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best ass by country white girls
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Best Ass By Country

best ass by country   For all the ass lovers out there I just finished my newest map: Best Ass By Country. It is a map showing the best asses in the world. As a lover of ass and world traveler, I have been places where the average ass is big, sexy and perfectly shaped and also in the places where the average ass is not so sexy. Here I will share with you… my findings:

Best Ass By Country

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best ass by country white girls


About the map and how it was made

This map was made from my own experiences traveling the world, other Swoop The World Authors, regional stereotypes and the experiences from travelers on RooshVForum.

best ass by country white womanThese are the places where the average ass is exceptional. We realize that there will be some girls with great asses in every country on the planet, but the idea is to give travelers an idea of where to go to be able to easily land a girl with a nice booty.

Great asses in this article will be judged by size, shape and how well gravity has treated it. I know there are guys that are into the tiny asses, but this article is for the typical ass lover. I’m American and I realize that America and other Western places did not receive very high scores. This is mainly because of the obesity problem, I am going off of average girls. Mexico actually has a TON of amazing asses, but they have an obesity problem there as well, so it brings them from a very high score to an average one.


Get YOUR Own Girl with A Perfect Ass

I will be sharing my own experiences and pictures with amazing asses in this article. One of the reasons I was able to find girls like these was because I would choose a girl with an amazing ass. There are tricks to be able to talk to any girl that you see and they are much more simple than you would imagine. I was able to get these girls because I knew what to say.

I knew what to say to start talking to her, I knew what to say to make her attracted to me and I knew what to say to seduce her. If you want to learn how to do this, check out  The Perfect Conversation. Don’t let another opportunity with a perfect ass walk by again; learn what to say so that when the moment comes… you will be ready.



best ass by country colombia   best ass by country colombian   Colombia is a country famous for their beautiful women. These women not only have beautiful faces and great curves, but they have amazing asses. I spent three months in this country and I can confirm the stereotype… Colombian women have AMAZING asses.

They have amazing asses of all skin tones and sizes. However, the only bad thing I can say about Colombia (especially Medellin) is that there are plenty of girls getting ass implants, because they want to have the big sexy ass that is so popular. I am a guy who is only into the natural (boobs and ass), so if you want real ass, just stay out of Medellin.

From my own time in Colombia I was able to hook up with some stunning women, here is a picture of the amazing ass of one of those girls:

best ass by country colombia

You can check out tons of stories about our adventures with Colombian girls by clicking here.


best ass by country brazilian     best ass by country brazil A country famed for their asses, they are a natural lock as a great country for good booty. This is the stereotypical place that people go when looking for ass. A rise in obesity is a problem that could change this forever, but to this day Brazil asses are still world class.. Brazil even holds ass competitions to see which girl has the best ass. This is a great country for any ass lover.     best ass by country brazil

Dominican Republic

best ass by country dominican republic     best ass by country dominican republic

Dominican girls are a mix of black and white, the result? Light skinned girls with amazing asses. On top of that you can find girls of all colors there. Dominican Republic has such a high percentage of girls with amazing asses, when I first arrived here I went absolutely crazy. My first month in the DR was 100% dedicated to chasing tail and the booty (boobs as well, DR girls have great tits) was the reason why.

  I have spent quite a bit of time in the Dominican Republic myself and here is a picture that I have taken of one of my DR girls:

best ass by country dominican republic

We have a lot of articles about our adventures with Dominican women here on SwoopTheWorld, you can read them here.


best ass by country haiti

Spending time in Haiti absolutely blew my mind. I had never before in my life witnessed so many big, gravity defying asses in such a small period of time. While I was there I would almost carefully select each girl for how their booty was. The only bad thing about Haiti, is that for as amazing as their asses are, their boobs are equally terrible. Boob lovers beware.

My time in Haiti was amazing, I was able to choose whichever girls I wanted just by having great body language *learn how here* and here is one of the girl I met in Haiti with an amazing ass: best ass by country haitianWe  have adventured through Haiti ourselves, click here to read about our adventures.


best ass by country romania

Romanian women are famous for being the white women with the nicest asses. When Russia (a place full of models) wants models with ass they get Romanians. These curvy white women are already beautiful, but combining that with their famed asses make this an excellent travel destination for any ass lover. best ass by country white


best ass by country white

Hungary is another country that is known for having great ass in Europe. Because it is not as plagued by obesity as more of the Western nations, Romanian asses are allowed to stand out. best ass by country romanian

