World Women Rankings. Which Country Has The Best Women Overall?

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World Women Rankings –

Which Country Has The Best Women Overall?

Based on the success of my maps (millions of views), I will now share with you what I have spent my last few months working on… my  mind (and others) put into a website application. This is an application everybody should have before going to a country or just knowing what a particular country’s women are like. You will learn how well you will be liked by a countries women, exactly what to expect and which country has the best women overall.

Are you curious where the women of your country rank?

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  • Are you into boobs, asses or is a beautiful face what you are looking for? It doesn’t matter, I rank the best boobs, ass, body and face separately with a ranking system.
  • Looking for a wife? Search the rankings for the desired traits you look for in a wife like: personality, femininity and loyalty.
  • Not sure where to travel for women? Find out where the women are most attractive, sluttiest, easiest and where you will be found the most attractive. Use this information to save thousands of dollars by preventing you from traveling to a country you won’t enjoy.
  • Do you like going to clubs and bars, meeting women during the day or do you prefer meeting them online? Check out the ratings for how easy it is to get girls in each country on each of these three ways. In some of these countries you can open up an online dating account and have hundreds of messages a day later. In others I have seen a guy (THC) pull 3 different girls from a club in about 5 hours. In others I have met a girl in the street “Where can I get some food around here?” and hooked up with her 40 minutes later.
  • Learn  what you need for your budget, the GDP Per Capita (a figure similar to average wages in a country), the obesity rate, population, how safe the country is, the countries languages and the percentage of English speakers in that country… all in ONE place.


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Formula to Find Out Who The Best Women Overall Are in the World

With a formula that ranks 10 different traits of the women of the 86 most known countries in the world, you can find out which country has the best women overall. This formula is done by assigning each trait a score of 1 to 10 and the final overall rank adds up to be a score out of 100.

1.Face /10 + 2.Boobs /10 + 3.Ass /10 + 4.Body /10 + 5.Style/Hygiene /10 + 6.Personality /10 + 7.Femininity /10 + 8.Sluttiness /10 + 9.Foreigner Value /10 + 10.Loyalty /10 =
Final Rating /100

This formula was used to rank the best women of the world. You can also look at each country and see their world rank in each category. Here is that page of Ukrainian Women:


Overall: 71/100 (world rank #6/86)
Face: 10/10 (world rank #1)
Boobs: 6/10 (world rank #51)
Ass: 6.5/10 (world rank #32)
Body: 8.5/10 (world rank #4)
Style/Hygene: 9/10 (world rank #3)
Personality: 3.5/10 (world rank #81)
Femininity: 9.5/10 (world rank #1)
Sluttiness: 3/10 (world rank #76)
Foreigner Value: 8.5/10 (world rank #17)
Loyalty: 6.5/10 (world rank #34)

Want to see these ratings for a country you are thinking of visiting or for YOUR country?

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Rankings by Category: Find the Best Countries For Your Preferences

Many people won’t be interested in only who the best  women overall are, although they can search that category as well, so I also created an option where you can search all the different ratings:

1.Face 2.Boobs 3.Ass 4.Body 5.Style/Hygiene 6.Personality 7.Femininity 8.Sluttiness 9.Foreigner Value 10.Loyalty and Overall Rating

Here are the top 10 countries of the category Foreigner Value:

 Best by Category: Foreigner Value

1. Indonesia
2. Philippines
3. Boliviawwr2
4. Cambodia
5. Haiti
6. Ethiopia
7. Ghana
8. Guatemala
9. Madagascar
10. Moldova

86. South Korea


Do You Meet Girls at Clubs/Bars,

During the Day or

Online Dating?

It doesn’t matter where you are most comfortable meeting women because I have given many of the countries a score from 1 to 10 in the 3 main ways to meet women: At night, in the day and online.


Extra Info on Countries

I have also added more extra info on the countries to help travelers make a more informed decision on where or not to travel there. After all knowing which country has the best women isn’t everything.

Extra Info

Obesity rate: % of country that is obese
GDP: The GDP Per Capita (gives you an idea of the average yearly income)
Monthly Budget Needed: My recommendation on how much you need to live there per month
Languages Spoken: The main languages of the country
English Speakers: The % of the country that speaks English
Population: The total population of the country
Safety: I give the country a safety rating from 1 to 10
About Women: A brief description about the look of the women


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Don’t Agree? Send in Your EDUCATED Input

This information is accurate, but not yet perfect. I haven’t been to every single country, but I have talked and researched. This isn’t enough to make this app perfect. Buy this information and you will also be entitled to your own opinion and possibly, a change to better reflect a country’s women. You will get the personal email for the app. You must be a traveled person to have a realistic view who the best women are in comparison to other countries.


