At least 2 New Articles A Week From Now On!

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At least 2 New Articles A Week From Now On!


THC is back! and it’s time to take Swoop The World to the next level. We will be posting at least 2 new articles every single week, so make sure to check Swoop at least twice a week. You can expect one article a week from myself and one article a week from TravelHardCore (THC). If you are known in the community and somebody we have met can vouch for you, you can submit a travel story.



New members area coming soon!

We are starting a member’s area that will be ready soon. Here’s what you will get in the member’s area:

  • Live, journalistic entries
  • Videos and pictures that are more personal, which we can do because we won’t be showing to near the size of our normal audience
  • Sexy pictures and videos
  • Audio etc. from girls and ourselves telling about our current adventures

We haven’t decided exactly how much we will charge a month for the membership, but it should be under 7 dollars a month.


The Future of Swoop The World is Bright!

Here’s what you can expect in the future with Swoop:

  • More articles and more often. We want to get to the point where we have a new article every single day
  • More books. I have plans to write a couple books on the my travels around the world.
  • More video data sheets like these
  • More interactive content from our adventures
  • More articles going viral like the good ol’ days
  • Many more countries added to our travel database


Like us?
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  • Kevin

    I’d love for you and THC to do something on location independent income (aka fuel for making dreams happen).

    • hmmm. It’s not a bad idea for a future post. I’ll write it down.

    • Great idea Kevin. It’s in the pipeline.

  • I was wondering if THC was still alive??? lol

    • He is and ready for action. He has some great stories coming.

    • Hey Josh Bar! I’m still alive. I took a hiatus from traveling, from pretty much everything, but I’m back now. Glad to see you are still around. I’m writing a post right now explaining what I’ve been up to and what can be expected soon. Talk later!

  • Greetings

    Great news. Unfortunately we live in a time where is an abundance of free information. I like your blog, but paying a membership is not something I would to. I hope you reconsider that idea.

    • It won’t affect the website as you know it so far. The same things will still be free. It’s just for the people who want to see more of what our day to day is like. and more visual content.

  • Bahlza Dragon

    You’re not just teasing us, are you???? You know, like when a bitch blows you, lightly scratches your nut sack with her finger nails (ever notice how ALL women know how to do that well?) and your balls start tingling and then she stops just before you can paint the back of her throat? Man, I hate that!

    Of course, if she does that, I feel no compunction against blasting her face with baby gravy–only this time on purpose. Here’s some make-up remover, sweetheart.

    • hahahaha well don’t worry. I will definitely being swallowing

    • Bahlza Dragon

      Well, thank you.

      Oh, and I stand by that whole, “every bitch can work miracles with her fingernails on my nut sack” comment.

    • hahA. that stuff is deeply instinctual

  • Asado Independiente

    You have a really good website, last year you posted your 2015 plans, but later there was nothing coming about the visited countries, pretty much a let down, but glad you are back

    • Ah yes that was THC. What happened is that he wasn’t able to finish his work yet. So those travel plans have been pushed back to 2016. You will see articles from him on this coming.