Are You A Caged Animal? The Man and The Tiger

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Are you a caged animal? The Man and The Tiger


I want you guys to all read through the next few sentences and pay attention to the comparisons. Then, ask yourself honestly if you are a caged animal.


A domesticated tiger paces the same route in his small cage… day after day.

A domesticated man drives the same route to work… day after day.


The tiger looks through the bars of it’s cage to the horizon, imagining what is beyond the walls of the cage.

The man looks over another cubicle to the window. He sees the horizon and wonders what it would be like to not have to come to work every day.


The zookeeper enters the cage as he had hundreds of times to feed the tiger. The zookeeper rewards the tigers calm and submissive behavior with some extra meat. The tiger is rewarded with a small burst of happiness.

The man enters the bosses office. Because of his years of service, good behavior (no sexual harassment charges) and near perfect attendance, the man is rewarded with a 35 cent per hour pay raise. The man is rewarded with a small burst of happiness.


The tiger grows bored in his small cage. His boredom becomes even more unbearable because of the fact that the tiger has 0 control over what happens in it’s life.

The man grows bored of his monotonous life. His boredom becomes even more unbearable because his life has already been chosen for him. Go to school. Graduate. Go to college. Graduate. Get a job. Do exactly what your boss tells you. Marry a girl. Start a family.



The tiger looks around in his tiny cage that he has spent the majority of his life in. Doing the same thing day after day.

The man around in his tiny cubicle that he has spent the majority of his life in. Doing the same thing day after day.


The tiger does not know it, but his life in the cage is meant to make someone else rich.

The man does not know it, but his life in his cubicle is meant to make someone else rich.


The tiger was born in captivity, but deep down there is a gaping hole inside of him. He knows something very big is missing.

The man was born in this life, but deep down there is a gaping hole inside of him. He knows something very big is missing.


The tiger gets extremely frustrated when he is discouraged by the zookeepers to act like a tiger should act. Being fierce, wild and sexually dominant are things that will make the zookeepers lives more difficult.

The man gets extremely frustrated when he is discouraged by everybody around him to act like a man should act. Being fierce, wild and sexually dominant are things that will make the lives of the people around him much more difficult.



The tiger lives it’s life afraid to displease it’s masters because it believes that it needs it’s zookeepers to survive.

The man lives his life afraid to displease his masters boss and societal expectations because he believes that he needs them to survive.


The tiger glimpses the idea of freedom one day when he escapes his cage and runs free. He is caught soon after and brought back to his cage.

The man glimpses the idea of freedom one day when he goes on his yearly vacation. He returns a week later so that he doesn’t miss his next scheduled day of work.


The tiger feels a little dead inside when the food that is supposed to be hunted is handed to him. It accepts the temporary happiness from the food, but wonders why it is so unhappy.

The man feels a little dead inside when his life is handed to him. He is able to get everything that he needs easily, but wonders why he is so happy.



Break free of your cage

If you feel at all like “the man” from this article, then it’s time to break free. I don’t believe that there is only one way to break free of this cage that society has built around us. However, I have found one way to do that and it’s something that I am living right now.

I work online and for myself. I travel the world and my sexuality is not bridled. I live and see new things every day. I have new experiences and get as much pussy as kings of the past. I have broken the shackles of the typical life in America and now spend my time with exotic women in exotic countries. All day… every day. I do what I want, when I want to.

Getting a location independent income was what helped me to break free. I hope that all of my readers can think about this and ask themselves…. is it time to break free?

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  • IT’S Time to BREAK FREE !!!

  • 20, enjoyed the article man. I’m working to get where you, and many others in the ‘Sphere, are.

    Location independence is tough, but passive income is tougher. Congrats on breaking free.

    • Thanks. I still feel like there is more that I can do to break free. But i’m on my way. Hope you can make it there too.

    • Kevin

      Are you still in Europe man?

      If you could only live in one the 3 red pill regions (EE, SEA, LA) which one would it be?

    • Not anymore. But i’ll be going back soon.
      To be honest that’s one of the hardest questions. But at the moment it would probably be EE. The reason for that is because I feel like it is the hardest place for me. It’s a challenge for women that are worth it. (also I am still talking every day with a Polish girl). Compared to right now I’m in Latin America and I’m 100% sexually satisfied. Ideally I would never pick one. I would spend half the year in EE and the other half in LA or SEA

  • TJ

    This reminded me of the Robin Williams bit about visiting the tigers at the zoo. “ROAR! Big fucking deal!”

    • haha I checked it out because of your comment. I can see the similarities.

  • You’re financially independent already? From this site alone?

    • I’ve written 6 books and this site, doing consults and a couple other things.

  • David Morris

    Great article 20. I’m surprised it didn’t receive more comments. It would have been nice to have hear from others what path they took to be “free”. I was a retirement planner for many years and in that career I talked to many recent retirees who had very large 401k balances. I would ask them what they planned to do since they had enough money and the answer was usually the same – nothing. Sometimes I would receive and answer like ” I plan to do some projects around the house”. Some of these people traveled for a living and were so burned out they never planned to get on a plane again! It dawned on me that like the tiger who has been caged for a long time a human’s soul becomes crushed and the desire to be free is diminished if not eliminated. I hope that doesn’t happen to anyone here.

    • they work all their lives to retire and work around the house? yeah depressing

  • Trinitario

    Hi Swoop, since my teenage era, i always wondered if “breaking free” was possible because during that time there were many societal pressures in preparing me for the adult world. Not only from my parents but from teachers and other figures in my community back then who always drilled you with doctrines of right and wrong. But as a young man coming up, reading was one of my spare time activities and there was a book i have read that inspire me: THE JUMPING LIONS OF BORNEO (I burrowed it from the school library).

    To me, it is one of the best books i have read, it’s about a male lion and his two cubs captured and transported to a zoo where they endured horrible conditions. The trio even heard stories from other animals in that zoo about the mistreatment they received, Male lion knew that his family must escape before things get worse, they finally formed alliance with an Indian Tiger and devised a plan to escape in which they succeed, The Male lion finally invited the Tiger to his country Borneo, he also convinced him that there are female tigers there, the tiger agreed. The story ends when the Borneo Moon shines and the Male lion, his cubs and the Tiger all roared to it

    That convinced me that there is freedom beyond the borders and all i needed to do was to create a cash flow system where i can still live on………and currently i am working on that independent cash flow from different angles so that i can achieve a greater piece of mind…