Best Boobs By Country

best boobs by country Swoop The World has traveled every major continent except for Africa and myself, as a boob man, have made this map to show which countries have the women with the best boobs. I have also taken information from travelers experiences on RooshVForum. I have put all this together to make my Best Boobs by Country map. We are also the guys that brought you Easiness of Girls By Country, Hottest and Sexiest Girls by Country and Best Ass by Country that have totaled close to 3 million views.

Boobs are judged on average size, shape and color. Generally, bigger is better to a point, but it must keep a good shape. White girls have a slight advantage with nipple color thanks to what I like to call “The Surprise Factor”. It is based on the fact that what makes boobs so great is the surprise you get when you finally do see them and the fact that you don’t know what you will find.

I have noticed that when it comes to boobs, there are more racial factors involved, rather than geographical. For example; Asian women have smaller boobs on average, but they have great shape. African women have bigger boobs, but don’t have great shape. I have found that when black girls are mixed with white girls, it has a deadly combination. Many readers may think “Oh this guy is racist!” Check out my other maps and you will see that I actually have a very balanced opinion of women. I just understand that different races have different strengths and weaknesses physically.

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Best Boobs by Country I will be rating boobs the best boobs by overall geography, then talking about the best countries in those areas. Let’s start with the West.

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Best Boobs By Country

1.Dominican Republic

Out of every place in the world I have never seen more amazing boobs than when I was in the Dominican Republic. Check out how I banged 31 Dominican Girls in 25 days.

2. Hungary

The Biggest/ nicest boobs in Europe.

3. Czech Republic

The second biggest/nicest boobs in Europe.



best boobs by country

Best Breasts by Area

1. Central Europe

best boobs by country Overall I would say white girls have the best boobs in the world and of all the areas of the world that have white women, I would say Central Europe has the white women with the best boobs.

Top Countries:

Czech Republic




2. Latin America

best boobs by country

Top Countries:

best boobs by country

Dominican Republic and Cuba

Dominican Republic and Cuba are two Latin countries that have the sexy mix of black and white girls. This takes the big size of black girls and gives the great shape of white girls to make for some stunning breasts. You can follow these links to read about SwoopTheWorld’s adventures with Dominican Republic and Cuba.

best boobs by country

Venezuela and Colombia  Venezuela and Colombia have more of the mix of the natives and white girls. You will find plenty of busty girls in these countries.

You can read and see photos of SwoopTheWorld’s adventures with girls in Colombia by clicking here.

3. The West

best boobs by country

The biggest boobs overall (after black girls) are found in the west, but they lose points for it being harder to find thin wasted busty girls thanks to some obesity problems.. The west, for the Purpose of this map, includes: USA, Canada, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Top Countries:


United Kingdom



4. Scandinavia

best boobs by country

Top Countries: All of them. Every Scandinavian country is a good country for boobs (Sweden, Finland, Norway, etc.)

5. Africa

best boobs by country

I believe black girls naturally have the big boobs, but they don’t have great shape and nipples only come in one color. On top of that there aren’t enough bras on this continent.


6. Eastern Europe

best boobs by country

Eastern European girls generally have a slimmer figure, but you will still find some busty girls without much problem here. The nice thing about slavic girls is that you can more easily find a slim bodied girl with bigger boobs. But overall, other parts of Europe win.


best boobs by country

Best Countries: Romania


7. Middle East

best boobs by country

I have the least experience with Middle Eastern women, but I’ve read and heard that the average breast size is not that big and from the little personal experience I have, I concur.

8. Southern European

best boobs by country

This is where the white girls with the smallest boobs are located, on top of that there is the fact they don’t have as much variation in boob type.

9. Asia

best boobs by country

Asian women have the smallest boobs in the world. However, having traveled in Asia for almost 5 months, I can tell you that these boobs can have great shape.

Just because Asian girls don’t have big boobs doesn’t mean they aren’t amazing in their own way. Especially when you can sleep with three a day: How to Sleep with 3 Philippine Women a day.  Read about SwoopTheWorld’s adventures in Philippines, Thailand, Japan or Cambodia.


