Central-American Girls: Overview

Central-American Girls: Ultimate Guide

Central American girls are sexy. I’ve traveled to all Central-American countries and met some of the most amazing women in my life here. They are sexy and curvy and they have great personalities.

There is quite a bit of difference in looks and easiness between the different Central-American girls.

In this post I will compare the 7 different kinds of Central-American girls from the 7 different countries. I’ll discuss their looks, the easiness, and some tourism tips. With this guide you can figure out which country (and girl) has your preference!

Central American Girls Overview Map

Central American Girls that have been swooped (hint: all of them)

Use the links below to go directly to the Central-American girls of your interest:



Central-American Girls from Belize


Looks of the girls

Moving north to south, we start of in Belize. It’s the only country in Central-America where English is spoken. It’s most famous for the “blue hole”, a popular diving destination.

The ethnicities of Belizean people are very mixed; mainly Mestizos, Kriol and Mayan. Some of them mixed between these different races, with interesting results. In Belize City you’ll see a little bit of everything. Azians, blacks, whites; it’s quite remarkable.

The girls aren’t that attractive in general. You’ll see some cute girls, but we hardly saw any stunners while we were there.

Looks Belizean girls: 2/5



Typical girl from Belize

A typical Belizean girl


Easiness of the girls

Since all girls speak English, there’s no language barrier. And their accent is hilarious. If you don’t speak any Spanish, this will be in your advantage. During day game the girls are very responsive. They are easy to open and social.

Local Belize guys have a very bad reputation with the local girls about being players and cheating. They assume, often (but not always) correctly, that a foreigner will treat them nicer.

Easiness Belizean girls: 4/5



Pro-Tip for Belize

My pro-tip for Belize is to focus on day game. Talk to the bored girls in shops, talk to staff working at the hotel, talk to the waitresses, and ask for directions from girls you cross in the street. Day game has a very good return on investment.


Must-do (besides Central-American girls)

Belize City is pretty much a ghost city. I wouldn’t recommend it for a long term stay.

You can visit “Caye Caulker”. It’s an island a little further out the coast of Belize city. The village on the island is very small. There are no motorised vehicles allowed on the island but you can rent golf carts. It has a backpackers’ vibe and there’s some but relatively low-key nightlife.

It’s not my type of setting. I get bored very quickly in these type of environments.

Caya Caulker Belize

Caye Caulker hippy island town


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Central-American Girls from Guatemala

Central American girls from Guatemala header

Looks of the Guatemalan girls

Next on list is Guatemala. The country borders Mexico and the girls are quite similar looking to the girls from Mexico City; native-indian looking. There’s a big difference in quality between the girls you’ll see in the streets during the day and the girls you meet in the (better) night clubs.

The average girls you’ll see in Guatemala City are darker in complexion, shorter and not so attractive. The night life attracts the upper class girls, who are more white and a lot more beautiful and sexy.

The tourist girls you’ll meet in Antigua are a mixed bag, but since there a lot of backpackers, don’t get your hopes up (that hippy crowd again).

There are cute girls to be found, but you have to look hard. That’s why I give Guatemala only 2 THC’s out of 5.

Looks Guatemalan girls: 2/5



Two Central-American girls from Guatemala City in Hooters



You definitely notice your exotic value in Guatemala, especially in Guatemala city. Many people avoid this place because it has a bad reputation about violence and security. The girls are easily approachable but, as I said, it’s hard to find good quality.

The nightlife is decent though. There are enough girls who go out by themselves of with their girlfriends, so one night stands are definitely possible.

I subtract half a THC-point in easiness, because the quality is rare.

Total easiness score: 3,5/5




At the time I was there, Tinder didn’t exist, or at least wasn’t widely used. I’ve done a scouting tests now and this is a game changer. Online game is definitely a huge added value here to get in contact with the hotter girls easily.


Other things to do (besides Central-American girls)

Visit the Tika temples in the north of Guatemala. This is truly an expressive experience. I was there in low season and I we were basically walking alone between these age old ruins. We ignored the prohibited-sign and climbed on of them to the top to get a view across the jungle, the other temples peaking above the tree-line in the distance. Breathtaking.


