. So if you want to go on a binge, you could lay 2-3 girls a day. 20Nations has done it and so have many other guys I know. Being lazy you could get 1 a day easy.

      That was special… and that will be ruined, no matter how much you’re still willing to invest the work. Because investing that work requires time… and a day has only 24 hours.

      Come here some time maybe Hoodlum. Enjoy one of these binges. You might find yourself not wanting to go back to places where it takes a lot more effort for a lot less result. And then you might be disappointed at the realization that this won’t last much longer.

      Maybe then you will also say… shit I wish they hadn’t all blogged about this. These sex binges were fun. But alas. They are no more. It’s just a few lays a month now, maybe 5 or 10 per month tops… like elsewhere.

    10. With due disrespect, you’re a real asshole. You basically don’t want them to discover that white guys like you and me simply are nothing special.

      There’s nothing wrong with having a sex drive. But there IS something wrong with just acting out ones instincts indiscriminately, without any restraint or consideration. People used to rob, rape, and murder with as little regard for the morality of it as you and your fellows here are displaying before we became somewhat more civilized.

      Taking advantage of other people and using them is not ok. You guys speak of whether you should tell the girls you’re on a short visit or intending to stay long – and all you care about is what works, what is moody likely to get a girl to fuck you.

      Maybe it doesn’t feel very bad behaving like this. But surely acting this way must in time erode any self-respect you may have.

    11. That is the difference between men who are building their inner game, their value, their qualities, and men riddled with insecurities who are just “learning tricks” to get women so they can seek approval and instant gratification. The results are very obvious to women, they can instantly spot a real man, as they can feel insecurities in a man a mile away. Insecure men desperately need places where they can get girls despite their true personality flaws. For them, places with poverty and racism are ideal, and are getting “ruined” by their development.

    12. B$, most women are selfabsorbed about their own insecurities they will rarely notice flaws in your inner game and I swear some of you dudes think women can read minds. Skilled players know how take advantage of women’s herd mentality.

    13. Yeah you’re right a UFO has landed in LA and they own the place. Aliens created the whole admiralty law system (fiat money, corporate and bureaucratic bs, etc) according to Jordan Maxwell but he could be a plant growing weeds in people’s minds. It’s all lies.

      A better question is- who’s actually telling us the truth about how the World really works and man kinds true purpose for existence and ultimate destiny?

      I love to know the answer to that…

    14. Your article almost makes an impression that you want women to worship you just for being a foreigner and not to put any effort in it at all. Real men do not fear competition from other men. That fear is the voice of insecurity. Insecure men are not attractive, confident men are attractive.

    15. I totally agree with Thomas and Pedro. I have been going to Southeast Asia for 8 years. In the last 2 years Philippines has really changed for the worse. It is not just the Westerners coming, but Asians led by millions of Koreans. Only a small percentage of the girls are good looking and they have many sponsors. For every 1 guy that goes to the Philippines, there are another 99 other guys will not go, but they’ll get virtual GFs and start sending money. There are a lot of lonely beta guys. Their economy is getting better too. Yes, Thailand has gone down too. Change happens very fast.

    16. Obviously the guys with real experience here can only see it this way. 2014 was a tipping point. 2013 was still great. 2015 far worse already. I’m in Makati today and I can’t get over how different it is.

      20Nation you said you’d take these posts down for some tips on how to make real money online… but so far no email from you. I’ll send you a screenshot of my passive income so you see I’m not talking out my ass. Check my address in disqus and reach out.

      Ruining these places you’re only hurting yourself as much as you’re hurting everyone else that’s already here.

      Of course ROK and the bigger sites are a bigger problem. But one step at a time. One 20k uniques/day blogger already took down a post like this one after I told him how things are changing here.

      Just write about Thailand instead. That’s no secret to anyone… so not spoiling anything.

    17. It is not my opinion at all, because you had the exact same experience. 2013 was great. 2014 was worse and 2015 really had gotten bad. The good looking girls are almost impossible to find. If can find them they are are super spoiled. If you want to date the average or below, I’m sure they are available. I only date the best and Philippines has a shortage of these. It’s not just this post, but it was definitely a stupid idea. The Koreans are already in Philippines. It’s not the white god they want, but the green god of money. There is too much easy money coming in. Girls can play the internet and say back in the provinces and never get a real job.

    18. Yeah we have a bunch of keyboard jockeys here posting from somewhere else with no LONG TERM boots on the ground experience in the country.

      I’m traveling around the Philippines right now and a lot of these chicks be lukewarm at best. Night and day from just 2 years ago. But if you go to super remote places, it’s still the rock star effect that we’re used to.