Most of Africa (Tribute to Black Girls)

best ass by country africa

When you look at a map of Africa you will notice that the places that are more black, have a higher rating. This is because black women naturally have big, gravity defying asses. I have no idea why such a high percentage of them have these amazing asses, but there is a reason why Sir Mix-A-Lot wrote the song I Like Big Butts (in a time where obesity in the USA wasn’t as common). I have seen so many skinny black girls with asses that are big, tight and perfectly shaped. Black girls naturally take the cake when it comes to ass. best ass by country africa best ass by country africa best ass by country african


I have traveled around Asia for almost 5 months, but THC did it for a year. THC is an even bigger ass lover than I am and in the time he spent traveling he says the best ass in Asia is that of the Indonesian girl. That is why Indonesia is the only country in Asia with a 4/5 score. Even though I think most people would agree, Asian’s have the worst asses of any race (but they make up for it in other ways).

Here is a post where THC talks about his Indonesian girls with more pics, and here is one of THC’s own digital memories from his time in Indonesia.

best ass by country indonesia

Best Ass by Country

There you have it, the best asses in the world. All you ass lovers can take a trip to the perfect spot for you. For the boob lovers out there, my next map will be on the best boobs in the world, keep checking out SwoopTheWorld for that map.


A video of nice Asses, for those of you who want to continue to admire the best asses in the world

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  • Josh Bar

    Colombia and Domincan Republic you can’t go wrong and as far Brazil and the other countries on my TO DO LIST. Thanks for the RECON/field report. Someones banging them might as well be YOU!

    • 20Nation

      There are so many amazing countries to see, might as well start with the ones famous for asses 😉

    • Josh Bar

      Yea do a lil SITE seeing 😉 and take pictures lol

  • Mondevil

    I just saw way too many amazing asses in too little time… and I liked it

    • 20Nation

      that tells me, you’re straight

  • Fisto

    I’ve never seen the word “ass” written in a single piece before this many times. Record set! ; )

    • 20Nation

      Let’s call Guiness!

    • CB

      All your other posts that I’ve read have been crap, but this one was great!

  • John Smith

    Ewww… the ass images posted here are just nasty. I’d give them all about 3/10. At least I didn’t see any cottage cheese.

    • 20Nation

      I feel sorry for you friend

    • Jose L Romero

      Yo 20! whats up with that dude! lol

    • 20Nation

      haha kids these days

  • Nizhoni

    Asses like the african women is actually beginning obesity. Because of genetics they get “fat” on the ass first 🙂

    • 20Nation

      What do you think boobs are? and normal asses? Where their fat is deposited is part of what makes women sexy and yes… the fact that it is deposited in their ass and not their stomach (like most white women) gives them a big advantage in ass.
      On top of that black girls actually have more muscle in their ass as well.

  • Jose L Romero

    WOW! I have to agree with this list as my wife is Dominican! nuff said! 🙂

    • 20Nation

      nice choice 😉

  • Trevor

    Nice list. I can testify that it is true because I have a haitian wife. 😎 amazing ass

  • Nelson

    I’m from Medellín, Colombia, and we do have beautiful women and pretty big round asses here. The city is considered to have the prettiest women in the country (you can ask everywhere in the country, people would confirm that). And because of this map I just found out that Colombia is at the top of the scale. There are tons of girls with natural bodies here, but it is true that the concern for being prettier (specially in Medellín) leads to some girls to get implants, even when most of them don’t need it. Girls here like foreigners and are easy to hook up. I would recomend to make some contacts before you come, though, because sometimes it is not easy to do that contact here, specially if you don’t speak some spanish. So, what are you waiting for?, come and visit us!

  • Tommy

    Really? Poland? Good? Really? I guess, if you enjoy flat ironing boards… Don’t take me wrong, I think Polish girls are stunningly beautiful, but in general ass is not quite their strongest feature by a mile.

  • Ms.Kery adam

    Oh Great.. So..Hott.. Really very very hot Buttock…. I am also a young girl. I had never seen so many huge buttocks.. And more over I had no Idea that Buttock also very hot and attractive part of girls body..This morning I saw from my Friend Ms. Emmy Christina’s Laptop. Hey , Now I got to know that why almost all the guys are looking at my buttock while i am walking on the road. Even I realized that why my Boy is friend also greedy to kiss and lick my lovely Buttock…For that reason now girls are paying more attention on their buttocks…You know what my Boy friend says.. Lovely and hot buttock means Anal sex must… Only anal sex can justified huge and fleshy buttock. Any way I love my fleshy butt and anal sex too….. and I love my Boy friend.. Bye.

