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The first post in a series of weird, illogical and ridiculous things women do and say. Today’s topic: token resistance.

Now women will generally try to avoid all responsibility of getting laid, they love to lie to themselves.

“I thought we were just going to watch a movie in his apartment.”
“I was so drunk and he just kept insisting.”

It will never be the woman’s ‘fault’ she got laid. That’s why even if you don’t run into Last Minute Resistance (LMR), you’ll generally run into Token Resistance. She’ll mumble “no…” while you’re pulling off her panties, while in fact she’s even assisting you in getting them off.

If you were to take this seriously, she would probably get angry at you for not correctly reading her “No” as a “YES, FUCK ME RIGHT NOW!”.

Just to show how ridiculous this can get, consider this example from last night:

– I met this girl in the club.
– We go to HER place.
– We each took a shower.
– We are naked in the bed making out.

“I don’t want to have sex!”

Sure, I continue. Now while she is HOLDING my dick…

“We’re not going to have sex.”

Whatever, I continue.

“Do you have condoms?” – (I forgot)  So I say “No”.

Her: “There’s a 7/11 downstairs to the right. You can buy condoms there… BUT I DON’T WANT TO HAVE SEX OK!!!”




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  • Fisto

    God bless them!

  • Whenever a girl says “We’re not gonna have sex”, I know I’m gonna get laid soon 😀

    • TravelHardcore

      Yes, it’s usually a very good sign 🙂 Women… how can you take them seriously.

  • Jody Dayton Peace


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  • john wick

    So effectively speaking, is this rape or not? haha


    That’s something that really bothers me because you never know how twisted or desperate a chick may be. She says no but you proceed yall FU K then she claims rape a week later and now your in a jam. She never does but it’s always that type of bitch out there sick in the mind like this that make you wonder would she do something like this………?

    • Exactly. Especially if you’re in America, be careful with crazy girls like that. The deck’s stacked against you. Try getting some digital memories / romantic pictures after sex – you never know