Whatsapp Conversations that Get You Dates

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whatsapp conversations dates
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Whatsapp Conversations that Get You Dates

whatsapp conversations dates

Here I will show you two Whatsapp conversations that led to the girls doing everything in their power to meet me. Hopefully, you can learn a thing or two from reading exactly what I am saying to these girls. Enjoy.


Whatsapp Conversations: K

My style of Whatsapp talking is cocky/funny style where I frame myself as the prize. You will see many examples of this in the first Whatsapp conversation with K.

2:08:42 PM: K: Why you think i cant wait?

2:09:22 PM: 20: because i’m captivating 😉

2:09:53 PM: K: Or just you are into me? And want to see me? ��

2:10:20 PM: 20: who knows 😉

2:11:01 PM: K: You should know ☺️

2:11:28 PM: 20: K

2:11:35 PM: 20: im trying to be mysterious here

2:11:40 PM: 20: and you are ruining it

2:11:43 PM: 20: 😉

2:11:48 PM: K: Ha ha ha

2:11:59 PM: K: Im sorry ��

2:12:24 PM: 20: :p

2:13:25 PM: K: But i like attention aswell ��

2:13:29 PM: K: Ha ha

2:14:11 PM: 20: i noticed

2:14:17 PM: 20: so come visit me

2:15:03 PM: K: And dont like to chaise guys haha ��

2:15:39 PM: K: And you will come here ☺️

2:19:45 PM: 20: hmm

2:19:48 PM: 20: true

2:20:05 PM: 20: but i like to be chased 😉

2:20:43 PM: K: Me too ��

2:29:17 PM: 20: but when i arrive

2:29:23 PM: 20: you are supposed to seduce me

2:30:30 PM: K: Ha ha dunno about it ��

2:31:03 PM: K: As i see you like attention from girls

2:31:05 PM: K: Haha

2:31:18 PM: 20: haha of course

2:31:29 PM: 20: if i didnt

2:31:37 PM: 20: i wouldnt be matching with you

2:31:46 PM: 20: i would be matched with Ken

2:31:49 PM: 20: or something 😉

2:32:03 PM: K: Ha ha

2:32:09 PM: K: Its not what i ment ��

2:32:28 PM: 20: i know

2:32:40 PM: K: But anywaaay. I would like to meet you ☺️

2:33:40 PM: 20: me too

3:00:37 PM: K: So what you will do today ? ��

3:01:49 PM: 20: finish work

3:01:52 PM: 20: go to the gym

3:02:06 PM: 20: maybe meet up with friends tonight

3:02:08 PM: 20: and you?

3:06:12 PM: K: Maybe will go to concert

3:06:24 PM: K: If it wont rain

3:06:45 PM: K: He he no hot dates?

3:07:04 PM: 20: nope

3:07:12 PM: 20: unless you will visit me 😉

3:08:31 PM: K: Xi xi such a nice lie ��

3:08:50 PM: K: I guess you like to plaaay with girls ��

3:09:26 PM: 20: haha

3:09:37 PM: 20: why do you think that?

3:10:47 PM: K: Im guessing

3:11:03 PM: K: You loook good so its easy to do that haha

3:12:28 PM: 20: maybe

3:12:44 PM: 20: but im a busy man

3:12:51 PM: 20: and im waiting for you to seduce me

3:15:00 PM: K: Ha ha

3:15:18 PM: K: Its what you should do ��

3:15:33 PM: K: Im not easy to get ����

3:20:02 PM: 20: haha im not essy either

3:20:10 PM: 20: so bring your A game when you seduce me

3:21:06 PM: K: Ha ha

3:21:17 PM: K: You wish ��

3:21:41 PM: K: Are you so confident about yourself? Haha

3:23:10 PM: 20: 😉

3:23:47 PM: 20: ok we will compromise

3:23:58 PM: 20: we will switch off days to seduce

3:24:35 PM: 20: you will seduce

me the first of the month

3:24:40 PM: 20: to the 30th

3:24:48 PM: 20: and i will seduce you the 31st

3:25:16 PM: K: Ha ha ha

3:25:26 PM: K: I dont like that ��

3:25:47 PM: K: So im disturbing your work tho ��

3:26:22 PM: 20: a bit

3:26:29 PM: 20: but its no problem

3:26:33 PM: 20: because im almost done

3:26:40 PM: 20: no rush

3:27:08 PM: K: <image omitted of her blowing a kiss>

3:27:15 PM: K: Ha ha

3:27:19 PM: 20: for me?