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Get This Information Now

Buy this info on the best women overall (available on any browser, whether on your PC or phone) and you will get access to this information forever. Even as it is tweaked while I continue to travel the world. You can get all this information now for $5.99. Don’t waste thousands of dollars traveling to the wrong place, CLICK HERE to get this vital information.

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Want to try World Women Rankings for Free?

If you want to try the free version, just click here.

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  • Awsome

    • Josh Bar you’re awesome brother

  • JJ Roberts

    Number 8 on that list only exists in your own head.

  • dan

    I paid but I didnt get anything?

  • Alp

    A question about you, did you literally go to EVER single country in Africa, Europe, Asia etc.. where I can find information about what kind of size of ass that girls got over there, not only ass but also boobs, looks, easyness to bang.

    • it doesnt have every country in the world and there are only like 5 from africa with info. I got that info from myself, friends (also travelers) and rooshvforum

  • Klaus

    Yo 20! i’ve been thinking, and it would be great if we could have some kind of map or ranking of countries where it would be easier to bang for different ethnicities. For example, wich countries are easier for a African American or Brown guy, where would be better for asian guys and etc. Anyways, just an idea, i love your posts man, never stop!

    • I have actually thought a lot about that. It’s hard for me though because I’m a white guy. I have an idea of how it is, but it wouldn’t be the same as if I were another race. I actually thought about adding a “ideal look” section to this info

  • Will

    For me Id like a book on gaming EE girls from A-Z. What to say, how to dress, best things to text, where to go on dates, etc.
    IMO the hottest girls I’ve seen on here have been the EE ones-theyre not all super stacked but the snowy white meat is hard to beat.

    Is Kiev the best city in EE for talent?

    • I will be going back there again. i am definitely a fan. When I do more exploring maybe I will feel enough of an expert for a book. I found Odessa to have the best talent in all of EE and afterwards Bucharest, then Kiev.

    • Will

      The book on optimal EE game would be good.

      I always wondered if you’re pretty good looking (like a 8 in looks)? Maybe this is why you could do what a half decent guy could do in Latin America in Europe. One thing I noticed is you have a chill, and enthusiastic charisma about you when you did that street interview with Roosh in Odessa.

      Another thing is I don’t like greyhound or fashion model skinny or tall girls. I like at least c cups and an average body with a booty on a white girl.

      ???So basically I like a 5’6 white chick with a rack- what are my EE cities for this kind of girl?

    • Hmmm I would say central europe. Hungary Poland etc.

    • DrG

      20, would you hit Kiev in winter time or you find that due to extreme cold and darkness and limited day game opportunities only time worth visiting that region is summer time to maximize ones game?

    • I wouldn’t because I don’t like the cold much. I dont think kiev is great in the summer, I think it’s great in fall/spring

  • micoq_szoar

    You’ve made a HUGE mistake, 20 and I’m gonna call you on it. I know the other posters are in awe of you, most of them thinking, “He’s dropped his seed in pussies like a gardener on a coke binge . . . and if I were totally honest with myself, I’d admit I have a crush on his roguish personality,” but fuck it. You totally forgot to list the countries that have the bitches most likely to let you drop a load on their faces and will still bring you a sandwich in bed, the let you eat while they clean everything up. Defend your integrity, dude.

    • Fuck. How could i miss something so crucial? Next time 😉

  • David Morris

    Hey 20, I like to throw an idea at you. How about an article of Hidden Gems most Americans don’t know about or too afraid to go to that are the everyman paradise. Margarita Island, Venezuela comes to mind. That is a top vacation spot for many Venezuelan women looking to get wild. Most people I talked to never even heard of it. Many older men in their 40’s on up should do well there. Also, Fortaleza, Brazil since Rio has been written to death about and is full of hookers, Gold diggers etc..etc… just a thought.

    • Yeah i’m actually thinking about doing an article about that, but it will be in swoops news letter. I would prefer it if less people knew about these hidden gems so I don’t want to make an official article about it.