      More than the Koreans and the tourists and the guys throwing money, it’s the internet. In remote places where internet is practically non existent, these girls are still crazy about us, even if the places are touristy.

      But wherever they have fast internet, they have figured out their real market value on a global scale and start acting as difficult as girls of the same attractiveness would in the West. That’s really the krux.

      4 years ago I would run into these pretty early 20s girls and tell them they could get a boy-friend under 50 and they would flat out not believe me. They’d hardly try with me cause they figured I’m too young and they don’t have a real shot or why would I be interested in them. Now these same girls are turning ME down.

      What’s changed? More tourists, sure, but the bigger change is the web. Really becomes obvious when you see that towns with no internet haven’t changed at all in terms of novelty factor… even the touristy ones.

      3-4 years ago Filipinas were on yahoo messenger while Westerners were on MSN. But now everyone is connected… Facebook, filipinocupid and smart phones. Geo pussy arbitrage is over. A Filipina that’s legitimately hot gets thousands of mails now.

      That’s why the web is what’s doing the real damage and why posts like this are so idiotic. I still got no email from 20N btw. Guess he’d rather continue to ruin this place for everyone including himself, for a few hundred bucks a month, rather than learn from a real baller how to make 6 figures a month in passive income online.

      To each his own I guess.

    19. You can’t expect to stand in the middle of Makati or BGC and get worshiped like some kind of white god by island primitives. Those are business districts that are more expensive than some countries in Europe. They are no longer the island primitives.

      On the other hand, just come here to suburbs of Mindanao and you will feel the “rock star effect” in full force, you will get so much attention it will be uncomfortable after few years. I live fluctuating between Mindanao and Makati so I can compare. And yes, there are more than 5000 foreigners here, and the rock star effect is still in place. It is mostly dictated by the economic situation of the community and development than number of foreigners. Entire economy is growing and all regions are slowly developing, so they will inevitably see foreigners as less and less desirable. Look at Korea in 1954 and now. It’s all about the economy of the country, not about some blog posts.

      Mentality of women (and men) is more-or-less the same everywhere in the world, it’s just your relative value to them that changes from country to country.

      “A Filipina that’s legitimately hot gets thousands of mails now.”
      I personally know a lot of stunningly attractive girls down here in Mindanao that don’t get thousands of emails a week simply because they are not on any dating site or FB groups. You are talking about attractive girls who go online to get unlimited attention from men and thus overprice themselves under the illusion they are more desirable than they really are (Internet dating sites can put that illusion over one’s face), but there are way way more attractive women here that are not dating online at all. That is the advantage of being here in person and approaching in real life instead of using online dating sites (nothing against dating sites but girls there are prone to overvaluation of themselves exactly as you described it). Come here south and meet girls that are not on the dating sites.

    20. Thomas, I’m interested in your passive income offer and you’re right about 2013 being great. That being said, from personal experience I haven’t seen much change in ’14, ’15 & going forward(I travel to Makati/Quezon 3/yr). Just want to note that I’m an Asian guy, traveled to over 27 countries & believe I have a decent game with all races. At best guess, I have notched 600+ in the last 16 years. This is not to brag, but a perspective that I’m not about the BS. Also, I will not hit it unless they are at least a solid 7. I figure if you’re gonna put in the effort, it might as well be worth your time…so, no “hogging”! Of the total women… I will say that 40% were Caucasian, 30% Asian, 25% Latin & 5% other.

      What’s my point? Anyone with some communication skills should have no problems hooking up in the Pi. You can’t just expect the Vagina to open without some type of effort, which, include actually traveling to your targeted destination. I have found that you can bed at least 1-2 a day realistically & can be as much as 4, sometimes even have threesomes(absolutely no pros).

      As an decent looking Asian guy, who is not Chinese or Korean(which the Filipinos have some embedded disdain for), the girls seem to trust me more than white guys(you dudes have reputations of being players/liars/cheats), but more attracted to me because of my western upbringing. Don’t blame the messenger! 🙂

      Anyway, it may true that things have changed a lot in the Pi for certain races of men, but, for others it is booming! Remember, there are over 15Million girls between the age of 18-28, so finding some very attractive girls should not be a huge undertaking. Overall, I think if you treat these girls with some humanity, it will go far in getting the bang on the first date.

    21. Hey Keath, interesting points you have there. May I know what kind of Asian you are? I’m also asian but not chinese or fair skinned, same color as them Pinoy but from another country (Indonesia). I dress smart, looks good, but my games could use some improvement. Do you think I will get a good chance over there in the philly?

