How to Get 5 Dates a Day with Colombian Women

You guys may have noticed a dip in articles recently. That is because I am in USA working/dating, making the ultimate game product and doing a bunch of consult calls on travel/game. So yeah, I’ve been busy, but great things are coming. Today I’m going to show you guys 2 days from my trip to Colombia. You can check out overall how I slept with over 60 Latinas at this link. I will tell you all about getting 5 dates a day with Colombian women and how you can do the same thing yourself.

Getting 5 Dates a Day

5 dates a day with colombian women

Screenshot from my calendar

Now I will tell you about two days from this week where I had over 40 dates planned. A planned date is where we both agree on a set time and place. Colombia does have a high flake rate so it’s good to overbook your schedule. One thing to keep in mind while reading this was that I was on Testosterone and my sex drive really shoots up when I take it.

For the sake of time, I’ll go into two details from the two days from this picture on my calendar (I would have more pictures, but apparently Apple deletes all your Calendar history after a few months, so all I have is this image I sent to my friend).

Friday April 6th: 5 dates planned with Colombian Women

9:30 Isabel and her big ass

9 am is usually when I wake up and (especially on Test) I usually wake up horny. That’s why I planned this date with a girl I had already slept with.

She knocked on my door while I was still in bed. I opened the door, lead her to my bed, pulled off her pants (which wasn’t easy because she had a big ass) and got my morning sex in. It was amazing. I spent another hour with her before she left.

12 pm Yulianis – The brown girl

At noon I had a lunch date with Yulianis. I like scheduling dates doing things I have to do anyways (like eating). She was in her early 20’s but already had an office job and paid for her own meal. The date went well, but afterwards she had to go back to work. I ended up sleeping with her about a week later.

2 pm Doctors appointment – STD Check

Got checked for STD’s because this BEAAAAUTIFUL 18 year old girl I had been sleeping with a couple times a week kept asking me too. The results came back… clean. She rewarded me for the check with tons of future sex.

4 pm Maria Fernanda – Short Girl

I can’t remember exactly why (this was a few months ago), but she flaked.

6 pm Michelle – The 18 year old body

We met at a mall close to my apartment. She was wearing this long dress that showed the incredible curves of her body. This girl had amazing tits and one of the tightest bodies I had ever seen 10/10 for body. I got horny just looking at her.

For our date we talked in the food court then as we walked by the grocery store (strategically) I asked if it was fine if I picked up a few things. Watermelon(****link to watermelon aritcle) was one of the things I bought, so I couldn’t be expected to carry it around for our date. So, she got in the taxi with me as we brought the food back to my apartment.

We ended up in my bed watching a movie and soon after I was taking off that tight dress to reveal the body within and have some of the best sex of my time in Colombia. As I write this all I keep thinking about is: “Dat body, dat body, dat body.”

7pm Juilianis – Forgot her

I can’t remember this girls face. All I remember is that I ended up cancelling on her because of Michelle with the incredible body. Not for one moment did I regret flaking on her.

Saturday April 7th: 5 dates planned with Colombian Women

1pm Daniela – Big Boobs

Met her for lunch and I was insanely attracted to her. Nothing happened here, but later on in my trip I was finally able to have her. And, as a boob man, it was incredible.

3pm Angie – Little Colombian girl

Angie was a cute little Colombian girl who I had convinced to come straight to my apartment from Colombian Cupid. About an hour after Angie entered my apartment, I had a new notch.

4pm Laury – Forgot

I flaked because I was hooking up with Angie, but I’m pretty sure she flaked as well. This is why it’s good to overbook your dates in Colombia.

6pm Angelica – Beautiful Lesbian

She was a beautiful lesbian girl who I had met during day game. On chat she had shown interest in being with a man (she had only had sex with women). This was our second date and I got her to come to my apartment where I wasn’t able to get more than a kiss. To make matters worse. Right as she was leaving, my next date arrived and that caused some drama.

10 pm Kath Swingers – A swingers date in Colombia

As I was bringing Angelica down to find a taxi, Kath arrived. When she saw Angelica, she got angry and stormed off. I had to chase after her and convince her not to go.

It was strange because I had been very clear with her that we were just friends with benefits ( I had hooked up with her quite a few times). She knew that and that night we had planned to go to a Swingers club together.