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*Updated September, 2018

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43 Comments on “Best Boobs By Country”

  1. With monthly budget roughly between $1500-2500/month and EE, SEA, or LA is doable?

    What are your top 5 Countries for big tit white girls based on your personal field observation?

    1. >What are your top 5 Countries for big tit white girls based on your personal field observation?


    2. that budget is doable for sure, but u have to be smart to keep the 1500$ in range.

      Do you want big tit white girls or only slim wasted big tit white girls?

  2. Author,
    The Baltics- are you really sure they’re A-Cup Annie land?

    Do an image search of Estonian women- then tell me what you see.

    1. I don’t need to do an image search on the Baltics because I was there just a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t rate them bad at all, I just didn’t rate them as good as some of the other places.

  3. 20Nation- I noticed you placed Southern Europe as the least busty locale in Europe. Did you get a chance to visit Italy? I saw some STACKED girls in the southern part of the country (Naples and surrounding areas)

    1. i haven’t been there yet, but part of their rating was seeing a study that they have a high percentage of B cups and the italian girls that I have met (got my italian flag in Poland). I have seen some stacked italians in movies, etc. and maybe i’ll redo the rating after visiting.

  4. Author,
    Have you ever thought that American is white trash, toxicity, and is a generally miserable place to live?

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  6. good rating, but i have to disagree with 2 of them. From what I’ve heard that a lot of Scandinavian women are small chested with some really busty girls.

    As for middle eastern girls(i come from the middle east and Indian community) the only ones tend to be the chubby ones(both) kinda like in the pic. Even among us,our community, we say the white girls have better curves(ass and tits) then our middle east women(especially Indian girls too)…well until they see latin and black girls here.

    But they get mad when they hear it(both of them). But our dads and grandpas agree(both ethnic groups).
    but comparing middle east with Indian community, which Id say middle east women are a lil bustier.

    so basically :asian girl>indian girl>middle east girl>black girl>latin girl> white girl

    well maybe we can debate the white,latina and black girl. Like its confirmed west african,Caribbean and latin women have the best asses, but boobs still a debate with my buddies…it always boils down to those 3.

    like east African girls like Somalians are really ectomorphic and lack tits and ass compared to say a girl from Ghana or Jamaica(most blacks in the west are from west africa), so they are really busty.

    but guess Im only talking size, but if we are taking the shape into account then white girls win,even if the black girl is bigger. I think white women’s chest is more “perkier” then the black girls.

    1. that map would just be a green asian map.
      For my next map i might do best women for relationships

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  9. I believe the Southern U.S. likely has the chestiest gals because of the heat (known to cause girls to blossom earlier than colder climes) and the “beauty ethos” to which (at least WHITE)Southern girls adhere from their earliest

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  11. The map is sadly wrong about Africa. While East African women might be thin, most of West and central African women grow into the typical “big mama”, with a big ass and big breastsThey basically have the shape like many AfricanAmerican ladies, who we know for having the biggest breasts in the country

  12. YEH Well IM IN Colombia now This is one of the best places for big and medium sized boobs in South America for sure……

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  14. Consider the discussion of breast size in regard to countries and race in these terms. Rather than looking at average breast size, i.e. the center of a normal distribution, instead consider how many women have unusually large breasts, at the tail end of the distribution. I am not screwing the whole country, just 5 to 20 women with unusually large breasts, F cup and greater. Such women are the product of genetic mixing, which accounts for the large number of women with unusually large breasts in the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Colombia. I prefer mature women, 35 to 50 because they are submissive sexually. After children they have big saggy tits and frequently are not at risk of pregnancy. Plus they are desperate to find a white guy for support, so within a day they become my maid – cleaning my flat, doing all the cooking and shopping, and providing any type of sex I want, on demand. The best method is to live in-country for a few months on some business pretext. If you are not just a tourist, then its easy to pickup a mature GF with very big tits to serve as your maid and serve every sexual need.

  15. contradiction 20?: ‘Overall I would say white girls have the best boobs in the world’
    –> a few paragraphs higher you wrote: ‘ African women have bigger boobs, but don’t have great shape. I have
    found that when black girls are mixed with white girls, it has a deadly
    So, implication sounds that it is mixed females that have the best, with white 2nd

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