    22. I am sorry to write this, but I would not have high expectations of dating here in your case. In 99% of cases, they will not recognize you for Indonesian and will think you are a local Filipino guy. Even if you revealed yourself in a conversation, they will still treat you the same way they treat their own local Filipinos (which is similar how women in the west treat their own guys). It’s pretty racist here against dark skin with worship of the lightest skin possible. You can still enjoy some dating here, but your chances would not be any better than in your home country. Just being honest here.

    23. Thanks for your honest opinion. What you said is definitely true (to about 95%) as I’ve experienced it first hand during my 2 times visit there (makati and angeles). I really looked like a local guy to them if they didn’t know where I was from. Even after I revealed myself, there is no special treatment… maybe just a little surprised that I’m not actually filipino and cant speak tagalog.. haha. Talked to a few girls in the mall and clubs, get an okay response. Able to get their numbers and get them to lunch/dinner but that’s about it. So far, I’ve only had success in getting laid by online games which I had to pipeline for at least a month in advance. Well unless you are a very attractive, fair skinned, super fit, macho kind of asian…oh and wealthy too… you will have little success there in the phil to score an 8 and above chics on infield game. I wonder which country that have chics dig for asian like me… europe?? anybody have some input?? 😀

    24. Total fuckwit full of shit with asian cock like jelly been 600+ geriatrick male gays you are the pole smoker of the year

    25. I’m full of shit?? Can you offer some type of evidence in your vast travel knowledge that I’m full of shit?? Maybe learn to spell Bean & geriatric first, otherwise fuck off you dumbshit!
      If you can’t contribute sound advice without gargling balls, then you should just STFU you fucking loser! I only tell the truth… where’s your experience you stupid dickhead, other than having vast knowledge of Asian cocks you seem to be swimming in! Go eat shit and die you fucking simpleton! What a waste air, maybe fucking your own mother is the only notch you’ll be getting in this lifetime!!

    26. You been with 600,+7 or higher non pros?
      Ladyboys don’t count or maybe your 7 and mine differ? 5-6 average range (Around 50% of people ie most of us): 5 homely and 6 decent. 7-8 attractive: 7 noticeably cute. 8 pretty. 9-10 very attractive: 9 hot, 10 stunning.
      So all 600 non pro women were 7 or higher in appearance?
      I’m calling B$ on this one.

    27. @Veni Vidi Vuckoff… you don’t know me & what I said is 100% true or you don’t believe it because I mentioned I was Asian & we can’t possibly achieve that? Maybe you enjoy hogging, ladyboys & pros like a little fanboy, but, I am picky about who/what I stick my johnson in. Most importantly, I read some of your comments in here & you seem to be one of those tossers that put pussy on a pedestal, which I absolutely do not!
      As you probably noticed, I said over 16 years. So, do the math (600/16 = 38per year, or in layman’s terms, that’s only about 4 per month). I don’t know what sausage-fest you go to, but, 4 per month isn’t much in terms of game. Why waste your time if you’re not attracted to the girls you sleep with? That’s why I only pick up on 7+(very cute…that’s starting my standard)!
      It’s called technology in many, many platforms, getting out of your mom’s basement & building your connections by communicating. I.E. do you really think that you have 3,000 friends on FB? Well… if only 10% of those are your real friends then that makes it 300. It’s also called, numbers! Go on any of those cupid sites & see for yourself, I would go through over 100-200 of them just to pick out 5-10 that are at least a 7+. So, before you call B$, get off the Call of Duty & go actually talk to people that are pulling numbers 100X mine! Good luck wanking!

    28. Your score 600, if putting pussy on a pedestal was a sport you would have won the gold.
      The fact you have to resort to bragging and insults shows me your talking $hit and your dysfunction has nothing to do with being Asian (maybe too much rejection In the west.?), any true player would say ” Damn, I I Iost count years ago.
      The fact you list a number and even care to mention looks shows Your a typical a insecure extrovert always trying to fit In and this is why you try to emulate you PUA Heroes.
      Honestly I have low opinion most PUA types as they ruin places like the Philippines often by lying to women and breaking their hearts, ruining these countries for other men.
      However their is nothing wrong with a few flings or dating abroad if your being honest with these women that it’s nothing but I doubt any virgin will give up an a fling.
      These are the reasons I have more respect for most mongers.
      My point you either lied about or to plenty of women.

