14+ Tips for Safe Travel in Dangerous Countries

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safe travel robbery14+ Tips for Safe Travel in Dangerous Countries

I have spent years traveling the world and a lot of this time traveling has been spent in what would be considered dangerous countries. Ever since I learned what to do to have safe travel in these countries, nothing has ever happened to me. It is from this experience that I hope to help out Swoop The World readers on how to have safe travel in dangerous countries.


Where to stay

For safe travel, where you are staying plays a big roll. You can travel to what is considered a safe city, but if you book a hotel in the worst part of the city, the chances of something bad happening shoot up. This can be avoided by doing research ahead of time on what the best areas of the city are to stay in. In places like Colombia, doing this type of research is crucial.


ATM rule

In dangerous countries there is a well known rule that all locals follow…. never go to the ATM at night. The soft rule is actually to never go to the ATM alone. The ATM is one of the places you will be targeted so make sure to visit the ATM with friends or at a time and place that would be considered safe. It’s not worth getting your account emptied.


Showing phone

Smart phones are probably the biggest targets of thieves in dangerous countries. They are small, easy to transport and very valuable. You can avoid a lot of robberies by simply not playing with your phone while walking on the street.

If you are going to a particularly dangerous part of the city it’s best to buy a 20$ burner phone and just bring cash. It’s best to expect to be robbed in places like this.


safe travel

Showing money

Showing money or “papaya” is something all locals in dangerous countries know is not a good idea. Unless you are in particular areas, looking like you have a lot of valuable things on you is going to make you a huge target. As guys chasing girls we must balance this with still being attractive to the opposite sex. “No des papaya.”


Avoiding trouble

When you travel and are seen with beautiful local girls, guys can get quite jealous. They may say certain things to you while the two of you are out (or even when you are alone), just ignore it and pretend like you don’t understand. If I reacted to every time a local said something to me, I’m pretty sure I would be dead by now. Keeping your pride in check and looking at the big picture alone will make you 10 times safer than the next guy.


Don’t go to girls in bad parts

Many times, we will meet girls online or in clubs who will want us to go see them in a certain part of the city. If you want you can do this, but make sure to do some research on what part of the city you are going to. In a dangerous city, you could be risking a lot by going to these parts as a foreigner, not to mention the small chance of a setup. It’s always safer to have the girl come to you.


Uber over Taxis

Uber is something that has made safe travel much easier. Not only does it save you from having to haggle as the taxi tries to rip you off, but it means your ride is probably 100 times safer because the application knows where the driver is at all times. This means that if something happens to you, they will know exactly who the driver was and where he went.


Calling taxis over street taxis

Hailing a taxi on the street is not what I recommend for safe travel. By hailing a taxi, you enter the car of an anonymous person who has nothing stopping him from calling some friends and driving you into some alleyway for a setup. This is why you should call the taxi company over taking one from the street. When you call a taxi, the taxi has accountability because the company knows you are with them.


Always know where you are going

In my previous tip, I talked about a scenario where the taxi drives you to a setup. Simply knowing where you are going, with your eyes or on google maps, can end up saving you from getting robbed or worse. If the taxi ever starts going in the wrong direction, tell him in a calm, but firm voice that this is not the way and to turn the other way. This will also prevent metered taxis from overcharging you.


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Wallet and phone in front pockets, not back

As far as pickpockets go, seeing a guy with his phone or wallet in the back pocket of his jeans is like Christmas. The reason for this is because pickpockets can easily remove things from your pocket without you feeling anything. This is why you should always keep your valuables in your front two pockets. Your peripheral vision will catch any hands entering those pockets. They know this so beware of distractions or big groups of people where your vision of your front pockets could be interrupted.


Not looking like an easy target

The best way of not getting robbed is by simply looking like a guy they don’t want to fuck with. Ironically, the most dangerous countries generally have smaller people. Hitting the gym, looking like you know what you are doing and where you are going goes a long way. A thief will always choose an easy looking target over one who looks like he could kill him. This is why girls are usually robbed ten times more than men in dangerous countries.


Only trust girls to sleep over who are obviously into you

While traveling, the time when you are most vulnerable is as you sleep. When you meet a girl and sleep with her and she wants to stay the night, you must weigh this decision. If you doubt at all that her feelings are sincere or have been a dick to her, don’t let her stay the night.


Partying smart

The time when most bad things happen is late at night when you have been drinking. Staying alert at these moments is essential for safe travel. This is when you are more likely to start things with other guys, wander into dangerous areas at the most dangerous times (night), etc.. While partying, keep in mind that this is when you are the most vulnerable and need to be smart.


