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 The Video

Here is a clip from a Peruvian news station that didn’t like that Peru scored only 2/5 on looks on the map. The map is Sexiest Women By Country and you can find it here.

For those of you that don’t speak Spanish the video goes like this:

It starts out talking about the map and how it received a low score. Then it asks local Peruvian guys if they think that Peruvian women are sexy. You can imagine how they answered. “Of course, they are very sexy… beautiful.”

Then they ask local Peruvian Models “Gold Girls” whether they think Peruvians are hot. Of course these models are going to respond how hot they are haha.

Then it goes on to mention the Latin American countries that did really well like Colombia, Argentina, Brazil and Venezuela. Then they mention the countries that didn’t do well. Bolivia was among those countries and they start bashing on Bolivia.

The video ends with interviews with locals talking about how beautiful Peruvian women are.



Swoop is Growing

I think it’s amazing how SwoopTheWorld is touching all parts of the world. This video make’s me excited and reminds me of how popular the website has become. That map currently has 400,000 views. Another map by SwooptheWorld, Easiness of Girls By Country, now has nearly 2.2 million views. Swooptheworld is touching all parts of the world and our daily views in the last year have skyrocketed.

There have been tons of other articles written about this map like this one. Most the articles are from big websites for local countries that did either really well or really poorly.

SwoopTheWorld is just getting started and we will continue our articles on game, traveling and women around the world. We are about a year old and if we continue the growth we have experienced in the last year, SwooptheWorld will become a household name. Look forward to more great articles from Fisto, THC, myself and other guest authors.


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I'm an American who has spent all of the last 6 years traveling the world and seducing women which has given me a level of expertise that can change your life. Check out my books: 1) The Key Logger 2) The Perfect Conversation 3) What Makes a Woman Want You 4) Elite Online Dating 5) Signs She Likes You 6) 9 Laws of Attractive Body Language 7) The Single Guy's Playground: Sex and Adventure in South East Asia and more. Or get all 9 of my books for 60% off (only $31.99) Like getting 6 of 9 books free!

  • G Bone

    Were all Roosh fans and you guys have gotta do what he did- make some products that coincide with all the attention you’re getting. I think Fisto is a confident dude and has a Macho intelligent speaking voice (from that blast on anyi game feminazi Lindy West) he should do like a frame control inner game mp3.
    You guys could do coaching, boot camps, or full day game consulting in whatever location you’re at. Another product idea is no bull shit ways to make ok money (25-50k USD location independent so other guys still I. The rat Race could escape and do game all day in exotic lands) like your team and Roosh).
    Inner game, frame control, sex techniques, bang guides for Countries (Turkey would be ripe for one and the women there are stunners- big tits nice ass and exotic symmetrical faces).

    • 20Nation

      yeah he has a good business model. Those are some good ideas, we will see what the 3 of us decide

    • Fisto

      G Bone – Thanks for the props. I’ve thought about this as well and I’ve been working on a structured system of exercises that will help advance your inner game.

  • Not a DAFF on RynAir

    I love how the Peruvian media brought out these Playboy Playmate type of models. On a more balanced note- probably every Country has some women 16-25 that look like those stunning hotties in the video. The map is more of a general on the street National average. I’ve see. Some Peruvains and Roosh is right many have indigenous faces, dark brown skin, and a short stocky build (I’m talking about women) but they also have a soft, feminine sexual vibe that makes 5s and 6s easily pass the biker test.
    My point-
    Another good map would be femininity- you know does the average soma in the County act so coy sexy sensual soft and feminine that you just want to grab up pick her up and screw her silly. Thanks to feminism and corporatism/financial
    Oligarch structured androgynous wage slavery for all the masses with iqs over 100 American women lack BADLY in the feminity/feminine vibe category Peruvians and Colomians really kick ass in that area and should be dark green on the map.Russian girls had that same thing going on-dark green for them too and the Filipinas.

    • 20Nation

      actually that’s an excellent idea for a map. The map would get so much American hate lol

    • Not a DAFF on Rynair

      In your travels (including Murica’)
      What have been the top cities you’ve been to for game?

    • 20Nation

      It’s such a hard question to answer because even in terms of game different cities have different strengths. Best city for beautiful girls that are good for relationships? best city for one night stands? best city where your value is the highest?

    • Not a DAFF in Rynair

      Ranking cities by all those criteria would make a fun future blog.

      What about easiest women (Latin or European descent) in the US and abroad?

      I’m a newbie so I want somewhere fun and easy so I can build confidence and get my inner game and momentum going.

