American Women Vs. Foreign Women

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american women
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american women


Clarification on the last sentence (I only did one take on this podcast):

I can’t get every girl in the world, but I can get any girl in the world.


Hope you enjoy the podcast. I’ve been trying to make as much time for Swoop as possible with my new job and trying to have a life.


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  • KC

    I haven’t really had experience with foreign women outside the U.S. but I think Amercan women subconsciously realize there aren’t as much real men as they’d like to think.I feel the behavior you experienced with dating American women is due to the weak guys with no standards that they’re constantly meeting.A lot have come to resent men in general due to these guys and basically assume every guy is like them.

    • Yeah. They make it tough to date the girls because they do everything for them. And no way i’m going to dedicate my life to pleasing some chick

  • tellthetruth

    I want to thank you for this post about American women. Not all your readers can travel around the world full time. I feel that North America is not represented well in your website. It is useful to try to figure out American women if your goal is to understand women. One thing that I find interesting is once a foreign woman comes to America she takes on the attitude of American women quite quickly and is harder to game. It doesn’t take long for her to change and figure out the dating scene. But Foreign men it takes a lot longer for them to figure it out.

    • KC

      I don’t have the experience as these guys but I think foreign men assume women abroad will generally be better people. A lot of them seem to have this good girl fantasy they project onto women of other countries when the truth is the women they don’t like in their country are everywhere.

    • Yeah. It took a while for me to learn, but I see that surprisingly, the country you are from has little to do with that. Maybe some girls wont use you for their money, but it doesnt mean that they are good girls by any means.

    • It’s harder for foreign men because its not a balanced dating pool. The women have the big advantage here (the opposite is true in many other countries). Women just see how guys will do anything for them here (and throw a ton of money at them, and it makes them harder to game.

  • Linguist

    20Nation, thanks for this post. It makes a lot of sense. One of the joys of traveling the world is that we always have the Higher Value backwind of being from a more prosperous country. An American sarging Americans blanks that out.

    Also, it fits with the style in your posts compared with what I’ve seen from the American Pickup Artists. You work on displaying higher value as key, whereas US PUAs focus more on cocky-funny and then negs to tone down the ego of the babes.

    Sounds hard, and you’re probably right–this will be great training to bring your game to the next level. Rock on!

    • Yeah. I have gotten used to it a lot more than when I arrived. It’s just a style changeup. I’m starting to very rarely fuck up dates. My online game is pretty on point though and I can really easily get 1-2 dates a day here. I’m starting to get settled in. Still there are a lot of better countries for women