Colombian Girls Scam Experience

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Colombian girls scam by drugging my drink!
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I’ve been living in Medellin for the past few weeks. So many hot girls here. But they are a bit more flaky. Last week I decided to give ColombianCupid a try.

I have met a few cute girls from that website since. The girls are definitely less flaky and easier to get dates with. I had nothing but good experiences.

…until tonight.

I had been texting a bit with this girl from the dating website. Today I got a message from her, saying she wanted to meet up with me after she finished work.

I wasn’t really in the mood to date but when I saw her profile pic on what’s app, showing off her big ass, I was convinced again.

“Sure, we can meet at Parque Lleras” (This is a famous spot with lots of bars and restaurants, right next to my place).

“I’m pretty tired from work, I can come straight to your place and we’ll drink some wine”.

“Even better!” I think. It’s not the first time a girl I meet online come straight over and she did have a slutty face so it didn’t register as a red flag… yet.

The Date

She shows up at my building. The first thing I notice is that she brought a little bottle of water, it looked like a gift.

“It’s a kind of flavoured water.”

As far as I remember, this is the first time a girl brought me ‘welcome gift’ to a date. But I don’t think anything of it.

We sit down in the couch, I open a bottle of wine and we start talking. But the vibe it a little bit off.

I dial it back and act less interested, letting the conversation stall… she seems a little bit too invested and tries hard to keep it going.

“You seem quiet”, she tells me.

“Yeah, must be the stress from work. I’m really exhausted.”

“Oh, I will give you a massage then.”

I hindsight this all sounds much more suspicious; but at that time I was just thinking“Perfect, I’m not in the mood for LMR, this is going to be an easy lay”.

We go to my room and I put on some relaxing massage music. As I’m searching YouTube for a massage mix, she tells me “I’ll get the wine”.

This is the only moment I left her by herself.

She comes back to my bedroom with the glasses of wine and takes off her pants and shirt. I get undress myself too and lay down on my bed. I’m on my stomach ready for her massage.

“Salud!”, I hear.

I turn around, she hands me my glass of wine.

Hmm, what an odd moment to hand me the wine, I think.

I take one sip.

Immediately notice the taste has changed. It’s not very noticeable, like how something tastes differently after you brush your teeth.

What. The. Fuck.

“What the fuck did you put in my wine, you fucking whore?!” 

She plays dumb and surprised.

“Nothing! What are you talking about? Let’s change glasses. I gave you mine.”

This act is so transparent. An innocent person would never say something like this.

“There’s nothing in it I swear!” and she pretend-drinks from my glass.

Put your clothes on; you have 1 minute to get the fuck out of my house.

“Why are you acting so weird” still persists, but she at the same time she’s already getting dressed and moving towards the door.

“You’re lucky I’m not calling the cops on you bitch”.

“You are crazy THC, what’s happening to you.” her act continues; but she’s in a hurry to get out.

As she leaving my place, she takes the ‘flavoured water’ she brought. I think that might have been her ‘Plan B’ option, in case I didn’t offer her wine or something.

Dodged a bullet

I’ve always been very relaxed around all new girls, never suspicious. During the years of traveling worldwide and hundreds of girls, this is the first time I experience something like this.

The glass of wine is still on my desk next to my laptop as I’m writing this post.

It smells chemically.

I realise I’ve dodged a bullet here. I could have woken up with all my stuff stolen. Maybe I would have even been sick for a while. God knows what she put in my drink and how much.

Colombian girls scam by trying to drug me

Something’s in my wine. Fucking bitch.

If I had been more drunk I would not have noticed she spiked my drink.

I had heard these stories before, but they always seemed distant. Today it got really close. Let it be a warning, these scams are REAL.

Dirty bitches. Keep your guards up.


Little update

Just out of curiosity I approached some cops today in the street and asked them if they know about this kind of practice or if I could do something about it.

Well…. that got an unexpected response.

They just brushed it off “Well, since you didn’t actually drink the wine and you didn’t get robbed, no crime took place”.

Then one of the cops started asking me questions, about where I lived and how long I was staying, etc. and suddenly: “You like cocaine right?”

“Euh, no.”.

“Yeah you do, I know the guy who sells you. Just admit it.”

And he flashes out a bag of coke from his pocket.

It was said jokingly but I had a feeling this conversation could go wrong so I just thanked them for the information and went on my way.

Only in Colombia!

Bang Colombia

Bang Colombia is a book written by the infamous RooshV. It’s for guys who want to go to Colombia mostly to fuck women. It contains tons of moves, lines, and tips learned after six months of full-time research in the city of Medellin, where he dedicated his existence to cracking the code of Colombian women.