    • 20Nation

      that might just be a future blog post

    • Not a Daff on Rynair

      Man you are a talented writer. I appreciate your feedback and sharing your knowledge with a newbie like myself.

      I think you could rate cities or create maps based on night game,
      Day game, easiness of women, relationship/wife material, nightlife/fun see of women-nightlife is important and I’m always down for a good club with a relentless dj and the women (do they sit around or do they truly let go like a 17yo American guy would up front at his favorite metal/hard rock band show-I’m such an animal at letting go when I go see a good band like Alter Bridge or Alice N Chians they almost always throw me a guitar pick- I even had Jerry Cantrell come in between songs and directly hand me a guitar pick at a show-he even nodded no to a few fans and pointed at me and directly gave me a guitar pick- I was the intense long haired head banger amongst the weesh soccer Moms and VH1 watchers because he opened for Creed- but that was the cool
      For me because I’ve been playing guitar for 15 years and he’s one of my favorites. Like RSD teaches- let go to be a total animal- it’s hard to do in douche bag places in the States (South, Midwest- although I love the West Coasts craziness and the rawness of NY and Miami- Florida is an alcoholics paradise- I party more California style-420 and good beer- if I do indulge). I can only imagine how they party in EE- I remember Roosh V saying Bucharest was dance and drink all night.

    • Lukasz

      Man, have you been outside of States? Maybe I’m wrong but I think that vast majority of Americans don’t travel outside of their country. Don’t analyze too much. Book a ticket to an exotic destination (let’s say Philippines), pack your guitar, pack your bag. End enjoy your journey! Believe me, even 2-3 weeks could mess a lot in your way of thinking and you can have a lot of adventures.

      I come from Eastern Europe, I’ve been in many places in Europe, spent 2 months in USA as well. In my opinion, if you want to experience completely different world, different culture, go to Asia or Central/South America. There is not too much difference between Western Europe and USA, still the similar culture. And EE countries are on a very good way to ‘westernization’. Yupiiiiiii! 😉

    • Cedric

      I hope Russia stops EE’s Westernization-we need a haven for feminine, attractive, white girls.

      What EE spots are good ones for girls in the Summer? ANd what cities are the most sexually open?

    • Lukasz

      I’m not an expert in sex tourism as most of the places I visited just for sightseeing. And most of them were on the west side of my country, Poland. Here, I can recommend Warsaw (capital), Cracow or Wroclaw (‘college’ cities).
      I think that Russia will still remain the country very resistant to westernization, whereas Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia (economic leaders in the EE region) are moving closer to Western countries. That’s why Roosh V complained a lot at Poland in his last post: http://www.rooshv.com/5-reasons-why-you-should-reconsider-going-to-poland
      Take a look what happens now: Ukraine wants westernization, capitalism and hence the conflict with Russia. Russia decides for military intervention in Ukraine and takes Crimea (referendum). So I don’t think that situation in Russia will change soon. Their government don’t like USA/EU and their values.

    • Cedric

      LOL! I’d love to see that-Americunts dont deliver so we’ll go elsewhere.

    • GetItGoing

      Nice idea. Unfortunately as I recall personal hygiene from Peruvian women was at times questionable. oooof!

  • GetItGoing

    Peru is definitely by no means the place to go for hot women. My ex-wife is from there and I had been there quite a bit.

    Most women don’t wear makeup with the exception of maybe eyeliner and ethnic features abound on many, many people (long noses, slightly protruding gum line/teeth). You won’t see ideal facial features like in Colombia, etc. Really nice women, however.

    I remember one instance in which a girl who was about a 5.5-6 was dolled up, standing on the sidewalk and all the Peruvian guys on the bus looked out the window like they had never seen such a sight before. She wasn’t really even close to what I’ve seen in Colombia. That should tell you something.

    • 20Nation

      yeah the ratings were based on the average girl, not the hottest girls. If I was doing the top girls, brazil, russa and USA would probably be the hottest. But doing the top girls that .0001% of guys will have a shot at wouldn’t be worth a map. It’s all about the averages

  • Keanu

    1) As someone who has lived in Latin America for over 2 years that is a hilariously typical piece of LA journalism: take some obscure fact found on the internet and blow it up lol. Congrats on being that fact.

    2) Personally, I’ve been through Peru and I tend to agree that peruvians aren’t all that hot. Short and stocky builds in general.

    3) Nice to hear about your blog growth. I love latin women (lived in Paraguay for a couple of years, you ever been?) but I’m back in the states right now so I live vicariously through your exploits lol. Nice documentation.

    • GetItGoing


  • pepe

    sure there are SOME beautiful peruvian women, but the standard in this country is ugly as hell. The map is spot on.