The power shift after sex

After a small hiatus to focus on my upcoming book and sports, I’ve been dating a lot in the Dominican Republic. These series of dates recomfirmed my motto:

ALWAYS push for the Same Night Lay (SNL)

Because after sex there’s a shift in power, from the woman to the man, from the pussy to the cock.


I’ve dated a lot the past 2 weeks. On most of my dates I was able to close the deal and smash the girl, and in all of my dates (except 1) I was able to at least make out with the girl.

But whilst the ones I have smashed were totally in my pocket afterwards -they are chasing me, texting and calling to see me again, sending me sexy pictures etc.- the ones I didn’t close, were still playing hard to get.

They’d make them selves unavailable, not answer my texts immediately, start talking about relationships.

“What kind of relationship are you looking for? I’m looking for a nice and honest guy”

Lets consider these two concrete examples:


The gold digger

This is the girl from earlier this week, read the full story here. I got her in my room, she’s claiming she doesn’t want sex. But my game is strong and I see through her words and listen only to her actions, I get the lay.

Ever since, I’ve been getting texts from her daily. Moreoever, she has completely turned around on her attitude.

GD: “When are we going to see each other again”
THC: “I don’t know, soon.”
GD: “I can come to your place”
THC: “Okay, I’ll let you know when I have time.”

Sex? Yes. Power shifted? Yes.

Shy girl Bella

She was a shy girl and I already got laid that day, so I took it easy. We were making out on my bed and ran into the usual LMR, but I got a little bit lazy and I thought to myself “I won’t push too hard this time… I’ll get it next time”.


She assumed power because she hadn’t put out and she stepped up her “hard to get” game.

Bella: “Last time you wanted sex with me.” (like it’s an accusation!)
THC: “That’s normal, isn’t it”
Bella: “Yes, but I need time, I only want serious relationships.”
THC: “Snooze.”

I’m sure that if I had put in the effort in my LMR game and had gotten the lay, she would not be mentioning relationships and she would have all the time in the world to see me again.

Sex? No. Power shifted? No.

After sex there’s a power shifts from the woman to the man, from the pussy to the cock.

Women: *eye-roll*

I think it is time for another “Women: Eyeroll” moment.

Action: You go AGAINST everything they TELL you (“I don’t want sex soon”, “I only want serious relationships” etc.), you put in good game, you work hard on your LMR disable techniques, you push hard for sex and you get the lay anyway.

Result: They reward you with love and attention, they make time for you and respond to your messages, they want to see you again as soon a possible.


Now consider the other scenario.


Action: You either (god forbid) ‘LISTEN’ to a woman and don’t escalate enough sexually, or you don’t get the lay for another reason…  (So that’s in line with what she SAID she wants, right?)

Result: “I’m gonna make you wait for sex, I’m going to be unavailable for you, not show you respect and first you’ll have to prove how much you like me!”

Great reward system women!


The science

Well women being illogical doesn’t exactly come as a surprise. But usually human behaviour can be explained if you reason about it in an evolutionary perspective.

What’s behind this shift of power after sex?

This is enough material for another post, a book even, but I’ll just brush over it. Both males and females want to spread their genes. Males can in theory impregnate nearly limitless females, there is no biological constraint on the male, only the number of females available to him. Females are more restricted biologically, they can get pregnant by only one guy and they are pregnant during 9 months.

That is why females have evolved to be more selective for their mating partners.

If a male impregnates a female of inferior genetics, he can just bounce and find a better mate. Males still want the best genetics to guarantee succesful offspring, but they do not need the same level of selectiveness as females.

For a female getting pregnant is a dangerous event, she will be vulnerable during a couple of months, needs to require more resources and she can suffer from complications giving birth. If a female gets impregnated by a male with inferior genetics, she is paying a high price for taking these risks.

Nowadays all of this is of course well hidden behind a cultural layer. But these basic biological qualities are still hidden behind this layer and they can help us understand some current behavioral observations.

Before sex, then man is chasing the girl, he is competing with other men that also want her. She has the power. She will select the man that is worthy and therefore test him for his worth, she does this both conciously and subconsiously. The man displays his worthiness to her through his physique, skills, social status, etc. A lot of elements in game are about passing her tests and triggering the right switches to make her feel attracted to you.

If she’s a high value woman, this power before sex is not to be underestimated. Especially over men with no game, whom are basically clueless as to what is going on. She can make these men jump through hoops, make them spend resources on her, do things for her, even putting themselves in danger for her, all for the prospect of mating with her.

carrotThe more clueless the male, the longer she can hold off sex and the more she can get that man to spend. It’s like dangling a carrot in front of a donkey to get it to walk.

But after sex this power evaporates.

Why? Well behind the cultural layer, the deeper evolutionary layer, having sex with a man could mean she got pregnant. That means the female’s objectives have now shifted from finding thebest available genetic code to finding a companion. If pregnant, shortly she will be vulnerable and she will require more resources (food and protection). It is therefore in her best interest to try and get the male to stick around.

She will try to do this in the form of a “relationship”, a bound between her and the man. So after sex, it is the female that will have to reassure the man is likely to stay with her, the female is now chasing the male. He has the power. These are evolutionary observations and they are of course not the only factors in the equation, but it does provide a way of thinking that helps explain even current observations about both male and female behavior.



So that’s great and all, but what do we do with this?

Well, I missed out on some great girls by stepping down my game even momentarily. So I got confronted again with the importance of the following 2 things:

1. The importance to push for SNL (Same Night Lay)

It’s important to ALWAYS escalate sexually as much as possible and always try to go for the SNL (read the warning at the end of this post).