    29. Hey Dumbfuck snowflake… You obviously don’t have reading comprehension with a rope tied to your man-pussy. First of all dipshit… If you bothered to read, I mentioned 40% Caucasian(that’s in the USA)… In your little pussyfied world…you bow down like a little bitch that comes across as a thirsty Betamale!! Second of all labia-man… If you bothered to look at what I said about, “not bragging, but as a perspective” for a forum helping guys to understand unlike you, they don’t have to play with themselves & call that a score!! Thirdly, I don’t give a fuck what you or these guys have to tell me, I don’t worship or emulate anyone, let alone some moron SJW being brave over a keyboard & trying to tell others how to live…. In otherwords… FUCK-OFF!! Your big fat pussy is showing through your panties!

    30. Agreed, my question is how easy is for the average Filipino dude to date up? This is never mentioned.

    31. what a retarded argument… the whole point of these places is that theyre easy. if you want to work for it you dont have to go to some third world shithole.

    32. Both your views are not mutually exclusive at all. If all women are just vagina to you without differences in quality, then going to a “third world shithole” will bring you the effortless sex with “women”. In the two years that I have been living in the Philippines, I’ve seen only two guys fail at this here, and both were very special cases, and they actively resisted local girls chasing them because they got scared. We have a saying here, that if you can’t get laid here in the Philippines, there is no hope for you.

      If you are satisfied with just having sex with 18-22 year old girls that regularly date 55-65 year old foreigners (very common occurrence here), and you don’t mind their education level or lack of hygienic standards, then by all means, ignore what hoodlum81 wrote, you will not need to put any effort to it, just show up in the Philippines and it will come to you.

      On the other hand, if you do care about quality and perceive women as human beings, then having value (exactly as hoodlum81 described) will matter in the Philippines greatly! (as it matters everywhere in the world) The best girls and women in this country are not accessible to anyone except to the men with very high value and personal qualities. These women will not be impressed by you just being a foreigner, and they do require an effort. The results are however well worth it, you will be able to date out of your league compared to any western country, even the top shelf. These are experiences you will remember for the rest of your life… I would rather eat one high quality gourmet meal than have 50 fast food junk meals.

    33. Or just P4P, which gives you choice. Honesty I don’t care if a whore finds me attractive just like I don’t care if the store clerk finds me attractive as long as she does her job.

  5. Swoop, really appreciate the blog and all the info you’ve dropped. Your articles are great for guys like me that love traveling all over the world. Quick question: when you pipeline these girls in advanced with different dating sites, do you tell them that you’re only visiting short term or do you come up with a story?

    1. Thanks chiguy. I always pipeline in advance so I have many girls waiting for me to arrive. It depends on the girl. With sluts its better to say a short trip, with girls interested in a relationship it’s better to say longer. I use a hybrid a lot of the time

    2. Sorry, why is she a slut, and you’re not? You say you’ve banged hundreds of people. Arent you by your own definition a ‘slut’? Or it just feels really good, thrilling and powerful to talk about a woman in a derogoratory way?

    3. Women have all the power In the sexual marketplace and this ease at getting sex is the reason being a slut is considered a negative for women. For men however being a slut is quite an accomplishment and shows desirability.

  6. Ok, so black guys do well in person, but what about online? Don’t wanna sound like I’m bitching, but this “White God” Complex around the world is ridiculous.

    1. I’m black and I made an account. I literally get 35 to 50 emails everyday from decent Filipino women. I think they may dislike africans but they’re definitely into african americans

    2. Im just an average black dude bro. Just make a profile(you dont have to pay) put your pic up and youll see. Youll get so many mesages its gets annoying.

    3. What do you expect on a racist, sexist site? He wants to feel good by putting black men and women down

  7. that site is mainly designed to rip off westerners
    first you get a lot of messages, then it will annoy you on every step to pay for a premium account. none of the girls will do that, they all expect you to unlock and get mad if you dont…

    1. Well you do have to pay for sending/reading emails, but not any different than other dating sites. You can pay for just one month if you like, not a big deal.

    2. the month costs 30€ – more then a monthly phone+net line. ok when you actually fly there, but not just for checking it out. and, you will need 2 months at least for pipelining effectively.

      where i live, dating sites are free
      you pay for extras and privileges,
      but never for basic messaging

    3. True this guy has is promoting the referral program for that dating site.

    4. Its all bs this guy gets paid for every click save your $$ get a ticket and go post afew clist adds before you arrive and tinder all free dont waste your time with this dating site

  8. Enjoyed reading this a lot.

    When are the best times of year to go, and expected average ticket prices? I just checked Orbitz and tickets were over $2,100 for June. Ouch.

  9. Have been on the same adventure. I would agree on everything in this article except the ‘attractiveness’ of the girls. Unless filipinas are your exact type the quality is ridiculously low. Heaps of 6s who are all over you, very few 7s and you might see 8s riding unicorns.