3:27:22 PM: K: I like to disturb!

3:27:32 PM: K: Nope not for you ��

3:27:51 PM: 20: 😮

3:28:46 PM: K: You neeeed to deserve my kiss ��

3:28:50 PM: K: Ha ha

3:34:12 PM: 20: ahh

3:34:17 PM: 20: i dont deserve it?

3:34:43 PM: K: Not yet ��

3:35:10 PM: 20: 😉

3:37:08 PM: K: Mmm

3:37:25 PM: K: So in what sector you are working

3:38:14 PM: 20: business and marketing

3:38:19 PM: 20: basically

3:38:37 PM: K: Okkkkk

3:38:58 PM: K: So you were studying marketing? ☺️

3:39:15 PM: 20: i studied international business

3:39:48 PM: K: Mmmm ok ☺️

3:41:12 PM: 20: 😉

3:41:21 PM: 20: what kind of lawyer are you?

3:41:54 PM: K: Im finnised my master in business law

3:42:06 PM: K: Now working as associate in law firm

3:42:17 PM: K: Most with business and contract law

3:42:34 PM: 20: ahh cool

3:43:29 PM: K: Im coool ��

3:43:32 PM: K: Ha ha

3:44:41 PM: K: <image omitted>

3:45:08 PM: 20: behind that smiling face

3:45:31 PM: 20: blood thirsty lawyer instincts

3:46:20 PM: K: Ha ha

3:46:31 PM: K: Im allways smiling ☺️

3:47:38 PM: 20: :p

3:48:08 PM: K: ��

3:50:17 PM: K: No kiss back? ��

3:50:55 PM: 20: you made me wait sooooo long for the kiss

3:51:02 PM: 20: im still in shock

3:51:24 PM: K: Ha ha ha

3:51:54 PM: K: Such a player ☺️

3:52:20 PM: 20: haha no waaay

3:52:45 PM: K: Yes you are ☺️

3:52:59 PM: K: And i still didnt get my kissssssss ☺️

3:53:06 PM: 20: you just think that because im handsome

3:53:21 PM: 20: stereotypes

3:53:23 PM: 20: 😉

3:53:46 PM: K: I didnt say you are handsome

3:53:49 PM: K: Ha ha

3:53:58 PM: 20: i am a mind reader

3:54:02 PM: 20: i forgot to tell you

3:54:29 PM: K: He he

3:54:34 PM: K: So not true

3:54:45 PM: 20: totally true

3:54:52 PM: K: There is no guy eho knows what i think

3:54:56 PM: K: ��

3:54:59 PM: 20: i do

3:55:57 PM: K: Mmmm

3:56:05 PM: K: Cant be true ☺️

3:56:53 PM: K: Im not so easy to know aswell ��

4:03:32 PM: 20: :p

4:03:47 PM: 20: ��

4:14:39 PM: K: Mmm ☺️ now i neeed real one ��

4:17:04 PM: 20: yesss

4:17:10 PM: 20: but we must wait

4:17:20 PM: 20: simce u wont come visit

4:18:19 PM: K: You can come to visit me ��

4:18:21 PM: K: Ha ha

4:18:43 PM: 20: i will

4:18:49 PM: 20: but in a week and a half

4:19:01 PM: 20: you can come visit me now

4:21:40 PM: K: He he ok ok

4:21:48 PM: K: I cant complain ☺️

4:21:56 PM: 20: 😉

4:22:32 PM: K: ��

4:22:41 PM: K: Im going to take a bath

4:23:00 PM: K: Enjoy your eve without me haah

4:25:05 PM: 20: wait no invitation?

