Dominican Girls: Nude Pics

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Dominican Women: Nude Pics
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Dominican Girls: Nude Pics

A picture is worth a 1000 words.

Here is 17,000 words on my last 5 bangs and why I love the DR.

*Dominican Girls are in order of clothed to nudes if I got them.  Next girl starts with clothes.

Dominican Girls are very sensual and affectionate.  I am not the biggest online dater but I think this is the best site with the hottest Dominican girls.

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I’m Fisto, I like to think of myself as a modern day adventurer. I have a roving foot, a desire to write, and a bit of a drinking problem, so having a blog seemed like a natural progression. Cheers.

  • Josh Bar

    Ass and Titties NUFF said. Great READ FIsto keep em coming

    • dosa

      I would call this much of a read, hahahaha

  • Cedric3

    Man these chicas got some tetas grandes for real!

    What are your favorite destinations over all (i.e. like top 5 list based on weather, nightlife, women, food aka the whole shebang)????

    Your other artucles on shaving, and trtavel gear were really informative.

    What kind of cell phone can I buy that will work anywhere? Do they make an I Phone that does this? Or should I just get a prepaid burner wherever I go?????????

    What kind of laptops do you travel with???????????

    With theft, loss, elements via going to high humidity and sand places I’m thinking a cheapo Acer or something along those lines-but I can see on my own recon that a laptop is needed in many places to run comprehensive game.

    • Fisto

      1st question is a whole blog post! An unlocked iPhone is the way to go, you can get service almost anywhere on a local network. You won’t have it stolen unless you get black out drunk. Which I do unfortunately….The laptop is not going to get stolen unless you leave your luggage someplace in an unlocked room. You’re good to go there. Glad you liked the shaving post. I’m looking forward to it.

  • eddy

    Dang, some solid boobs and asses

  • Travis

    Fisto, what’s your height and weight? Are you a big guy?

    • QuantumPimpin

      What does this have to do with anything?

    • Fisto

      I’m curious myself! Yeah I’m 6’3 around 220 usually.

    • Travis

      Did you model for the Men’s Warehouse bro? 😉

      Looking for a Chica Bonita? Shit, aren’t we all.

    • John D. Rockefeller

      He wants the D 😉

  • QuantumPimpin

    I’m an asslover(the sole reason i cant do SEA) and this chick here would get the ultimate poundage.

    Awesome Fisto!

    • Fisto

      You’d like her. She’s very pretty.

  • patron

    Nice pictures Fisto. Keep up the good work!!!

  • Jose L Romero

    GOD DAMN! You guys keep me coming back!! LOL 🙂


    Well Done Sir!! A quick read and lovely visual experience to start the day.