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  12. what about pick up Filipina who live in America so you wont have to travel to the Philippine, I mean is it any different between Filipina in Phillipine and Filipina in USA (say California)

    1. YES..IT IS!!! You are in her territory in the Philippines. Its like war. fucking is like WAR!! Filipina women in their country are..more hospitible, And they YOu..from . landing on the landmines! If you gain her trust over there? She will go beyond to help you. And If you bring her back to the USa YOu..should do the same. Now..If you are just goin there to have a good time? Do all means. Nut there are some beautiful Filipina women wo will provide YOU with a good Life. I know..I’m happily married to one for 10 yrs here in the USA. YOU..gotta decide..Do your homework. And is WORK. But..rewarding…

  13. I’m quite sad with the indonesia’s part, because when i check on the pictures most of them are (Indonesian melayu) indonesian girls, so please don’t judge all the indonesian girls are easy peasy based on that.

  14. I’ve done the rounds in the Philos a few times now and generally speaking the only reason white man hooks up that easily there is because the girls don’t want to live under a sheet of tin in a squatter community for the rest of their lives. They see the white man as a way out of their destitution. It’s a straight business deal in their eyes. If you’re young then thats an added bonus for them. They think they’ve hit the jackpot. But they don’t mind get speared by crusty old cialis-powered rock spider in exchange for free meals, hot shower and a comfortable bed for a few nights.

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  17. Is it better to go to fuck asian women just in order to feel yourself a western king instead to find a really good woman in your country? It is like to deceive yourself. I doubt that a really self-confident man would do it.

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  19. hello i am filipina and i read above i dont think all filipina is the same bro im a girl i.see which part of philippines has many prosti and easy to get visayas mindanao and manila many white people there also while manila is the place of prostitute but in my area i did not see any while people look so disgusting that i.see old guy has young and hot lady..but i want you to know.that not all is the same i see also many white people is rude..and i.see filipina is lavable md contented than white girls many white girl not contented with her husband and they have affair or got fuck with other guy in philippine you can fuck as long as you want in cheaper price but white people.cannot.fuck as long as they want to their own country because too expensive filipina is more lavable that white girls..

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  21. Based on personal experience relying on online game in the Philippines (as the rest of my game is crap), it’s definitely easier to get laid there than anywhere else I’ve been, but I’d disagree with the attractiveness claims. While they generally were all bangable, I can’t really say with a straight face that any of em was definitely attractive.

  22. ok i made an account on that website and i haven’t recived ANY emails or messages yet i made it few hours ago!!!

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  26. I have been living in Manila for 3 months now. It is indeed possible to get laid here every day, but I think there are some major draw backs. Namely, the effort and patience required in dealing with Filipinas. Filipina women are sooo flaky. I generally arrange multiple dates in a day to counter this – Dante on Nomad Philippines talks about this flakiness quite regularly. If you’re a guy who at all lacks patience then these filipina boneheads will drive you insane. However, the boneheadedness is actually a necessary evil. A huge part of the reason filipinas are easy is because they are, for the most part, simpletons.

    The main hardship with gaming in Manila can be the battle can be with your own ego. If you’re a good looking guy, like I am, then it can grate on your nerves when you get flaked on by very average looking filipina slum rats who seem to have no concept of their SMV, and treat you like a chump. Can really ruin your vibe if you let it.

    Still, I don’t think there’s anywhere else in the world where it is possible to consistently nail 2 or 3 new girls every day for months straight if you’re willing to devote all the time and effort necessary to do it.

    I have been blogging about my Manila sex adventures on

    1. I have noticed, with keen interest, the comments below from Thomas. Sad to hear the Philippines is a shadow of its former self due to market saturation. That would explain the high levels of flakiness I am now experiencing with women in Manila. The really hot women in Manila that I connect with on Tinder definitely have an air of indifference and snobbishness and need to be gamed before they will agree to meet. I can safely say that, being based in Makati, mostly it’s only the very average girls will make it very easy for you to meet them. FC is completely overrated. I have had some quality shags off of it, but it is very apparent that, from the demeanor of the women, they have options. Not much desperation (I love a desperate woman). This brings me to my next point: An asian who isn’t easy is next to useless in my opinion. It is the main thing they have to offer. If the Philippines ever stops being an easy place to get laid then there would be absolutely no reason to visit this place. There is something unnatural about a white guy chasing after the affections of an Asian.

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  28. The Philippines is 100% the easiest place to find sex.I was there a month ago and it was wonderful. 🙂

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