American Women Vs. Foreign Women

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  Clarification on the last sentence (I only did one take on this podcast): I can’t get every girl in the world, but I can get any girl in the world.   Hope you enjoy the podcast. I’ve been trying … Read More

How Players Should Treat Women

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Most of you on this website are guys who think like myself. You are most likely a guy who has a higher than average sex drive and a lust for adventure. That is, basically, what this website is all about. … Read More

How to Seduce Filipino Girls (with Pictures)

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I have now slept with more than 80 Filipino girls (that I can remember) and am currently dating a Pinay girl who is famous just for her beauty; even wrote a book about my time in the Philippines. I think it is time that I share my strategies and secrets with SwoopTheWorld readers.