The Nature of Sluts and How to Make Them Loyal

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I republished this post, as it’s a compliment to my last post, How to Use Sex: Understanding the Fundamentals of Frame and Achieving Greater Alpha.


All women the world over are the same they just have varying degrees of sluttiness.

I firmly believe that you can make any slut loyal to you. The only issue is the length of time you can be away before she bangs another guy. I think even with the most hard core sluts, that can be a week or more.  This is just reality.  No girl will remain loyal to you forever in your absence.

What drives her slutty behavior is a woman’s need for male attention.  Women are horribly insecure, they are generally people that haven’t accomplished much and have never dealt with any real adversity or even hard work that would give them and independent sense of value.

The result is a weak minded person and so it’s no surprise that rather than doing something of merit, they take the easy way out in search of self worth by trying to be sexy.  This dynamic causes an almost inexhaustible need for male attention/validation also known as attention whoring.

It doesn’t matter who the girl is, they all have Daddy issues, whether from Abandonment to Hero Worship, they are relating to men through the prism of their father’s presence (or lack thereof).

There are several different types of sluts, and knowing which one you are dealing with should allow you to tailor an interaction that will cause her to be loyal to you.  Though this list is not comprehensive, there are 4 basic sluts.


The Average or Below Slut (In Looks 5 or less)

This slut hangs around with her hotter friends and is a total fucking bitch or overly nice.  She is either going to cockblock you (under the guise of just looking out for her friends but really it’s out of spitefulness) or she is hoping to get the leftovers of what her friends don’t get.  Drunk guys hit on her so she probably does have an inflated sense of her attraction level.

How to Fuck Her

This girl is not worth fucking.  Forget it.  Use her to capture the interest of other girls around.  Chances are she is the mother hen and will try and cockblock you.  Just win her over to your side by being engaging and including her occasionally.  Isolate the girl you like from her as soon as possible.  She resents you simply because you want nothing to do with her.


The Almost Smoking Hot Slut

This slut is probably between a 6 and a 7.5 in looks.  She’s horribly insecure and get’s off on turning down men who make advances towards her because she feels as though it makes her hotter than she actually is.  She shamelessly takes selfies in sexy poses and posts them on Facebook and Instagram. The one where she takes a photo of herself sitting in the car and says “I’m at so and so, can’t wait for dinner” even though all you see is her looking attractive…IN THE CAR.  This girl has been pumped and dumped many times and is now trying to “stand up” for herself even though she is the cause of her own situation.

How to Fuck Her

This girl responds to one thing and one thing only, a STRONG FRAME.  Nothing gets her more turned on than a guy that is barely interested because she interprets that behavior as him having higher value than her.  She wants this guy to be attracted to her and will go out of her way to make him find her so.  If at any time you act as though you like her more than she likes you, it’s off.  She doesn’t like herself so she will think something is wrong with you.  Being aloof but not overly so is the way to capture her initial interest, turn things sexual with her as soon as possible by touching.  Make sure to never call her again after you bang her unless you want her to be a regular in your harem.


The Actually Hot Slut

This girl is an 8 or above but she’s so narcissistic, the looks in the mirror and sees flaws where there are none, thinks certain features that are unique are defects, or she is not classically pretty.  It’s really a shame because under what should be normal circumstances, this is the type of girl you’d want to date, but because of variables with the fragile female psyche, she is now just a girl that’s unhappy.  The truth is, this girl WOULD be happy if she were in a classic gender role taking care of an alpha male.  Alas, she listens to her less attractive and painfully unsuccessful friends because she’s the type of person to follow the advice from the last person she spoke to.

How to Fuck Her

This girl is probably easier to bang than the almost hot slut because while she knows she is hotter than most, she isn’t getting off on rejecting guys.  She will politely refuse them.  The way to engage them is to talk to them without pedastalizing them.  Acting aloof  will more than likely be mirrored so being engaging and charming without tossing out a bunch of compliments is the way to go.  She will start qualifying herself if you have properly asserted your higher value.


The Unrepentant Slut

This girl has casual sex with anyone she’s attracted to.  She can be almost anywhere on the 1-10 scale. She has a guy’s mentality when it comes to sex and sees nothing wrong with sleeping around.  She has also very rarely been with anyone that has made a lasting impression.  To her, sex is about being dirty and getting pleasure.  She is otherwise fairly confident and has value other than her sexual attractiveness.

