How to Date a Famous Beauty Queen for 6 Months – My Experience

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famous beauty queen
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famous beauty queen

In this article I will be telling the story about dating a famous beauty queen for 6 months and teaching how you could do the same. I obviously can’t tell you which country and all the details because it would be pretty easy to figure out exactly who she is and anonymity is important here at Swoop The World. But I will say that she either got the crown, first runner up or second runner up at her country’s pageant to see who goes to the Miss Universe competition to represent their country and she was a well known model.

Here are the 7 things I learned from my experience from her that you can use to get a shot with a famous beauty queen:


1) Learn some game

Unless you are a billionaire or extremely famous, there just isn’t a way a girl like this will give you a shot if you don’t have game. When you have to compete with extremely rich and famous guys (I did), it’s not just show up and relying on your value. It’s about knowing how make her feel something when she’s with you (game).

I’ve written 6 books on the subject of game, so if you want to learn these from me you can get my book collection for 60% off now by clicking here (9 Books and an App in total).


2) Get a bit lucky

You don’t run into girls like these every day, so just to find one of these girls in a normal setting can be very difficult. In that, you honestly need a bit of luck. The only thing you can do is prepare yourself to be ready for the moment when it arrives. I got lucky before this and ended sitting next to a Polish super model on a plane once. I got her contact info and ended up going on a date with her a few months later. I didn’t even get a kiss by the end of the date, but failing with her taught me a lot.


3)Day game

THC and I were together when I met her. We ended up talking to a group of people (THC opened, special props to him). He ended up with the contact info of her hot cousin and I ended up with the beauty queen’ s contact info.

You aren’t going to find girls like this on Tinder and while you might run into one in a high class club, good luck holding her attention for more than a few minutes. Really, as has been said many times before, with some exceptions, the best girls you will meet you will meet day gaming. I’m not saying don’t online date, because (at least for me) it is by far the easiest way to get laid. But if you’re looking for a serious relationship, online dating is just not a good idea.


4)Being aloof in your messages

It was a couple months before I was in the same place as her again (She was traveling when I met her).  When I arrived, I immediately messaged her, but she didn’t seem that interested in meeting. She would respond to my messages anywhere from 1 to 7 days later. How did I respond? Did I get desperate? Hex naw! I went aloof right along with her. I was patient and made her wait to hear my responses as well. This wouldn’t have worked if I didn’t make a good first impression (which I did). After about a month of playing this game, I was finally able to get a date with her; our first date would be at a Starbucks.


5)Bring your A game to every date

When you are about to meet a famous beauty queen, you can’t exactly half ass it. You have to make sure to bring your A game to the date. For me that means a great pre-date routine. First, I make sure to get myself in a fun and attractive mood. To do this, I start thinking like that in my head (having little conversations with myself) and watch TV or movies that have these types of characters (read my complete list of these here).  The final thing I do, is think of a couple jokes to say (not clown jokes, but attractive ones) right off the bat. I have found that the first minute of the date sets the tone for the rest of the relationship. If I start it out fun and charming, the entire relationship usually goes that way. If I start it off sleepy and dull,  the relationship usually doesn’t last long.


6)Don’t act impressed

This hits a couple of game principals, one being that you should always make the girl believe that you are slightly out of her league, the other being that you should treat a girl how she’s not used to being treated. A girl who is famous for her beauty has people impressed all the time, you can’t be one of those guys.

After my first date with her was solid (I made out with her, but nothing more), getting the next dates was pretty easy. But things got weird for me when on our second date (went to the cinema), some people recognized her and wanted pictures with her. I didn’t act impressed, I wasn’t really impressed because fame doesn’t really impress me (most famous people are actors and its just a job), but I was surprised, I didn’t realize before that she was so well known. It paid off and that night I was able to seal the deal and the beginning of a 6 month long relationship began.

I can’t complain, I enjoyed going out into the city with her. We got a couple free meals and entries into various places. One of the craziest things that happened was meeting a different girl and her actually talking about the girl I was dating and bragging about how “she knows somebody who is kind of friends with her.”