One of many temples Tikal


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Central-American Girls from El Salvador

 Central-American girls from El Salvador header

Looks of the girls

Unfortunately I couldn’t spent enough time in El Salvador, I can only go of my first impression and of the girls I pipelined via Tinder. But that first impression was quite good. I will try to get back to spend more time.

Both the girls you’ll see in the shopping malls and Tinder definitely deserve a full THC-point higher ranking than Guatemalan girls. They are much less Inca/Mayan-like, they have a lighter complexion and a more curvy Latina body.

Looks of the El Salvador girls: 3.5/5


El Salvador beauty!

El Salvador beauty!


Easiness of the girls

Again, I didn’t spent enough time here to make any meaningful conclusion. The girls I pipelined were eager to meet up and I got a decent amount of looks walking around. It indicates a good exotic value.

Under that caveat I estimate the following easiness score: 3.5/5




Give me more El Salvador!

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Central-American Girls from Honduras


Looks of the girls

If you like curvy women, I’ve got some good news for you. They are really curvy and I saw some of the best (big) asses of my Central-American trip here. Honduras girls are decently attractive. Lots of 6 & 7’s, with the occasional stunner.  They have a specific look that I haven’t seen in other Central-American girls. Their positive attitudes and big smiles win them half an extra THC-point.

Looks of Honduras girls: 3,5/5




Easiness of the girls

Honduras girls are very outgoing and a lot of fun, very positive and adventurous. You will have excellent exotic value as there are not a lot of other gringos. This is a great combo, so I give them a 4 out of 5 for easiness.




Online game works well, although you’ll run out of Tinder girls to swipe really fast. Use it to pipeline and make the most of your matches! While you’re there, go to the malls for day game.



You have to go up the hill and visit Cristo de picacho. It’s the “Christo” of Tegucigalpa, similar to the one in Rio the Janeiro (albeit smaller). The view of the city is spectacular. Go there with a girl and score some romance points.


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Central-American Girls from Nicaragua

Central-American-girls-from-Nicaragua header

Looks of the Nicas

I’m not going to sugarcoat it. Nicaragua was the biggest disappointment of Central-America. Over the whole time I was there, I barely saw a handful of attractive girls. The most attractive girls I saw were my Tinder matches. The girls you see in the malls or in the streets are extremely unattractive: short, stocky and often overweight.

I didn’t experience the nightlife in Managua; which would be the only chance for the city to redeem itself.

That’s why I give Nicaragua a score of only 1 THC point.

Looks Nicaraguan girls: 1/5


Nica girl

Typical look of the (best) Nica girl you’ll find.



Well, if you lower your standards, the girls are reasonably easy to bed. I have to say my sample size is limited here; I decided to move on asap. But 20Nation and other friends had a similar perception, that why this country gets a 4 for easiness.

Easiness score: 4/5



Must-do (besides Central-American girls)

Luckily there are a lot of cool things to do in Nicaragua. You can go on volcano hikes and see actual lava.

One of the coolest things to do it to hike up an active volcano and slide down on a wooden snowboard or slide. It’s a unique experience that I highly recommend.

Volcano boarding

Volcano boarding in Nicaragua

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Central-American Girls from Costa Rica

 Central-American-girls-from-Costa-Rica header

Looks of the Ticas

It’s really hard to put my finger on Ticas (name for the local girls). It seems to be a mixed bag. The average girl on the street is not often attractive. They are like the better versions of Nicas (girls from Nicaragua). But unlike Nicaragua occasionally you’ll see a really pretty girl.

Still, I was not impressed by the available quality both during the day as online.

Looks: 2,5/5




It was really easy to set up dates and the girls I met online were also eager to meet up. I banged a local girl and a tourist girl, so there’s options besides the Ticas. Based on my personal (limited) sample base and 20Nation’s experiences, Ticas get an easiness score of 4 out of 5 THC’s!



Other Things To Do

Costa Rica is known for it’s incredibly rich nature. Nearly every hotel will offer tours to visit the jungles. There are also plenty of beaches to choose from too. I can’t recommend any in particular. What I can tell you is NOT to go to Jaco beach, it is one of the ugliest beaches I’ve ever visited in my life. Everything is a bad deal here. The hotels are expensive, the beach is black, the water is dirty and the people are weird.

TLDR; Stay away from Jaco beach. You can read the full story in the related Costa Rica posts below.