4:25:07 PM: 20: rudeee

4:25:26 PM: K: Ha ha

4:25:38 PM: K: To take a bath with me

4:25:49 PM: K: You must be extreaml charming haha

4:25:56 PM: 20: haha

4:25:57 PM: 20: 😉

4:27:45 PM: K: Kisses ��

5:21:42 PM: 20: hope you didnt drown or something

5:21:55 PM: 20: because you have to come

visit 😉

5:24:02 PM: K: Ha ha ha

5:24:11 PM: K: Sweeet of you

5:24:23 PM: K: And you are the one who had to come

5:24:26 PM: K: See me ☺️

5:24:34 PM: 20: well i will come anyways

5:24:44 PM: 20: but you will come soon

5:24:59 PM: K: Ha ha why you think so?

5:25:11 PM: 20: because you cant bare to wait a week and a half to see and to kiss me

5:25:20 PM: K: Send me more pics of you ��

5:25:23 PM: K: Ha ha ha

5:25:38 PM: K: I think its your way to say

5:26:08 PM: K: That im a nice girl and you would love to meeet me!

5:26:34 PM: 20: haha

5:26:38 PM: 20: maybe 😉

5:26:42 PM: 20: ok i will send more

5:26:44 PM: 20: but you too

5:26:49 PM: K: But its ok

5:27:18 PM: K: Usually for me its also hard to admit that i like someone haha

5:27:37 PM: 20: <image omitted>

5:27:37 PM: 20: <image omitted>

5:27:38 PM: 20: <image omitted>

5:27:51 PM: 20: mmm

5:27:59 PM: 20: one sexy pic or not?

5:30:02 PM: K: Ha ha sure ��

5:30:45 PM: 20: i change my mind

5:30:51 PM: 20: no sexy pics for you

5:31:01 PM: K: Ha ha ha and dont take selfies in bathroom!

5:31:08 PM: 20: to you im just a sexy piece of meat

5:31:11 PM: 20: 😉

5:31:10 PM: K: Whyyyyyy? ����

5:31:23 PM: K: Ha ha why you think so?

5:31:29 PM: 20: jk

5:31:44 PM: 20: <image omitted>

5:31:53 PM: 20: only the cool kids take bathroom selfies

5:33:24 PM: K: Mmm ��

5:33:37 PM: K: Ha ha you think so bad about me ok ��

5:33:48 PM: K: And i do think you are cooool ☺️

5:34:01 PM: 20: good 😉

5:34:03 PM: 20: your turn


Which of course led to sexy pics and as some of you know from my book on online dating (Elite Online Dating), getting sexy pics is one of the ways I can pretty much guarantee they will meet me when I arrive (I was pipelining her).



 Whatsapp Conversations: Anastassia

1:16:27 AM: anastassia: I used to go there when I was teenager

1:16:27 AM: 20: haha

1:16:28 AM: anastassia: 16-17

1:16:35 AM: 20: it was a big group of guys

1:16:42 AM: anastassia: They let me in cause I am tall

1:16:46 AM: 20: not so much for the atmosphere as just hanging out

1:16:55 AM: anastassia: And when I put on makeup I looked a bit older

1:17:03 AM: 20: lol

1:17:07 AM: 20: how tall are you?

1:17:21 AM: anastassia: 1.77

1:17:32 AM: anastassia: Considerably tall for a girl

1:17:37 AM: anastassia:

1:17:39 AM: 20: :p

1:18:01 AM: 20: you have dated shorter guys?

1:18:10 AM: anastassia: Nope

1:18:12 AM: anastassia: Never

1:18:34 AM: anastassia: But I don’t really sort people by their hight

1:18:44 AM: 20: :p

1:18:46 AM: 20: liar

1:18:56 AM: anastassia: I have really good male friends who are wayyy shorter than me

1:18:59 AM: anastassia: Ahaha

1:19:04 AM: 20: well for friends

1:19:06 AM: 20: its different

1:19:15 AM: 20: i wouldnt date a girl taller than me

1:19:32 AM: anastassia: But ofc I would like to date guys who are a bit taller than me

