Half a Decade of World Travel and Seduction

Half a decade ago, 20Nation(20) and TravelHardCore(THC) met on a fateful night in Bangkok, Thailand. We realized we were two guys from Western countries who were sick of our local women and wanted something new. We both were haunted by the same question: Where can I travel to find and sleep with as many beautiful girls as possible?

Months later, we added another writer (Fisto) and Swoop The World was born. We put out articles and maps that went viral and were broadcast on news stations across the world. We became known for our travels and sharing pictures of girls, showing we were not just keyboard jockey’s but men who shared only the truth.


Together, THC and I achieved what we never dreamed possible:


Non Stop World Travel and Sleeping with Girls

For the last 5 years we have been traveling the world, non-stop. If we hear of a far off land that has much in adventure and women, we checked it out. We funded our travels with quick work contracts, our books and our website Swoop The World.


20Nation and THC still going strong, half a decade later

We are still traveling the world and bringing stories and information on finding the perfect travel location and women. At this point I would say we are considered experts on the subject. From finding the perfect place to find sex, or a girlfriend or even to find a wife, we have it all. We bring you stories of adventure, by sharing the good and bad of world traveling. Keep reading Swoop The World to always stay up date on the best places in the world to travel.


Contact Us

If you want to contact us, send an email to: SwoopTheWorld@gmail.com .You can also ask about a personal Skype consult to help you with your game or to help you find the perfect spot for you to travel for exactly what it is you are looking for. With over half a decade of experience in seduction travel and 4 years experience writing about it, there is not a better place to go for this type of travel advice.



20Nation (20)

An American guy, whose conservative culture and video game addiction pushed him to search overseas for what was missing.



TravelHardCore (THC)

A European guy who ended a very long relationship realizing that societies university, girlfriend, marriage, kids model wasn’t right for him.


Other Authors

Over the years we have had a couple dozen guest authors and a full time author (Fisto) who moved onto other things.