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Central-American Girls from Panama


Looks of the girls (Panama City)

There are tons of sexy girls in Panama. First I have to mention, a lot of them will be from Venezuela or Colombia and there are some real stunners among them. I met some gorgeous Venezuelan girls here and if it wasn’t for the current shitty political situation, I’d be on a plane over there already.

The local Panama girls themselves have a specific look. After a while you’ll be able to tell if she’s a local or not just by looks. The locals look like they are mixed race, between mulatas and latinas; they are a little bit more tanned, they have an exotic look and curvy bodies.

The combination of the locals with the imported quality girls from places like Venezuela and Colombia, gives Panama a well-earned score of 4 out 5 THC’s.




The girls I met in Panama, be it the locals or the Venezuelans were the hardest in Central-America. This might be because Panama City is a known for prostitution and the regular girls don’t want to be associated with this. The locals seem to be more conservative and the non-pro’s from Venezuela are tired of the 1-week tourist or business man, which makes them a bit more challenging.

That’s why I detract a full easiness point compared to the other Central-American girls. Verdict: 3 THC points.



Pro-Tip of the week

Check out the nightlife in Casco Viejo. It’s the city’s historical centre. There are plenty of bars and clubs which draw a good crowd, with a lot of quality girls. The girls often go out by themselves or their girlfriends and are very approachable. You don’t have to worry about protective guy friends like in some places in Colombia for example.


Other Things To Do

Of course you cannot visit Panama and Panama City without visiting the Panama Canal. I bought a ticket on the tourist bus but that’s not required. The entrance to the canal was not included anyway. So if you just want to see the canal, it will be cheaper to just take a taxi there.

Also try the ceviche in the fish market near Casco Viejo. It’s a dish made of raw fish and lemon. Really delicious.


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More, More, More Latina Girls

If you are into Latinas (seriously, who isn’t) after Central-America, your next stop will be South-America. There’s tons more to read about Latinas from South America, check the links below. So far we have swooped the following countries:

Click the links above to find all the posts about that specific country!



Central-American girls overview

Below you can find the summary of the 7 different Central-American girls ranked per topic.

Central-American girls ranked by LOOKS:

  1. Panama (4/5)
  2. Honduras (3.5/5)
  3. El Salvador (3/5)
  4. Costa Rica (2.5/5)
  5. Guatemala (2/5)
  6. Belize (2/5)
  7. Nicaragua (1/5)

Central-American girls top 3 ranked by EASINESS:

  1. Honduras
  2. Costa Rica
  3. Guatemala

Everybody will of course have their own experiences but I hope you have learned something new about the different Central-American girls from this article and that it can help you when you construct your itinerary when you decide to go to Central-America.

Take care,

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21 Comments on “Central-American Girls: Overview”

    1. For quality of life and girls what countries in Central America could you stay in long term or even expat too?

      Have you done Mexico yet 20 posted some of Stunners (as good as Colombianas IMO) from his jaunt to Guadalajara man.

    2. For CA my favourite places were Panama City and Tegucigalpa. Except Panama City is pretty expensive compared to all the other places (you pay in usd there).

      I’ve been in Guadelajara and Mexico City, big difference between those two places. Colombia still beats Mexico IMO in frequency of the quality.

    3. For you what was the big difference with the overall vibe between Mexico City and Guadalajara?

    4. I don’t know Mexico City that well. I’m sure there are barrio’s I missed out on. But from the first impression, the people you’ll see in the street are completely different. Mexico City: short, stocky, brown and Guadalajara is whiter. Mexico City: hectic, lots of traffic. Guadalajara more laid-back, friendly people.

    5. That’s good to know.

      Thanks for writing this up for us. I like the idea that there are still places out there which haven’t been spoilt by too many gringos and where you’ve still got “the interesting foreigner effect”.

    1. I have a Q for you and 20, or an idea for another report. I know most guys are targeting 18-25 year-olds, maybe a little older. But of the countries that rate highly for girls, which ones have the best milfy women.

      It would be very interesting to get your ratings on Colombia, Ukraine, Poland, Philippines, etc. on how women’s looks, shape and style into their 30’s and 40’s.

      That intel would be especially useful for us older guys that are used to gaming older women here in the states, and for guys looking for longer-term prospects, heaven forbid marriage.

