We Are In Haiti!

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We Are In Haiti!

You may have noticed that SwoopTheWorld hasn’t been doing the usual 1 post a day. That is because THC and I are in Haiti! The massive amounts of new posts will start up again when we return to the Dominican Republic in 4 days.

Here is some information on our time in Haiti so far:

We will only spend a total of 8 days in Haiti so we are really trying to fill our days with seeing things and chasing girls. On top of that the internet here is very un reliable and the constant power outages that Haiti gets makes it tough for us to write here.

The Girls
If you like black girls, Haiti might be a good place to visit. The girls here are also very sexual and having sex quickly doesn’t seem to be uncommon. Some of the girls here also have some WOW asses. 2 of the 5 girls I have been with so far have had two of the most amazing asses I have ever seen. So if you are an ass man… you might want to rough it in Haiti for a while. Although a word of warning, you probably will not enjoy dating these women. They will end up depending on you for everything (although one of the girls I was with was a rich girl with a nice car).

In Haiti women are easier to get into bed than in the Dominican Republic, but it’s out of necessity not out of value (although there are very few tourists here). Haiti is a VERY poor country, I feel like even though I can’t speak much French I can almost get my pick of the girls, and it doesn’t have a lot to do with game, just the fact that so many people here are just fighting to survive.

The Poverty
THC was eating some chicken on some steps and street kids starting swarming. He finished all he could eat and the kids were so happy just to be able to eat his scraps. It’s another level of poverty from Dominican Republic. Not to mention watching people take shit and piss all over (women included).

The Danger
It also makes the Dominican Republic feel safe. They say the most dangerous man is “a man with nothing to lose.” and with all the people here fighting just to survive, they really don’t have much to lose by attacking some white guy for money.

The most expensive shit hole on the planet
Haiti is the most expensive poor country I have ever been in. Haiti is set up like a tourist trap. Hotels and things that attract foreigners are hugely priced. It’s hard to find hotels under 100$ a night here in Haiti. It’s hard to find restaurants because most Haitians can’t afford to go out. The clubs are overprice and all full of pros. You have two types of women in these clubs: the obvious pros and the girls that are trying to pretend they are not pros.

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  • It’s an experience alright. I tripled up yesterday and got some sweet digital memories.

  • rawr

    Hi folks, I’ve been reading this blog for sometime as I am fascinated with the approach you guys take. I have a question for 20nation as you’ve mentioned that you lost all your social skills as a result of gaming addiction. I’m in the same boat, 23, and I don’t know how to rebuild myself. I second guess everything that I say but I am working on becoming more confident, not just for girls, but for my future well being. I’m wondering if you can offer me any advice, tips etc for improving? My mum recently passed away and I’ve gained so much negative momentum that I don’t know where to start. I’m on the verge of giving up, quitting my job and using the little money I have to just travel for aslong as possible. Any advice would be so appreciated. Keep up the good work 🙂

    • 20Nation

      I really think it might be a good idea for you to quit your job, but only if you are not happy. If you are not happy in your life right now why wouldn’t you change it. If you are serious about this I would suggest taking the couple weeks to think it over for sure. Then you want to cancel or sell everything you have to make payments on (i can travel on little money because I don’t have to make payments on many things). Then I would suggest going to the Philippines. The best way to get your confidence back up is to get laid and to see that you are a high value guy; the philippines will help you do that.

      Then you want to improve yourself. You need to reconstruct your social skills so you will want to read books and blogs on it and act on it. 50/50. If you only do one or the other you are stunting how long it will take you to improve. If you just read and don’t go out and go after girls all those words won’t be internalized. If you just go out and hit on girls and don’t read you are ignoring the thousands of things you can learn from other guys work going out and hitting on girls.

      It’s actually a good idea for a post. Maybe I will post something on bouncing back from a loss of social skills in the near future. I hope you can get everything figured out.

    • rawr

      I’d like to thank you for your response. I really appreciate it. I do think quitting my job and travelling with be very beneficial long term but I’m so run down that I feel like I could potentially become overwhelmed by being in a different country as I’m from Jersey (a tiny 9×5 square mile island).

      The 50/50 thing seems like a great idea, it’s probably about 90 reading 10 doing at the moment. I do agree that an indepth article about rebuilding skills would be in high demand. I know so many people that have had the issue with gaming / falling out of touch with reality. I guess I need to start playing my music more loudly to try getting out of this damned lease as soon as possible.

    • Ovid

      Hey dude, I’ve been there, done that. Suggestions for how to put your life in order:

      -First, take stock of your finances. It’s hard to be social and confident if you’re stuck in some dead-end job making little money, loaded with debt, etc. And forget about traveling the world if that’s the case. Figure out how you can get your affairs in order so you can move to someplace which will offer better social opportunities than the Channel Islands will. If you don’t have transferable skills, get them, or start a business, or something. Point is, get that handled. Figure out what you want to do with your life and plan out a roadmap with tangible milestones that will get you there, because it’s easy to just keep coasting along where you’re getting by, even if you are miserable.

      -While you’re doing that, start hitting the gym. If you don’t have a gym, then your living room floor works great for pushups and situps, a tree works for pull-ups, and you can start running around the island. You’re not going to want to socialize if you look like a fat (or scrawny) slob. Get out of your comfort zone, and do some stuff that you’ve never done before. Make a point to be outside more often, and don’t play video games -play real games instead, with real people. Make some strict rules with yourself about how much you will allow yourself to play games (if you don’t quit cold turkey.) Otherwise, you will just start out with a shallow resolution and in a week you’ll be gaming as much as ever, because it takes dramatic change to break out of comfortable habits.

      -get a couple of outfits (doesn’t have to be expensive) of stylish clothes that are currently in fashion. It’s hard to be social when your physical appearance is telling everyone including yourself that this is unnatural behavior for you.

      -Make it happen. Move, and establish a new routine. Go out of your way to be around people and meet them -pay your bills in person instead of using online automatic payment, for example. With socialization practice makes perfect. When I got my last job I was painfully shy, but I made myself talk to people and within a few months I was making some progress. Within a year I was able to easily banter and joke around with complete strangers, which felt awesome.

      -Get started now. Not tomorrow, not next week after you finish some “really important stressful project,” Now. This instant.

    • rawr

      Thank you, I’ve already made some good progress, body is looking good and my finances are now finally in order. It’s motivating to know other people have recovered from the same sort of circumstances. I think I’m almost ready to sell my crap and head to the other side of the world!

    • rawr

      PS apologies for hijacking the article folks.