What Book Should I Write Next?

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What Book Should I Write Next?


I have written 6 books so far. This time I want to do it a bit different. I will be slowing down for a bit on traveling so I can focus on another book or two. It’s been a while since my last one and  I want to give my readers exactly what they want. So, I want to hear your opinions on what my next book should be about.


The books I have already written

The Key Logger: A Forbidden Glimpse into the True Nature of Women

I chronicle all that I learned from Key Logging 12 of my ex’s and getting their social media passwords.

The Perfect Conversation: Win Any Girl with Words

I teach how to have a captivating conversation with an attractive woman.

Understanding Sexual Attraction: What Makes a Woman Want You

I map out what makes men attractive to women for a deeper understanding of the seduction process.

Elite Online Dating: Read, Click, Bang, She’s Yours

I teach how to be good at online dating.

The 9 Laws of Attractive Body Language: For Men

A book about the importance of body language in seduction and how to get that body language.

Sexual Body Language: 120 Body Language Signals That She Likes You

The first book I wrote about reading a girls attraction for you in her body language.

Ideas for my next book

My trip to South East Asia

My first trip to South East Asia was the first real pussy paradise experience I ever had. I actually used student loans to fund this trip and it was epic in every aspect. It’s a trip I haven’t wrote much about on Swoop and in a way it’s my coming of age story. It’s also the story of how I met TravelHardCore and basically, the reason SwoopTheWorld was created. It would also be my first book on traveling.

Hard Lessons Learned from Gaming Women

This is an idea that two different commenter’s had suggested. The idea is to write about different lessons I learned about game the hard way and what my experience was. I already have an outline with a lot of life lessons and stories for this book. The book would be along the lines of a past article I wrote: Read This and You Will Never Tell a Girl How Pretty She Is Again.



Most Importantly, I want your opinion

I care about your guys’ opinions and I want to hear what it is you really want to read. You know about my experiences and the unique things I can teach. I want to hear any ideas you have. Anything that could really help you in your life, etc. You can give me your ideas by commenting on this article or emailing me at Swooptheworld@gmail.com

If you want my next book to be one of the two ideas above, you can just let me know that as well. But if there is some bit of advice I have that you would really like to learn from me, send it to me. If a lot of people are asking for the same thing, it will most likely be my next book.

I look forward to your ideas and if you want to read the books I have already written for 60% off (Under 28$), you can click here.



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I'm an American who has spent all of the last 6 years traveling the world and seducing women which has given me a level of expertise that can change your life. Check out my books: 1) The Key Logger 2) The Perfect Conversation 3) What Makes a Woman Want You 4) Elite Online Dating 5) Signs She Likes You 6) 9 Laws of Attractive Body Language 7) The Single Guy's Playground: Sex and Adventure in South East Asia and more. Or get all 9 of my books for 60% off (only $31.99) Like getting 6 of 9 books free!

  • ChrisPitts

    My vote is for the trip into Southeast Asia. Favorite part about this blog is reading about your travels and the women you encounter.

    • good to hear. thx for input

    • Jody Dayton Peace

      But actually Sth East Asian stories are always relevant and there is always a fresh crowd coming through who want the latest info from different viewpoints. It’s a massive market… the biggest in terms of certain lifestyles.

      It was 20’s Cambodian post that led me to his blog, and I found him to be on the mark and so checked out the rest of his reports. I’ve read TONS of peoples stories about the region, from over the ages, and from all kinds of angles, and it all adds up to my wealth of knowledge and understanding.

    • I’m leaning towards this idea

    • Uncle Cedric

      THC has a book about Thailand-most everyone says SEA is a joke for using higher levels of game and the women will never match the aesthetics of European women especially Russians. There’s tons of blogs about Asian girls and getting them-I mean almost every poster on some of these game forums who travels says SEA is shooting fish in a barrel. 20 should invest his energy for writing in more sophisticated and advanced topics towards getting European girls and advanced game tactics and intelligent learning processes to achieving elite levels of social freedom/intelligence that few guys except those like 20 have. Any guy can get a plane ticket and go after Asian girls at the mall all day- hardly rocket science.