    2. Funny you’d say so. I’ve been targeting 18-21 years olds for the past 6 months now and I feel like changing it up now. In Colombia there are a lot of milfy women, I already did a first experiment on ColombianCupid. There a some pretty hot older women on that website. I’ll expand the research a bit 😉 Great idea for a report!

    3. That’s great to know. I’m really torn between going to Ukraine vs Colombia. It’s good to know the Colombianas ripen to milfy sweetness. I’ve had my fill of 20 somethings in my mid-40’s. My tastes have changed since then.

      For older men, ahem like myself, once you’ve seen the show and had your fill of assorted pootie, game embraces a strong sense of ROI. Maybe it’s a result of having seriously invested over the years, or maybe I’m just a smarter hunter. But then even top-tier predators like lions hunt the weak and lame over the fittest and fattest zebra.

      The amount of time, money and effort it takes to close the bang often outweigh the desire to bang a young hottie. Not that I wouldn’t love to bang only young, tight hotties, but I’m only willing to invest so much to get what I want. I’m quite content with a fit and stylish mid-30’s milf as long as she didn’t shred her midriff by having kids.

    4. Interesting perspective and I can relate to it. The last month I’ve been thinking about ROI as well.

      I’ve not targeted girls above 25 yet, with the odd exception. So I can’t really tell if there’s a difference in investment between the ages.

      I just started a milf experiment yesterday on Cupid in Colombia. I actually got a LOWER response rate from women 30-40 on there.

      My messages don’t get read. I’ve noticed women over 30 put their “desired match age” way higher e.g. “35-60” so I’m getting filtered out from their folder.

      But also the ones that do read my message, fall in 2 categories: they straight up say “I’m only looking for something serious” or they hand out their phone number in the first message.

      The latter seem to be really responsive after that. I’m going to try to see if they are much easier by inviting them come straight to my place.

      Initial observations:
      – I need to change my age on Cupid to by-pass the filter, – I’ll check on Tinder as well
      – Do some day game approaches in the higher age range

      I need more data points of course to get some insights, but this could be an interesting investigation and resulting report.

    5. Here are a couple insights into your situation:

      1. Women desire and are attracted to men about their own age. See the graph below. You’re punching above your weight if you’re approaching milfs more than 5 years your age. For men, we want 18-22 year old regardless of our age. I do. There is no 30ish milf that get my attention more than a cute 20 year old. Men must lie to women about being as attractive beyond 25, lest we never get laid. But I say nothings looks as good as a cute, fit 21 year old.

      2. Older women say they want something serious. Translation: they need security as they are finding out in their later 20’s that their SMV is declining and they need to lock down a man. By their 30’s, their biological clock, once a tiny wristwatch, as morphed into Big Ben, chiming loudly at every birthday that they don’t have the fairy tail princess life they think they deserve. They need to lock down a man for settling down in the nice house, nice life, and preparing to destroy what’s left of her body and looks by popping out a couple rug rats. She instinctively know that once the first kids blows out her midriff with unsightly stretch marks she’ll have a very challenging time locking down man for the duration.

      So brother, it ain’t you. It’s a woman’s need for security that makes you a lesser prospects to older, less attractive milfs. Perhaps if they thought you were a serious man with serious accomplishments (i.e. serious financial assets) mirroring her desire to settle down and provide her princess lifestyle, then you’d certainly get much more response.

      This is the world I live in and the women I deal will all the time. These over-the-wall milfs are stretched and sagging and wanting. Ironically, they are more expensive to game and lay because they are surrounded by older men who are spending significantly more money than the frat boys they played with in college. Hell, in my hood I’ve seen some beta Bently boys drop $1000 on a dinner and drinks on older women with near zero prospects of getting laid. It’s a sad state of affairs. That they kind of “serious” relationship some of these 30, 40, and 50+ year old’s are looking for.

      Got Bently? Try posting up a picture of yourself driving one and see if your response rate doesn’t go up significantly.

  1. I agree that some of curvy hondurans can drive you nuts! Here’s a snippet of an average single mom with a Pocahontas look that I’m pipelining (hours of sexting). Prime A (or should I say double D’s) b00bs on this one!

  2. Epic post, thats what people are coming back for again and again to your side, i actually read that post a few months ago already, now again LOL :O

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