How to Fuck Her

Don’t be a pussy about talking to her.  This girl responds to direct game and likes confidence with provocative intentions.  Compliments with her are received as neutral, you should show your attraction with body language and touching.  Once you’ve got her attention, it’s a matter of fuckup avoidance game.  Get her out of whatever venue you met her in as soon as possible because someone may catch her eye.


How to Make Each Girl Loyal


Observe this formula:

Make them FEEL special + Treat them almost like shit.

With these girls you have to make them “feel” special while treating them just on the other side of the line from complete shit (It’s unfortunate, but treating them well is thought of as weakness and you’ll lose her interest or she’ll find someone else that uses that formula).  You do this by maintaining and even increasing your perceived higher value by keeping your frame and not playing in to her shit tests and you let her know that there’s “something” you find attractive about her without getting specific so that her hamster (mind) is in constant wonder and hoping she doesn’t “lose” whatever it is that has you interested.  It’s good to flirt in front of her subtly and command the attention of other girls.  You put her in an atmosphere of “push/pull”.  When you’re away you are emotionally distant, when she is alone with you, you make her feel as though she is the only girl in the world.

In the cases with these girls, tell them about themselves, talk about the nature of sluts as though you don’t consider her one.  Talk about their motivations, why they need male attention, why it’s so pathetic etc.  She will try and prove she’s not like other girls (child psychology).

Let them know you expect them not to let another man near them on no uncertain terms.  Have them believe you have a godlike power to know if anyone has touched them and make sure they know that you will be turned off and find her repulsive if that happens.  Don’t say something like “if you are with someone else, I’m gone”  That will frame it as a challenge.  If you frame it in terms of  her losing her “special something” or attractiveness, she will stay loyal longer since that’s what they hold to be the most important (it ties in with her need for validation).

Sexually you have to fuck the ever loving shit out of her.  She has to cum like never before.  This is where you really establish control. You cultivate the idea that other men are not worthy of touching her, only you.  She begins to be repulsed at the thought of anyone but you being with her.

When you are fucking her, and especially when she is cumming, make her tell you that you own her.  Make her say you can do whatever you want to her.  This act of submission is key.

All women really want, is to feel feminine and special.  When you manhandle her, move her around the way you want sexually, grab her in public in a sexual way, she feels both wanted (feminine) and special.  This is the nature of sluts.

Treat Her Like A Little Girl

People are animals,the idea that somehow women don’t respond to a dominant male personality the way other female animals do in the wild is some intellectualized bullshit myth.

When she throws a tantrum call it that and tell her she’s cute.  I will sometimes pick them up, throw them on the bed and start tickling them or pinching their ass.  I’ll bite their nose and ears and faces like I’m playing with my pet.  I’ll pin them down and wrestle with them while sticking my tongue in their nose or biting their toes.  I’ll have them laughing and begging me to stop and I just keep going.  The more invasive you get the better.  I’ll pretend I’m eating their face “nom nom nom nom”.  They’re incredulous but they LOVE it.

They have never been treated like this before in their adult life but you are going to make them feel like little girls again.  Your dominance over them will make them feel like you dominate everything around you (and you should be able to).  Get in their head, push the boundaries of their comfort zones.  THIS makes them feel special.

Be like a father figure with them, discipline them as you would a child.  When she acts up, give her a stern look and tell her to “knock it off or I’ll send you home”.

These girl’s see things through the prism of their father when relating to men, be the father she wished she had.


PS: here’s a pair of tits for your enjoyment, click the NSFW below:

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  • TravelHardcore

    Legendary post. This going in the stickies.

  • 20Nation

    THC is right. Legit post. Lots of good insights.

  • Jeffrey

    Do you want a loyal woman because religious principles? i doubt it, because you like to have different girls, i don’t have anything against that, but what you would want a loyal girl? why is bad?

  • 20Nation

    Making sluts loyal is definitely next level game

  • Brisey

    The ‘treat her like a little girl’ stuff is gold. In the past when a girl has thrown a tantrum it usually escalates into an argument where i’ve let my frame go but i’m definitely going to give this a try! Nice work Fisto!

    • Fisto

      Thanks bud. I have to remind myself all the time not to get pissed and still fail when the tantrums start.