    • Yeah, really!

      I think I’ll second this sentiment. The’re times you go out for the all-you-can eat buffet, and times you want to a real dining experience. I’m more in the later group as I’ve got my buffet line stocked with a good variety of this and that right here, right now, in good ‘ol Amerika.

      I’m looking for Trump hot model wife looks at a value price. While there are some beauts in SEA, they don’t really don’t draw my attention like a Ukrainian model. I’m torn as to where to explorer first.

      I’d rather go patiently after champion bass than constantly pull out brim from the pond. Brim are fun until you’ve caught a few in the first 10 minuets of casting your line. Then you’re hunkering for something more impressive and more satisfying.

  • Ian

    It all depends on time and what you want to focus on but if you were to write a book on the hard lessons learned in the game and how to intelligently come up the learning curve when socializing with women in order to attract higher quality women-that would be an innovative creation to red pill and game thought.

    An Asia would be cool too-only criticism Inhave is THC has basically done that with his Thailand book but your writing style is smooth and helpful like Dale Carnegie to me so I would make a good book.

    Personally and more important than anything I wish you/THC or any of your friends could give some good info or even reccomended a successful consultant of a book on the tooic doesnt interst any of you on who has good info on how to be location independent- a no bs guide on making at least 2k/month to educate and inform men on how to get out of blue pill socialist misery and live and work in red pill areas where women still act like women (EE, SEA, LA, and Africa).

    • Thanks for the input Ian. I think I will write a book on making money online in the future, but i still don’t feel like i’m enough of an expert for that.

    • GetItGoing

      I like this. Also, a book or substantial part of a book covering breaking through the old mindset which causes a man to hesitate taking those steps that bring you success with approaching women and handling dealing with them in various situations.

      It seems to me the most difficult thing often is breaking through the average man’s habits, and dealing with others/women far more confidently as you highlight in your book. A more detailed view might be really helpful. overcoming those subconscious fears and B.S. learned over the years from a blue-pill society we live in.

    • True. This could be very useful

  • Ian

    If you had to be stuck with one type of white girl- what country has the easier going/non bitch, fun to be around, fairly loyal white girls who could even be wife and mother material?

    • that’s a really tough question. One I have been asking myself in my travels through europe a lot. In the future, I will answer this question. Because I’m still not sure

  • Bahlza Dragon

    A couple of ideas: How to Get a Ho to Tongue Your Balls if You Haven’t Showered in a Week; or, Thai Ping Pong Girls and the Guys Who Love Them.

  • TJ

    SEA trip!

    • thx. i’ll take it into account

  • DrG

    A suggestion for a new book would be how to have a location independent lifestyle/income and enjoy all the advantages that this has to offer (i would say similar to Tim Ferris but more R rated), especially when it comes to traveling in the developing world to take advantage of all the bargains such as using purchasing power parity to your advantage, women, friendlier locals, sights, services, and just a more stress-free life.

    • yeah. I will write something like that when I feel like more of an expert. I’m always learning more about it. So we will see

  • splooge

    race difference in gaming in foreign nations or how you compete an compare with local men takin their women.
    the value of first world men in 3rd world women an the moral arguement of sleepin with poor women. or how they compre to firat world women.
    the effects of feminism in varies countrys. or what do you hear as a white western man from women and what they think of local an other foreign men.
    with westernization getting stronger has there been changes with women.
    do weztern men realy get love in poor nations or they gettin hustled as tim sharky has said.

    any of these good ideas

    • thanks splooge. many of these are good ideas. I’ll write some down

    • Schlep

      Traveling tips. We read your articles because we want to someday do what you do. I want to take two really nice vacations a year. I’d like to know the best locations for the budget traveler who only knows the English language. How about a book on traveling through Europe or Asia on a budget. And how to score with the women in those countries. P.s. Have some pics of the women.