1:19:39 AM: 20: 😉

1:19:55 AM: anastassia: I just feel a bit powerful with shorter guys

1:19:57 AM: anastassia: U know

1:20:08 AM: 20: lol

1:20:11 AM: 20: im 147

1:20:13 AM: 20: soooo…

1:20:24 AM: anastassia: Ahaha no ur not

1:20:31 AM: 20: :p

1:20:31 AM: anastassia: Ur 185

1:20:36 AM: 20: wowwww

1:20:38 AM: anastassia: And from ur pics

1:20:40 AM: 20: i think

1:20:50 AM: 20: you are my most attractive stalker yet

1:20:57 AM: anastassia: U seem to be high

1:21:12 AM: anastassia: Ahaha haven’t yet stalked yet

1:21:43 AM: anastassia: It’s like

1:21:55 AM: anastassia: When I was tindering

1:21:58 AM: anastassia: In March

1:22:01 AM: anastassia: I used to tell

1:22:03 AM: anastassia: Guys

1:22:05 AM: anastassia: Before

1:22:16 AM: anastassia: We met that I’m fat

1:22:22 AM: anastassia: Just to see the reaction

1:22:52 AM: anastassia: Lol not ur not

1:22:52 AM: anastassia: And they were like

1:23:00 AM: anastassia: Ur neck tells everything

1:23:03 AM: anastassia:

1:24:33 AM: anastassia: Not that I think it’s bad to be curvy or smth, just to see the reaction

1:24:42 AM: anastassia:

1:24:44 AM: 20: hahaha

1:24:48 AM: 20: i was just checking

1:25:08 AM: 20: to make sure you wanted me for my rogue ish good looks

1:25:12 AM: 20: not my height 😉

1:26:16 AM: anastassia: Ahaha well I must admit ur cute

1:26:55 AM: anastassia: But even if u were 1.47 I would still had the desire to meet you

1:27:10 AM: 20: ooh

1:27:11 AM: anastassia: So

1:27:17 AM: 20: aren’t you the charmer 😉

1:27:33 AM: anastassia:

1:27:33 AM: anastassia: Hmm

1:28:00 AM: 20: i think you have some practice seducing guys

1:28:25 AM: anastassia: Ahaha well yeah a bit

1:28:42 AM: anastassia: But to be honest I never had a serious relationship

1:29:27 AM: anastassia: Just haven’t met the right person I guess

1:30:21 AM: anastassia: But I guess u have also already seduced a lot of ladies

1:31:55 AM: 20: you are serious?

1:32:02 AM: 20: seriously serious?

1:32:13 AM: anastassia: Ahahaha yeah

1:32:15 AM: 20: that you have never had a serious relationship?

1:32:19 AM: anastassia: Crazy right??

1:32:28 AM: anastassia: Yeees

1:32:54 AM: anastassia: When it comes to love I’m not really lucky

1:32:59 AM: anastassia:

1:33:20 AM: 20: wow

1:33:26 AM: 20: i have been in love before

1:33:32 AM: 20: but you are still young

1:33:39 AM: 20: i could almost be your father

1:34:04 AM: anastassia: Well I have been in love as well,its just didn’t work out

1:34:06 AM: anastassia: I have been in love twice

1:34:14 AM: 20: oh

1:34:18 AM: anastassia: Ahaha whaaa

1:34:22 AM: anastassia: Ur 26

1:34:26 AM: anastassia: I’m 24

1:34:46 AM: anastassia: U definitely cant be my father

1:36:16 AM: 20: maybe i was a horny toddler

1:36:20 AM: 20: you never know

1:36:47 AM: 20: crazier things have happened 😉

1:36:59 AM: 20: you know you have a really good memory

1:37:38 AM: anastassia: I do

1:37:40 AM: anastassia:

1:38:24 AM: 20: either that

1:38:33 AM: 20: or you are really good at guessing

1:39:07 AM: anastassia: Ahaha nope

1:39:15 AM: anastassia: I’m just

1:39:40 AM: anastassia: A good listener and idk I just memorise things

1:39:49 AM: anastassia: Ahaha

1:39:51 AM: 20: oh yeah?

1:39:57 AM: 20: so whats my middle name?