7)Don’t be afraid to walk away or to give her space

At first the relationship was great. I could stare at her flawless face for hours. She went to the gym every day and had such a tight body, so sex was great. She didn’t have a great personality, but she was sweet and made up for it in other ways. Everything was good until about 5 and a half months from when I first slept with her.

Basically, she had a big pageant coming up and began to really focus on it. Instead of giving her space and upping my game to 100% level when you do meet (which is what you should do when a girl gets a little distant even if it’s because she’s busy), I did the opposite and got a bit intense. The worst part was, I knew exactly what I was doing, but the emotions I felt made me literally say to myself “I know I shouldn’t but this feeling sucks so bad, I would prefer to message her and have it go away and lose her, than to live with it and keep her.” One of those things that’s so easy to say you should do, but harder to pull off.

Me pushing while she was pulling away caused some big problems. In the end, I ended it with her, but it was because it was obviously already over. At times she was so aloof (she said she was just so focused on the pageant) that I just couldn’t logically forgive her because she was my girlfriend and that’s not how girlfriends act. When I ended it, she was OK with it, saying that she is having some issues and that maybe we could try again some day. But I knew that, as always, there was nobody to blame but myself.


Why I lost the Famous Beauty Queen

I lost her for a variety of reasons. Towards the end I started getting comfortable and not gaming. I was focusing on other things and so I would rarely do much to game her. It was simply laziness and that can’t happen with a girl who is at the prime of her life and that hot/famous. Then, when I started feeling her slipping away, I responded in the worst way possible, with neediness (the random messages she would get from famous guys from her country didn’t help either). When I should have been relaxed and aloof and just spit mad game in the moments when we did meet (even during that time we were still meeting a couple times a week). As I write this, she’s dating a famous athlete from her country so I may not get another shot with her. But that’s the way the dating game goes.


Final note: I know some of you guys may have an idea of the country she’s from because of some of the things I have written before, if you do, I just ask you don’t write the country in the comments so we can keep her anonymous. 

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  • anon1

    very powerful article. thanks for sharing 20. people always want a 10/10 but can’t handle the strain that comes with having to maintain frame when everyone wants your girl. 6 months is an incredible amount of time with a tier 1 girl and that really goes to show how good you are.

    I am so bad at being aloof and reigniting tension.

    case in point, went on a trip to somewhere in the mediterrenean with a friend and had all my stuff stolen while we were at a private beach. i mean including passport and just having my beachwear, my phone and a few euros to my name.

    turned out to be a blessing in disguise. i had to go hostelling, friends helped out and i met three women whilst out there. because i had nothing but crappy beachwear on i was aloof as fuck and crazy charming. worked over there.

    then when i come back to the uk, the spark fizzled and it was hard for me to come up with reasons to re-engage. i was too needy.

    one girl was blasian from california, one girl was hometown midwest blonde type of good girl, and one was a sexy easterneuropean brit.

    everything that was attractive about me out there, was lost when i came back and became needy.

    how does a person reengage girls when they become distant because the fire of the introduction is now a smouldering ember? aloofness thing is hard when theyre continents away

    • Thanks anon.
      Sometimes things like that happen because you have created a lifetime of habits. When you travel, you psychologically escape some of those bad habits and can create new, good ones. I have some bad habits from my youth, that I sometimes feel myself falling back into when I go to usa (psychological anchor).

      To reengage girls like that you want to only talk to them when you have interesting stuff to say. So if you are ready to laugh and tease her, you can talk. If they are continents away, the only way to really create that fire again is through phone calls and webcamming. Messaging just wont do it imo.

  • tel

    first you say you didnt get a kiss on your first date, later you say you made out with her…little wanker liar

    • Read above, the whole point was saying I failed with another high value girl and it helped me prepare for the beauty queen. THC met her with me and other travelers have seen pictures. I’ve been writing on this blog for over 5 years, I get nothing from lying. There are always guys who say “YOu can’t sleep with 3 girls a day in the Philppines” “YOu can’t sleep with 31 girls in 25 days in DR, he must have paid for it”. Then, a guy with game visits and does the same thing. Also, other guys are there and see it happen.

