20Nation is in Eastern Europe

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20Nation is in Eastern Europe



I thought I would let everybody know that I am currently in Poland and really loving it. I’ve already had some adventures and all I can release so far is that I have been pleasantly surprised by the number of virgins and how much Polish girls dislike feminism. It’s going to be hard to leave, but there are more places in EE to see.


Where I have been and  the places you will get updates on

The last update I did was on Costa Rica. Since then, I went to the following places:

Panama – I met my curvy Pocahantas

Colombia – Spent a while there and went to three different cities

Spain – Had a good time and ended up missing my flight to Poland (hilarious story)

Germany – Honestly, nothing story worthy from my 2 or 3 days in this country.

Poland – A lot has happened so far and it will make for some great stories with amazing women.


Where I will go after Poland

I plan on checking out war torn Ukraine, Bucharest, Italy and a couple of other EE countries that are close by.


Stay tuned for more updates and enjoy this Polish song (English Version):

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  • Ian

    Hey 20 glad to here youre having a good time in EE.

    Is it the best spot for game or would you prefer Latin America?

    Are the girls in Poland really some of the hottest white girls?

    Do they have mega tits and ass but with butterfaces?

    What city have you seen the most light/platinum blondes?

    Are most of the girls you’re pulling from day game, night, or online (if online what are good Polish sites for this)?

    Have any game techniques worked especially well (caveman game, push-pull, social approval game, cock funny, etc.)?

    • 20Nation

      Most of your questions I won’t answer until I’ve spent a few months in Eastern Europe. I need more info to be able to answer them correctly.

      But the majority of girls I have hooked up with so far in poland have b een from getting numbers in night game.

    • Ian

      Game Brother 20,
      Has the whole Poland land of cheap living expenses and easy going blondes with big racks been spot on based on your mileage so far in the Country?

    • 20Nation

      yes easy going and some have big racks. but Polish bodies aren’t amazing on average.

    • Ian

      Wherever you find in your game travels
      friendly petite 5’3-5’6 blondes that are reasonably approachable- that’s my Shang ri la.

      I love small fair skinned blondes always have always will.

      A big rack is great but a-cup Annie is cool if she’s a small petite blonde- know what I sayin?

      Love the blog- I check in daily. Have fun and game hard.

    • 20Nation

      I’ll let you know at the end of my eastern european trip

  • Brett

    I hope you hit up Bucharest, Romania! The quality will blow you away.. I can’t wait to hear about Poland!

    • 20Nation

      I’m planning on hitting it eventually. I have heard great things about Romania.

  • Nico

    Which cities are you visiting?

    • 20Nation

      I still am not sure exactly which ones I’ll be going to. Bucharest, I’m thinking, but there are also university towns in Romania that might be nice. Nothing is set in stone yet.

  • 20 you fucking Tease!!!

    • 20Nation

      haha patience 😉

    • G Pimp Grand Hustler

      I didn’t realize how good this blog is until I’ve checked for an update about 10x in 7 days.

    • Ronzell Da Crunk Mofo aka G Ri

      I’m from near Atlanta and there are some bomb ass big tit black girls up in the A Town.

      Maybe one day you guys will hit up Africa like Naught Nomad has done. I like those big rack and ass sistahs better than that oriental express as far as boner tests go.
      Tits and ass tits and ass flat tit bitches kiss my ass.

    • 20Nation

      check out our posts on haiti. It felt like I was in Africa when I went there. Africa will be in a future adventure though

    • 20Nation

      we’ve been having some internet issues, a bunch more posts will be coming soon

  • JJ Roberts

    Want to hear your Panama story. (I am here now)

    • 20Nation

      I think it will be done within the next week

  • Nikola Cvrtnjak

    Yo 20. Let me know if you are planning going to Croatia. Season just started and going to a coast isn’t a bad idea ;). Cheers!

    • 20Nation

      I’ve thought about it, I’ve heard that women over there are beautiful. I will let you know 😉

    • Nikola Cvrtnjak

      If you wanna know which places you should visit in this part of europe (especially former yugoslavia), just hit me up via email. Until then, enjoy in poland!

    • 20Nation

      thanks, i will

    • Ian

      Naughty nomad has written about Hvar island


  • anon1

    Holy shit. Are you still out there in Poland or moving about at the moment?

    • 20Nation

      moving about. Just got to Ukraine