The 3 “Get Out” Rules for Going Out

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The 3 “Get Out” Rules

I hadn’t gone out for a long time. My focus moved to other things lately: sports, health and work; and my priorities shifted away from going out, drinking and partying.

Last weekend however, I met up with my long time friend Smooth Operator and we did an old school night of pussy hunting. It was a so much fun, we talked to new girls almost the entire night straight. We got numbers, we each made out with multiple girls and we had a blast.

Yet the evening started slow for me. I was having an off-night and it took me a while to snap back into my game mode.

That’s why I’m sharing the 3 “GET OUT” rules for going out. These are the guidelines to remember whenever you are having an off-night, to get yourself back on track.

1. GET OUT your head

You can be “inside your head” and you can be “outside your head”. When you are inside your head you are thinking, you are analysing, anticipating, evaluating. On the other hand, when you’re outside your head, you are doing, acting, responding, impulsive.

When you are going out, it’s essential to get into that “outside your head” mode. When you are inside your head and you start thinking, your brain will come up with excuses not to approach. Or you’ll start looking for the perfect thing to say, or the perfect timing.

“What am I going to say?”
“I’ll get another beer first”
“I’ll talk to her later”

You should be in a social / action-based mood.

If you have trouble with this, apply the “one second rule”. If you see a girl you like crossing your path, you have 1 second to approach her. Or at least start moving towards her, you don’t have to jump out a window. Just prevent your brain from finding reasons not to approach.

Momentum is key; once you are in this “attack” mode, you’ll be like a rolling stone. It will be a lot easier to approach the next girl.

That’s why I recommend to do a “throw-away” set ASAP in the beginning of your night out. Approach, get rejected. Any set of girls will do; the harder the set, the better. If you start with the hardest type of set, the next one can only be easier and it will help establish your momentum for the rest of the night.

Which brings me to the next “GET OUT” rule.

2. GET OUT your comfort zone

Don’t wait for perfect opportunities, or “perfect sets” for you and your wingman,… Go for the hard ones. If you’re not getting blown out from time to time, you’re playing it too safe.

Open a mixed set (guys and girls). Re-open the set that stalled earlier in the night, split up with your friends and each go lone wolfing for a while; meet up again later.

Give each other challenges, give yourself a challenge, out-do yourself.

By going out of your comfort zone, you learn the most. It’s also the most fun. If you feel hesitation, you reframe it: You are a social scientist. You are just collecting data points, you observe, you learn.

3. GET OUT your ego-bank account

Don’t settle for half work just to feed or protect your ego.

Go get rejected. Get the actual NO. Everything else are just deposits on your ego bank account. And at the end of the night, that currency buys you nothing.

Keep this rule in mind to monitor yourself. Don’t leave sets early to preserve a good feeling for your ego; take risks, don’t play it safe, don’t deposit on your ego bank account.


Going out & GETTING OUT: Have fun

So whenever you feel hesitation, whenever approach anxiety sneaks up, or when you’re experiencing a off-night, think about these three “GET OUT” rules.

Remember it’s about building momentum. Starting up is the hardest part. Get it out of the way ASAP. Sometimes all you need is the initial momentum and you are set for a night of fun approaches, interactions and welcoming new beautiful women into your life.

Remember that there’s no failing, only learning and the you will only regret the chances you didn’t take.


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I’m TravelHardcore, but people simply call me THC, although I don’t smoke. I speak several languages and suffer from insomnia. I left a well paying job, stuck in a miserable office to go out and see the world. I simply live for adventure. Cheers.

  • prepz


    The unenumerated 4th point, having FUN, is what takes my game to the level of having women chase me. I’ve not been having the same success I used to with girls slipping me phone numbers and making cross country trips to spend time and money on me in the hopes of getting laid by me. I narrowed it down to the fact that I just stopped having fun. Gaming became a chore as I got more displeased with the effort vs the quality. I forgot that when I first learned game and had some success, I’d just go out and have FUN, regardless of who I was going home with. I was very successful in those days punching way above my weight (i.e. bedding cute girls much younger than me). I figured I’d just move to another country to recapture the fun and excitement. But I’ll try to have fun regardless of the place/conditions/women there.

    • Brianmark

      I have to agree with you. A lot of success depends on how much fun you are. A fun guy gets a more girls than serious guy every time. THC your 1 second rule should always be followed. It is probably one of the best rules. I try to hit them as quickly as possible. Over thinking will kill the mood every time.

    • A highly recommended rule. Smooth Operator and I sometimes point out a hot girl we spot and then just count down, the other one has to approach before the time’s up. A great way to get into that action mindset.

    • Yeah, good to stress that point prepz, you’ve got to find the right balance. keep your eyes on the price but you should have fun doing it, and take it less seriously.