Webcam Game and Getting Girls Naked Online (Nude Pics)

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Webcam Game and Getting Girls Naked Online (Nude Pics)

getting girls naked online webcam

If I’m known for anything, it’s being able to pretty consistently land the hottest girls online, the girls that get hundreds of messages a day. One of the biggest reasons why I am able to do this is because I get them webcamming with me.

I have went from girls not speaking to me for weeks on Skype, then I send them a video message, and an hour later they are asking me when I can meet them. I’d say about 90% of the girls I have hooked up with online that get hundreds of messages a day, have been because I was able to webcam with them. 5% thanks to some of my other strategies, and 5% thanks to luck and sluttyness.

Now the reason I can pull girls after webcamming is because webcamming is the ULTIMATE body language training that you can do, and since I have spent a lot of time gaming girls through webcam, I have reaped the rewards. Why? Think About it. You are sitting there trying to game a girl, while At the corner of the screen you can see yourself.

You can actually see how you look as you game her. When I noticed this I started watching myself even more than I watched her. I would slowly improve how I looked while I was talking to her, then I would gauge her reaction.

When you run game in person you have no idea how you look while running it, you could be doing something that makes you look like a clown and you would never know it. However, after gaming chicks online for a month and then webcamming with them, as long as you focus on improving how you look and act while gaming, your face to face body language will improve more than you could imagine.

Then when you take that to the streets, since you have spent hours watching yourself game, you are ready for some near flawless body language. You can now use those same skills on a girl in the coffee shop, on the street, or in the club.

I have a ridiculously high close rate if I get to a date.Most of the credit, however, goes to how I was able to perfect my body language, thanks to face to face webcamming.

To perfect this body language you want to know where to start, to understand all attractive body language read the book The 9 Laws of Attractive Body Language for Men.


My bad habbit – Getting Girls to Take Off There Clothes Online

As my body language started getting better, I started to see how easily I could game through webcam. I realized with flawless body language I could get girls to do anything. Whenever I had time I would meet girls online (from all parts of the world, including my own country), get their Skype, and start webcamming. Then I would see if we could get to cyber sex.

If you have ever tried getting a normal, non-slutty girl to take off her clothes online for a guy she has never met, you will know it’s usually much harder than it would be to simply sleep with her. It became very challenging at times, and it would push me to try new things. I realized there was no girl you couldn’t get to do it, but it would take much more than flawless body language to do it.


It pushed me to use all facets of game, all through gaming online. Every girl I really put in the time trying to get, I would eventually get. Some were not too hard, others, very hard, but I would always get it if I wanted it.

As I would game in real life I noticed that it almost felt easy in comparison to what I tried to do online. I started using some advanced psychological techniques in person and they worked even better. I was addicted.

Since then, I have done this with over 150 girls, all before ever meeting them. The reason this helped my game, is that I was able to use how horny I was to motivate myself to constantly improve; the best motivation in the world I would say. My body language, and many other facets of my game, are so crisp because I was motivated to put in the time, right from my own room.


I can really say I have made connections with many of these girls, and when I do go to see them I can guarantee that 95% will be waiting(and many I have already met). After getting a girl to do that, they essentially invest in you, so they are not about to turn down an opportunity to see you. Whether you agree with this or  not, it’s very clear that getting a girl naked on cam will do wonders for your real world game.

Getting girls naked online is something that will make your life SO much easier when you do meet them, so give it a try when the time is right.


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I'm an American who has spent all of the last 6 years traveling the world and seducing women which has given me a level of expertise that can change your life. Check out my books: 1) The Key Logger 2) The Perfect Conversation 3) What Makes a Woman Want You 4) Elite Online Dating 5) Signs She Likes You 6) 9 Laws of Attractive Body Language 7) The Single Guy's Playground: Sex and Adventure in South East Asia and more. Or get all 9 of my books for 60% off (only $31.99) Like getting 6 of 9 books free!

  • JJ

    One problem with this article.

    You say nothing about HOW you do it.

  • 20Nation

    I do say… many times… body language.
    However, I may, in the future, write something on how exactly you get girls to do that online. If that would be something people would want to read.

  • roadlesstaken

    Thanks for the advice. It is amazing how quickly they can change to be interested to you once you have them on webcam. Nevertheless I am curious how you get them to take their clothes of, especially with the often bad connection you tend to get, where one person can’t hear the other or it keeps cutting out. P.S Id also like to read an article on LMR strategies.

  • jon

    Any chance of you posting video of you in action. I read the books you mentioned (great resources by the way) but am more of a visual learner.

  • Adam

    How do you get them to agree to cam with you in the first place? I find that that is the hardest part. Once on cam, as you said, it’s body language and just going for it. Most girls, if they’re on a video chat with you, are already pretty close to that point anyway. Did you also have to take your clothes off, or was it purely them?

  • 20Nation

    I’m thinking about recording something from start to finish to help understand and in the future i will write an article on strategies to get them to take their clothes off.

    Also I’m currently working on a book about how to get the hottest girls online. It will go into detail on a lot of the questions you guys are asking.

    • Adam

      Thanks 20Nation

  • dude

    The title of this article is completely misleading. Like others, I was expecting a tutorial, instead, it’s just “yeah webcam is good”, well, so is apple juice!

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  • I 100% agree with using horniness as a motivator. In my travels, there are a lot of girls I look back on and wonder why the hell they chose me over 6′ or taller studs.

    The girl I was hooking up with in Bogota was one of the most popular members on CCupid built like a supermodel, had a good job, style and a sweetheart. She could have had any guy, but chose me. It still doesn’t top my night in Hawaii with an Olympic figure skater, who dated Sydney Crosby before she met me.

    You’ve got the webcam game down pat!