Types of Women You Hook Up With Traveling the World: Part 2

Types of Women You Hook Up With Traveling the World: Part 2

types of women

I have traveled the world and met all different types of women, all with their own interesting lives and stories. From drug lords daughters to girls using magic, I cover many of the interesting types of girls that I have dated while adventuring the world. Because there were so many stories to tell, I had to break the article into two parts.

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types of women

Girls who experienced traumatic events

Mexican girl that was kidnapped

While in Guadalajara, Mexico I met a girl online. She added me on Facebook and wouldn’t even entertain the idea of meeting me for a couple months. Over those couple months we chatted every few days and she eventually told me she was ready to meet. She showed up to the date in a new Ford Mustang. “Well, she must have I decent job.” I thought. The date went perfect, but even after trying I wasn’t able to seal the deal for the next couple dates. After I finally did during pillow talk, she told me something interesting:

“The reason I didn’t want to meet you for so long is that I have had some bad experiences… He estado secuestrado – I have been kidnapped”

It caught me off guard and she continued to explain that she came from a family with money and that she was kidnapped for one month while they were trying to ransom her. She was able to escape. I got curious and asked for more details, but she would get really sad when she talked about it and I wouldn’t push more. We continued seeing each other for the rest of the time I was in Mexico. We still talk frequently on Facebook, she is a sweet girl.

Read about her HERE.


Haitian girl witnessing the aftermath of the earthquake

As most people know, one of the worst earthquakes ever recorded happened a couple of years ago in Haiti. While I was there I day gamed a girl and then went on an insta-date. Thirty minutes later we were having a pillow talk session. The earthquake was on my mind so I asked her about it.

“I remember buildings crumbling all around me and screams. Then all I can remember were the bodies. I would see them everywhere for months after the earthquake.”

I can’t imagine how seeing those types of things must have affected her, but Haiti is definitely a country that is rebuilding.

Read about the adventure of THC and I in Haiti.


Cambodian girl having to hide from the bad regime

Cambodia had the worst genocide of all time a couple decades ago. They executed 1/3rd of their own population. If people were on the wrong side they were hunted, if they represented Western values (doctors, teachers, people with glasses, etc.) they were executed. I asked one of my girls from Cambodia about it.

“I remember hiding in the jungle with my mom. She would keep telling me to keep quiet whenever people would approach. I was very hungry, but I knew this was more serious. They found most of my family, but I don’t want to talk about that.”

There is a reason Cambodia is like the wild west of Asia. Laws are pretty much  non existent. You can do whatever you want if you have the money (very little) to pay off the police and a lot of the people are very aggressive… especially the women. I have never seen any more girl fights than the two weeks I was in Cambodia.

Read about my Cambodian adventures HERE.


Philippine girl watching people swept down the river with their houses

As most people know, the Philippines get hit hard by tropical storms. There was the recent one in central Philippines, but the previous big one happened right before I arrived in Cagayan de Oro.

I met a tiny, skinny little Philippine girl in a bar. She was so shy, but I really enjoyed spending time with her. I asked her about the storm and she told me a story that I hadn’t heard.

“There were many houses being swept down the river and on the broken pieces of wood there were people clinging to them, trying not to drown.”

In the Philippines there are a lot of poor people. These poor people don’t have enough money to buy land, so they build their houses on the banks of the rivers because these are no build zones where they don’t have to own it. When floods and storms happen, these no build zones are the places that get hit the hardest. Apparently, the government doesn’t count the poor people that lived there because they were living there “illegally”. Most those storms you hear about over there, kill a lot more people than the government wants to admit.


The Thai girl with a scar as long as her body

I had met a girl from online dating. I remember everything going well, up to the point where I tried to take off her clothes. She fought it very hard and I finally gave up.

“I don’t understand, but it’s OK. I should get some sleep.” I told her.

She left and about 15 minutes later I get a text.

“Can I sleep with you?”

“Sure.” I replied.

She returned and we continued where we left off. I started taking off her clothes, and her hesitation made sense when I saw a very thick scar that ran down the left side of her body. It wound from her foot all the way up to her arm pit.

“Where did you get that?”

“I don’t want to talk about it.” She replied.


I accepted it and continued, trying not to kill the moment.

Where the scar came from remains a mystery, but sometimes I wonder… an elephant? snake? tiger? something boring? Who knows.


types of women stripper

Girls I shored

Shoring is where you game a hooker so she genuinely wants to spend the night with you and doesn’t ask for money. To shore you have to be clear up front that you won’t pay her for sex.

I haven’t shored that many women, about 12, but three of them were not what you would expect. I really liked these girls. Hookers are just girls, the secret is you must find them before they have spent a lot of time doing what they do.