She was angry for an hour before I calmed her down and we went to the Swingers club. There I fucked her and a couple other girls. It was a cool experience for me. Something I had never experienced. And it was just another story in the long list of amazing experiences I had in Colombia.

3 reasons I got so many dates and slept with so many attractive Colombian women in the primes of their lives

    • Putting in the work – (Pipelining, day game, night game)
    • My game level (Spanish)
  • Getting my own apartment that was close to my date spot

The secret to seducing Colombian Women – Putting in the Work

You have to put in the work. That means you have to be messaging girls on dating website. If you don’t like computers then you should be approaching girls in the streets or in malls. Love nightlife? It’s another great way to put in the work to meet Colombian girls. You can have a great time doing any one of those things, but ideally you should do all 3.

Pipelining and Online Dating in Colombia

My advice is to sign up right now and start talking to these girls. You will find yourself accidentally learning Spanish in the process.

Tinder – The most popular app in Colombia (like the rest of the world). The pros are that the prettiest girls are on here, the cons are that they are the least interested in meeting of the three online dating options. There is a free version, but it’s pretty much worthless unless you upgrade to the paid version.

Colombian Cupid The easiest way to get laid online. Colombian Cupid is filled with girls who are particularly searching for foreign guys. You will be their dream guy. I got laid by far the easiest on this website. Like all dating websites, it isn’t free, but it does let you try it out for free. Check it out here.

Bad00 – Nowadays filled with girls who don’t have smart phones, it’s good if you want to chase after some barrio girls.

Day game in Colombia

When you see a cute girl in Colombia, there is no reason not to approach her. When I was there I literally had a shot with any girl. I may not have slept with every single girl I saw, but they at least gave me a shot.

Night game in Colombia

I’ve had a few great nights in Colombia. One night, I got 5 numbers and ended up sleeping with three of those girls. The one thing I noticed is that it’s easier to get numbers when you go out then going for the lay that night. The reason is because Colombians are very socially conscience and don’t want their friends/family knowing they went home with you. That being said I have pulled some same night lays from night game, it’s just not the most efficient strategy. 

Reason #2: My Game Level

I have spent year improving my game. I did it through constantly studying and practicing. I’ve dated all types of women (women famous for their beauty) and dozens of girls some guys would call 10’s. In Colombia I would say I slept with quite a few girls in the upper tier. And it’s because of what I said, years of study and practice.

This is too much to teach in this article (obviously), but if you are interested in learning for yourself you can read it in my book collection, now 65% off.

Reason #3: An Apartment Close to My Date Spot

Sometimes the best thing you can do to get laid, is just to make it easy for her. If you have a good excuse to get back to your place, and your place is a decent apartment where the bed looks comfortable, it makes it very easy for things to happen. If you have the balls to always try to push for sex, sex is going to happen a lot more.

Common questions I get when I do my travel consulting calls

What is the best city to stay in Colombia?

This is a question I get all the time and it’s pretty hard to answer. The best way I can answer is… it depends what you are looking for.

The most comfortable city in Colombia?

Medellin. Almost feels like you are in the first world. Then, you mix in the best weather on the planet (year round 70 degrees) and you have a very comfortable city to live in.

The best city to get laid in Colombia if you don’t speak Spanish?

Bogota. For some reason I found a lot of English speaking girls here or girls who just didn’t care if you spoke English or not. That could be because it is the business center and most international city in Colombia.

The best city to get laid in Colombia if you do speak Spanish?

Maybe along the northern coast and also Bogota. Bogota is still cake, but the Northern Coast of Colombia can be tough without any Spanish.

The city in Colombia with the hottest girls?

Maybe Medellin, but it depends on your type. If you like brown girls then most other cities are better.

Can I do cocaine while in Colombia?

So I will not advise for or against the use of Cocaine in Colombia. It is ridiculously cheap and obviously very pure. I have never seen or heard of a foreigner going to jail for using it(I’ve spent over a year in Colombia in total). Do with the info what you please.

The best opener to use on Colombian women

To be honest the best opener to use on Colombian women is simply “Hola”, with a charming smile. You will already be very interesting being a a foreigner and she will usually immediately become interested in knowing about where you are from and why you have visited her country.

Is Colombia dangerous?

Colombia isn’t the safest place in the world, but it is much safer than it has ever been. Be smart and don’t look for trouble and trouble rarely finds you.

How hot are Colombian Women?