    • Uncle Cedric

      A travel cheat sheet like how 20entiomed the intl bank card he has thT works everywhere- is a great idea

  • splooge

    how to pimp?
    how to beat child support?
    how to street fight with guys that get in your face for hitting their girl or yours?

    • all things every man should know 😉

  • Brianmark

    A book about all your travels and not just Southeast Asia get a too much coverage already. I’d like a longer book covering all the countries you’ve gamed in.

    • It’s just that it would have to be a gigantic book

    • Brianmark

      How many pages were you planning making this book?

    • like 75,000 words. I think it’s like 180 pages ish

    • Uncle Cedric

      That would be the contents of this blog

  • dasm

    idea for an article: structure a a date routine, filled with conversation examples.
    or ‘the ideal date model’

    date set up
    date ideas
    conversation topics
    mind games

    somebody with a lot of dating experience must have a lot of ideas

    • I actually thought about this for a book. I’ve been on such a ridiculous number of dates, this is something I have a lot of info on

    • Uncle Cedric

      This is an excellent idea- do it 20

  • mike

    relationship game

    • I have had some longer relationships, but I’m more of a player. I don’t feel like I’m an expert in this yet. Although when I really like a girl, she nearly always ends up with me for as long as i want

  • Write a book on your past 20. Talk about your 5 year gaming addiction and the games you used to play. Talk about your road to social skills recovery. How you used to work 60-80hr weeks and now travel the world. What the 20 in 20nation represents

    • the very beginning. its an idea

  • 20,

    Don’t take this wrong, but I like the content on your blog more so than on your books. Keylogger and the online dating guide were great, but the stories behind the photos with possible screen shots and such would make great books. One for SEA and one for Latin America. Something like Roosh’s “30 Bangs” but with photos to boot ( maybe messaging screencaps).

    I’d also buy a copy of something like “The Budget Travelers Guide To Getting Laid” if you wrote it.

    Just my thoughts. Hope they help,


  • Richard

    Can you put your books in audio? I can’t see.

    • yeah 3 of my books are audiobooks.

  • Yeah, really!

    I don’t know how old your are 20, but there’s a real void of information tailored to middle aged men and beyond. Many of us are onto life 2.0. Some of us life 3.0 and then some.

    I for one have had to adapt much of what I’ve learned about women game to the older demo. I’ve spent the last few years learning and improving my game here in the US in a major metro area. It doesn’t’ get any easier just because you (and your female peers) get older, more accomplished, and wealthier. In fact, in some distinct ways it gets more difficult. The Milf/Cougar myth is just that, mythology. Game still reigns supreme no matter how old and rich you get.

    Now that I’ve crossed over into 50’ish territory, I’m finally hitting the road and jumping over the fence for greener pastures. I’ve spent time in CA, SA and a brief jaunt in Tokyo, but have not planted flags in those locals. Whether I end up in SEA, SA, or EU for me, I do not know. I have my suspicious that SEA is still the best bet for my demo. However I can’t rule out other venues. As with all things, YMMV.

    So, if you’re chest and arm hair is showing any gray, then I’d encourage you to write to this aging demographic. Keep in mind we have loads of disposable income available for solid intel.

  • Steven Johnson

    The book that needs to be written is: HOW TO GET LAID IN AMERICA (USA)
    How to pick up and get laid with American women – while in America.
    How to stay in the USA and get LAID with women who were born and raised in America.

    I never heard you even mention this topic before. – What gives? Is this an impossible book to write?

  • Nigel Baptiste

    Hi 20 nation and by extension Swoop team, i just recieved your copy of the “Key Logger” since i got it, i read up to girl number 3, and i would like to say ” nice detailed layout and it just made me observed women a lot more differently” i hope to buy your other books and obtain more info, plus your stories..