  • Shimon Finkelstein

    Best asses are in Romania, every woman there from 18 to 45 have incredible bubble butts.

  • Johanna Maldonado is famous for having Colombia`s best ass. Read our article here:

  • Dustin

    Can you give us a map showing which countries where the girls shave their beavers, which ones trim, and which ones go au naturalle?

  • Akwaraike

    Come over to South Africa,Uganda and Ghana where the baddest asses exist not these peanuts u posted here heavy duty asses can only be found in the cradle if mankind. Africa !

  • anonim

    shkendije mujaj is one of the girl with the biggest ass in the world

    • PapitoLindo69

      did you eat that shit?

  • lh44

    I liked the article until I got to dedicated to all african women I love asses but I dont like to much definitely I like propped nicely just enough curve in proportion with the body not sticking all out thats to much

  • Jon

    A bloated self opinionated chart. I’ve seen all kinds of women with amazing figures. Your data is your fantasy

  • PapitoLindo69

    Peru has some nice fat asses too…Peru should be up there too, I live in Peru and lots of these asses are so edible.

  • Jeru

    Are you absolutely certain that romanian and Hungarian have big butts because everyone report of guys went there said they were skinny… Can you verify? Do you have pics?

    • 20Nation

      do you want fat girls with big butts? I was just in Romania and they have the nicest asses out of anywhere i’ve been in europe. But a white girl nice ass is different than a black girl and latina girl nice ass. White girl asses are still going to be smaller on average.

    • Jeru

      So on average their ass is not that big but just bigger than bigger than most ass. Forgive me for being sceptical but you seen good bit of ass in your years but ima black guy you know how much we like ass….its just that I dont see it on many white girls thats all. Also no I dont want fat girls with a big butts). AlsoI know your not a fan of porn but one Hungarian girl I seen with a AMAZING!! ASS!! is a pornstar named Sussanna White

  • Jeru

    Are you absolutely certain that romanian and Hungarian have big butts because everyone report of guys went there said they were skinny… Can you verify? Do you have pics?

  • Troy

    How the hell does Thailand have better asses than India!

  • Daniel

    20nation, if you could revise the list, would you put Puerto Rico on it?

  • Lucian

    Romanians have the best asses in the Europe, proud of my country 🙂
    ( Native romanians not fucking gypsies from India who came in 1500s, no racism insinuated, just to point that out)

  • Jake

    Where the f is America check out our vines dumb fuck

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  • Ivaro

    Colombia and Brazil are just full of plastic surgery and ‘pigtail butts’. Along the coast, it’s more thicker thighs that melt onto the flattish buttocks. Why do you think there’s so much focus and new butt augmentation methods developed there? To get away from the blocky indio features. If you’re a caucasia guy, you will think it’s ass heaven. But it isn’t.

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  • Rio

    Btw indonesia women the biggest big butt in Asian

  • anonimo

    the girl in the first picture is Argentina

    the second photo from Hungary is Argentina

    Argentina should be in the list

    Argentine asses, not famous girls

  • Farty Fartsalot

    It’s kinda sad to spend thousands of dollars to nail a chick with dat ass in a different country just because you don’t have the game to get one within a 2 mile radius..

  • Farty Fartsalot

    No Jamaica?

    I haven’t been there yet but I hear it’s pretty much Disneyland for the ass guy.

  • Dustin Robertson

    When are you gonna show us a map of Hairiest Pussy by Country?

  • rkumar167

    How could you put Iraq in the lowest category? Have you seen the asses on Assyrian girls like Larsa Pippen? And in Egypt too, the asses I saw were gravity defying! What about the non-rating for Armenia and Lebanon? Kim Kardashian is both Armenian and Lebanese. And she’s not the only person from those countries with a big ass. I once dated a Syrian girl. I sometimes used to go to her church with her and although I don’t stare and I try to keep my mind out of the gutter, I couldn’t help but notice that those girls have some big heart-shaped asses. Arab women have amazing asses. And being Indian and having also spent a month traveling around Indonesia, I can tell you that Indian girls have much bigger asses than Indonesian ones. Also, don’t sell American women short. At my gym these days, all of the women have big round asses. They’ve really improved over the last ten years!

  • Kevin Bean

    Indonesians do have the most booty out of the Asian nations!! Thats a fact!!!