Video Datasheet: Dominican Republic

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Video Datasheet: Dominican Republic

It took a while to complete but I finally got to finishing up the second video in this series of Video Datasheets. We had a ton of footage this time but I tried to keep it short and light. The video will give you a feel for what to expect from your stay in the Dominican Republic. Again I’m excited to share it with you. I really enjoyed reliving many of the memories as I was going through the different clips for this montage. I’m looking forward to your feedback! Check it out:


The Dominican Republic

20 Nation and myself have lived for a couple of months in Santo Domingo. Later Fisto joined us there and together we explored the rest of the country. The footage from the movie is from all over the Dominican Republic: Santo Domingo, Santiago, La Vega, Puerta Plata, et al.

Dominican girls

Quality of Dominican girls: 4/5

First I thought about giving the girls a score of 3 but I settled on 4 because of their bodies. While on average the faces aren’t always standing out, Dominican girls’ bodies are just banging. They have really nice curves and even the skinny girls will surprise you with some booty and a nice rack. Moreover, they come in all shades of skin color, from fair to dark, so there’s something for anyone’s taste.

Tip: If you want to get a feel for the quality of girls available online, make a free account on and search for ages 18 to 24 😉

Easiness of Dominican girls: 4/5

It is easy to get laid in the Dominican Republic, but you will do exponentially better as your Spanish improves. When I arrived I barely spoke any Spanish and it was tedious to try and communicate on dates, but also on online game (they’ll write you in slang so online translators don’t always do the job). As my Spanish improved things kept getting easier.

So learn basic Spanish before you go; it’s a great investment that you won’t regret!

My preferred methods were online game and day game. Make sure you stay near the campus (UASD) as there’s a limitless supply of young cute student girls around every single day.

More on Dominican Republic

To find out some of the back stories that put this video datasheet into context, check out all our adventures from the DR by clicking below:


Man, how I miss the Dominican Republic right now!


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  • G Bone

    When you day gamed on campus what kind of dates did you use?

    Meet me at the club, lets grab some drinks tonight,, hey come meet at my hotel to swim, let’s do dinner come meet me at m hotel- oh hey I left my wallet in my room, etc.

    College girls are my favorite demographic. If just half of them were 3/4s as fly as the woman in 0:46-0:49 of the film-me gusta Latinas mucho.

    The video and post covered a lot but what about a budget sheet like Naugty Nomad does- Beer $1, mid range eats $6, hotel w/ pool and Ac $55, average taxi fair one way in game neighborhood $4, etc.

    • If you have a hotel with swimming pool you can definitely use that to your advantage. I would always just invite them for a drink (not dinner), conveniently close to my place. After one drink I’d usually take them to my room “to watch my videos” (or whatever).

      Thanks for the suggestion G Bone, I see how that could be good information to add. I’ll try to put something together and include it to this post.

  • James D

    This video datasheet was an infatuated WOW!! When is the sextape coming out?? lol

    • Thanks James, appreciate the feedback. The sextape will be leaked at a strategically convenient time 😉

  • Patron

    Great Video Datasheet. I wish it was longer. Sometimes I forget how lucky I am , to live in the DR

  • Smooth Operator

    Another great video datasheet! Slick!

  • Tenerife

    To be honest, this seems like your average tripadvisor video. Didn’t see any hot chicks. Guess your experience in that country was much like mine.

  • anon1

    These video datasheets absolutely kick ass man. gives much more a feel for a country than a bunch of text ever does

    • Thanks anon, that’s what I was aiming for. Appreciate your feedback!

  • makiiiiiii

    I noticed the pack mule at 2:18 😀

    The others looked good from behind.

  • Keanu

    Did you meet any Peace Corps Volunteers when you were in the DR?

    • No we didn’t meet them, we did see the whole DR military on their independence day

  • Que divertido a ver estos tipos de videos – espero que vais a hacer muchissimas mas! Saludos – Thomas

    • Ah gracias para dejar tu mensaje aqui Thomass, claro vamos a hacer mas!!

  • Señorita AlkaSeltzer

    I found datasheet really nice, like all posts from this site =) Greetings from Mexico.

    • Gracias señorita, we appriciate your feedback, vive Mexico!

  • beast14

    Check the how a dominican lives in NYC – dr parade 2014

  • Guillaume Zagol

    im thinking about meeting them in Miami or new York city so I wont have to go to DR

  • Nigel Baptiste

    I certainly can’t wait to reach there, i started to learn basic spanish but the real test is to be on the ground where they (chicas) are…