Does She Like Me – Reading Attraction in Women

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does she like me angelina jolie

As you go throughout your life, there are certain moments where you must know if a girl likes you or not. If you don’t know, you will let those moments slip away. All the things that could have happened between the two of you, won’t matter, because you never knew you could have acted.

You ask yourself “Does she like me?” every single day.

Paul Walker Was More Than A Pretty Face

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Paul walker had game, he had charm, and he had near flawless body language. As the author of The 9 Laws of Attractive Body Language for Men, I can tell you Paul Walker naturally mastered those 9 laws. He was one of the perfect people to watch if you wanted to improve your charm and body language. Yesterday he was killed in a car crash and I wouldn’t say that only the women of the world are mourning. I have respect for game, and Paul Walker had it.