    • the swiss chalet

      How about leaving a few stones unturned.

  • DrG

    Hi 20, thanks for this new section on world women rankings. I noticed that you highly recommend online game however most sites you list like RussianCupid or are pay sites. Are you paying to pipeline? If not, any free sites you’d recommend based on your extensive experience (tinder does not count as i’m over 35)? Thanks.

    • Tinder is about the only decent free online dating site. And when I go online I will use more than one site usually. It ends up being I get a lot of dates from those sites, so i end up paying like 1-3$ extra a girl i get on a date with. Which isn’t really a problem.

    • Tinder counts but online you want as many prospects as possible, so you don’t waste any time on your trips.

  • tim

    the sluttiness rating. Does the lower the score, the LESS slutty she is? or the lower the score the MORE slutty she is? I don’t want slutty girls as I’m looking for marriage material. thanks bro

    • the more slutty the higher her score. But you can see the rankings by category. Also loyalty is in there too. There are a lot of marriagable categories. In fact, one of my next maps will be best girls to marry by country. I see where you’re coming from.

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  • Anonymous

    I don’t get it
    How do u calculate foreigner value
    Is this just based on self-reporting because it seems invalid and unreliable
    Also it doesn’t differentiate between whether your a white, black, Asian, brown or Hispanic guy.

  • Ilikebicycle

    Putting Iceland at average amount of effort to bang makes the whole map null and void. They are 1 of the top 3 easiest. Please correct.

    • i think its good advice from my recent travels. An update coming soon

  • William Norman Ryland

    Iceland is the tops for me. Something about those Vikings being genetically isolated has resulted in a stunning look … not just the few, but the entire island. And, as easy as their neighbors.

  • William Norman Ryland
  • Terminator

    Hello, is it possible to get a refund ? thanks !

    • If you are having trouble getting access, simply go to and type in the paypal address you used to pay with.

    • Nathan

      Mine didn’t work with the email.

      Secondary, I have a thing for clean straight teeth. How well does that factor into face or hygiene?

    • email me at with your payment details and i’ll get you a username.

      It factors in. But for the most part the more 1st world a country is, the better their teeth. USA has the best teeth in the world i would say

    • Nathan

      Email sent.

      Athropologically if the culture stays close to its native diet, teeth generally stay pretty straight and pearly white. Deviate the nutrition and environmental factors without correctives and you get a high tech populace like Japan with some jacked up teeth.

      So conflicted. Love the Colombian and Japanese girls, but gotta have that clean mouth haha

    • Terminator

      It’s not a question of access, it’s that i’m sorry but i just don’t like the quality of the service, too much informations are wrong or too much countries don’t have all the informations completed. So is it possible to get a refund ? thanks

  • Spectre

    Hi. I’m an Indian,23, 6’1, light brown.
    I’m planning to go abroad for higher studies. Mostly Europe. Where do you think I can do well with women.

  • Nasty Nomad

    Great article with excellent information!

  • Joe

    I would absolutely agree that Indonesia is #1 and Philippines is #2. As far as last, S. Korea definitely goes near the bottom, but mainland China is worse. There are some beautiful women in Korea, but their friendliness is inversely proportional to their looks. I’ve had good luck with Korean halfies in the US, though.

    People need to understand that to do really well in Indonesia, you need to be able to get by speaking the language. Your prospects expand enormously if you do. Indonesian women also have a fantasy of sleeping with a white guy before they get married, and if they miss it, they’ll drop the “before married” part. This knowledge is power, use it wisely. I asked my Jakarta girlfriend’s group of friends about that, “If language were no barrier [it is], about what percent of Indonesian women would sleep with a white guy if they had the chance?” They discussed it and concluded 70%. I can’t say they are wrong.

    The best looking women in the world are half Filipino and half white. Also, I can confirm from personal experience that in the Philippines (and I am sure in other places, I just haven’t personally verified), most actresses are available (or have been at some point) for a price. You just have to know who to call. I’ve watched tv, saw someone I liked, made a call, and 48 hours later she is walking in to my hotel lobby, trying to hide behind big sunglasses (at night). They are not pros; they just won’t turn down money if asked. And if you have to ask how much, you can’t afford it. If you aren’t rich, don’t worry, there are many beautiful, sweet Filipino girls that will sleep with a white guy for the price of a meal at McDonalds.

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