THC and 20Nation Reunited (soon)


A short post announcing what’s in the pipeline here.

It’s official. Change of scenery: After 6 months Latin-America, I’m going back to Asia. I’ll meet up with 20Nation there shortly and it will be a wild ride.

Asia is where 20Nation and I met and our first trip was nothing short of legendary. Twenty is currently writing an e-book about it, which will be great. Talking and reminiscing about it made us remember all the wacky situations we used to get into. Asia really has it’s charm.

For the last years we’ve been traveling individually on different sides of the globe. We’re destroying the places we set foot regularly but when we travel together, it always gets turned up a notch (no pun intended).

For the moment I’m making the most of my last weeks in Latin-America, going out with a bang (again no pun intended). Asia is great but I know I’m going to miss these sexy Latina curves very soon.

So this past week was absolutely crazy, but in a good way, not in an fighting-off-trannies-way.

I focussed (quite intensely) on Day Game and Online Game and I got more pussy lined up than I could handle. Banging multiple new girls a day and trying to fit in re-bangs with my favourites #NextWorldProblems

On the side I’m working on my next posts, which will be great.

1. THC’s Dating Routine: I’ve been asked about this a few times. My current dating routine is solid. Using this routine I’m banging 9 out of 10 girls within two hours of meeting them and I’m barely getting any noteworthy LMR.

2. Game in Brazil: An extensive post about gaming Brazilian girls specifically.

  • Online vs. Daygame vs. Night game
  • Tinder vs. BrazilCupid
  • Different cities compared

Talk soon,





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7 Comments on “THC and 20Nation Reunited (soon)”

    1. I’ll pass there soon to get a field report out on this. My social media was flooded with the Thai King’s pics for a few days. They really loved their king there.

    2. I’m in Bangkok at the moment and arrived the day the king passed away. It’s actually a great time to be here… not many foreigners are about as they think everything is closed… but things are fine, better than fine… 😉

      It’s actually the best time to be here since I first came here 13 years ago…

    1. It would be cool to see you compare top 3 countries by each poosy paradise region (sea,la,ee) just listing the pros and cons of each one not necessarily labeling one as “best”.

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