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I’m TravelHardcore, but people simply call me THC, although I don’t smoke. I speak several languages and suffer from insomnia. I left a well paying job, stuck in a miserable office to go out and see the world. I simply live for adventure. Cheers.

  • Yup. That’s why I don’t accept drinks from people any more. Even then I stick to beer when I’m out.

    • Happened fast, 30 seconds alone with my drink. I think for wine it’s the easiest to tell when it’s spiked.

  • splooge

    welcome to the 3rd world man, coulda stole your kidney.

    take it to a lab Im curious what she threw in

    • I think it was an inevitability to run into something like this eventually. I kept the glass of wine, I don’t know if there’s labs for it. I’m curious what’s in there but probably to lazy to actually find out 🙂

    • Maqo

      seriously you should save all her contacts, and test that shit, some of those things aren’t too good for the body, but yeah especially if it is scopolamine stay home until you’re sure you pissed it

    • The smell mixed with the wine is horrible. She blocked me for the website and whatsapp, but I still have her number. I have no idea where to start looking for a test lab in this and if time is a factor for checking it.

    • Maqo

      All the labs I found using google in english seems to be related to the mining industry. Could be a good idea to do one in spanish, otherwise calling the local universities

    • Thanks for checking up on it Maqo. I already threw out the wine. Just out of curiosity I approached some cops today in the street and asked them if they know about this kind of practice or if I could do something about it.

      Well…. that got an unexpected response.

      They just brushed it off “well, since you didn’t actually drink the wine and you didn’t get robbed, no crime took place”.

      Then one of the cops started asking me questions, about where I lived and how long I was staying, etc. and suddenly: “You like cocaine right?”

      “Euh, no.”.

      “Yeah you do, I know the guy who sells you. Just admit it.”

      And he flashes out a bag of coke from his pocket.

      It was said jokingly but I had a feeling this conversation could go wrong so I just thanked them for the information and went on my way.

      Only in Colombia!

    • Maqo

      Hmmmm, was right to hesitate to recommand them as a source of info for that then ^^
      But seriously, out of all the crazy colombian cop stories I heard…. XD
      Hopefully you handled those mofo right, they could’ve easely planted that shit on you or simply pretended to have found it in your pockets…..

    • Speaking decent Spanish definitely helps in such a situation, so you don’t appear clueless. But it was best to cut the conversation short and be on my way.

    • Army Officer (Ret)

      You beat me to it – that was my first thought as well. OPs organs are worth a whole lot more than anything portable in his apartment.

    • Not sure if that really happens in Colombia. Think she would just have looked for cash and my laptop, camera, etc.

  • Insane brother. Just happy you’re ok.

    • Im fine. I should have made her drink that glass herself.

  • anon1

    Thank God you figured it out so fast. Have heard so many stories about scams with scopolamine and the like in colombia man

    • James Bond style 😉 I never heard about scopalamine, is it something like roofies?

    • jazz

      i read that you just need a little bit (one sip) o scopalomine to pass away

      Good you dodged the bullet!

    • Good thing I built up a tolerance to all kinds of narcotics over the years 😉

    • jazz

      There is another story on expat chronicles of guy who got actually drugged with his friends. the setup was a bit different.
      Seems like an awful experience.
      I think this girl didnt act with enough patience. But she will learn from her mistake.

    • Yeah, she got away with it and she’ll try it again.

    • Jae Kim

      Tbh u should just report her to police this is a serious crime. Who knows what could’ve happened to u or many other guys later on?

    • Read the update in this post, I talked to some cops on the street. They brushed it off and started questioning me about drugs. I don’t think anything would ever happen with an official report here. In hindsight, I should have forced her to drink that glass, alas.

    • Jae Kim

      And my bad didnt see updated…sounds like an average south american cop

    • Jae Kim

      If i were u i would beat the living daylight out of that bitch till i see blood since ur leaving the country anyways.

    • She deserved it, but I’m glad I remained rational. She’d invent a story and lie and then it would be unharmed gringo vs. beaten up Colombian girl. That story has no possibly good ending.

    • anon1

      its pretty fucked up man, some kind of weird mind control substance./ roofie. too many reports for it to be fake

    • “Colombian Devil’s Breath” lol, appropriately named

  • That’s some scary shit. Glad to hear you’re ok. I’d write Cupid Media about the girl and see to it that she’s banned from the site. They can track her IP and block it.