    • Christopher C


  • Josh Bar

    nice tits

  • Sploosh

    Solid fucking post brah. taking the red pill would have you believe that any woman with more than 5 cocks in her past would be incapable of being loyal. I’m a firm believer that when you can keep your dominant frame, punish swiftly and reward slowly, and fuck her so well that she literally doesn’t remember any of her past cocks, you can turn a slut into your good little girl.

    I’ll be linking to this post soon.

    • Fisto

      It’s always a good feeling when someone get’s what you are saying, thanks for the feedback Sploosh.

    • Sploosh

      Keep preaching brah. I’ll be joining you on the world travel adventures within a year.

  • QuantumPimpin

    Fisto you need to write an e book on game. All of your blogs are the shit. Stop bullshitting and write that e book


    • Fisto

      I’m working on it now my friend. I’m hoping to be done with everything in next four weeks. Right now my priorities are Getting Fit, Writing/Filming, Learning Spanish, Banging Girls in that order.

  • Josh Bar

    “Sexually you have to fuck the ever loving shit out of her. She has to cum like never before”-Fisto
    “You need to fuck her until she stays fucked”- Henry Miller

    • A.

      That’s the only part of his article that’s agreeable to me and something all good, loving men should strive for.

    • Fisto

      I’m curious of what exactly you disagree with and why.

    • grit

      “Sexually you have to fuck the ever loving shit out of her. She has to cum like never before”-Fisto
      “You need to fuck her until she stays fucked”- Henry Miller
      There is one problem with that – if you are too good she wants to stop swinging, which means your influx of easy strange can dry up. I make my woman cum hundreds of times, squirting, etc. Now she doesn’t have any interest in anyone else ’cause it is always a disappointment for her – that’s fine but what happened to our orgys, threesomes, etc. I cock-blocked myself!

    • Christopher C


    • Jen

      My Daddy would never let that shit fly as I’m His property and do what he says.

    • Christopher C

      IT WORKS.

  • dmatthewb

    No bullshit my new friend. This is solid advice. I can’t say I’ve seen anyone frame up ‘slutchology’ better than you did. A tip of the hat to you sir.

    • Fisto

      It’s a dark and delicious subject. Thanks bud.

  • icenation

    Dude i so wish i saw this before!! My girlfriends been doing stupid disrespectful Shit and i told her if she keeps it up id break up with her. Then everything got worse and now she has the upper hand.How can i flip the script the quickest to end up back ontop again?

    • Fisto

      Give me some more details here

    • A.

      Seriously, Fisto? You shouldn’t be giving out relationship advice. Advice for one night stands with strangers? Ok. Relationships? Anyone that listens to you is doomed, by default.

    • Fisto

      I give out great advice. I bet I could even fix you 😉

    • A.

      Ewww – no thanks.

    • A.

      If you don’t care about her or the relationship, you’ll be on top again. The person who cares more is the one who loses, unfortunately, at least in immature, unhealthy relationships.

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  • Becca

    As (I think) a reformed “slut”- hey, I’ve been monogamous since January, which is a record for me since I was 14- I’d like to comment on this. Actually, my bf asked me to.

    There’s a lot here I disagree with-no, you don’t need to treat us like dirt. You do need to make us (at least me) feel special, and if it takes doing some “special”
    things that push my boundaries, well that comes with the territory. Yes, I can appreciate being “special” because I will do things other girls won’t. Maybe it is crazy, but I can and have taken pride in my own “sluttiness”.

    True, I do want to submit, but I’ve never wanted to be humiliated and pain has never been my thing. And while you are enjoying what I have to offer, I am enjoying my power over you, which sometimes is much more than the sexual enjoyment I get.

    “Make her say you can do whatever you want to her. “

    I’ve never totally surrendered control over my own body, so I would modify this slightly. Just get me to agree to do whatever you want, and basically you’ve got me where you want me. I’ve said that to a few dominant men, and have lived to
    regret saying it, but stupidly felt obliged to make good on my statement.

    “Let them know you expect them not to let another man near them on no uncertain terms. “

    This one is way off base, as I’ve been in relationships where that was part of what was expected- of course, it’s under the dom’s control. If you haven’t allowed yourself to be “used” in that way, let’s just say you haven’t fully gotten in touch with your inner slut. Um, the whole idea of “sluttiness” is that a woman partakes with more than one man.

    My father died when I was 13, and I’m sure my adolescence and 20’s would have been, shall we say, less interesting, had he lived, so in that way I fit the mold here. And yes, there are times I’m tempted to relapse, but I’m in a relationship that just
    won’t allow that.