Avoiding Scams

One of the biggest parts of safe travel is simply to avoid scams. There are countless scams out there so the best I can do is list some common ones:

  • Sick grandma – a girl asks you for money for her sick grandmother
  • Money for University – a girl asks you for money so she can pay her University
  • Special drinks – a girl takes you to a special bar or club and orders drinks, when you get the bill you see that each drink is extremely expensive. The staff demands that you pay the outrageous bill
  • Drugging you – Always watch your drink when alone with a girl, you can best learn this lesson from THC’s experience
  • Many, many more. Make sure to add in any that you know in the comments


If you have any travel tips to stay safe leave them in the comments below

If you have any tips that can help your fellow travelers make sure to leave them in the comments below. In a few days I will add them to the article to give everybody a go to place to learn how to travel safe.


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  • Baimu

    Good tips! I wud add :
    Always travel with 2 differents credit cards, using 2 differents bank accounts. And always keep 1 card with you and one at your room. That way, if u get robbed outside or if your room got sacked, you always got one card left with ready money on the account.

    • ahh yeah it’s a good tip. Thanks Baimu

  • max

    good content, I hope you will make an other article with more specific safe tips later.
    An other interesting post would be about what you bring with you on your travels. Fisto did it already, but I’m sure you also have good tips about it .

    • thanks max, its a good idea but we are actually working on a product for swoop that will put everything you need to know for our lifestyle into one guide. It will include a guide on what you want to bring.

  • Eli

    This is a bit off topic, but I figured your latest post would get the most recognition. First, how in detail do your books get compared to instructional site posts? I am a big fan of RSDNation and other pick up communities, do your book break down things into baby steps. What I mean is it like, “Be more confident”, or specifically the steps to take to get to that point and what to do/say after that point? I am considering purchasing the set, but vague guidelines don’t help me much. Lastly, and this is not really important compared to the above question, but are fillipinas expressive when having sex? Most videos I have seen, they look bored or in pain and not very vocal. I am planning a trip, but it is hard to get off if they are just laying there like a dead fish.

    • I would say my books go more into deep understanding and less on the surface. Rsd is more on the surface. That would be a difference. Some pinays are expressive others arent. I dont think thats a problem woth them. Sometimes the boggest problem is boring coversation

    • Eli

      Thanks for the reply. Purchasing soon.

    • hope you enjoy

  • Trumpus

    20, mind telling your ‘packing list’?

    Like, what are you taking with you when you have check-in luggage, and what do you cherry pick if limited to cabin bag backpacking…

    • we are going to make a complete guide for everything you need to travel like we do with this in it. Should be done before long

  • Maqo

    Might have an additionnal tip to add to the whole lot, in term of what luggage you use. Think the video here is going to make it quite obivious https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbpKhHwwtiY&t=110s

    • lol nice tip. I think I’ve lost a couple shirts to baggage handlers going shopping in my suitcase

  • anon1

    This is actually some great tips. There was another blog I follow that covered practical single man travel advice back in the day but they’ve gone full politics and while I share 80% of those politics that’s not why I was coming to that blog.

    Loved this, very helpful.

    I’ll offer another Unconventional piece of advice. I’m very risk averse and don’t like taking chances but sometimes in order to experience something great you have to do something potentially dangerous.

    This is my heuristic I’ve formed.

    You can do a dangerous thing as a one off, one time without learning the basics, but only do it ONE TIME. Any more than that and you need to know the basics. (so say if before you were the type of guy that only does things with 90% success rate, you can do something different with 60% success rate every once in a while. But only once, and then if you want to do more you must learn the basics.

    Case in point, kayaking in open water around islands in ha long bay in Vietnam (despite not really knowing how to swim) and the mekong delta and boating in floating markets near ho Chi Minh.

    Both of these situations are very very high risk if you don’t know how to swim or competently or even have good balance. (I’m 3 for 3 on this, but have started swimming for the first time in nearly 20 years recently, it’s going well)

    I did these things because my friends were doing them and I would miss out on am adventure of a lifetime if I didn’t.

    They were extremely high risk given my shittiness on the basics.

    But as a ONE TIME THING, it’s fine.

    Don’t be stupid with this advice but it will help you risk averse people get out there and do stuff and not say no to everything that lands your way.

    I know it’s been of benefit to me because I was always a stickler for learning the basics first or not doing a thing at all.

    While that should be the default, if you wanna have fun in life you gotta do singular high risk things every once in a while (where you define what is high risk, what’s high risk for me may not be for you).

    Don’t go crazy with this and start jumping trains or whatever, but I’ve found this experience led advice has immeasurably improved my life as I’m taking more chances and learning the basics on things I had put off for ages until now.

    • I totally agree with you on this. You can’t live life afraid of places. You can however, minimize the risk of doing almost anything if you do it the right way. That includes traveling and any extreme sports etc.

      I don’t agree with the kayaking without knowing how to swim. Therers a good chance you could end up in the water. I think it would give you almost the same rush by learning to swim first :P. But overall I agree with your points

    • anon1

      haha i knew how to swim but hadn’t done it in like 20 years. doing well currently though 🙂

    • good to hear 😉

  • Boone42

    What about places to stay in Managua that are safe but also chica friendly? Any suggestions of hotels? I’m looking for a fairly nice place.