See for yourself: pictures. Or check out some of the girls you can really easily get dates with on Colombian cupid.

How may girls did I sleep with a day?

I would sleep with 2 to 3 Colombian girls a day. This is including girls I had already slept with. If I really wanted to sleep with more girls I could have, but when you find a quality girl, there is no reason not to keep seeing her in my humble opinion.

What are good date spots in Colombia?

It depends on the climate in the city, but generally I like the mall date. There are plenty of places to sit and talk and you don’t have to worry about the weather. Girls will also feel more comfortable meeting somebody new in these safe places. The trick here is to go to a mall that’s as close to your place as possible.

Should I stay in a hotel, a hostel or an apartment?

Don’t ever stay at a hostel if you plan on hooking up with a lot of girls. Colombian women aren’t trashy and they don’t want to be seduced on a bunk bed with different guys coming in and out of the room. Hotels can be awkward as well for the girls. For shorter trips (or trips to cities with very few AirBnB’s available), hotels are the only option. For all other trips stay in an apartment. The girl will be 100x more comfortable and you will have a kitchen so you can eat what you want or plan a date where she cooks for you (Colombian women love to cook!).

Do I need to speak Spanish to go to Colombia?

You don’t need to speak Spanish, there are plenty of girls who speak English in Colombia. Colombian women can be very patient even if you speak very few words of Spanish. But… the more Spanish you speak the hotter the girls you will find yourself sleeping with.

What is the best way to learn Spanish?

I now speak fluent Spanish (and Russian) and I would say I’ve gotten pretty good at learning. Spanish is worth learning and if you want my advice on how to do it, read the following articles:

The Most Fun Way to Learn a Language

Top 7 Spanish Games – The best way to learn Spanish

How much money do I need to go to Colombia?

Once you get to Colombia, you probably won’t spend more than 2000$ a month. It depends on a lot of factors, but honestly I spent about 1200$ a month while I was there.

Want to see more Colombian Women?

How You Can Get 5 Dates a Day

The quality of the girls I was sleeping with was the top 10%. If you want to pull the same quality and quantity I did, learn from me. I have a small library of books on just how to do that for $31.99 (65% off the price for buying them all at once). I promise that after reading these, women will no longer be a mystery, they will be an a open book and it won’t be long until you are conquering them. Click here now to get them (or here to check out all that you will get in the package). 

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24 Comments on “How to Get 5 Dates a Day with Colombian Women”

  1. Nice article. I just wouldn’t set up the same time schedule. If the date is going well, it could easily take 4 to 5 hours: Going to diferent venues, than to my apartment. Also I take into account that she will be 30 minutes late or more.

    Concerning flake rate, I think it’s possible to screen them out on beforehand. If she is investing enough in the conversation, she will probably not flake.

    With too many dates on a schedule, it would become routine and start feeling like work just to get the lay.

    1. Thanks Julius. The reason I prefer more dates for a shorter amount of time is that there are girls who have these rules that they won’t sleep with you on the first date. It’s a lot easier to just do a 1-2 hour first date than to have to use all my lmr skills to get her to break the rules. Feels like you get more return in investment that way. Feels like less work… if you are horny 😉

    2. I think it depends. If the girl is looking for a LTR or an adventure. If you met her on Tinder she will probably go for SDL.

      I prefer 2 (longer) dates a day.

      Maybe if there were possible flakers I would set up more dates. But if I think she will flake, I just ask: Are you going to come? If you are planning not to come, I prefer we cancel the date right now, because I prefer not to waste time.

      One other thing of setting up many dates, in my experience, is that it’s better to do alcohol free dates. What do you think?

    3. Even on tinder there are plenty of girls who won’t hook up on the first date(plenty who will though). I used to always really push for sex on the first date, but it got exhausting. I prefer alcohol free dates. The only time I don’t is if they are only free late at night. Because what else would we do? I think it’s easier to hook up with alcohol but I prefer without alcohol because the sex is better for me.

    4. Again you are totally thinking of yourself and don’t seem able to think of things from another human being’s point of view. ”what I want .Me me me” Those people that you are talking to are human beings

    5. Why should she have sex with you when she doesn’t want to. Isn’t that rape? Using terms like lmr encourages men not to take no and encourages them to rape. Why can’t you take a no. Are you that insecure?