    • tel

      it´s ok, sorry man

  • tel

    did you meet her on a plane? this people fly in first class, and for your stories i understand you are on budget

    • Lol. Read the article. That was the Polish super model, who I never had sex with, I only got a date.”But failing with her taught me a lot.” And when you fly from a small town in Poland, you fly on a small plane. Small planes don’t have first class.

  • Jade Milburn

    Thank God she saw sense

  • Sploogr

    Can u tip us the continent… guess its europe

    • She’s from Europe, south America or Asia 😉

    • Mcfondal

      Aww fuck u man….least give the race u tease

  • William Adams

    Very inspiring story. It’s a huge difference between having a LTR with a rather traditional 8, like I do, who likes that I care about her, am loyal, and that we do stuff like having dinners, and that I pay 60% of all foods, plus occasional semi-expensive gifts. Those are all pretty low prices to pay for maintenance.

    But let’s never forget about game. She absolutely loves when I shred down below 10% of body fat. So a fun paradox is that in order to maintain your girl, you need to maintain yourself.

    • Thanks William.

      Yeah, it gets so easy to get comfortable and think “I can get away with anything.” It’s good to pay attention and sense when she is losing attraction and not to go the instinctual neediness route, but to turn on the charm.

  • Say no to racism.

    Way too much focus on “gaming”.

    • Well if you aren’t famous or a billionaire, that’s your only way in. Or do you know another way?

    • Say no to racism.

      Some way of building a personality or charisma that can keep her rather than just depending on game and money to keep a women. You feel me, bruh?

    • Haha game is charm and charisma bruh. Game is joking and teasing with her, game is that charming smile. Game is saying things in a charismatic way. It’s all those things just directed at women.

  • KiwiKrush

    Thanks for the share 20.

    Sorry how it ended but it’s great you had that experience and you realized what killed it and you take responsibility for it.

    You have better things to come =)

    • Thanks Kiwi. Yeah it’s just the beginning. Going to start day gaming a bit more to find more of these types of opportunities.

    • KiwiKrush

      Welcome, that it is and while the opportunities may be rare you have already had one. Your plan with action will be the best way to maximize your chances of opportunity number 2 and i am looking forward to hearing all about it.
      Maybe this time as well can even share it about it as it unfolds and your intentions. I would find this interesting and to see if it changes. I also think struggle here so would like to read, maybe others do too?

    • That could be fun, but some other things have happened in my life that mean I probably shouldn’t be looking for a girlfriend at the moment. It would just be for sport if I did it. Challenge myself a bit (because I haven’t been doing much day game lately).

  • LevelUpMate

    Hi 20, I just found this blog, it’s awesome and inspiring to read.
    Really gets me thinking about my future, I’m 19 years old and planning on traveling this year. Life at home is over for me.

    Perhaps it’s only peanuts but I’m curious what height you are after reading the story about the 6′-polish girl.
    As it plays a role and sometimes advantage in dating, I’d also like to ask you what you think is a ‘good dating height’ for a man (opinion).

    Have a good 2018, man

  • disqus_pdlBho81T0

    my friend im 43 and have dated/banged more women then i care to mention. my opinion is that women like that are not meant for the average joe. only men they can bendover after 6mths of marriage to facilitate their (and their childrens) residual income. most of them go threw several marriages and want their asses kissed their entire lives….TOTALLY NOT WORTH the maintenance in the long run. unfortunately sticking to gorgeous women in unfavorable economic conditions is ALWAYS a better bet. reason being society conditions force them to drop their noses and make themselves available to the average joe. i say the average joe because u know if he’s able to pull something decent guys like us will kill it effortlessly

    • But sometimes challenging yourself is even more fun. Sure you have to put in more work, but you also get a lot back from it.

  • Brianmark

    Which country was this super model from? Sorry if I missed it if you told us.

  • Greg Oroni

    Can you give examples of what or how you should have been upping your game to 100%?