Swoop’s Ultimate Travel Story Competition – Cash Prizes

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Swoop’s Ultimate Travel Story Competition – Cash Prizes

For the month of September SwoopTheWorld is going to be putting on a competition to see who can write the ultimate travel story.  You will be able to make a little internet fame for yourself and share with the world something you have experienced. On top of it all you will make some money and get a link to your website.




If your story is in the top 3 it will be published on the website in a countdown to the #1 story.

1st Place50$ and link to blog or anywhere of your choosing

2nd Place20$ and link to blog or anywhere of your choosing

3rd Place – 10$ and link to blog or anywhere of your choosing



The judging will be done by the SwoopTheWorld staff: myself (20Nation) and THC. To give a good idea of what we are looking for, here are some key things that travel represents to us: adventure, action, improving oneself and romance. We are looking for good writing and storytelling mixed in with a good traveling adventure.


Submission guidelines

-The story must be true

-You must have been there to witness the story

-It must be a travel story

-Getting girls is not required, but it is recommended

-Pictures are not required, but are recommended (don’t reveal anybody’s identity without permission)

-Your story must be submitted during the month of September

-Your story can not have been published anywhere else on the internet

-Leave contact information so if it wins we can get your Paypal and link info

Submit Your Story

To submit your story send it by email to swooptheworld@gmail.com


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