Travel Advice for Short Men Looking for Girls

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Travel advice for short men
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Travel Advice for Short Men Looking for Girls

Travel advice for short men

A few days ago I posted an article on travel advice for men with low confidence. Now, as promised, I’ll be giving travel advice to the shorter men out there. Get ready for my best travel advice for short men after my years of traveling the world.

I don’t want to get into an argument, but as the men out there who actually accept reality know, short men are at a disadvantage in the dating world. This doesn’t mean that short men can’t get pussy, but they have to work harder and do better than their exact equal who is tall.

To choose this list of countries for short men to go, I just had to take a look back and think about where short men did the best. When I did that, the answers were obvious. The places that short men did the best were the countries where the local men were short as well.


Travel Advice for Short Men – 1st

Now, according to Wikipedia the shortest men on the planet have an average height of 5’2″ (152 cm) tall. This country is also a country that SwoopTheWorld has covered on the website and is a bonafide pussy paradise. This country is Indonesia.

Indonesia is a country in South East Asia that is reportedly very Muslim. However, it’s a country where the girls aren’t usually acting like it. THC reportedly never felt more value than while he was there.

Now, for the short men out there, let’s say you are 5’6″. That means you are 4 inches taller than the average man on Indonesia. It’s the equivalent of being 6’2″ in USA (average height is 5’10”). So basically, women will see you as a bit tall. Not a bad location to travel.

Check out our articles about Indonesia Here


Travel Advice for Short Men – 2nd

The next few shortest countries are mostly from South East Asia (most of South East Asia is good for short men), but aren’t necessarily the perfect places for all short men. The next place I will suggest that short men go does not even list the height of it’s men. However, I have spent a month there and I can tell you they are very small. This country is Nicaragua.

Maybe you just aren’t a big fan of Asians, well, there is still plenty of hope for you because the Latin men in Nicaragua are very short. You will never be deducted points for being short in this country because, for them, you are most likely over average.

Nicaragua has excellent nightlife and day game. I would actually say it has the best nightlife (for getting laid) of any country I have been to in Latin America. On top of that, I ended up closing like 66% of my day game approaches.

You can read about my adventures in Nicaragua here.

There are other Latin countries where the men aren’t very tall (ie. Bolivia and Peru), but to be honest the women there are not great.


Travel Advice for Short Men – 3rd

The final place that short men do exceptionally well is another country in South East Asia and is a country that has been praised a lot on Swoop The World as an easy place to get girls. This country is The Philippines.

The men in the Philippines are listed as having an average height of 5’4″. It’s a top 5 shortest country on the planet and on top of that it has women who are very pleasant and interested in foreign guys. A travel location I’ve rarely heard of anybody regretting.

Read SwoopTheWorld articles on The Philippines here.


Special advice for short men looking for white and black girls

For white girls, I can’t give you a great country for short men. This is because white girls are the tallest women in the world. They appreciate height, so there is no place I can think of where you won’t lose some points for height. If you are only interested in white women, my advice is in the next section.

For black women, you can go to any 3rd world black country and most the men aren’t too tall. If you want black women, there are dozens of countries that are great for getting them. One of the countries I have reported on was Haiti.


Other option for short men

These are not the only options for short men because anything like this can be overcome with game. To learn game from me personally you can read my books. If you are interested in the collection, I sell it at 60% off.


More articles like this to come

In a few more days I will be releasing another article similar like this one to help another type of guy out there: some articles that I might be writing about soon are for: Introverts, Religious Guys,  Guys looking for Models,  Shy Guys, and possibly more.

If there are any ideas you have more me to write on, leave a comment below.

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  • Constipated Canuck

    You could save yourself a lot writing and just say for all men that suck shit for whatever reason, go to the Philippines.

    • I could, but it would be a lie. There are certain situations where going to the Philippines would actually make your game worse.

    • mclovin89

      how so like being middle eastern/ muslim?

    • no its because you don’t need much actual game in the philippines

  • rudra singh

    hey 20 which country in europe would you recommend for indian guys

    • I’m thinking about it for a future post.

    • rudra singh

      cool would love to see it

    • Uncle Cedric

      An ebook for Indian guys would make $$$ youve got a ton of potential customers. I don’t know why so many Indians like white girls- Asians are tight and don’t have a ton of attitude and it’s close enough to them- not too bad of circumstances really. I saw a cute Pinay working at a Deli the other day. I was really tired from work so Inwanted my food and needed to split but think I’m going to go back and spit some game. She was pretty cute.

    • yeah, i have been looking for some well travelled indian guys to interview. I have some info on it, but just what I have seen from my travels. I don’t think its enough

    • Uncle Cedric

      I always wondered what motivated you to leave America and start full time love tourist travel?

      Did you read a book or blog that inspired you or have friends that were like “Man these American bitchs suck-these girls when I was in Bulgaria, Brazil, and Indonesia were SOOO much better on every level”. Etc.?

    • My first trip to Colombia was the spark. Then I read a book called Around the World in 80 Girls and I went to SEA

    • mclovin89

      throw in pakistani mid east/muslim guys in nonislamic nations cuz its foolish to game in their homelands
      or general dark skin men if u cant.
      hey in your travels we know fit guys do well but whos better off skinny guys or fat boys.
      feels like in the west its better to be fat whike skinny in the east

    • i i would agree

    • Nytrox Nikko

      If you do well in India then your height will not stop you from doing well in Europe. As simple as that. Check out pua Ed Lopez. He is just 5’4.