    Just my two cents from being on thereceiving end of this kind of relationship.

    • GregoryGr

      Tell me something… If your partner is keeping you sexually satisfied why would you want to screw some random asshole the day of your partner’s absence? don’t you feel bad being some stranger’s cum dumpster? i’m really trying to understand the female mentality but i have had minimal progress so far.

  • BasedAlpha

    Real talk 90% of this post can be applied to every girl. Not even the sluts. Everything from “How to Make Each Loyal” and below will make your woman worship you. Even the chaste little prudes.

  • Adam Tabor

    Dude, this is fucking spot on, the reason why I say this because before reading this I was doing the same shit that’s on here. But you put it blunt! I just do the shit because I know what to do! Any of you guys out there that don’t follow this are fucking dumb! This is gold! If I knew this in my early 20’s I would’ve been a god!

  • Christopher C

    this is easy… you rail the cunt and treat her like the whore she is and she will cum all over you and BOOM! ya got the bitch on lock at will call for a hook… because that’s what women are, parasite hookers off mankind.

    women do not give life, men give life – and women a purpose… they’re gestators only… time they got put back in their gender roles and if they refuse then they die with cats and are pump and dump losers their whole lives.


  • Maximiliano Diaz

    How to you get the almost smoking hot one to come back if she left aleady? Wish I had seen this before!

  • GregoryGr

    The almost hot smoking slut is my league and natural playground but they play hard to get and this drives me nuts. This article helped me understand the situation better and also boosted my confidence. In the end of the day they are just sluts. Being heartbroken over one is ridiculous. Thank you bro.

  • Ribhi Saleh

    can we make a slut a wife? is it advisable or possible??

  • Christopher C

    it’s easy – you just rail the fuck out of all their holes, treat them like the meat for your dick they are… and they keep running back for more, tell all their whore friends and soon enough you’re pimping them out to make you dough because they’re addicted to your cock and all the oxy rush… that’s how ya play a natural born parasite whore… ya fuck the slut like the worthless piece of sex she really is and ignore her and move onto the next. they’re all the same, NAWALT is just another one of their excuses to hide their self life one use and natures. what have they contributed but anything but trouble for MANKIND. men, you won women, time you took cuntroll of them again and shut their shit down… less you perish because of some whores who refuse to grow up.

  • ELLE

    Ha, this is so funny, cause I’m going to turn it around and use it on all the slut men always tailing me like the dogs they are. Exactly why are only women called sluts,again? When most men are TOTAL skank sluts?

    But, seriously,GREAT advice- make them FEEL special but treat them almost like shit. I’ve BEEN puttin that in practice already. I’m gonna make any man I want (or don’t want) my little bitch. Have a stable of them. Except I don’t do 5 or less in looks. That doesn’t meet my high standards. I don’t love these hos! ; I’m out the door —

  • ELLE

    Ha, this is so funny, cause I’m going to turn it around and use it on all the slut men always tailing me like the dogs they are. Exactly why are only women called sluts,again? When most men are TOTAL skank sluts?

    But, seriously,GREAT advice- make them FEEL special but treat them almost like shit. I’ve BEEN puttin that in practice already. I’m gonna make any man I want (or don’t want) my little bitch. Have a stable of them. Except I don’t do 5 or less in looks. That doesn’t meet my high standards. I don’t love these hos! ; I’m out the door —

  • Fiona

    I have a crazy idea. Treat us like human beings and equals. It’s what everyone I know does and it seems to work. You want a girlfriend? You just want a girl to fuck? The best advice I can give you is to follow none of the advice in this article. Need more advice? Again, treat us like human beings. Misogyny is never sexy

    • Shanferg

      Because many of you don’t respond favorably to that. Most dogs are guys that used to put women on pedestals, and got dissed by her for a dog. Check out the movie “Last American Virgin”. This is a very accurate depiction of that dynamic.

  • Veronica

    This is a disgusting post. I’m sure it works with a lot of women who have deep psychological issues and are not aware of them.
    I’ve been treated like crap, and even if I did like the guy a lot, I was fully aware of it and stayed away from him.

  • Ivan Cherkasov

    Oh my gosh. It’s really the next level game. Thanks for sharing. Anyway, there is no sweet without sweat. Yep, has anybody tried these sluuts camsexbabe_com?

  • Groovy Rishi

    Fucking brilliant.