  2. Nice article.It made me see that I really need to put in more on my Spanish even though I’m eager to just go to countries like this.I’ve browsed the Cupid sites and Colombia is looking better to me as far as girls.I like Dominican girls too but finding ones I’d actually want to put effort into talking to is low.I also find as far as hotter girls there seem to be a lot of fake profiles with pics stolen from online.I’m also curious as to the process of finding attractive girls who could lead to hooking up. I’ve seen a few profiles where girls say the’yre looking for something serious and call out guys who are looking to hook up. I’m wondering if you dated any of these types of girls and if so do you have any tips on how to get past that objection other than straight out prentending you want more.Although I don’t take it as gospel I’ve seen that women in many Latin Countries mostly prefer white guys (which I’m not) as far as dating foreigners.

    1. Yeah learning spanish will give you huge return on invention. Colombian girls have prettier faces than Dominicans. Dominicans have better bodies. The ideal look in latin america is Blonde hair, blue eyes. None of which I have. Many people think I have Colombian family. And I still do really well. I think being really white is an advantage, but it’s just one thing. Still pretty awesome there.

    1. Yeah man, being bald is just a small thing. I am balding and THC is already there. Read about how well we do. The one thing I would say is that you should hit the gym. Bald and scrawny… not a good look. Bald and ripped… badass.

    2. No worries. If you’re bald make sure to get the Vin Diesel look down. Dominican, Cuban and Brazilian girls in particular will eat you alive.

  3. I like all types of Latin women but in some cases I’m really into the tan/ darker skin girls. The girl in the green dress in the pic above would be an example of the type. I see you mentioned Bogota and Medellin as ideal gaming cities ,would I be able to the types of girls I mentioned there or try somewhere else.Also I keep seeing the world retailer in profiles.I assumed it was some kind of name for sugar daddy but haven’t had any luck googling it. I was wondering if you noticed that or can confirm the meaning.

    1. The girl I’m the green dress is the type of girl you will find in Cali or Cartagena. I prefer Cali though. I didn’t notice it. I doubt it means sugar daddy though. The word retailer or world retailer? It probably means they work at one of the retail stands that are all over colombia. I’ve met some hot girls who work at these day gaming

    2. The retailer thing is something I’ve seen in the description of what guy they’re looking for.It didn’t make sense to me because of what it means in English speaking countries.At first I thought it was a bad translation but I’ve seen it in many girls profiles from different Latin countries.

    3. I bet it was translated. In spanish it probably makes sense. I have an article on here about my time in a cali. I had a great time there. It can be dangerous, which is probably the only negative for me. Although nothing bad happened to me

    4. I’ve heard that it is dangerous. Even though thinks online sometimes appear better the girls Ive seen from there look more typical city girls rather than ones you’d see in the ghetto areas of some countries.I haven’t been there so my outsider view of it is very limited.

    5. I think there is a time of the year where it gets really hot. I can’t remember exactly when it was though. But generally it has nice weather.

  4. Hi there 20 nation. Have you guys thought of brazil and checking it out. espeicially the north and the remote amazon city of manuas. any brazilian city that will give great exotic value and logistics.

    1. THC is actually there right now. I think he is planning on doing it.He has already spent quite a bit a time in Southern Brazil.

    2. Is anything about Brazil going to be in the course or is this trip just for pleasure. I’m really curious about gaming in other parts of Brazil. Every article about women in Brazil makes it seem like Rio is the be all end all.

    3. Coolz. Also venezula looks promising. venezula can be like another Dominican republic. or like a cross between DR and colombia. If it becomes a stable country. It looks like alot of potential.

  5. Are you able to see women as human beings yet? You know, are you able to see their thoughts and feelings, and not just your own? Again, I was sexually assaulted by a man who reads sites like these. I would loveyou to be able to see life from a woman’s point of view . And to be aware of the words you are putting out there. Please. From my heart. I’ve been damaged so badly by sexual assault. Please try to think of what you are doing

    1. Jade, it’s ironic that your behavior fits the classic profile of harrassment, as there is no attempt by you to listen to or think about what those you harrass reply to you. Your words are always in the form of negative attacks.

      Of course it is all about you and your imagined experience, there is no real care of the big picture on this planet, just an attempt to exploit current trends.

      I would recommend a psychiatrist, but most are quacks. Find a real friend to listen and get away from the man-hater circle you obviously hang with who pretend to care but really don’t.

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