Ultimate Traveling Tip: Pipelining Girls

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pipelining girls
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pipelining girls

Ultimate Traveling Tip: Pipelining Girls

I have went on countless trips around the world; something that always happens whenever I get to a new place is that I usually hook up with a local within an hour or two. People often ask me how I do this. It’s simple, I pipeline.

Almost every time I arrive in a new place there is a girl waiting for me in the airport or bus station, waiting to meet me and take me to my hotel. On top of that I usually have dates scheduled for the next few days with other girls wanting to meet me. After these dates are over I usually choose my favorite of the dates and spend the next week with her taking in the sites of the new place and doing the tourist thing. It’s something that makes my traveling experience SOOO much better, especially when I am traveling alone.

What is Pipelining?
Pipelining is using the internet to set up dates in a place before you actually get there. For example; if you are traveling to Colombia you can use free moments in work to go to Badoo.com and start talking to girls in Colombia. The idea is that you do the relationship work when you are home so that all you have to do is arrive in your vacation spot and collect your prize. Pipelining girls from all over the world can easily be done.

How to Pipeline effectively
I’m working on a book now about how to kill it in online dating, but the idea is to show your best self on your online profile and play to your strengths. Usually the fact that you are from another country gives you extra value and exoticness. You can play to that.

A mistake that I commonly make is to collect to many facebooks, whatsapps, and skypes. The problem with this is that you spread yourself to thin. In every relationship you need to create attraction and a connection. The more a girl talks with you the more she “invests” and the more likely she is to meet you. So when you have more girls than you can possibly talk to(like 60), you will actually have less dates than if you would have spent more time on about 10 girls.

You want to do all you can to see if the girl has skype. Skype is important because you can webcam with her. Webcamming is magic because it changes you from a photo that types (in her mind) to a real human being with a personality. I’ve gotten a lot of the girls that get hundreds of messages a day, and how I usually do it is by webcamming.

Also skype has this amazing feature now called video message. She doesn’t even have to agree to webcam with you if you get her skype, just send her a video message to create a bit of that connection. Make sure you are looking your best while making the video (good lighting, decently dressed, etc.)

DO NOT bring up sex too quickly. Girls online deal with horny guys all day long. Even if she was really into you before you can kill all of the attraction by mentioning she send you some nude pictures too early. Wait for her to invest in your relationship before going for anything like that or just don’t go for it at all. You will be seeing her before long anyways and sex is always better than a couple photos. (However when you get her to do it online, you can just show up and with no work get it in person.)

You want to choose your favorite girl or a girl that seems really sexual to meet you at the airport. Girls will see this is a compliment and that you are investing in her. It will help the two of you create a connection.

Enjoy your New Travels
Traveling is so much sweeter when you add romance to the adventures. Every single guy that travels should be pipelining girls before he goes anywhere. 95% of guys just show up and follow the tourist map, they never really get to know a country. The second I arrive in a country I am interacting with locals and enjoying what they have to offer, and you should be doing that too.


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  • mrtranquill

    Great article! Cannot wait for the book! Just a question, How long or consistent do interactions need to be to say… get a good strike rate of non-flakiness from say a girl in the phillipines? Do you also suggest just mining through hundreds of girls to see which ones are more responsive and then cull from there?

  • 20Nation

    I would suggest putting more time into less girls than mining tons. Usually if you mine tons the girls who will see you because of a reason like sluttiness or unattractiveness. You want the girls to invest on you online so when you show up in their city they will be ready to go. Talk to them once a day for 5 minutes. Call them on viber, leave an audio note on whatsapp, or a video messsage on skype. These things are more personal and if you talk to them every day they will be waiting.

    • Anon

      How do you continue the conversation when camming? Filipinas seem so bland to me. I just run out of things to say after the first few minutes…

      PS: If I’m gonna visit the Phils in Dec would you say it’s wise to start pipelining now? Or is that too early?

  • 20Nation

    Sometimes it gets boring. Just tease them. Sometimes if i want to build a vibe I will put on good music and just start semi dancing in my bed and singing every once in a while. For some reason the ladies love it. they think “this guy is fun.” Since almost all girls love to dance, showing you love music is going to do nothing but good. And it just makes it so you spend a lot of time together.

    It’s pretty early to start. The only reason is that you will get really sick of keeping in contact for 2 months. You can just not talk to some for a while but you may lose some of the work you put in that way. IMO 2 weeks before arrival is good. (but if you are bored it won’t hurt to build some contacts)

  • Man Dime

    How does a normal girl with a job/career decide to pick up a foreigner from the airport and be his local guide for a week?

    1)Are these girls hookers?

    2) to me it seems far fetched that a girl is gonna put her life on hold just so she can show you around. So instead do you tell her it’s a business trip? Or it’s your first time in said third world dump?

    I personally would say out of the gate. That I’ve been transferred from a fortune five hundred company. And my time could be temporary to permanent. I also research local actors and celebrities and say they’re my personal friends but always say they flake at the last moment. I also have a lot more money than you I’m guessing?

    My problem ; I get chased out by family, friends or boyfriends of the girls I bang within 2 weeks of my arrival and have really never been able to stay put in one place because ive created so much chaos. I’ve encountered Girls fighting each other over me, stalkers, false accusations to the police. The list goes on. So I’m forced to escape under the cover of darkness never to return. I’ve even considered drugging a girl to escape.

    I do believe your numbers are outrageously embellished, but understand you’re selling something.

    So how is it possible that a middle class girl with a job and a career is going to but her life on hold to be your local tour guide?

    I speak flawless Spanish and know some of these girls would be ashamed to breath the same air as a sex crazed gringo. And refuse to even learn English because they’re disgusted by you, regardless of your suit game or looks.

    Put your money where your mouth is.

    • patrick

      interesting comments

  • 20Nation

    if you want a girl to put her life on hold for you all you have to do is make a connection. Start skyping with her and be charming and game her the same way you would in person.

    If you don’t want to be chased away by family and friends just be charming to them. Don’t ignore them as they are part of the girls life as well. I think you are taking the money thing too far. The idea is to use it as a DHV not to find gold diggers. To be an attractive man sure money will make you more attractive but only a bit, the rest you have to do with personality, game, and making yourself look as good as possible (gym, style, etc.)

    Also not one of my numbers is embellished. I understand how you might think that because you obviously don’t know me in person, but many people have met and traveled with me and every one can vouch that I don’t lie about those things. In fact probably my last 100 girls, more or less, I have some type of proof or something to remember them by. (digital memories).


    ThAnks for the
    third world gigalo

    Here’s a universal fact. Any really HOT girl doesn’t use or need the internet to find a man. You know why? They think every geek behind a computer screen is a social misfit.

    So the chicks youre getting ain’t the hottest but you’re getting to sample the local fruit and have a local experience. Albeit with a girl who’s prolly had more loads pumped into her than a MayTag washer.
    Play on player

    • esse

      Dude..in third world countries female population out number males sometimes 7 to 1….any available girls you see over there are 8 and over

  • 20Nation

    haha I also get plenty of night game and day game lays. But the idea of pipelining is to just show up and collect.

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  • SrslyWat

    So hos do you handle Pinays who say they love you and ask if you will marry them?

    • patrick

      no–unless it’s an a+ connection

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