2. The importance of LMR techniques (Last Minute Resistance)

Like in chess, you cannot neglect your end game. You have done your opening great,  you have succesfully completed the mid game. Now the queen and the rooks are of the board and you better know how to finish the game. Do not neglect your LMR-skills! You have come so far, but you can still lose the girl at this critical moment. With solid LMR skills you will be able to take that last and difficult hurdle and create the power shift after sex, after that she’ll be yours.

Over the last year I have learned a lot about LMR and I have developed a way to bust through even the roughest LMR using different techniques. I’m collecting all this knowledge in the ultimate LMR busting manual and I will keep you guys posted when it’s ready.


Warning: I want to stress that you should not misinterpret the content of this post as in thinking that every woman you go on a date with by default wants sex with you and you just have to take it, that’s ridiculous. Far from it. But with game you can create the attraction and comfort she needs to feel so she DOES want it, and then with LMR-techniques you will be able to strike the iron when it’s hot.


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24 Comments on “The power shift after sex”

  1. Great article. It is stupid how females act is so different to what we are taught. Do you have any tips to fuck them good, should 1 just attempt to do in the porn films or build up to that stuff?

    1. And they are used getting away with it as well.
      I’ll work some tips on smashing them right into a post

  2. Good stuff, THC. I only recently got solid enough to reliably get SNLs, but one thing I’ve noticed is that the girls are less likely to fuck me again than if I wait until date 2 or 3. I’m more into building a harem than notch counting (small town), so this is a key point for me. Any thoughts on SNL repeat customers? Note, I’m dealing with American girls (until I can get the hell out of here).

    1. Thanks Curt. Maybe you postpone sex with the “good girls” or shy girls a few dates because it’s harder or you it play safe, and that’s why you’re making this conclusion.

      If you get more confident at SNL with good girls, you’ll see that it’s actually better to always push for the SNL.

  3. great article, totally matches my experience.

    would love to read about your techniques to bust through LMR. That’s still something I struggle with from time to time, when a girl has strong LMR I often give up after 30 minutes or so.

    1. I know it can be frustrating but sometimes it’s just “part of dance” and you have to do it. With the right techniques it does get a lot easier.

      The last year alone I’ve been in over 100 situations with LMR ranging from 0 to near bulletproof and I learned a ton from it. I have perfected existing techniques and invented some new ones on the spot.

      I can now accurately predict the level of effort required to bust through her LMR as soon as I kiss her in my room.

      Stay tuned for the ultimate manual, it will break all of this down and help improve this aspect of your game.

    2. looking forward to the guide

      BTW, your post inspired me yesterday to push through LMR with a nice chinese yoga instructor – we had hours of great sex because I was inspired not to be lazy 🙂

  4. This was amusing up until the intro to the ‘Science’ bit.

    You’ve obviously been dating – what I like to call – the ‘artificially intelligent’, and admittedly largely-easier-to-encounter % of the human female. You “reveal” how to successfully fuck bimbos in a single-serving-friend manner.

    Perhaps that’s all you want for the rest of your life, and you don’t need me to tell you that that’s an awesome choice indeed. In the meantime though, why would you complain about girls not being too smart, if that’s what you’re using to your advantage in this choice lifestyle? You’re not being half as clever as you think you are, either (which isn’t astoundingly clever anyway 😉 ).

    Apologies for bursting your bubble, but I just couldn’t help myself, nothing personal at all! You seem like a great guy otherwise 🙂 Good luck to all of you!

    1. I found it interesting how women commonly reject the concepts in this article, which have been studied and written about, and utilized with a great deal of success so many times over the course of human history.

    2. I, in turn, find it interesting that such a comment was highly predictable in relation to mine. It is why I took the time to explain my reasons, which you seem to have not bothered to read – also predictable. 🙂

      I did not reject anything in this article, merely challenged certain aspects of it. Do you deny this is a healthy way of debate? Also, you may observe, that what has “been studied and written about, and utilized with a great deal of success” is in large part, from the male point of view.

      Little is even known about the female orgasm, and readily available to the general public, for example, let alone the full use, physiology, and full function of the female genitalia. and that’s not even mentioning the biology and psychology behind it.

      Never mind though, awareness is not something all of humanity seeks. Thanks for your comment.

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  6. This is pretty repulsive. And when I say “pretty” I mean “magnificently.” All hail The Internet and our freedom to be exposed to disgusting shit.

    1. Amazing. “Substantive” was exactly the word that came to my mind regarding what was lacking in her little rant. By the way, this is my first Disqus comment ever. I felt obligated to sign up so I could opine. Great post, read, and much truth. Keep it going.

    2. Hey Libertas, I was on hiatus for a while and am just now checking the comment section. Thanks for your feedback, appreciate it. Hope to see you here more often!

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  8. Under an evolutionary point of view, being monogamous too can guarantee your genes to spread over too because you will be investing in quality instead of that in quantity. If you make children with many girls and then leave them they will be left to their own device without the protection and the support from you so the offspring will be more likely to die before they reach reproductive age and start the game over again. So there is not right and wrong technique or strategy: both are good although I suspect the latter to yield better results. That’s why most men have a tendency to adopt it, according to the percentage of people who are born from the father they think to be their biological father. It could be very very interesting to know if there is any research about this on a scientific level and not only based on a personal perspective that could lead to wrong conclusions, like the kind of girls you have been dating could have been unawarely restricted to a certain category, and so on.

  9. Hahaha. What a load of crap! What century are you living in? Guess what, the girl won’t get pregnant because she’s taking care of her own contraception, and she won’t need your “food and protection”, because she has her own job that probably pays more than yours. Duh! So after using your average cock to pleasure herself, she’ll just bounce right onto the next one, and the next one, and the next one. And if she’s great in bed, you’ll be the one who’s ruined, and you’ll be the one still chasing her desirable pussy forever, to repeat that hot adventure again. Can’t believe some guys would buy into all this bull. Get a clue!

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