    • Nytrox Nikko

      If you do well in India then your height will not stop you from doing well in Europe. As simple as that. Check out pua Ed Lopez. He is just 5’4.

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  • Darren

    A guide for older guys would be much appreciated! Many thanks for the site!

    • Uncle Cedric

      SEA and Parts of Africa. Also Colombia. If you have enough money to do some wining and dining and shopping and trips-Russia or EE (further East the better). My Dad was 48yo obese and had a hot 19yo brunette in heels Ukrainian secretary she told him she could get him girls like her in Russia and Ukraine BUT
      he made 150k/yr and would have to give the girls a good lifestyle. If you’re not making a lot go SEA maybe Colombia or Peru. I saw a stacked Peruvian who was the wife of a nerdy late 30s TEFL teacher and they left the hotel conference in a old Japanese SUV not worth more than 7k at the most. She wasn’t the hottest girl but her tits and hips would make life better for any man. I don’t think Peru gets enough good press for girls- they’re pretty hot if you like Latinas.

      Check out the marriage tour videos on Aforeignaffairs site- you’ll she old guys hanging with some good enough quality in LA and SEA. In EE the old grey haired guys in suits who looked like they were at least 100k/yr guys did good too. Hope this helps.

    • These are accurate findings, I can attest. For top tier girls in Colombia in Medellin or Bogota or Cali you will have to dish out some money. Although, in Cali I have seen Colombians driving new Kias with borderline tens. IMO the girls are hottest in Cali, it’s hard to describe the levels.

    • That’s a good idea.

  • Uncle Cedric

    Fat guys! Guys built like fat offensive linemen!

    • Don’t know that I have enough info on this

    • Constipated Canuck

      Lose the weight you fat fuck.

    • Uncle Cedric

      Ive struggled with obesity my whole life and I asked for something constructive and useful here not acrimonious non sense from a keyboard hater.

      That actually would make a good post- how to lose weight? Does it boil down to calorie restricition and all protein no carbs? Ive heard people say weight loss is 70% diet 30% workout.

    • Constipated Canuck

      You need to go keto with intermittent fasting until you lose the weight. Then strict paleo. Get your hormones checked. Maybe you need TrT.

    • fasting isn’t a good idea because he wants his metabolism to constantly be working but with the right foods. Paleo is basically a repackaged Atkin’s diet that people scheminigly made money off. I naturally started using that diet before it became a trend because it’s best for my body type.

      hormones is a good idea because he may have adrenal fatigue and there’s lots of herbs that can help that problem.

    • I’m not a weight loss expert, but i’ve always been good at changing my body at will. I think the overall reason I am good at this is because I look at it like math. If you want to lose some weight you look at your metabolism. Most likely it is slow. That means you don’t have to eat much for your body to be at peak performance. Then you just exercise away much more calories than you are taking in. I hope you go for it Uncle Cedric. For game reasons but also for health and longevity reasons. Hope all goes well with you man

    • Dude do a raw foods diet with herbal cleansing. I’m not an affiliate or advertising, but check out dhealthstore and the full body cleanse. I’m skinny and I’ve done that cleanse twice, it made me way too skinny, but it was a good cleanse. Even if you can only do a raw vegan diet without buying the herbs you will lose a lot of weight. You want to eat mostly greens, watermelon, lemon juice in water, melons in general and stay away from carb rich fruits like bananas, plantains, dates and too many nuts. It’s hard to as hell to follow a diet like that though. You’ll swiftly realize food is the most powerful drug of them all.

    • If you want to comment here you can have an opinion and disagree with whatever you want, but do it in a respectful way

  • Uncle Cedric

    20 it’s important to me that’s why I say a fat mans guide for fat guys into white girls.

    • I would like, but I havent met enough fat guys while traveling the world to be any expert on it. I think i just dont have the info for that

    • Uncle Cedric

      If you were to reccomend 3-5 countries in Europe that would likely be better for big, tall, fat guys (like I said NFL lineman height and weight)?

    • tough to say, but I would say countries where women are tall since women usually dont like dating shorter than them.

    • Martin

      Maybe you try These Eastern Europe countries, maybe thru an agency that specializes in making couples.
      And: You’ll have no chances unless you are clean, well shaved, with a nice hairdress, good/modern clothing, no body odor etc. Try DHV (expensive watch, suit, expensive (rental) car etc.), too.

  • mclovin89

    what about dominican for black girls and chile uruguay an argentina for white?

    • i havent heard that uruguay and argentina are best for white. And DR is good for black, but more for the mixes. There are easier countries for completely black

    • Eddie Travels

      Hey 20Nation, what are the best countries for Black American guys?

    • it depends what your preference in women are

    • Eddie Travels

      Hmmm, I would say Asians and Latinos….thanks.

  • TC

    if you have the money and enough time (1 year), go for a leg extension
    its like 100k in us or western europe but can be low as 20k in other places

    • Martin

      Much cheaper than that is buying shoes that makes you taller. Mario Moronti offers such e.g.

  • at 5’9″ my value skyrockets in Asia, I can testify to that. I have also noticed that once I got my game up, height doesn’t really matter anymore. My Dominican and Colombian girlfriends were both my height or a bit taller. My philosophy is if you can fuck like a porn star and you look good the rest will follow. America is worst for height, girls would rather fuck a dude that’s 6’2″ with a little dick than a guy under 6′ packing heat. One tidbit is most famous actors are under 6′

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  • Spacetiger

    What are good countries for short men if we want white girls ? I am 5’4