1:40:31 AM: anastassia: U have a middle name

(personal info)

1:46:57 AM: anastassia: Just if Anastassia is too long

1:47:11 AM: 20: its so russian

1:47:13 AM: anastassia: People call me differently

1:47:27 AM: anastassia: It’s very russian

1:47:30 AM: anastassia: Ahaha

1:47:48 AM: anastassia: It’s number one russian name

1:48:01 AM: 20: haha yes

1:48:06 AM: anastassia: Always wanted to have a unique name

1:48:13 AM: 20: but it reminds me of the cartoon

1:48:13 AM: anastassia: But didn’t happen

1:48:14 AM: anastassia:

1:48:20 AM: 20: which is awesome

1:48:26 AM: anastassia: Princess Anastasia

1:48:28 AM: anastassia: ?

1:48:33 AM: 20: so your name gave you bonus points

1:48:34 AM: 20: yesss

1:48:39 AM: anastassia: Lol 20

1:48:44 AM: 20: when i was a kid

1:48:45 AM: anastassia: It’s one of the bonus

1:48:48 AM: 20: i had a crush on her

1:48:49 AM: anastassia: In my name

1:48:55 AM: anastassia: Ahhaha

1:49:02 AM: anastassia: Really?

1:49:06 AM: 20: yesss

1:49:16 AM: 20: when i saw you on tinder

1:49:21 AM: 20: i was going to X

1:49:25 AM: 20: then i saw your name

1:49:31 AM: 20: and i couldnt

1:50:02 AM: anastassia: X is what?

1:50:14 AM: 20: not match

1:50:18 AM: 20: with you

1:50:35 AM: anastassia: Ahaha so u swiped me for my name not my appearance?

1:50:37 AM: anastassia: Ahaha

1:50:48 AM: 20: its the logical thing to do

1:51:17 AM: anastassia: Well yeah

1:51:44 AM: anastassia: I thought u swiped me for my pics idk

1:51:45 AM: anastassia: Ahaha

1:51:53 AM: anastassia: Hilarious

1:51:55 AM: 20: whaaat?

1:52:00 AM: 20: you thought i was so shallow?

1:52:06 AM: 20: i swiped you for your name 😉

1:52:09 AM: 20: of course


Here I made jokes playing to my strengths (DHV’s), about height and about age close to hers. We all have strengths and weaknesses, you always want to hint at your strengths in a fun way.

One thing you will notice is that reading this conversation is actually bearable. I have looked at some other conversations where I wasn’t using any humor, and I couldn’t even force myself to read through them. These, on the other hands are much more entertaining for you and for the girl you are writing.

So take this advice and get out there and have some fun Whatsapp conversations that lead to dates and hopefully, much more.


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  • Qbert

    weeell that escalated… slowly :p

    • haha as it should be.
      although so many times I wish getting girls online was a faster process. Only with the rare girl is it so easy.

  • Overflow

    Thanks 20 Nations. This is just want I needed to build my confidence when texting girls. You make it so simple but very effective.

    Thanks Boss

    • I’m glad my conversations have helped 😉

  • Ian

    20 if you had to chose the best Latin country for girls-is it Mexico, Colombia, or something else?

    • Colombia

    • James

      What’s special about Colombian girls? Why are they so good?

    • beautiful, curvy and feminine

  • 199Flags

    Great dialogue 20! you have more patience than me. I find that every country has different needs in dialogue. My best success in the Dominican came when I was straight to the point. Are you looking for something serious or fun? That question got me laid 31 times in less than a month by helping me weed out girls in Santo Domingo. In Colombia, I have gotten one lay when mentioning sex before the meeting and I’m up to 16. I feel as though in Colombia quality can get high enough where interest in lower number bangs isn’t worth the time and a rotation of gfs is the way to go.

    I do support the cocky/funny vibe, guys that are getting laid enough don’t necessarily need the girl which builds value. I wholeheartedly think vibes can be sent through airwaves even when hitting on girls through internet game. Keep flowing 20! The term NPIs will always be hilarious in my book. I got to get out to EE after I wash Latin America off my balls 🙂

    • I’ve found that countries where your value is automatically really high: DR, Colombia, Phil you don’t have to use cocky funny. But for me being a white guy in europe I dont have much extra value so it must be created. Especially while I was in Scandinavia, it was very important. And NPI’s are where it’s at ;). Still use them all the time

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    awesome play by play next street approaches date game and perhaps sex tapes.

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    Valuable Information ..