    • Yeah. I will do that. It’s the least. She was very relaxed about it, must have done it before and gotten away with it.

  • Cecil J

    Do you guys at Swoop ever hear of much violent crime happening to travelers in SEA or EE? It seems like most crime against travelers in the 3 global poosy paradise regions is Latin America-am I right?

    • I’ve never felt unsafe anywhere in Lat-Am. But you are right. Generally speaking it’s more safe in Asia. Not to say nothing can happen there. I’ve seen some violence in Thailand as well, they go from 0 to 60 and as a “farang” (gringo) you will always have the short end.

    • Cecil J

      Thais sound a bit eccentric with all their gang beatings and xenophobia. They have never been conquered but if you were a superpower looking to colonize something what would you get out of the deal- rice paddies, jungle, xenophobic little brown guys who call you Farang and kick you in the legs with Thai boxing moves lol Cmon man- what is it that makes them think they’re so great? I just can’t see it-what about you?

  • DerWeltenbummler!

    This is a scary story…glad nothing bad happened to you.

    However, I assume that she offered to come straight to your apartment for your first date? This is normally a huge red flag…especially in Culombia, sorry, Colombia. You are one lucky sausage that it worked out for you in the past, but if you haven’t build lots of rapport and she offers to come to your apartment I’d be careful, at least in Colombia and Brasil.

    If you are still in Medellin, I’d recommend that you sign up to the gym in the shopping centre that is closest to you (a little bit higher up the Diez Hotel Categoria Medellin). The quality of women in there blew my mind (I think it is an Colombian upper class gym, but relatively cheap for us extranjeros). The girls are curious because you are a foreigner and it is easy to strike up a conversation (How many sets do you still have to do? = opener) and then get her number if she is interested.

    Seriously, you need to check out that gym in peak times (4-7pm).

    • I agree, it usually is a big red flag. But just a few days before I had another girl from ColombiaCupid come straight to my place and all things went smooth as silk. She was a great lay and I’ve seen her again since, she’s cool. For sure this caused me to lower my guards. I’m going to be more careful with this from now on.

      I’m still in Medellin for a few days, I’m training in another gym right on Lleras. Haven’t been to the mall you mention, I’ll try to check it out.

    • Dutertedouche

      Whats wrong with cocaine?…A few lines would have done wonders for you’re game lol

    • nothing wrong with a little key bump; moderation is the challenge 😉

    • Dutertedouche

      While I was at the gym today, I was just wondering how you and 20Nation met, because 2 people, both on the same buzz, at the same time, in the same places…sounds pretty cool, but I wouldn’t know where to start to find a wingman like that.

    • Is that tve gym beber Sao Paul Mall beber Envigado?

    • DerWeltenbummler!

      No, it is called Bodytech Vizcaya and is in the Vizcaya shopping centre.

      Modern and clean gym…I wasn’t able to train much though, as I couldn’t help myself to hit on the women there!

  • at least you were cognizant enough to tell the slight different in the wine. Good catch.
    Stay safe out there bro. You can’t trust this hoes. Ever.

  • Toan_H

    this is an off question but I am curious what you would rate yourself on the attractive scale. If you could maybe show a link of what celebrity you may look like too? I’m just wondering how much looks has to play into the dating game

    • I’m not bad looking (6ft, 200lbs), I’ve got trimmed hair (balding); my look is a niche to some girls, to others not at all.

  • Seeker

    Hey why dont u try sri lanka?

    • I’ve been there, great for cultural tourism. Not recommended for girls.

  • Steve H

    I have a friend who has lived in Medellin for years. He got drugged a few months ago. He knows what he is doing and the girl was from a nice family in Laureles. You can never tell in Medellin.

    • Damn Steve, that’s really under the radar. Did she get to rob him? I had some red flags at least and I will pay more attention to these in the future. I must say, the girl that tried to drug me was really well dressed actually, nice shoes, nice shirt, nice handbag; pretty classy.

    • Steve H

      He did not go into detail about the robbery and I did not want to press him. He said the girl lives with her parents in Laureles, dressed nice had a job. She is not a hooker. She put something in his drink when he went to the bathroom. He went to the emergency room the next day and he had scopalamine in his system.

    • It’s even more aggravating that a middle class girl normal girl would drug a gringo; just to be able to buy a better phone or to pay for a fancy handbag.

  • I been gone for a while but now I’m back. Glad you ok bro.

    • Thanks Franz!

    • Nigel Baptiste

      Me heading to the Dominican Republic for the first time, i could use a heads up like this article as i want to make that country my pussy paradise…

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