Trump is President – What it Means for Us World Travelers and Seducers

Trump is President – What it Means for Us World Travelers and Seducers

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It’s official, Donald Trump is the next President of the United States. I’m glad that this is finally over and we can move past the divide that the election has created. I am sick of arguing about politics and just want to look to the future. What makes me curious now is what affect this move will have on us world travelers. Will his presidency bring back the good old days of traveling or make it worse? Here is what I think a Trump Presidency means for us who are traveling from country to country scoring with the locals.


Trump presidency for the American world travelers

Myself along with about 90% of Swoop The World readers are American, so I will mostly be talking about how this change will affect Americans in particular.


Reverse Globalism

Hilary Clinton talked about in some of her hacked e-mails that her ideal for the future was complete globalism, the world being one nation without borders. This type of globalism is simple math. It means that poor countries will win and rich countries will lose. Unfortunately, there is much more poverty in the world than prosperity, so it will hurt the rich countries the hardest.

What this means for guys traveling the world and seducing girls, is that the advantage of being from a Western country disappears. No longer would you be able show up in a country and be more attractive to girls because you are from a world power.

Trump wants to focus on a better America and Clinton campaigns to focus on a better world. Creating a better America will make it so when you tell a girl “I’m from Murica.” her breath will catch and her eyes will get big… just like it used to be.


America becoming a winning country again

Women are attracted to winners, it’s not completely moral, but it’s 100% true. As I talked about earlier, Trump’s focus is on making USA winners again. He has said we are going to have the biggest economy in the world again (held by us for years but recently passed by China) and that we are going to focus on improving the quality of life for every American.

Having this happen will help bring back the respect people used to feel for Americans. I can tell you, as a world traveler, it seems this respect diminishes every year. Women especially respect power and winners.



By cutting back on illegal immigration, Trump will return American citizenship back to being a privelege and not something that anybody can have just by getting a tourist visa and staying or walking across the border. This will make the idea of being American more like an “elite club.” Selfishly… yes it will benefit how we are received in other countries.

Less taxes and less welfare

Trump wants to lower and simplify taxes for citizens and small business owners. If you want to live the Swoop The World lifestyle, this does nothing but benefit you. We don’t have to pay taxes so that people back home can sit at home and do nothing on welfare. The lower small business taxes make it so we can be more free to pursue business goals that help fund our lifestyle.


How Americans are perceived

My first two points were positives that I see, but Donald Trump can also make Americans be perceived as selfish and against the world. He has send over and over again how he will be putting America first, something that we used to do, but have fallen away from. This could be percieved by other countries quite negatively since many countries will end up getting less from USA than they used to.

I’m not so much worried about women in this, but the normal people you deal with on a day to day basis. I have found that I don’t have it in me to say I’m not American (even in places where it is dangerous to say it), so if Trump creates a negative image of Americans, I will feel it.


The Value of the Dollar

The final point I want to comment about is the value of the dollar. Many have read about some of the stock markets going down since Trump was announced president. However, from what I understand, the reason for that has more to do with people selling their stocks, so they can reassess and buy stocks that will be more valuable now that Trump will be president. (Edit: after writing this I read that the dollar came out strong and markets stabilized source.

I imagine that this will mean that the value of the dollar will rise (something that makes traveling amazing! I just went to Egypt and spent 75 cents on dinner in a restaurant). But I am no expert on the subject. If anybody has more information on the future of the dollar during a Trump presidency, share with us in the comments below.


How this will affect people in other countries

I think Trump as a president may push the world to go from the left way it has been leaning and back to the right. It may scale back the open border policies that have ruined the world traveler who visits the European Union.


Open borders ruining countries

As a person from another country, you usually get something called exotic value. The more rare it is that the country sees a foreigner, the higher your exotic value will be. When the European Union created open borders, the less visited countries in the East became popular tourist destination, now that they were so easily visited. I have talked to expats living in Poland, Romania and Estonia who talk about how dating in those countries has become terrible in the last 10 years, it has nearly ruined their exotic value.


The Swoop The World Lifestyle

In politics we are all selfish. We all look for a candidate who will most benefit what we want. If you are living the Swoop The World lifestyle, it seems that a Trump win will only help improve the experience of world travelers like myself. These things are never certain, but I hope that the next four years will help make the Swoop The World lifestyle for us world travelers… even better.


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17 Comments on “Trump is President – What it Means for Us World Travelers and Seducers”

  1. Cool article 20! I had thought about this myself. I just hope he doesn’t do anything that alters the scope of travel too much.

    Exotic value is def being lost worldwide in my opinion, although it’s easily overcome with some game and fitness. I’m going to enjoy Pussy Paradise as long as possible and die happy knowing I still got a taste of it before it completely vanished into thin air 🙂

    1. It is false that exotic value is lost, yes there are many Westerners travelling to SEA, but even if the locals see more foreigners it doesnt mean that the asian girls interact with these foreigners, they just see them on the street and thats it, In Bangkok I noticed huge IOIs almost everywhere from university students, 7-11 workers, waitresses, although the city Bangkok is flooded with foreigners. Whereas in some small towns people were more indifferent … so thinking only because more foreigners visit Thailand etc. your exotic value is lost, is not correct. I found girls working in 7-11 on Khao San Road very receiptive although, they see 1000 foreigners every day, guess what, these foreigners never talk to them, just buy stuff and leave. Give you something to think about

    2. I banged 106 girls in the last 5 months in SEA including BKK all non-pros. Exotic value is def “being” lost but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t still exist. Hopefully, that clears things up for you.

    3. The difference between you and the swooptheworld guys is, they bang many girls and bring value to the people thats why their blog is successful, you are just bragging and bring hardly any value. And what you said about exotic value is still wrong …,topic closed.

    4. You can take criticism and learn from it or whine like a bitch … your choice, says much about you, for all readers to see

    5. That’s a big assumption. I didn’t know stating facts was bragging. Coming from a guy who writes headlines I banged X number of girls in X number of days. Looks like someone is feeling threatened…

    6. Yeah sometimes when there are more foreigners it makes it easier because it creates huge numbers of foreigner groupies. These girls go out of their way to make themselves accessible to foreign cock. Still, the more foreigners in a place, generally the lower your exotic value. But as I have said, it doesn’t always correlate with bangs.

  2. We will have to see what comes from his presidency.

    Clinton or Trump getting your money up is the best move for the swooptheworld lifestyle.

    I still remember a guy in Santo Domingo wiping windshields at red lights for what seemed like pennies. Yet one can live large in DR for $2000 a month.

    1. Yeah and the DR is actually a little pricier than other countries. In SEA, you can live comfortably in some places for around $1000/month. My friend over at single man’s paradise sometimes has some insanely cheap cost of living reports.

  3. You can probably turn back time just for your generation.
    Looking forward, a lot of this is wishful thinking here, simply because of the debt USA is in and the progress of other countries.
    Do some research and welcome to the above average club.

  4. What it means for us guys? Comb-overs and spray tans are sexy! He’ll probably make it easier to marry and bang foreign chicks and then trade up every few years.

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