Mexicali shore

While in a strip club on a border town in Mexico, I saw a girl with the most amazing ass. It’s what attracted me to her, but afterwards I learned that this girl had an amazing, fun personality. She had turned this lifestyle because her husband disappeared and left her with her son and no way to support him.

She made about 700$ a night, so I can understand why it was tempting. She only did it for 2 weeks more after I left. Some girls just aren’t meant for it. She returned back to her home town and to her son. I still keep in touch.

Read about how I met her HERE.


Myanmar shore in Bangkok

When I was in Bangkok, THC and I stopped by a street bar and had a beer. A girl came up behind me and started massaging my shoulders. She rubbed her boobs into my back and I could tell they were big, especially for an Asian girl. I turned around and it was a cute Asian girl. She had seen me walk by a couple of times, and she just said she liked me. There was no effort at all, it was all so easy.

She was always smiling and had her own unique type of smile. I loved it. She was from Myanmar and had come to Bangkok to make money 6 months ago. Her “mom”, basically her pimp, did no cock blocking of any kind.

Twenty minutes later she went back to my hotel room with me. “Don’t tell my mom.” she said as her clothes came off. I remember we had sex so many times that night (much more than normal). Sometimes two people just click sexually and we had that connection. She went back to her job and returned when it finished.

I had to leave the next day, so I never got to see her again and I thought it was best not to return her calls. But it was just that the sexual connection that was so strong, sometimes two people just click. Too bad she was a prostitute. If I had met her 6 months before (when she still wasn’t a hooker), who knows what could have happened.


Shore in Haiti

When THC and I were in a bar in Haiti, I remember getting rejected by one of the hookers. She wasn’t interested in anything where money wasn’t involved. The next girl I approached, I chose. She had a HUGE ass. THC was still talking to a girl so I got up and talked to her.

The next day I got her to my apartment and she put up like 3 hours of resistance before sex! To be honest our personalities didn’t click too much, but the sex… was amazing. So because of that amazing sex… she made the list. I’ve never had to fight so hard to last in my life.


types of women witch

Girls using magic

Girl who went to witch doctor to heal a broken arm

In the Philippines I remember I was in bed with a Philippine girl with a really nice body (OK face). I grabbed her arm.


“What’s wrong?”

“I fell out of a tree when I was a kid, my mom didn’t have enough money to bring me to the doctor, so she brought me to a witch doctor.”

Lol. Guess those chants didn’t work so well. Extra Favela Points.


Mexican girl who went to a shaman

I met a girl in Mexico, I knew she was a little weird. I had found a girl that I liked almost immediately, so I had been pretty much ignoring other girls. Ignoring had made this girl obsessed with meeting me. She was OK looking, but my current girl was much hotter, so I finally said

“Ok. I will meet you, but we have to have sex.”

You can read more about it HERE. Basically she ended up agreeing to it, hoping that I would like the sex and we would have a chance as a couple afterwards. It didn’t work out so well, but I did see her twice.

A few months later, when I was already in the DR, I started getting messages from her:

“We are meant to be together, I have checked.”

“What?” I responded.

“I went to a (Mexican shaman) and she told me that you are in love with me.”

“I’m in the Caribbean, we will probably never see each other and I’m just not in love with you. You will find the right guy.”

“I gave you a love potion.” She said.

“A love potion?”

“That’s why you wanted to see me again.” She responded.

I stopped talking to her. I don’t know how I drank it or what it was, but slipping things into my food or drink is not cool.


types of women ballerina

Cool Jobs

Opera singers daughter

In the DR I dated (a lot) the daughter of an opera singer. I met her online, and she had this beautiful, innocent looking face that I loved. I’m still seeing her when I get the time. I met her mom after a show and she so fits the part. Overweight, but a pretty face.


Professional ballerina

This is the only girl I never had sex with in these articles, because it was when I was younger and wouldn’t have sex for religious reasons. She was half Italian and she had that dancer’s form. I really enjoyed her. As a man who loves variety, I can really appreciate their strong bodies.


The fashion designer

In Mexico I hooked up with a semi-famous local fashion designer. She had her own line and easily made more money than me. However, she talked WAY too much. Sweet girl though.


types of women model

Model types

I remember when I was younger thinking that the ultimate girl would be a model. Now after dating countless “models”, I have realized that it really means nothing. In fact, a lot of times these types of women aren’t even that good looking. The models I have hooked up have ranged anywhere from “Ok” to very attractive, but most were in the “Ah she’s cute” category. Nothing mind blowing. Save one model, the mind blowing girls I have been with were not models at all.


If you want to be able to get girls like these

I have hooked up with all sorts of types of women and I have learned a lot from it. When people ask which one of my books will help them improve with women the fastest, I always say the same thing. The 9 Laws of Attractive Body Language. If somebody spends three weeks mastering the 9 Laws, he can be 5x more attractive to women, just like that. You can check out the book HERE.


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